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RE: DISH Network: Which Dish?

The dish pathway X2 used to be the only one who could receive the eastern satellites . this is no longer true as both king and the dish play maker have models that can do so , you just need to check as not all models can. I like the pathway X2 ( I have one , and a travler) because it’s larger reflector than any of the other dishes and has better reception in bad weather. It’s also it’s disadvantage and that it’s very large to store. I think if I were you and going with the traveler eventually I would choose a king model with a roof mount that the DISH can snap into and out of . That way you could roof mount it out of the way or take it off and deploy it elsewhere. The Wally receiver will receive all channels you are subscribed to in high definition from ANY portable or large travler etc Antenna. Add any mini usb hard drive ( laptop) and a 40$ one time account fee and you can record pause replay any program for no monthly add on fee. If using a travler or full array antenna you can watch and record two Chanel’s at the same time.
jorbill2or 07/11/19 09:25am Technology Corner
RE: Towing a car hauler

No , towing a 20ft box enclosed hauler with a 41’ tag axle coach. Auto air leveling
jorbill2or 06/20/19 10:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice for a trip up the west coast

Go south on 101 better access to view points and easier to get back on the highway turning right than left! You have a ambitious schedule. The route from Reno via Klamath falls and crossing to Eugene is the easy climb. Go as far north in Oregon on I- 5 as you have time then cut over most roads are fine but the further north the more you climb the “small “ coast range and back down to the sea All very doable but I’ve lived there my whole life and don’t know your comfort level Driving . Now come down 101 . I don’t know where all the switchbacks and close overhangs are but they aren’t on 101 ! ... it’s a major highway ... trucks use highway! 1 maybe in calif but that’s 1 not 101 . The north coast has lots to see and do different from the south coast but you know your timeline. Have a great visit ! Oregon State parks are fantastic and midweek availability can usually be had if you stop early
jorbill2or 06/07/19 11:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV width - narrower than standard

That’s what I would think also. Why bring a American A to Europe ? Europe has a great many caravans that are a better use of the space than American designs I only wish we had the designs they have ! In fact Europe has no large A units because of what you say .. narrow roads and towns. Not the wide open spaces of the USA. After all when in Rome.....
jorbill2or 05/22/19 07:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Verizon Prepaid $65 Unlimited Jetpack DataPlan Ends 5/21/19

Sure is confusing to me what is being discussed here haha... Guess Im too old to understand... One says it is retiring then it says you can be grandfathered in ??? I know this is probably all about the new 5G coming on line... I have the VERIZON 6620L JETPACK here with 5GB per month setup... Guess I will still be good to go with this unit... Does any of this affect my VERIZON CELL PHONE PLANS. It is unlimited data... and unlimited talk... Roy Ken No it shouldn't This is about the Unlimited (but potentially managed) prepaid Data Plan" Updp" for 70 bucks a month 65 if you auto pay ( one of the best deals out there for the last 6+ months) . Your Going to no longer be able to get in just a couple days. Those on the plan ,if they keep paying the monthly fee, will still keep it. If you turn it off ( or don't continue to prepay) for over I think its 2 months, can't get it back. It was quietly dropped from the web site a couple weeks ago.
jorbill2or 05/18/19 12:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Remove 3 m from front of coach

I’ve screen a couple companies here on Fl that charge about 800 to do the job. It’s very time consuming
jorbill2or 05/03/19 03:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Internet Costs

So do the bring your own” and buy a Verizon compatible hotspot online. A bonus is you can get them cheaper than Verizon charges. There are many many sites that sell them.
jorbill2or 04/27/19 03:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet Costs

Careful with "unlimited" data plans. The fine print usually says that beyond a certain amount of usage speeds are throttled down or costs occur. Their definition of unlimited means more about unlimited data sharing across all your lines - not truly unlimited consumption. Try hitting 10-15G a month and see if they don't slow your speed or hit you with overages. A plan you pick really depends on your data consumption. Are you streaming movies or just browsing and checking email? Does it makes sense to pay for an unlimited plan if you are only using a few gig/month? Verizon has the best nationwide coverage. We used to have a mifi jetpack and I think I was on their highest data usage plan. working remote I still usually stayed under, but we never streamed movies. In a few years we plan on full timing and I will still work remote, so I will face this challenge as well. For sure I would need unbridled and truly unlimited data. I expect I will pay dearly for it. I can tell you that CG wifi's rarely worked and when they did it was so slow it wasn't worth messing with. CG's won't let you stream on their wifi either, enough to check email is about it. That is not the case with this plan - many discussion threads on this forum and over on Escapees. Rob Experts disagree. Took me about 30 seconds to find countless articles. Here's the first 3 that came up. verizons-unlimited-data-plan-back-heres-compares-carriers And even on VZ's own site they have all sorts of asterisks on the bullet points. Like video is only 480p, that's pretty low resolution - so no HD. Heck it's throttled from the get-go but again, it all depends on what you are doing. Read the fine print. I Don’t have articles. But no , it’s not “throttled” from the beginning ! it’s possibly managed from the beginning IF your in a overloaded cell tower and that rarely happens to us Im a Actual user , and have since it came out with no issues .. currently over 100 g a month Sure it has disclaimers and can be managed , mine rarely is. And I’m watching a movie right now as I type this at 1080p. Not 480p Nothing is forever but this works now and has for some time. I also use a att Mobley no longer offered I jumped on when it first came out. If Verizon is not a strong signal then the att may pick up the slack. 24 bucks with tax for ATT plus 65$ Verizon $89 all in and I haven’t had internet issues in the last 3 years of full time ! There are good options avail if you follow the right people . Continue to doubt , but those who actually put these plans in use feel differently
jorbill2or 04/26/19 12:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Forget 5G

I have followed a few tech sites and The 5g cell system as it is now ( or soon to be) being rolled out requires many transmitters as it’s range is blocks not miles. It was and is designed for cities and other high density areas but I guess the “towers “ are small and less noticeable according to one article I read. 5 g isn’t the solution for rural as some think and was never meant to be. In my opinion until we subsidize rural access it won’t happen. It just isn’t profitable. ATT is using 5g evolution as smoke and mirrors because 5 g evolution ( clever name to sound like 5g) to the mass public sounds like they are the latest and greatest. Pure deceptive marketing! But you know what .. it will probably do what they intended.
jorbill2or 04/24/19 03:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Norcold Refrigerator

Bad thermocouple or a bad / clogged burner . I had the same problem .. kinda ... it ran but for a couple minutes. I ordered a new burner and thermocouple .. replaced the thermocouple first and that was it. The burner holes and jet can also become clogged. Thermocouple was 15 bucks , burner about $40 I think. Good luck !
jorbill2or 04/15/19 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Foggy Windows

Google one of the several companies that repair these to find out a shop nearest you that can repair cost is 2-300 per window ballpark. Some have reported good luck others have had the fogging re appear in 3-5 years. “RV glass solutions ” I saw also offers a thick pane laminated glass replacement .. it doesn’t have the insulating or sound deadening property’s but it won’t fog. They also ship to local authorized installers.
jorbill2or 04/10/19 09:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Streaming to TV from Cell Phone

You don’t say , iPhone or android ? They are somewhat different I guess . We are Apple phone users and the answer and simplest for us is to use the $50 Apple to hdmi adapter, a dongle that plugs into the phones port and provides a hdmi out port. This uses no hotspot data it’s on phone data only as of you were watching on the phone. The Apple TV also allows wireless streaming but I rarely use it since we have the hdmi plugged into the tv all the time . If you have androids then of course doesn’t apply Will the Apple TV box allow you to mirror what's on a Windows laptop, or does it only work with Apple phones, tablets and laptops? You can make your iTunes library on your Windows pc shareable with your Appletv. I use Appletv to stream Netflix and Prime via HDMI to the tv. Change tv inputs as reqd. Not sure why you wouldn’t use Atv because your HDMI Iis always plugged in? Mine too; sat box HDMI 1, ATV HDMI 2, Blu-ray DVD hdmi 3. Tv sound out to surround sound. I quess because my phones are all set to auto connect to either a hotspot or other ( park etc WiFi) and if I did cast to the Atv it would be using the WiFi the phone was connected to. And for the phone to use the Atv it must be on WiFi , that’s how they communicate. I just plug in the phone and it instantly works no permissions codes etc ..simple but I do have to disconnect from all outside WiFi If I weren’t lazy I’d have the phone never connect to outside WiFi without permission and have it just connected to the Atv. Secondly and mostly I moved my Apple TV a older 2nd gen to the bedroom and use A Roku in the living room as it honestly can connect to more services and has more apps avail than the old 2nd gen I’m too cheap to buy a new one (150 + ) when a Roku does as much for 35 bucks Truth be told I hardly ever use the phone anymore unless my Roku connected to the 65$ Verizon inlimited prepaid or my 20$ ATT Mobley unlimited are both congested. Options .. plenty of options
jorbill2or 04/04/19 09:04am Technology Corner
RE: Streaming to TV from Cell Phone

You don’t say , iPhone or android ? They are somewhat different I guess . We are Apple phone users and the answer and simplest for us is to use the $50 Apple to hdmi adapter, a dongle that plugs into the phones port and provides a hdmi out port. This uses no hotspot data it’s on phone data only as of you were watching on the phone. The Apple TV also allows wireless streaming but I rarely use it since we have the hdmi plugged into the tv all the time . If you have androids then of course doesn’t apply
jorbill2or 04/04/19 04:50am Technology Corner
RE: Double Towing Behind Motorhome

So , you want people who double tow as you propose , to tell you about their police interaction? Or the “been doing it illegally in ——- state that doesn’t allow for years” non interaction with any police Interesting approach! I’ll get the popcorn BTW. I love your set up ! Very smart way to take the toys.
jorbill2or 03/27/19 05:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: moving to Dish from Direct

You can turn the receiver on and off as many times as you want. There is a 7$ charge per month now for any receiver above the 1st. Establish a MyDISH account online and get the app for your phone and you can turn on and off receivers ( like the Wally when off season and not using) , send a wake up signal to all active receivers that have been offline for awhile etc all from the app.
jorbill2or 03/27/19 09:50am Technology Corner
RE: Satellite TV is Dead, Direct TV just lost 267,000 customers

You prove my point One more time 3 analog was vhf !!!!! 3.1 etc were really in the UHF band say .. 40 or some such channel .. the channel display is saying it’s 3.1 etc but it’s not ! It’s really a UHF band high number one your vhf antenna couldn’t get . Get it ? Goodnight
jorbill2or 03/17/19 09:33pm Technology Corner
RE: Satellite TV is Dead, Direct TV just lost 267,000 customers

Because tv is broadcast via uhf or vhf .. your old antenna was probably a vhf primarily .( most were) .your new “digital”( lol ) antenna is formed to receive uhf waves better as that’s where most new Chanel’s hang out. Next we can talk about why channel 6 vhf is really channel 49 uhf but tells you it’s channel 6 but I’m done thanks , I’ll watch etc closely for the next two years !
jorbill2or 03/17/19 09:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Satellite TV is Dead, Direct TV just lost 267,000 customers

I have Verizon and AT&T. Hotspots and AT&T phones I can hotspot . We use roku , and a Apple TV. We are full time and we travel, not sit in towns ..yes steaming works kinda ...but 10-20% of the time it sucks. I’m switching trying to find who can sustain the stream ATT or Verizon? My programming freezes the pict quality’s drops to junk .. not the ideal solution but we use it. Especially for Netflix movies. The dish flex pack with locals pac starz pac and news channels pac...... all in 80 bucks is what we watch most. yes I’m happily “wasting” 1 grand a year ! And I love it ! Sorry but gotta say streaming may be the future but it ain’t here yet .. not with where we travel ! I’ll keep the dish for now thank you. Don’t know why your so amped on this timmac? Glad it works for you , you made your point . You must be On a one person rage against the sat companies ????or just drinking the kool aide in directs effort to dump satellite and convert their fixed customers to streaming ? Actually I hope direct does , dish will have many more customers of those who are and still will be internet challenged for at least the next 5-10 years. Btw Digital antenna /HD antenna is marketing to the sheep , I guess if they call it that...
jorbill2or 03/17/19 08:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Extended warranties

If a major failure of a engine causing putting in a new or rebuild at 30-40 grand would bankrupt you or cause you to make years more payments on a coach you can’t use .. then a “warranty” may be a good idea. It’s like all insurance , you have it to cover major costs .. not minor maintenance items. I would guess 10 year old coach would be several thousand a YEAR. Call wholesale warranties who fairly brokers these .. you’ll get the straight info. IMO
jorbill2or 03/10/19 01:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question on Membership CG

Passport america pays for itself quickly but we don't use it often as we would like.If you travel much( as opposed to month stays ) I wouldn't be without . Its valid mostly for 1-3 nights only and weeknights not weekends .. there are of course exceptions. Escapees membership is useful with 10 - 50 % discounts and the few member parks. and escapees has other valuable reasons to join for a full timer. Thousand Trails has zone membership I would do first to see if they Fit your style. We did that with Two Zones but found that where we wanted to be, wasn't where they were, and a few were less than we expected, so we dropped them... something you can't do if you BUY a membership. try before you buy .. it may be a way to keep things cheap or it may not work for you. They have changed The Zone rules and Membership rules lately so review carefully. We are also FMCA members needed for our rv brand club and Good Sam members (Just a bad habit I renew ) but they ea offer 10% off and almost any park will offer 10% to AARP VET GS FMCA etc. Coast to Coast RPI etc we havent found a need for YMMV ! Good luck on your year to full time! We are starting our 4th year.
jorbill2or 03/05/19 07:55pm Full-time RVing
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