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RE: Fridge not cooling on lp

Measure your pressure. Bad regulator is a very common cause of this. YouTube has plenty of videos showing how.
jkwilson 09/01/19 09:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Storage roof to low!

Building something on a trailer is going to be difficult. The suspension will compress when the weight of the trailer sits on it, and you have a pretty small window to lower the rig before the front jacks touch the ground. I’d go with something with no suspension and a rigid drawbar that is pinned so you can get it out of the way. I think I’d make a dolly with weld on axle stubs. Decent welder ought to be able to knock one out in a few hours for a few hundred dollars.
jkwilson 09/01/19 09:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV pole barn question

A 14’ width is going to be a problem as well. You will lose almost a foot on the inside for poles, so you likely won’t be able to put the slides out. Mine is 16’ wide and I wouldn’t go any narrower unless you absolutely have to. Your rig has the advantage of allowing pretty good access for packing with the slides in, but your next one might not. Get the engineered drawings done. I have 16’ sidewalls and there really isn’t a lot of room to spare for the door or for working on top. If you ever decide you want a 5th wheel, you will wish you were taller.
jkwilson 08/31/19 10:59am General RVing Issues
RE: New TV reception

One thing to be aware of if you are trying to get the maximum range possible is that the beam width can be misleading. If you look at the specs on most antennas, it looks like you can be 15 degrees off and still work fine because they have a 30 degree beam width. That doesn’t tell the whole story though. The beam width is 30 degrees by standard engineering terminology, but the edges of the beam are defined by the point where received power is 1/2 of the power at the center of beam. All that means is just a few degrees of error in aiming your antenna can result in a significantly lower signal strength. Easily enough to mean the difference between reception and nothing. If your TV has a signal strength display, you can use it to fine tune the antenna aiming. Otherwise, Winegard makes an RV booster/hookup panel that displays signal strength. You can also get an external meter to hook to your cable. One other issue is the signal loss introduced by splitters. The signal coming out of a splitter has less than half the power of what came in. If you have more than two TV hookups, your power available at each TV will be only 20% of what came out of the antenna. If you really need to catch that ballgame on a network station, replacing splitters with barrel connectors can be a big help. Of course you are limited to one TV.
jkwilson 08/29/19 05:29pm Tech Issues
RE: New TV reception

HEIGHT IS MIGHT... I sometimes tell the story of back in 1978 Trying out a radio.. My radio was 1 watt in the hand held mode (10 in the car) But this was hand held 1 watt. Little "Rubber duck" antenna. I'd be doing good with a quarter watt effective radiated Power I'm sure. Well I was in Downtown Detroit. talking to a repeater tower in Adrian. MI (many miles away) and from there to Toledo Ohio.. An additional party tried to join in from Windsor. from where I was standing I could actually SEE his house but he was not making it. He had like 40 watts Effecice Radiated power at 30 feet and he was not making it. I had 1/160 his power and I was making it.... From the 21st floor observation deck of the office building where I worked.. HEIGHT IS MIGHT. (This was VHF high-band Roughly Chhanel 6 and 8/10ths (not to be coufused with 6-8) or 146 MHz) The really crazy (and frustrating) part is that because of the nulls you see with near earth transmitters and buildings, his neighbor might have easily connected to the repeater with half his power.
jkwilson 08/29/19 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: Kiplinger: 13 Reasons You'll Regret An RV In Retirement

My favorite thing about traveling in an RV is that no matter what we do during the day, sight-seeing, hiking, fishing or whatever, and no matter where we are doing it, at the end of the day I am home. Sitting in my comfortable chair, my favorite drinks in the refrigerator and then sleeping in my own bed. The only positive I can say about the article is that many people have the misconception that RVing is cheap, and I’d imagine very few new RV owners have any idea of the maintenance required.
jkwilson 08/29/19 08:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Major Road Closure in Indianapolis—UPDATE

Update. See first post
jkwilson 08/27/19 07:22am Roads and Routes
RE: Batteries charging

It depends on the particular batteries, but 13V is probably good. 13.4V was likely either from a float charger or the residual voltage from a charger.
jkwilson 08/26/19 03:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gulf states and hurricanes?

The only thing I’d be concerned with in hurricane season would be keeping a little closer eye on fuel levels if there is anything forming over the ocean. With a full tank you’ll miss the rush and can get on the road when you need to. You already have the head start of not needing to board up a house and not needing to drive someplace that has a room for you.
jkwilson 08/25/19 08:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Phone numbers on important things

We haven't had a land-line for over 15 years now. It was an awkward decision, but one of the better ones. Phones (and internet) are always with us. Same with us though not as long. It wasn’t until 4 or 5 years ago that our combined phone and internet bill wasn’t cheaper than internet alone. As soon as it became cheaper to drop the phone, we did.
jkwilson 08/24/19 04:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Another generator thread? yea, want your ideas, please?

Using two Hondas is easier on the back than one big unit. Tell us what you want to run with the generator. Multiple ACs? Is your refrigerator able to run on propane?
jkwilson 08/24/19 04:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Phone numbers on important things

our Comcast "landline" number rings the home phones as well as our cell phones. this allows me to keep the cell phone numbers private. Excellent option.
jkwilson 08/24/19 04:47pm General RVing Issues
Phone numbers on important things

I’ve always put phone numbers on things that might be misplaced or otherwise might get out of my possession. I figure there are plenty of honest people in the world, and I’ve found things before that somebody wanted back but I had no way to reach them. We were in the process of breaking camp yesterday morning. I had the trailer sitting down on the hitch and was raising the landing legs when I heard a clunk on the road as a rig headed for the gate. I walked around my truck and laying on the road were a Yeti mug, a change purse and a set of camper keys — with a bottle opener! I was halfway hitched and the bikes were on tied to the rack. Running wasn’t an option. As I was standing there looking things over for identifying information, another camper came by in a golf cart and gave me a ride to try to catch them. They had pulled out on the main road before we got there. Stopped at the gate house and they were able to identify the camper and look up their phone number from registration. We called their number but it was their land line, with answering machine. I left the stuff with the gate staff. They still hadn’t picked it up or called when I left a couple of hours later. Hope they had another set of keys. It would be a big disappointment to stop to make camp and find yourself locked out. Maybe even a bigger disappointment to stop to use the bathroom and find it locked! Good idea to use a cell number for registrations and reservations in case something happens that the campground needs to talk to you while you are on the road.
jkwilson 08/24/19 02:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Batteries drained to dead, what is nominal drain on truck?

Have you checked electrolyte levels?
jkwilson 08/22/19 05:03am Tech Issues
RE: Great tool

I’ve never had the slightest problem anchoring them with a screwdriver. Looks like a solution in search of a problem to me.
jkwilson 08/15/19 10:39am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Southern destination w kids week of New years? Where to go?

New Orleans and the plantations up along the river is an interesting area. Depends on how old the kids are and what they like. We took a cruise out of there several years ago and really enjoyed spending a few days there after we returned to port.
jkwilson 08/13/19 08:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Major Road Closure in Indianapolis—UPDATE

I got sidetracked. Usually going north we use I65 anyway. At the Elizabethtown, exit to new I69 alignment to 75 still puts us below Cincinnati? I71 to I75 how is that road? And where does it intersect I75? Now if we could miss Louie-ville, where that I69 section is now much better. So at Elizabethtown is it possible to go east a good route and miss Cincinnati? I69 is nowhere around Louisville. Comes into Indiana at Evansville, goes to Martinsville. Gap in the road and then picks up on the NE side of Indy and on through Fort Wayne.
jkwilson 08/12/19 08:05pm Roads and Routes
RE: Major Road Closure in Indianapolis—UPDATE

Many thanks for this headsup. Heading thru Indy in two weeks on way to Hartford Theoretically it will all be open at that time. But check first.
jkwilson 08/12/19 05:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Major Road Closure in Indianapolis—UPDATE

The new I69 routing Interstate type roads not complete yet, from I24 east will that take you above Cincinnati before intersecting I75, and if it won't where does the new I69 routing take you; above Indy Perhaps? I have n idea as to mileage either. AT Cincinnati I75 was completely torn up for miles this June. Took over an hour to get clear of the mess. So I'm thinking of I24 north intersect the Pennyrile Parkway, at the Ft Campbell exit, the new I69 routing, and east to I75 if we can miss Cincinnati. Once clear of that mess. 69 takes you to Indy right into the mess. If I was heading that direction I’d consider taking the WK to I65 then around Louisville to I71 up to I75 in Ohio.
jkwilson 08/12/19 06:32am Roads and Routes
Major Road Closure in Indianapolis—UPDATE

Update: all roads are open right now. More closures after Labor Day. If you plan to travel through Indy in the next month or so, you need to be aware of road closures. I465 on the SE side between I65 and I70 will be closed until about 8/24. This includes the I74 interchange. After Labor Day, 465 will be closed between 65 and 70 on the southwest side. This is a big deal even if you don’t plan to use 465. Traffic through the city from east to west, and south to north is being forced onto other roads by this closure. Since 65 and 70 share a common route through downtown, this section will be heavy. I was through town on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and both days I saw bumper to bumper traffic trying to get from 65NB to 75EB. I expect rush hour will be a treat! If you can avoid Indy, do so. Pain to do these full closures, but better than 3 months of one lane hell.
jkwilson 08/11/19 05:15pm Roads and Routes
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