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RE: A “sticky” or a topic for seeing everyone’s Class A rigs! My Winnebago Vista 35B!
jlrmfc21 06/24/22 07:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: A “sticky” or a topic for seeing everyone’s Class A rigs!

Me either! It was hoping some folks would and show other folks how to. I always enjoy seeing pics of other peoples rigs
jlrmfc21 06/24/22 09:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A “sticky” or a topic for seeing everyone’s Class A rigs!

jlrmfc21 06/23/22 08:03pm Class A Motorhomes
A “sticky” or a topic for seeing everyone’s Class A rigs!

Before my class A we had travel trailers and I was always on the TT site. Now that I’m on the Class A site I’ve noticed or maybe haven’t seen it, but there isn’t a topic or “sticky” for seeing pics of everyone’s class A rigs…. Can we get this going!?!!
jlrmfc21 06/22/22 09:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Parking brake not staying engaged on Winnebago vista

Sounds like the release handle is stuck. Try pushing it in me see if it holds. You are exactly right!!!! I pushed in the release handle and the brake stayed depressed! Wd40 didn’t work but I figured out that the spring had come to far forward and wouldn’t let the release handle release all the way back;therefore the brake wouldn’t stay down. I pushed the spring that was on the release handle rod back in its place and now it all works as it should! Thanks so much for the tips! Man I love this network here! Justin
jlrmfc21 06/08/22 08:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Parking brake not staying engaged on Winnebago vista

Thanks for the recommendations. So spray the ratchet assembly? The release doesn’t seem stuck as it moves back and forth but maybe it’s not actually moving the assembly piece.?.? Thanks!
jlrmfc21 06/07/22 12:27pm Class A Motorhomes
Parking brake not staying engaged on Winnebago vista

Hi all, So just completed our first LONG trip (for us) in our 2013 Winnebago vista 35b. As I left the campground this morning and pulled up in the same town for gas, I pushed down on the parking brake and it wouldn’t stay down, but it does work. Worked fine the entire trip until today, thank god! Any idea how I can fix this? The light shows up and the parking brake works but it won’t stay down and engaged. Thanks!!!!
jlrmfc21 06/06/22 08:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Winnebago vista 35b flat towing jeep rubicon

Best advice I ever got about 4-down towing: never go down a hill faster than you went up. My advice: invest in a supplemental barking system. Great advice!!! We had a tractor trailer lose it on I 80 east just a mile or so east of Donner pass literally right in front of us. I was in the right lane going slow and using my gears as much as possible and he passes in left lane and loses it about 200 ft in front and hits the left bank and starts sliding down both lanes, I slowed as much as possible and went around then pulled off right at the vista point and went to check on him. If I would have been going fast I would have been involved as well.
jlrmfc21 06/05/22 11:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Winnebago vista 35b flat towing jeep rubicon

assuming you paid attention to your weights and weigh ratings you likely won't even know or feel the jeep back there. remember...while you're towing there's not a parking lot you can't get into. but there are many, many you can't get out of without unhooking the jeep. always....always have an excape route. the jeep should turn insde the track of the MH. take it EZ but you'll be fine. Thank you for the tips!
jlrmfc21 05/22/22 10:11pm Class A Motorhomes
2013 Winnebago vista 35b flat towing jeep rubicon

First long trip in our new to us Vista 35b, going from Salt Lake City to San Francisco and hitting up Lake Tahoe and Yosemite along the way. Also MY first time flat towing my Jeep Wrangler rubicon. I have a blue ox tow bar, and the brakes and light done. Still am a little anxious because I’ve never flat towed a vehicle at all! Anyone else flat tow with the class A gassers? Any recommendations? Thank you!!!
jlrmfc21 05/22/22 09:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 4 wheel drive trails in Park City UT

Tons of trails in American fork canyon. Just south of park city. Have fun!
jlrmfc21 05/22/22 09:33pm Roads and Routes
RE: First trip- 2013 Winnebago Vista 35B 18,500 miles

Hi, glad your trip went well! Some thoughts: 1. Yes, the V-10 engine will rev to 4200 RPM at the first sight of a hill. I used a 3rd part up-chip programmer (5-Star Tuning) and engage Tow/Haul to control RPM surge. 2. Good suggestions above. Keep in mind that storage volume does not equal limitless carrying capacity. My assorted stuff in the basement adds up weight in a hurry. 4. I carry two 6X6 blocks about 2 feet long. Relatively light and strong enough to handle the pressure of the leveling jacks on uneven sites. 5. A lot goes into towing: a) toad must be approved for 4-down flat towing and weigh in under 5000#; b) tow plate for the vehicle; c) tow bar; d) brake assist; e) safety cables or chains; f) put carabines on the hitch to facilitate hooking up the safety cables; g) tire pressure monitoring system for all ten tires. 6. Blue gunk sold by WalMart or CW...the watery stuff isn't useful. 7. Turn off A/C while shift power, otherwise it's hard on the ATS and compressors. 8. check to see whether the tires have been changed, as OEM tires are over-age. When we bought our rig, the Denver mattress torture device hit the dumpster, and we bought a 12" hybrid RV queen mattress from Mayfair. HTH, Jack Thanks again!!! I’m going to check out the mattress!
jlrmfc21 03/21/22 06:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: First trip- 2013 Winnebago Vista 35B 18,500 miles

As far as the performance. Don’t hold back! Let it rev, 4500rpm isnt out of the question. Going up I70 out of Denver has me at 45 mph in 2nd gear at 4500rpm towing an Explorer with 2 bikes on the back. This was before the 5 star tune, and yes the 5 star time makes a huge difference in towing performance. As for leveling, as long as the ground is somewhat level just level the coach manually with the leveling system. If it needs to lift a tire off the ground, then raise it past that point and put whatever amount of boards are needed under the tire. Then retract all jacks and relelvel. On the storage, don’t worry. Eventually you wil fill everything and you’ll be trying to figure out what isn’t needed. On the generator and having it running when disconnecting oe connecting. I’ve heard it’s bad to do it under load. Supposedly it’s bad for the contacts in the auto transfer switch. At the very least make sure any heavy loads are turned off. That’s what I thought about the 6.8! And thanks for the advice on leveling! Never even thought about just lifting up higher and putting a board under the tire! Thanks!
jlrmfc21 03/21/22 06:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: First trip- 2013 Winnebago Vista 35B 18,500 miles

Reading your subject line, I thought your first trip was 18,500 miles long! Ha ha! Then I was surprised that from Midlothian VA to Park City UT was only 50 miles :) 1. I dread the day when I may purchase a newer motorhome with a Ford engine. Our Chevy 8.1 purrs like a kitten. But still slows down alot going up an incline. I don't worry about it. Just watch the RPMs and change gears as needed. 2. Sewer hose...You mean another one for additional length? Or a better one? Get the Rhino. It's a better one and they make extension lengths that just hook on to the main hose. 3. Wish I had tons of unused storage! Hoses and extra hoses (garden, fresh-water, sewer), chairs, small stepladder, wood blocks, tools, various bottles (antifreeze, oil, ant spray, WD-40, sometimes gallons of drinking water). Plus some things mentioned above. This is stuff in the outside storage compartments. 4. If the ground is too unlevel for the automatic leveling to work, first I put wood blocks under front or rear tires for support. Then use the auto leveling. If I can't make it work, I just won't park there. 6. If you use enough flush water, you don't need any treatments (as long as seals and vents are working properly). Sometimes I use Happy Camper or Unique Digest-It. Both are natural enzymes. 7. In theory I think that should work. But once I got a burnt surge protector when I turned on the generator while being plugged in. So I'll leave it to others to comment. Excellent recommendations!
jlrmfc21 03/21/22 06:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: First trip- 2013 Winnebago Vista 35B 18,500 miles

Things we take along in storage: air pump for the tires, misc tools accumulated over the years, spare parts and fluids, leveling blocks, step to reach first step when needed, wash tub rags and towels for cleaning grill, BBQ grill and misc cooking tools, small outside table, four camp chairs, supplies for our two dogs, four foot step ladder, 2-25' and 5-10' water hoses and misc connectors including pressure regulators, at least 50' of different length sewer hoses and connectors, one 50' and 2-20' 30 amp electric cables and misc dog bone connectors (haven't gotten around to getting a 50 amp cable for our new coach, brooms for outside, brush for washing front of the coach on the road, and finally a bug brush for the windshield. This is just the outside stuff most accumulated over 46 years of RVing. Great advice and recommendations! Thanks!
jlrmfc21 03/21/22 06:17pm Class A Motorhomes
First trip- 2013 Winnebago Vista 35B 18,500 miles

Just got back from our first trip with our 2013 Vista 35b. No issues! Best news of al!:) Went only 50 miles from the house to Park City Utah to be close and get familiar with the coach. A few thoughts: 1. Drove well, but the V10 likes to rev. Normal from what I’ve read! ran great on flat highway, but was pushing 3500 rpms and 45 mph going up I80 from SLC to Park city! I’ve had a suburban with an 8.1 and it doesn’t rev near as much. I do plan on flat towing a 2018 jeep rubicon 4 door. Didn’t on this trip. Has me a little concerned but seems that the Vista will do it fine on flat roads, but just slow up steep inclines. Yes??? 2. Love the bath and a half. But I think I need another sewer hose. Will make it easier when emptying. 3. Tons of storage! Any recommendations on what folks carry because we still have so many empty cabinets and storage areas. 4. Leveling a motor home. Any tricks or suggestions ? A little different than a travel trailer as I don’t have an easy front end jack to level it. Get it as level as possible then auto level? I just worry about not being level enough then the auto level system lifts the tires off the ground. 5. Towing a jeep? What exactly do I need? I have a decent idea. But anyone that does it, if you have a recommendations, please share! 6. What gray/black tank treatments do you use? 7. Generator? Was curious about turning it on in order to go ahead and unhook from shore power, but not have a lapse in power. 8. Any other tricks of the class A life?!? I’d love to hear! Thanks again for all the advice and we are looking forward to many more trips!
jlrmfc21 03/20/22 02:27pm Class A Motorhomes
New to us 2013 Winnebago Vista 35B

After 10 months of looking, we have purchased a 2013 Winnebago Vista 35b. Very well maintained, nearly new, and only 18,500 miles. Garage kept for first 7 years and it shows! I don’t remember who exactly, but someone on here had mentioned the bath and a half and us having two girls, and we agree that this will be great. The build of the Winnebagos just seems to be a notch above without going to a Newmar or Tiffin. We are very excited for more adventures!
jlrmfc21 03/03/22 09:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Winnebago Vista 35b

Vista is Winnie's entry level line. I see you looked at Tiffins previously. The Vista will not have nearly the fit and finish the Tiffin does. But Winnie does make a good coach. You are looking at a MH that's 10 years old so I'd be less concerned with who the manufacturer was and more about how it was maintained and it's condition. So the Tiffin we looked at was a 2011, and this 2013 Winnebago was nicer and had more features. We were very surprised at how nice it was. Very well kept and had everything we wanted. Thank you all for the help and advice as I’m not sure I ever would have thought about Winnebagos!
jlrmfc21 02/21/22 06:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Winnebago Vista 35b

We are purchasing the motor home! $83k. Super clean unit! We are excited!
jlrmfc21 02/21/22 05:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2013 Winnebago Vista 35b

We had a 2014 Vista 35b for five years. Bought it new. I was very pleased with the build quality. Had no real need for warranty work. The fiberglass roof is good to have but definitely check the seams that run the full length both sides where roof attaches to sidewall channel to make sure sealed properly. Winnie spells out in manual the required maintenance there and you’ll want to ensure previous owner hasn’t ignored that. If the coach has been maintained properly, and tires have been replaced as noted by previous poster since originals would be approaching 10 years, these are really nice units imo. They also handle well for a gasser. My previous mh was a 2007 Winnie gasser with 19.5” tires and the 35b with the 22s handled infinitely better. Thank you! They are asking $85k. Seems to be in great condition. Did a full walk through and drove it around as well.
jlrmfc21 02/20/22 05:26pm Class A Motorhomes
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