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RE: Pulling new heater duct

In my 5er, the plenums in teh floor were leaking from the get go. it would take 20 minutes for a 5 degree rise. After doing some solid research and verifying it with some folks here, I bypassed the original plenum, used insulated ducting like shown in Mike's picture and now it works sooooo much better. I did have to so some imagineering to get the new ducts through the and around the cabinets, but in the end, i'm much happier. As they say, it's not easy - but when it's done correctly, it works so much better.
jodeb720 06/25/22 09:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Air Conditiioning Air Flow Mod

my neighbors bought a new Travel Trailer - I walked them through the same process - had them seal and do the rest. I used an anemometer (wind Speed) that I have for the house (to balance out my sticks and bricks HVAC) with my 4 x 10 vent adapter. When In started, the air speed was 8 mph in the bathroom - and less than 5 in the front bedroom. Taping the inside of the baffle, and stopping the short cycling, it increased to 14 in the bathroom and it was 6 in the front bedroom. After sealing the vents so no air got in the attic (yes, it was leaking there) cutting the pop in insert that was blocking the airflow in the front bedroom and reducing the volume that could come out of the bathroom, front bedroom was at 12, bathroom was at 6 and the other vents were at 10. A much better experience, and thanks for the pics and instructions. They were so happy!
jodeb720 06/25/22 09:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Hercules Vs Endurance Tires?

Thanks guys for the prompt response! I really appreciate it!
jodeb720 06/13/22 10:48pm Tech Issues
Hercules Vs Endurance Tires?

My good friend in CA has decided that it's time to replace his tires. He's looking at: Hercules (12 Ply) Endurance (10 Ply) Hercules is made by Cooper Tires Endurance is made by Goodyear Other than the Hercules has a higher weight rating does anybody have an opinion of either of these? He's not going with anything made offshore - after my stories of "china bombs" on my 5er - Thanks in advance! Josh
jodeb720 06/12/22 08:06am Tech Issues
RE: EPDM roof Material or Something Else?

Doug, As always, thank you so much for the guidance and advice. I was thinking exactly the same idea for resealing it after it was reattached. Eternabond, and once it's all together (with new wood underneath) I was going to put one of the roof coatings (hengs, henry, etc) - of course, not knowing which one to use, If I'm in for an inch, I'm in for a mile. I'll ask. Which has been the best performing coating that you've used? Thanks! josh
jodeb720 05/18/22 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: EPDM roof Material or Something Else?

I got a pinhole last october and by the time I had found out about the hole, I had a bubble (like the top of a 747) of the 5er. Since the Trailer is 12 years old - for the time being i just want to reattach the existing roof (except for the single hole - the roof is in decent shape) the existing EPDM back the wood substrate. As Doug Pointed out in another email - because of the age of the 5er - If I was going to do it right, I would replace the entire roof - but for the time being I need to seal it up so I can use it for the season. So my question is: What is the correct type of adhesive to use to attach epdm to the wood substrate of the roof?
jodeb720 05/17/22 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: EPDM roof Material or Something Else?

OP here - First thanks to IAMICHABOD that link told me I have an EPDM roof - Now the follow up question - what adhesive is the correct one to repair a section of the roof? Thanks! josh
jodeb720 05/16/22 11:14pm Tech Issues
EPDM roof Material or Something Else?

I remember reading this a while ago - there are two types of roof's installed on RV's. EPDM and something else. I know 2Oldman is the king of all searches - but I'm not that good. I remember the way to differentiate was the coloring on teh back. Today I pulled one of my vents off and found the color on the a "blackish" color. Which roof type do I have - And as long as you're reading this.. What adhesive do I use to reattach a replacement piece to the sub-straight base? Thanks Josh
jodeb720 05/15/22 10:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Four (4) Row Radiators? Gimmick or Blessing?

In my previous pickup, 2003, chevy silverado HD, i replaced my OEM factory radiator with an aftermarket "Desert" radiator (4 rows) aluminum. It rocked at keeping my temperatures way down - except..... The internal Transmission cooler wasn't a stacked plate design like the OEM and when I was climbing small hills - and such, the Transmission (which ran under 210 under load) was up near 220-240 consistently. It was a mistake. If I could do it over, I would have had the OEM radiator with it's stacked plate transcooler inside with extra rows. Just make sure you look at all the components before you switch (if you switch)... you may get the cooling you're looking for - but no for the Transmission cooler.
jodeb720 04/25/22 10:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Compartment latches and locks

I went with these combination storage locks about 8 years ago. Combination Locks on Amazon i've never looked back and haven't had any issues with them spinning. If your existing locks are spinning, the nut on the back has come loose and you're going to need some sort of washer to stop it from spinning. The cam locks above don't come with washers - so you're going to need to find them online (e.g. McMaster-Carr) I went with the dark finished locks as the chrome/polished finished ones are harder to read. (black with white numbers is easier to read at night) in the 8 years I've had the combo locks, i've never had a problem with them not working well. I've found that the metal behind the lock has gotten bent when DW doesn't full open the lock and the metal of the lock strikes the lip on the inside... but that's operator error not a defect of the lock itself.
jodeb720 04/07/22 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: Available Battery Charger(s)

OP Here. We all know the care and feeding of batteries - especially given the cost for them versus the cost of maintenance (which is relatively cheap). I've ruined more batteries in my life by adding tap water to them, by not fully recharging and desulfating them periodically. From the great advice I've been given here in this forum, I've learned and been able to keep my batteries in good shape with minimal loss of capacity because of a few, easy maintenance items. The best advice given to me recently from all of you was to check the water levels, fully charge, desulfate and disconnect the batteries here in Denver (I was in Los Angeles before) - fully charged batteries don't freeze - and that's not something I would have thought of moving to Denver. For that Thank you all so much! For my cousin, he's just starting out on his adventure - and the path of least resistance and lowest cost of maintenance is an external charger - which has a maintenance mode (trickle charger). He's going to remove his battery when it's not used, slap the charger on it, and store it at his house - not in the TC when not in use. I know. Not optimal - but it's better than using the WFCO to charge the battery (which could take days if it ever fully charges the battery) and it remains permanently undercharged. He and I did discuss moving to Li or AGM which is why he's looking at an external charger which is designed to charge all three of the major battery types (FLA, AGM Li). For now though, it's basic maintenance and he can enjoy his new to him TC for the summer - and he can save his pennies until he can upgrade.
jodeb720 04/07/22 09:19am Tech Issues
RE: Available Battery Charger(s)

because he's young, and still just "starting out". He bought a TC a few years ago, he and I worked on it - extensively - and got the existing solar panel hooked up and working, added a sink and water - and made it habitable. He sold that and purchased a travel trailer for 1000.00 - and parts of the floor were rotting out - he used it last summer - and then sold it for salvage and made a profit from it. Now he's spent a bunch more money on a TC - which is in really good shape - but right now he's cash strapped. If he had the extra cash, he'd throw solar, and go with Li for power - but right now he's got the unit and is looking to come up with a way to boondock - on the cheap - until he makes more money and I can go to Oregon (from Colorado) to help him get solar, and better batteries and find more space to store stuff. the Opposite end of that discussion is my friend who just bought a 40' Toyhauler and is replacing the entire power distribution system that has Charger/Inverter in one device (PD) and purchased four Li batteries so he can run his generator once a day for a couple of hours and recharge enough for his boondocking - but not conserve... A lot of it has to do with where you are financially in life - and what you can afford versus what's practical.
jodeb720 04/06/22 10:52am Tech Issues
RE: Available Battery Charger(s)

Thanks for the suggestions - I'll start doing the research for him now. since he's in Oregon and I'm Colorado, it's hard for me to "help" him with things that are above his pay grade in terms of experience. He doesn't want to make a mistake - so he's looking for something he can 'manage' himself without making a mess out of his battery.
jodeb720 04/06/22 08:26am Tech Issues
RE: Available Battery Charger(s)

he's going boondocking. He just swapped out his incandescent lights to LED's on his maiden voyage, he went to a full hookup location but didn't connect and was boondocking. His battery did last overnight with the Howler (Furnace) water heater, furnace. He has a voltmeter with him and his battery voltage was 12.3 - but the charger was steady at 13.6 never tapering after 8 hours of connecting to shore power (for a recharge). I don't know if a FLA will suffice in a TC. He's limited right now to one battery. I'm thinking an AGM might be his best bet. He plans on doing primarily weekend trips - so if he can get 2 or 3 nights without running a 120 volt generator (and right now Solar isn't on the table) he'd be golden. When he returns home, he'll need to fully recharge the battery and that's where the external will come into play. I have my Vectron that I use in my 5er - with battery isolation switches. When I recharge my two banks of 6 volts, I isolate one bank, connect my charger and charge that one bank of batteries - and when they are at at 80%, isolate the other set, and repeat. I can usually get both sets to 80% in about 2-3 hours of charge time. He's going to come home and charge at home and remove the battery from the TC and charge it inside until it's fully charged. As we all know, if you fully charge after using the batteries, a little maintenance goes a long way to longevity. I've got 8 years so far out of my two banks.
jodeb720 04/05/22 01:10pm Tech Issues
Available Battery Charger(s)

Gents, I hope this not finds you well in the land of high gas prices... My cousin just purchased a truck camper and it's got an interstate battery (not sure what kind, size, etc). He's going to be purchasing new battery - and he's not sure if Li is in his budget or AGM is in his future. What he doesn't have is a good external battery charger he can order today that's not obnoxious in price. He's not going to replace his WFCO power center - so that's off the table. I'm open to any and all suggestions for an external charger that he can order today. Thanks for suggestions in advance! josh
jodeb720 04/05/22 12:45pm Tech Issues
RE: Furnace using too much propane

For years, my heater would run - incessantly - and very little air volume wasn't come out of the registers. If my wife set the temperature at 65, the heater would run for 20 minutes only to barely raise the temperature from 62 to 65. Last year, after a catastrophic failure - we decided to redo the inside of the trailer (think RV makeover) and part of the process was to determine what was going on with the heater. The design of the airflow was to pass down into a plenum under the heater, (located on the passenger side of the 5er) then to a central plenum that ran under the floor from front to back with the registers connected to the plenum. What I found was the plenum under the heater had both sides not closed. Think of a cube - with the left and right sides opened, not closed. All the heat that was generated was blowing under the 5er not passing to the plenum in the middle redistributing the heat. During the redesign, I sealed the plenum off - and with some help from some folks here (Thanks Doug) I was able to utilize the 4" duct connectors and imagineer a solution that works. The key is to understanding the flow of the air, the volume the heater needs to pass through the ducts without restricting the airflow and causing the heater to hit the high temperature limit safety switch. Since I've made that change, my heater cycles much shorter (only a few minutes - generally less than 5) and my consumption of propane has been reduced dramatically. The OP has an issue - consuming that much propane in that short a period of time there is something seriously wrong. I'm wondering if the regulator is freezing up staving the heater of propane and being misdiagnosed as being empty? I'm at a loss of another explanation - but there's something awry with this situation.
jodeb720 04/03/22 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Aluminum or Plastic aux fuel tank

It went with a Titan replacement tank on my ford diesel f350. I went from a 35 gallon to a 55 gallon. It took me about 4 hours - and 2 hours of that was trying ot figure out how to remove the quick connect fittings on the old tank and waiting on a return call from titan. I eventually did a youtube search, figured it out and was on my way. To their credit, Titan called back in 90 minutes (I just happened to call during the lunch of the tech support guy). I looked at the in tank versus the replacement and I just don't have the space in my shortbed for a in tank so went with the Titan. I choose Titan over S&B because at the time S&B had a problem with tanks leaking after they were installed and two local dealers refused to sell them.
jodeb720 03/26/22 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: WFCO Charger/Power Supply

Thank you all so much for the advice! As I suspected, and learned from so many of you over the years here, WFCO's are not the "bell of the ball". Personally, I left my WFCO in my 5er and charge my battery banks by a separate vectron battery charger someone recommended all those years ago... It works well and does the job. My friend will probably go the inverter/charger route with a built in transfer switch from PD. That's what I'm going to take back to him. lwiddis - I am going to take a trip to costco (hopefully) tomorrow to look over the GC's they have in inventory. I'm sure I'll be in for a sticker shock but every time I got to market, I'm in sticker shock there. It's like 1979 all over again (Inflation!) Again, thanks so much!!
jodeb720 03/17/22 08:59pm Tech Issues
WFCO Charger/Power Supply

My friend has a WFCO WF-8930/50 Power distribution Questions: 1. Is the output charging power fixed at 13.6 or does it move to 14.4 for bulk charging and taper down? 2. Will the parasitic loads from the 5er "fool" the charging circuit into thinking it needs to continue at bulk or will it think it's in absorption phase of charging when it should be tapering for a finishing charge? 3. Is this only good for charging FLA's or FLA's & AGM's? Li is out of the price range as of today. 4. What is the output for this (I know it'll take either 50amp input or 30 amp input to the 5er - but they are usually rated for output - like 30 amps or 60 amps at 13.6) Personally, I would advocate purchasing a stand alone good quality 3 stage charger and using that to recharge his battery bank(s) and just leave the WFCO in place. Thanks in advance for the wisdom! josh
jodeb720 03/15/22 10:03pm Tech Issues
RE: New Solar Install

Thanks everybody for confirming what I told him. Walk Away from CW! we did a walk through on his daily usage In Ah - and we figured - conservatively - that he's going to use about 100ah a day (he's got parasitic draw of 2ah constantly - which seems high). we did the calculations for water pump, furnace, lights, ceiling fans, everything we could throw in and that's were we started out. We figure we need about 400Ah of capacity - using 50% of the capacity each day. GC's are the way to go - and he's going to get me his current charger model number (i'll bet it's a WFCO). The alternative is to use an exernal battery charger (3 stage). He's looking at FLA's, AGM and LI batteries (but I know he'll opt for the FLA's). He doesn't live in it off grid, it's mostly weekend and vacation. He already has his Generators (the 5er has a Yamaha built in and two 2200w hondas). Financially it just doesn't make sense - even if the cost of fuel is 5.00 a gallon. his ROI is just not there.
jodeb720 03/12/22 07:16am Tech Issues
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