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Bent Kingpin?

Greetings all. I got a new truck - and a new hitch - thanks to you all for your opinions. Hooked up the new hitch and the trailer and the world looked good - after some height adjustment. Things looked good. Until tonight. As I pulled into Santa Fe on my way back to Denver, I was looking in the rear view mirror and thought the spacing between the bed and the bottom of the 5er was small. So I Pulled into the Motel and stepped back. The entire kingpin looks like it's bent upwards - and had actually bent the front fiberglass nose of the 5er. I've never seen (let alone heard of) something like this. Tomorrow I can raise the hitch up - but I don't think that's going to stop the collapse of the kingpin into the nose and eventually it'll hit the bed of the truck. I have no idea what I'm looking at - if I can risk the 400 miles to Denver. Since I've never disassembled the plastic around the tongue to figure out what's behind it, I have no idea what i'm getting into (and won't until tomorrow. It's a Lippert chassis - cougar 244rls 2010 Thanks in advance! josh
jodeb720 12/01/19 08:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A&E/Dometic Awning Question

Thanks Guys!!! This afternoon, when I was looking at my awning, I realized my able bodied assistant (son) wound it backwards! Good thing I know how to fix it! Again, thanks for the help! josh
jodeb720 11/19/19 09:40pm Tech Issues
A&E/Dometic Awning Question

I have an A&E Awning (16'). Product Number 958470040 Model Number is illegible but here's what I can see 916GU1 (either 8 or 0).xxxx (can't read the last four digits. I ordered new awning, and when my son and I took the spring loaded end off the arm, he didn't listen well and let the tube spin, then pulled out the end. I have no idea how many turns I need to make before attaching it back to the arm. I reassembled it with 10 tuns but it's not enough. I can remove and increase it a couple of turns at a time but I'm sure there's a recommended number of turns, and it's going to be a slow process. Does anybody know how many turns are the recommended number? Thanks! josh
jodeb720 11/18/19 10:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Demco Autoslide or B&W Companion Slider

OP Here, One question - the side to side pivoting on the B&W. How much is there? I've seen the amount of play on the Demco but not on the B&W. More times than not it's the lateral play that I've needed because of how the truck and the 5er aren't on the same plane and you either have to shim the truck tires into the plane or trailer. Otherwise, it's difficult to get the pin in the receiver without a lot of binding. I've used my Reese for the last 10 years - and it worked. Ironically, I've only used my manual slide 2 or 3 times in the last 10 years. Probably because I was too lazy to get out of the truck, slide it back then get back in and park. I just maneuver into position by taking my time and wiggling into my spot. I was watching video on the demco - you can connect beyond the 10 degrees, but you'll need to remove the side adjustments first, then connect (without the autoslide option) and then reconnect the parts after you're connected and aligned. All of these hitches are far heavier than what I had in the past. I'm guessing a trip to harbor freight for a lift to pull/put the hitch in and out of the truck is in my future. good thing there's a veterans day sale on! Thanks again josh
jodeb720 11/09/19 10:14pm Fifth-Wheels
Demco Autoslide or B&W Companion Slider

I recently replaced my Truck and decided it's time to upgrade my hitch at the same time. I've narrowed my decision down to two Hitches. Demco Autoslide or B&W Companion slider. One of my biggest complaints in my old receiver was the lack of lateral gimble from side to side. The B&W seems to have almost no side to side movement - where as the Demco seems to have enough to align the pin to jaws without binding. Any thoughts on either? I know the Demco I have to adjust the side guide bars each time I connect to the 5er - but that extra work will be worth it because of the lateral gimble. Thanks! josh
jodeb720 11/08/19 11:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Awning replacement Companies

Thank you so much!!!
jodeb720 11/03/19 09:09am Tech Issues
Awning replacement Companies

I know Oldman will chime in, but I just did a search for awning replacement companies - I remember there was one in the Northwest (Seattle? Portland Area?) and I can't find the post. Can someone help me find that posting? I need to replace mine and I'd like to get it ordered early. Thanks so much! josh
jodeb720 11/03/19 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: Towing small utility trailer behind 5ver

On the Prowl - A few years ago, I wanted to put a rack on the back of my 5er - and have a wheel that touched the ground (in CA). After reading the CA Dept. Of Transportation guidelines, and asking my local police, I was directed to the governing enforcement body - which was the California Highway Patrol. For Alabama, you need to find out which enforcment body is responsible for understanding the way the laws are written and enforce it on behalf of the state. What I found was the DMV was wrong, the local Police Dept, would ignore it, but the CHP understood it and were able to explain it in English from an enforcement perspective
jodeb720 10/05/19 11:14pm Towing
RE: Experience towing w/ 2WD F250, 2500 or other 3/4 ton

I have a 03' Chevy 2500hd short bed, crew cab 2wd. I pull my 5er and have been stuck twice in soft sand in the desert twice. If I were to do it all over, I'd go with a Diesel 2wd - same truck. Now that I'm in Denver and there's snow, I'm thinking a 4wd wouldn't be a bad thing to have - but after reading this, it makes me wonder.
jodeb720 10/04/19 10:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hot Running Trans Temp - Ideas?

To answer all your questions: 175,000 miles I'll be the in-radiator Trans Cooler isn't a stacked plate design. External is mounted up in front of the AC and Radiator with a push design electric fan. 16 pass stacked plate design (Derale I believe is the manufacturer). I've had the in-radiator transcooler as part of the circuit and removed it to see a difference. Trans has always run hotter when doing long sustained hill climbs out of OD - but never to this level (about 220). The Water temp inside the radiator never budges above 190 - even on sustained hill climbs - which is great, but if the internal Trans Cooler isn't as efficient as the OEM, then that's where my problem lies (Water to Oil is more efficient at removing heat than Air to Oil) I think my next steps are to reconnect the Internal Trans cooler, check the volume coming out (it should be the same) and contact the seller of the Radiator to see if the internal is stacked plate like the OEM version. thanks to all for your advice and guidance. I really appreciate all your insight! Josh
jodeb720 09/26/19 10:51pm Tow Vehicles
Hot Running Trans Temp - Ideas?

I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500hd, 6.0l gas and the 4l80e trans. For the last 15 or so years it's had a 16 pass stacked plate trans cooler with a fan on it to keep the temps in check. about 15 months ago, my radiator started to leak and I replaced the radiator with an aluminum 3 row desert radiator - and I thought things were great - except my trans started to run warmer, a lot warmer. In the past, it would always run about 175 to 180 on flat level ground and on a hill climb, it would bet up to 200 or 220 the absolute highest and only for a short period of time. After the swap, it started to run 190-200 most of the time and last summer, it was up to 250. I Just moved to denver, so I figured that It must have been the internal radiator was restricting the flow of the fluid so I bypassed the internal transcooler and used just 16 pass cooler (fan on) and hoped that would resolve it. Leaving LA, it was up to 250 on the simple climbs out of the city. I spent the night in Palm Springs and the follwing morning, I did some testing to see if the pump wasn't moving enough liquid - I disconnected the hose before and after the cooler and it had plenty of flow. It's not the pump. No slipping on the gears, and lots of volume through the external trans cooler. I checked the fluid level (flat level ground and when it was hot, idling after stepping through all the gears and I'm right on target for fluid). I had the Trans fluid swapped out a month or so ago, thinking new fluid would help (I have, for the last 18 years, had the trans oil pan dropped, filter swapped, and a flush after the fact just to keep up the maintenance (and had the rear differential fluid swapped as well). It's not a lack of maintenance. If I tow on flat level ground in Overdrive, the temps are normal (175-190), but as soon as I drop out of OD, temps begin to climb. Any ideas as to what's going on? Thanks in advance! Josh
jodeb720 09/25/19 10:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Travel Trailer blocking RF (Garage Door Opener)

I'm with JKWilson. Unplug the trailer, see if the problem stops. If it does, then it's probably the converter - and at that point it's a scavenger hunt. Plug it in, turn off every breaker. One at a time turn them on and test to see which circuit is the culprit. The only thing I can think of is the converter broadcasting RF causing your problem.
jodeb720 09/08/19 08:21am Tech Issues
RE: Reversible Vent Fan

I have two FF's in the 5er. I have, rarely, had mine set to intake - but on occasion have done it. If I were to do it again, i would opt for having it be reversible.
jodeb720 09/07/19 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: Rewiring Trailer Brakes - How to Allow for Axle Movement?

Joe, I had wires inside my axle's originally - and they don't provide mounting points inside the axle to stop the wiring from flopping around. After a number of years, I got a short in my second axle and couldn't figure out why - Until I put a post up here. Someone else had the same issue and suggested I break the circuit and figure out which axle and which wheel. Turns out the wire inside had chafed itself down to bare wire and was shorting out. I rewired with zipties and check it annually for wear to ensure it doesn't happen again. Just my two cents
jodeb720 08/25/19 08:05am Tech Issues
RE: Trailer brakes stop working when headlights are on

i had a similar problem on my Chevy 2003 2500hd. There's a flasher control module that went bad and exhibited a similar issue. When I stepped on my brake lights, the right turn signal didn't work. When the clearance/running lights were on the right turn signal wouldn't flash. I just replaced the control module and the problem abated. Just something to think about...
jodeb720 08/25/19 07:48am Tech Issues
RE: Why the large discrepancy in rv antifreeze prices?

Folks, I think there's some confusion here. If this is for the Potable Water system in his RV, then the $2.58 should be used. If it's for the engine in his RV (truck/car) then the 15.00 one should be used. NEVER PUT THE $15.00 AntiFreeze in the RV Water System. It's poison and will make you very very ill if you drink the water after it's in the system!!!! The "Pink" stuff is what's used in RV's to insure the pipes don't burst from freezing during the winter. Josh
jodeb720 08/25/19 07:44am Tech Issues
RE: Low power home UPS

You could use an Arduino - and have it use either an external cell phone (an old one) or a GSM module that comes with it - so that when the AC power is lost, the UPS would hold while the arduino continues to run and sends out a text message (SMS) that the power is down. There are UPS's that have USB connectors that close or send a message that power is lost - but you'd need to find one that has software already for the Arduino.
jodeb720 07/28/19 08:42am Technology Corner
RE: Can't Get Directv Signal Beeps

jodeb720 07/27/19 08:45am Technology Corner
RE: Can't Get Directv Signal Beeps

If the Beep is heard at home on your home TV, but not in the trailer - then there must be something about your tv in the RV that's different that's preventing the sound. If you have a small LED tv in the house, connect it to the HR44, and see if you get the beep sound - and if you do, take the whole assembly into the RV and try it again. If you don't get the beep in the RV, that's just strange - but My money is on the TV in the Trailer.
jodeb720 07/27/19 08:42am Technology Corner
RE: Disconnect load before stopping generator?

Many years ago, Prof95 did an analysis on this exact subject. I'm not an engineer, but his argument went something like this: when a generator is shut down/runs out of gas under load - as the motor spins down the generator attempts to compensate for the loss of power with a spike of current out of the generator head. His argument was, it probably won't blow anything out but it's putting a strain on the components that's unnecessary. If Mr. Wizard is correct for his Champion, then the inverter will recognize a loss in rotation and will disconnect to protect itself. For me, I just disconnect completely from my Eu2000 let the engine idle for 30 seconds or so and then shut down the generator. Again - it may not be necessary, but why take a chance and stress the components?
jodeb720 07/24/19 07:44am Tech Issues
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