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RE: Motorhomes with 19.5 vs 22.5 tires

Yes the 22.5 also comes with a larger heavier chassis. You don’t option the 22.5 by itself Is it the smaller tires or the lighter capacity chassis, springs etc ? Probably a combination. The bigger I’ve gone , the better it handled but the bigger ones all have many upgrades in suspension. And of course weight.
jorbill2or 05/26/23 05:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Holiday Rambler anyone?

The fleetwood/ Holiday Ramber are in fact exact twins of each other. Color and minor style changes. It’s been that way for many years , same assembly , nothing new. I’ve known a couple friends with a Bounder and they love it! A few minor problems , nothing any new coach doesn’t have. They ( and I) Love the new v8 and much improved f53 chassis. Not everyone needs a Diesel, and I’ve had a few.
jorbill2or 05/14/23 11:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Michelin vs Toyo tires

Keep in mind Michelin makes “rv” specific tires. I think the tread is not as deep because 200,000 miles service isn’t important and the sidewalls are made I would bet softer for a ride that is more palatable to Lexus drivers. In doing so I would bet an rv that is still a truck/ bus underneath has some unique issues. If we are talking smaller auto or pickup tires it is a different situation.
jorbill2or 04/28/23 07:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: tires

Neighbor did , got 6 rear tires ( tag) a little over a year ago. He was very happy. They had A local mobile tire service come out and installed on his site. I looked at the price and it was a little high maybe but considering they came to him not out of line. The tires were all good date codes , 3 months old if I remember what he told me.
jorbill2or 03/28/23 07:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Potential purchase of MH

Why would anyone pay to deliver a motorhome to you to inspect for a very large cost ( over a thousand ) with no done deal. Common sense says you can and should buy a plane ticket yourself and take a couple days to look at it. On this type of purchase that’s the least you should do. If you can’t do that how do you expect to find time to use said motorhome? Sounds like a scam. Run. There are plenty of local Oregon NW buyers no seller would do what you describe.
jorbill2or 02/19/23 07:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slides out or autolevelers down first?

I think most of those that want the engine running also say in the guide “or plugged in or generator on”. In the several coaches we have had I never unplugged until the final walk around, slides and jacks up ready to go. Parking the plug-in is first on my walk around before slides or leveling. The only reason for the engine on is to not overload the battery. With the converter still online no engine is needed. As a plus the neighbor is happy
jorbill2or 02/01/23 04:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slides out or autolevelers down first?

Manufacturers have different rules. You need to look at what yours says for your year. You can’t make a blanket statement. Mine says “ this “ isn’t an answer. My Marquis is slides ( ride height) then level .. but that may not apply to yours.
jorbill2or 01/15/23 09:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: CB radios - Do you use one?

I was a truck driver and used them all the time mostly just to keep awake talking to others. Have one in the motorhome but it only gets used when we caravan with camping club friends which we no longer do. Just takes up space.
jorbill2or 12/29/22 12:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Fire Cube Gen 3

A smart tv by the name “smart” includes firetv or roku or android or some other proprietary built in internet stream ability. The Vizio tv we bought was slow to react and I didn’t like the “smart cast “ interface . so we plugged in the fire stick to an hdmi port and just use it. When you purchase a new one be aware of the streaming system it uses if it matters to you. Roku is probably more prominent in TV’s I’ve seen … Truth is while they all use different looking menus they all do the same thing if you get used to them.
jorbill2or 12/07/22 03:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Connect Bluetooth Headphones to TV

Yes search for bluetooth audio transmitter for tv. You’ll find several. All with different input methods rca ( headphone Jack ) optical out etc and some for one connection out and some that can handle two separate audio devices ( two headphones) The usb out I would think depends on the tv’s capabilities
jorbill2or 10/28/22 02:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Michelin vs Toyo tires

As a former truck driver myself the first few thousand miles on new tires on my tractors always had them “ Squirrley “ the thick tread needed to break in. I hated the first few trips but they always settled in. I’m not sure but Michelin Motorhome specific tires I’ve always believed are made with much less tread and a softer sidewall for “ride” concerns of motor home drivers. Motor home drivers are used to “car” ride and pretty picky expecting a “Cadillac ride” .from what is essentially a truck or bus chassis Long term mileage and constant use / abuse durability isn’t a priority on very low mileage vehicles. My toyo 144 have been great they settled in pretty quickly.
jorbill2or 09/29/22 09:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold on Inverter

Well , I know a few folks that don’t but I know many more that just leave the gas on. Most gas refrigerators are plugged into a non inverted outlet. ( except for the ice maker ) . Most that run without propane on just leave the fridge off. Be sure to change it to the inverted circuit if there is one , if that’s what you decide to do.
jorbill2or 09/22/22 08:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish TV Satellites

Dish is also on 77 72.7 61.5 .. the eastern arc for east coast towns mostly east of the Mississippi. The wally can receive them yes but needs a dish with the proper settings or spread to receive them. They are duplications of the west except for locals which in the east need those satellites for high def picture Directv also points to a different set of satellites ( different direction) if your looking at them
jorbill2or 09/07/22 02:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Purchasing a Jackery or something similar....need help....

I think the takeaway is these are convenient battery packs with a built-in inverter to run 120 V appliances. Great if your tent camping for a couple of days or a picnic but not for RV use in my mind. Still need to charge these things as they don’t generate anything and they have very low capacity ( run down fast) The other Takeaway is they are extremely expensive for what you get. I would change to lithium battery in your trailer .. 200 amp hours 2400 watts! can be had for 650 bucks 100 watts 1200 watts for $350 much more than thes portable stations and then add a panel or two more portable solar to the existing 190 watts you have . Then adjust your existing solar controller for lithium if you can ( higher charge rates ) and your small refrigerator ,coffee maker etc will do just fine. .what I hate is some call these things solar generators many without any solar panels included and they aren’t. Deceptive marketing at best.
jorbill2or 09/02/22 07:47am Tech Issues
RE: Campground WiFi Improving?

We check campground Wi-Fi sometimes and some are ok. More ? Maybe but I suspect it’s because most wised up and bring their own leaving more room on the campground Wi-Fi . I don’t ever use it other than a quick check , not as secure. Almost all the campgrounds have limits in the check in material on streaming. At least the many we visited this summer. At least that’s our experience ( which is what you asked ) .
jorbill2or 08/27/22 03:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Streaming and Blackouts

The sports channel we watch every night carries Rays games home and away all season. Except this game tonight - or maybe one or two other nights. But, if I understand these answers ... Apple+ bought one single game to display on it's service and blacked it out at home unless you buy Apple+ app at $4.99 a monty - for that one game. I know, it gets other things too, but in this case, it only bought one game and 'forces' us to pay for its service for that one game. I know, it gives seven days free as an enticement, but I tried that, and it wants me to sign up for the service first, so you get five weeks for a four weeks fee. Big Deal. Then you can cancel, but who wants to try any cancellation on a phone tree in this day and age. Personally, I'd just miss the game, but refuse be forced into buying any service I would not normally buy anyway. We already pay for three services now, so that will suffice. So, thanks for the info guys ... Blame the team and the league. Evidently They sold all the Friday night games to appletv exclusively. Apple also bought all World soccer if I remember correctly as I rarely watch baseball or soccer .. . This is the way of the future as teams look for ways to make more money that over the air tv won’t pay. They put the games up for bid No different than Espn. Via your cable, part of your fee is for espn ……. apple paid more than espn fox etc. yes it makes it a pita
jorbill2or 08/27/22 08:20am Technology Corner
RE: Streaming and Blackouts

I did a quick search and it appears apple bought the rights to Friday night baseball “ broadcast” . Right now it appears as free on the app. As I said prior the app is not exclusive to the apple phone. Appletv+ is separate.
jorbill2or 08/27/22 05:53am Technology Corner
RE: Streaming and Blackouts

Plus the “Apple TV “ app isn’t just to play for your phone. It can be on any smart tv. It’s a steaming service, like Netflix. Roku, firetv , androidtv, etc all have the appletv app. Most home games in most sports are blacked out around the actual game location on non paying tv , aren’t they? Most teams require it so attendance at the game isn’t harmed. It’s always been that way hasn’t it? I would bet appletv bought the rights to the game and your cable company doesn’t have them.
jorbill2or 08/27/22 02:15am Technology Corner
RE: Tire pressures

TPMS systems allow you to see real time pressures causing paranoia. Your tires have always gained pressure as you drove and you heated them up. Entirely normal. Mine have gone up 20 psi or more on the gauge. Unless you see a single tire increasing dramatically due to under inflation , friction heat from a mis adjusted brake or bearing failure , leave it alone . End of story.
jorbill2or 07/10/22 09:01am Class A Motorhomes
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