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RE: TIRES,,,,,need 4

Thanks to all for your advise and suggestions. maybe wait a month and see what goes on sale for black friday or buy 3 and get one free deal... will still check for any more advise... TY
joelyn 10/05/22 01:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TIRES,,,,,need 4

Just curious why you want an all terrain tire if you don't intend to go in the dirt? A straight hiway tire will be quieter and give you a smoother ride. And do better on ice. I generally buy the cheapest. Works for me for over 50 years. But I do things differently with the bike. :) I live in the rural section of Az all dirt roads like washboards. so thats why i think i would like a stronger tire for to and from the main roads and house...... i had the Passenger tires on the truck when i bought the truck in 2012 and they only lasted 20 ,000 miles before all tires got flats within 2 weeks of each other and all split right in the threads from the rocks...... at that time the tire guy advised me to get the LT tires and go from the P275/60R20 to the LT265/20R20 size and made a huge difference and never a problem again with flats or anything. have 40,000 miles on them now and thread is hardly worn, sidewalls still look good but the heat is a killer out here and so far 6 years might be getting to the worn point from the heat... truck rides really smooth and quiet and to me even better that the OEM P275/60 R20 tires and never have ice out here so i figured i would stick with them. just some sticker shock compared to when I bought these, LOL................... thanks for your post
joelyn 10/05/22 01:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: External hard drive info??????....UPDATE

UPDATE............. plugged in my ext drive and pretty easy to set up. downloaded all my pictures (which was the main thing) along with other documents etc that pretty much the computer decided what to save. so that is all backed up but just one question... I don't see my BOOKMARKS saved or can't find them on the drive.... is there a way to download all my bookmarks onto the ext drive.... thanks
joelyn 10/05/22 12:44am Around the Campfire
TIRES,,,,,need 4

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30364114
joelyn 10/05/22 12:40am Tech Issues
TIRES,,,,,need 4

need tires for my ram pick up truck 2012, LT265/60R20, haven't bought tires for many years and didn't realize how many different brands are out there and how expensive they are now. Any suggestions as to a brand that is decent out there? just looking for a all terrain tire with NO off road driving. mostly highway and city streets.... thanks
joelyn 10/05/22 12:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: External hard drive info??????....UPDATE

thanks for all the answers and suggestions... i bought this one at walmart today for 49.00, the only one they had.... opened it and only problem is there are no instructions other than to plug the cord into computer... hopefully there will be more info once i plug it in and try it...... one other question, once i find out how to put the items on the ext drive, say like pictures, will my pictures no longer be on my computer or will they be on both devices????? thanks again for all the help..... oh well picture will not post, its a SEAGATE 1TB HDD BACKUP PLUS SLIM Moderator edit to fix picture URL so it will post.
joelyn 09/27/22 02:14pm Around the Campfire
External hard drive info??????....UPDATE

not very computer savoy but need to buy a external hard drive to back up my computer so that they can reinstall my operating system.... have only about 3000 pictures and my bookmarks... any suggestion as to what inexpensive brand or model to get to do this??? thanks
joelyn 09/27/22 12:27am Around the Campfire
RE: Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX

xxxxx UPDATE xxxxxx, USED THE SCOOTER FOR THE PAST WEEK and even after 4 days of good use the batteries still showed a full charge... on the 5th day of use the meter dropped one green light.. put it on the charger for a few hours and back to full for the next few days. I contactED the mighty max battery company in NJ and explained to the tech about the 15.2 volt reading and still charging and without hesitation he stated that that volts concerned him and believed that i received a defective battery... they sent a new one out yesterday and a return paid postage to return the other battery for them to check... should have it by the end of the week and will install it and let u know the findings with the new one.... seems like a pretty good company to deal with... AGAIN THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR RESPONSES AND ADVISE....................
joelyn 06/21/22 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX

everything back together and drove the scooter around a little and seems fine. will be using it the next 5 days so will see how the batteries do. maybe will put a couple leads to the pos and neg terminals so they are on the outside and than i can test the volts on the batteries each day without having to remove the shroud. thanks again to all for ALLLL ur help and advise... will check back in a week or so and let u know how they did... stay safe...
joelyn 06/13/22 12:05am Tech Issues
RE: Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX

12V (volt), 35Ah (amp hour) rated battery capacity. 24V output means 2 series batteries for double the capacity (24V @ 35Ah). that sounds good, just why I have in there,,,,,
joelyn 06/12/22 05:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX SEE NEXT PICTURE ALSO,,,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Why does that say for 12-35Ah Batteries only? DON'T KNOW,, thats what came with the scooter when i got it 4 years ago... it worked fine for all those years with the batteries which came on the scooter which are the same as the new ones just a different brand.. old batteries where for 2016 and started to lose charge pretty quick when in use...
joelyn 06/12/22 02:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX

ok retested the batteries this morning and both read 13.3... here are a couple pictures of my charger info and the info on the battery. maybe this can help in helping with my problem, if any... thanks again to all for the help;;;
joelyn 06/12/22 01:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX SEE NEXT PICTURE ALSO,,,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
joelyn 06/12/22 01:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX

thanks for the info, i will check the charger out and check the batties again and report back. thanks
joelyn 06/12/22 11:03am Tech Issues
Battery question???? XXXX UPDATE XXXXX

bought 2 new batteries for my mobility pride scooter, 12 V U1AGM 35AMP BATLIQ1017..... INSTALLED THEM TODAY and before charging them they tested at 12.7 v.. put the scooter charger on and both batteries showed 13.4 v,. my question..... the charger has been on for about 5 hrs now and the charger still shows red light on which means they are not fully charged yet... i tested the batteries and one showed 15.2 and the other 14.8..... i unplugged the charger for now because i am not sure if they are to much charged.. is it normal for new batteries to show a reading so high even though the pride charger says they are not fully charged yet?? should i plug the charger in again tomorrow and continue to charge until the charger shows green like it usually does????? thanks for any advise..
joelyn 06/11/22 09:56pm Tech Issues
RE: wiring a 30 Amp Power Outlet 30A Circuit Breaker {{UPDATE}}

OK received the box today and as ya'll said it seems pretty straight forward. Just one question about the ground wire, green... as seen in the attached picture there are 2 place to put the green wire.. not sure if it matters, but do I put the green ground wire into the silver lug attached to the box or do I put it to the screw where the box ground wire is now attached???? black goes to black and white to white as i have outlined in the picture...... just asking about where to attach the ground. thanks to all again for the help "border=0" For Full-Size Image. installing this box this weekend for my TT and a quick question. as far as the ground goes, does it hurt to pig tail my ground green wire and screw it to the lug on the box and also to the screw where the existing ground wire is now in the box.. does it matter if its grounded twice in the same box?????? thanks
joelyn 05/03/22 12:40am Tech Issues
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