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RE: An invalid topic ID or forum ID was passed in.

Still doing it. I’m ready to give up. The Captcha has to be intentionally made difficult to see. It’s not possible for anyone to accidentally choose such bad pictures. I have to assume the admins have chosen, for whatever reason, to set my access to the forum to “discouraged”. I get the message.
jkwilson 01/15/21 06:01pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Checking voltage on LED power supply ?

Switch your meter to AC and check. Most likely one supply is AC and the other is DC. Nope-- meter stays on "0" regardless of being on AC or DC.... but the LED lights out in the yard work. Strange Post a pix of the power supply with the model number.. I suspect it is a high frequency switching supply and has no or little filtering on the output.. Most meters will not read at all or properly 15Khz-30khz frequencies which most switching supplies operate at which could explain why you can't get a reading but the lights work. Even with poor filtration, the output of a switch-mode supply is still DC and could be measured with any DC volt meter.
jkwilson 01/14/21 08:03am Tech Issues
RE: Waste Tote Recommendations

Barker with pneumatic tires gets my vote. But I have to qualify it. Bought it last winter after a bunch of online reading for a planned trip this past year that fell by the wayside, so I haven’t actually used it. Tried it with water from the grey tank as a practice run and it seems well designed. I went with 25 gallons for carrying ease.
jkwilson 01/11/21 03:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Checking voltage on LED power supply ?

AC or DC?
jkwilson 01/11/21 07:48am Tech Issues
RE: 60a DC-to-DC Charger Powered by 220a Alternator

DC-DC converters can put out much higher voltages than their supply voltage. Be aware that just because your alternator is rated at 220A, it won’t always supply that much. At idle there likely won’t be anywhere near 60A available for the charger even with the vehicle batteries charged.
jkwilson 01/11/21 07:46am Tech Issues
RE: [SOLVED] Can an inverter on a car charge the house battery?

You have around 10% inefficiency on the inverter and 15-20% on the converter. So around 25% of the power generated by the vehicle is wasted doing this. As mentioned above, an alternator at idle generates very little power beyond what it takes to operate the vehicle. It would be much faster and cheaper to get a 2000W inverter generator to do the job. The expense of a $500 Predator is a drop in the bucket compared to the wear and tear on your car.
jkwilson 01/04/21 07:26am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Fridge Problem in a brand new unit

Make a manometer and check your LP pressure. It’s a very useful tool and checking the pressure should be done annually and before a trip.
jkwilson 12/30/20 08:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Converter fan revving up and down

The fan comes on when there is a load on the 12V system. Running more could be a sign that your battery is very weak.
jkwilson 12/27/20 07:35am Tech Issues
RE: GFIC tripping

Has it ever worked normally on this outlet? Does your rig have an onboard generator?
jkwilson 12/26/20 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: An invalid topic ID or forum ID was passed in.

Exasperating! Especially when you spend a good bit of time on a reply and it’s gone.
jkwilson 12/21/20 08:19am Forum Posting Help and Support
An invalid topic ID or forum ID was passed in.

Can no longer post. The damned Captcha is back with blurry pictures so you can never get through it and then I get the message in the subject. I’m ready to give up on this forum. Are the admins trying to drive people away?
jkwilson 12/20/20 11:17am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: California to Maine Summer 2021

Around the 4th of July, you are just about guaranteed to hit minimum 2 or 3 night stays. You may also come across that on other weekends some places. You may need to book the same place for the 3rd and 4th at least.
jkwilson 12/18/20 09:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Receiver Bike Racks

Swagman makes the Dispatch, Escapee and E-Spec that are good racks that are RV approved. I have a Dispatch and carry two bikes on the back of our 5th wheel. I can see the handlebar of one bike in the camera, and it never even quivers. The drawbar is threaded and it bolts to the receiver so there is no movement. I added lights to my rack. I felt like two bikes made it difficult to see the trailer lights from some angles. Just powered them with a trailer plug.
jkwilson 12/17/20 07:40am General RVing Issues
RE: furnace problems

Is there a battery connected somewhere or are you relying on a 12V converter? My guess is between the fan and the converter 1000W isn’t enough.
jkwilson 12/13/20 08:36am Tech Issues
RE: what material would work for this?

Something you need to consider is air circulation. Water will condense on the cold glass during cool weather. If you cover it, you have the potential for mold or water damage. Maybe spacing it off the window a little would be worth looking into.
jkwilson 12/12/20 07:05am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Question on gas alarm

Interesting question. From an article on gas alarms: “If you buy a residential gas detector system, make sure you get the right one, O'Shea said. Natural gas customers should purchase a detector that can sense methane gas, while propane customers should purchase a propane detector.” So it would appear that a propane detector such as we have in our RVs would not detect methane, which is a component of sewer gas. Dave That may be dated information. It’s hard to even find a unit that doesn’t claim to detect both propane and methane. My suspicion is that they can only label them with a particular gas if it was tested by a standards organization for that gas but that most of them in general detect flammable gases and vapors regardless of the label.
jkwilson 12/12/20 06:59am General RVing Issues
RE: One 6V battery discharging really fast

As mentioned above you might have lost a cell. You can try what's called an "equalization charge" and see if the bad battery can still be used. Wonder if the possible bad cell actually looks different if you shine a flashlight at night down the water holes. I would not try to equalize a battery with a shorted cell. It likely has a mechanical failure which is very likely to create a spark which is a very bad thing with battery cells that are being overcharged. A cell adding no voltage to the battery doesn’t indicate a charging issue, but rather an electrical short.
jkwilson 12/10/20 07:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Tire/wheel change on the road

If a long breaker bar won’t remove a lug nut, something is seriously wrong. Never needs charging, takes up almost no space under the seat and it’s $300 or more cheaper. I can put around 5 times the torque spec for the lug on my breaker bar easily.
jkwilson 12/08/20 12:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Second trailer size. Definition. double or triple tow.

Seems like a toyhauler would be much easier unless you have to transport the SXS from the camping area to the riding area.
jkwilson 12/07/20 07:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

I Our Mh we always had a window cracked open. No way at sub freezing temps the heat Pumps could keep it warm so the furnaces kick in. Build up of moisture inside from the furnaces get bad. If you are dry camping a big battery bank powering the blowers on the furnaces is about your only option. When people buy a Fifth Wheel of Trailer they at least on their first unit don't seem to think about cold weather packages and heating. You need the furnaces to also keep the tanks and lines from freezing. Some heat is directed their way. An onboard generator was/is an option on some unites, and tha4t would be the only logical way to power electric heaters. We ran a small heater off inverter and batteries once and it sucked the batteries down real quick. But lead acid should be fully cycled sometimes. As to noise. I would shop the two but possibly more units available for RVs. The Atwood and Suburban fit the same space, I believe, but don't quote me. We never looked at a replacement. Small Squirrel cage blowers in the furnace designed for the space RV Mfgs provide are loud but on ours the furnace combustion is the most of the noise, I think.. On ours with the bedroom door closed the noise exposure is reduced. Your furnace cannot produce even a tiny bit of moisture inside the RV under any circumstances barring a major combustion chamber failure which would be accompanied by significant carbon monoxide in the living space. The moisture comes from people and cooking.
jkwilson 11/30/20 10:50am General RVing Issues
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