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RE: Heavy Duty leveling block suggestions

I like the camco blocks but they just seem flimsy to me. I am trying to get rid of the heavy cumbersome lumber and find a reasonable fix all alternative. Thanks for the feedback That's one of the reasons I really like the yellow Camco blocks, they fit perfectly between the tires. Granted, I've only had to raise the trailer 2 blocks a few times, but had no issues with the blocks fitting between the tires. It works fine for me, but what works for me may not work for your trailer. That's where you may have to use some lumber and cut some to fit your particular application.
joe blow 02/21/21 07:40am Toy Haulers
RE: Heavy Duty leveling block suggestions

Excellent thank you for the advice and links. I know that leveling all three axles on the affected side is ideal. So my question is how does one fit some of these units in between the middle and rear axle to lift those? I look at the spacing between the middle axle (front and rear) and I am not sure some of these will fit to lift the middle and rear axle. Or is lifting one axle sufficient and allow the other two to remain on the uneven ground? Thanks Joe
joe blow 02/21/21 06:53am Toy Haulers
Heavy Duty leveling block suggestions

Hi, I rarely use leveling blocks (under tires) but have had some opportunities where one side is a tad lower. I have independent front jacks and the standard scissor jack that came with the CR3705 weekend warrior. I try not to operate the front jacks separate from one another as to not stress the frame. For the jacks I have been carrying the same 4x6 lumber pieces for 10 years and they have sufficed. I have seen many variations of stackable blocks and to be honest, I can't believe these chinsy pieces of plastic hold up under the weight of some of these toy haulers I have seen them under. What are some proven recommendations that some of you have used with success on the same weight trailer? Thanks Joe
joe blow 02/20/21 01:03pm Toy Haulers
RE: Brake controller craziness, advice?

That's what I was thinking also. thanks
joe blow 02/20/21 12:56pm Toy Haulers
RE: Brake controller craziness, advice?

Excellent guys thank you for the advice. I was talking to a friend of mine and he experienced similar on his car hauler. Of course the wires were within the axle and rubbed through. I will report with my findings. Joe
joe blow 02/17/21 02:17pm Toy Haulers
RE: Brake controller craziness, advice?

Great. I will pull the old wire out, so I can prove or disprove the issue. I will leave the wire outside the tube as I purchased some nice marine grade sheathed 10/2 wire.
joe blow 02/16/21 03:45pm Toy Haulers
RE: Brake controller craziness, advice?

I have not looked at the trailer yet, but am planning on taking the wiring out of the tube regardless......I never had a good feeling about it from day one. I am buying some shielded 2 wire and am leaning toward a 10/2 setup. Anyone know if that is the right gauge or should I go smaller (12/2)? thanks Joe
joe blow 02/16/21 11:41am Toy Haulers
RE: Brake controller craziness, advice?

Thank you very much for the advice. I will tear into it in the near future and report back.
joe blow 02/15/21 07:12pm Toy Haulers
Brake controller craziness, advice?

Hi, Long stupid story sorry.... All has been great with my WW 3705 after the wall sag repair, along with a bunch of other items. I redid the entire brake system (drums, complete backing plates, bearings etc) last year and has been working awesome. So yesterday I am in Parker AZ where I stopped for fuel. As I rounded this turn I tapped the brakes (haven't touched the adjustments for a few trips) and I thought I had hit a curb on how it felt. I continued forward applying the brakes again and it felt normal. Rolled to the stop....bam again. It felt like full voltage was going to the brakes and the tires skid in my side view. I pulled over and checked everything obvious, all systems ok. I changed the aggressiveness adjustments on the brake controller and it seemed to be better. I feel the brake controller is internally shorting or it may be time for new one. I have owned the same one for 12 years and am wondering if it is time for a replacement? Any advice is welcomed. Thank you Joe
joe blow 02/15/21 08:59am Toy Haulers
RE: 2008 Weekend Warrior CR3705 holding tanks plumbing

Thank you all for the help and advice
joe blow 11/18/20 07:38am Toy Haulers
RE: 2008 Weekend Warrior CR3705 holding tanks plumbing

Excellent. I initially was considering doing the plumbing which seems pretty straight forward, but in some spots it might turn into a nightmare.
joe blow 11/17/20 07:32pm Toy Haulers
2008 Weekend Warrior CR3705 holding tanks plumbing

Hi, I have a slightly leaking black water tank valve as of late and have been considering replacing both valves and all the black piping complete. After looking at the plumbing it seems to be a nightmare and can of worms to replace the piping new. It appears the valves are rebuildable and/or serviceable by unbolting the 4 1/4" bolts swapping out the old, slipping in the new. Is this the case? Thanks for the advice Joe
joe blow 11/17/20 06:54pm Toy Haulers
RE: Weekend Warrior flooring

thanks for all the advice
joe blow 10/18/20 08:46pm Toy Haulers
RE: Weekend Warrior flooring

Where do you get the flooring and any specific brand?
joe blow 10/08/20 01:06pm Toy Haulers
Weekend Warrior flooring

Hi all, I was considering redoing the flooring from the kitchen up the stairs and into the bedroom (bath included) using laminate faux wood plank. I plan on leaving the storage area as is with the gray coin flooring. Has anyone taken on this project? What flooring did you use and where did you buy it? Any pics? thanks
joe blow 10/07/20 03:00pm Toy Haulers
RE: Dometic RM3862 fridge

Just an update: I bought the least expensive eyebrow controller they sell (2 way 110V/12V GAS) and removed the circuit board from it. The new controller was really small and would not fit properly in my frame. I removed the circuit board, drilled out the lamp hole that was cast but not drilled and installed the circuit board. I used a heat gun and removed the front sticker placard from the new board, cut it to fit, sprayed some adhesive on it and placed it over the existing eyebrow controller board. Unless you look you can't even tell. Fixed for less than 40.00 Big shout out to Joe at Dinosaur Electronics whom helped me through this whole debacle. That company is GRADE A in customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joe blow 10/05/20 07:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM3862 fridge

My fridge is a 3 way (110v/12v/LPG) and considering I never use the 12 v option or the worthless LAC CLC buttons for my climate, I am able to convert my fridge to a standard two way fridge (AC/LPG) with a 35.00 board. The great people at Dinosaur electronics did the research and advised me of the ability and comparable parts, and even gave me the part number(s) that are compatible. MY board is irrelevant and nowhere to be found....anywhere!
joe blow 09/23/20 08:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM3862 fridge

Temp this morning -1* freezer and 27* fridge. I am going with the eyebrow being bad and needing rebuilding or replacement. I have looked and cannot find a replacement for my style. I wonder if I can convert to the newer style without the LAC and CLC buttons on the right which are unnecessary anyway in my climate.
joe blow 09/19/20 11:21am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM3862 fridge

So after a full day of research and talking to a great tech guy at Dinosaur Electronics, this is what I came up with. My RM3862 has what they call a "smart" eyebrow controller. After diagnosing the problem throughout the day and several phone calls with the tech, it sounds like my eyebrow controller is the issue. I installed an updated snip and clip type temp controller in the fridge a few years ago and it has worked great....initially that was suspected. Currently I have the board "jumped" with two leads I made to mimic the control of the dumb controller (simple push button on/off) and so far the burner has remained on for hours and I will report in the AM once it has been burning for 24hrs....which would be the longest it has worked on LPG since the issue reared it's head. Thanks for the help and I will report findings Joe
joe blow 09/18/20 11:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic RM3862 fridge

Thanks for the advice. I will test it in a bit once I make it outside. The dinosaur rep did not tell me to take it apart, but merely CLEAN it by cycling the magnet and blowing through it. I never start the fridge up initially using propane. The 110v heat stick is used to bring up to temp and the gas for travel and once I am at my destination if dry camping. With that said I am not 100% familiar with the burner operation cycles, and may be chasing my tail for nothing. Hypothetically speaking: At initial startup (hot) using the LP function only, shouldn't the flame remain on for hours straight until the fridge is up to temp.....then cycle off as need? This is my primary question. :) Thanks for the time Joe 1. Jump the red wires to bypass the Thermal switch. That will tell you if it is a possible problem. 2. IF the LP fails to stay lit when called for, you WILL get a CHECK light. 3. If the refer is at or close to set interior temp, then leave the interior door open for 30 minutes to raise the Refer temp to continue testing. 4. YOU NEVER TAKE A GAS SOLENOID APART OR TAMPER WITH IT. PERIOD. TAKE IT LOOSE AND CHECK FOR OBSTRUCTION, BUT IF DEFECTIVE YOU REPLACE. NEVER ATTEMPT TO FIX or MODIFY. Dinosaur has some idiots working for them I guess. The Liability to tell someone to do what they did is tremendous. 5. Yes the refer LP cycles on and off as temp requirements are needed. Doug
joe blow 09/18/20 08:02am Tech Issues
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