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RE: phone-based GPS

Aren’t they just saying that rather than have a built in gps and program that will become obsolete they have you use your cellphones gps and app programming do the navigation and display it on the car screen. More and more cars are just providing a smart terminal that connects to the phone for music gps etc, without any built in programming. That allows you Replace the phone and get new capabilities. Also you can select the gps app you want and trust not the one built in. I can’t imagine any phone that would be disconnected from the internet for an entire days drive or not have the capacity to download it all. But I guess a few carriers or cell phone are still like that.
jorbill2or 04/30/22 09:55am Technology Corner
RE: Diamond Shield

If it has mold / stuff growing under it ( normally what happens ) it isn’t cleaned it must be removed . It’s not easy. I paid a detailer to remove mine .. 800 bucks additional while I was having a wash wax and wheel polish done. The removal took 3 guys working together with wallpaper steamers , plastic razor blades … a pack of 100 all over the ground .. and a solution of their own … and lots of towels etc several hours For an idea what your in for Google ugly shield in Tampa .. they do in house removal snd also sell solutions for do it yourself. I didn’t use them but their info is accurate last I looked There are other solutions .. good luck. If your “just” cleaning a perfect new shield I used 303 protectant.. but of course it didn’t stop the ugly progression. I’m not a fan of shields and will just budget a repaint if I need it in 6-7 years .. but that’s just me others swear by the shield
jorbill2or 04/27/22 03:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: catalytic converter stolen

You don’t have auto/rv insurance ? That’s what insurance is for and that would be a covered expense in comprehensive. Why have insurance if you don’t let it cover the large expenses?
jorbill2or 04/23/22 04:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow dolly or not?

I had no sway issues ever. Other than an extra piece of equipment it was fine. I would rather pull 4 down but would consider going back to the dolly if my old cheap toad died.
jorbill2or 04/17/22 06:13pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Dish network internet

From my experience your address of record dictates who they partner with. Right now Satellite is your absolute last choice until star link becomes mobile friendly. There are early adopters but there are issues. KISS … over the past 6 years we have 2 hotspots ( Verizon &ATT ) and used dish for tv ( flex plan changing service address as we go ) but now in the last year only stream via internet .. ( youtubetv). I can’t remember the last time no cellular was an issue.
jorbill2or 03/30/22 02:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish network internet

Dish partners with a landline provider . They do not provide their own service.
jorbill2or 03/29/22 10:39am Technology Corner

I wasn’t confusing anything . I wasn’t talking about my booster which I rarely use. I’m not new at this. I was discussing the raw signal the phone or hotspot recieves. As I already stated I bought a booster years ago when I started this and rarely use it. The hotspot with , maybe a mimo antenna is in 95% of my uses enough. The op was considering a 400$ booster i merely suggest they may not need it. I don’t think they are looking for an engineering class on why ??
jorbill2or 03/14/22 05:26pm Technology Corner

In 6 years of full timing all over the country …. DW needs zoom calling every day for her contract work. the powered booster has been more problem than solution. ( but it has made impossible possible a few times ) sorry but with 6 years real use I must disagree with signal strength ( bars). I’ve had 2 bars and got fantastic service and full and lousy. I have Verizon and att hotspots and most times “bars” isn’t what I look at before deciding which to use.
jorbill2or 03/14/22 03:17pm Technology Corner
RE: Weigh Station ??

Good reading Drove truck in Oregon and Washington , knew several scalemasters .. Washington doesn’t want your rv in the scale. Unless an officer pulls you in for a violation. I think this is common and in all the years I’ve done this across the country I’ve never seen anyone targeted other than rv’s that are being transported ( commercial operators). Yes if your moving the rv for hire it’s a commercial move. If you have big stickers on the front and back hawking your web site or blog .. you could be commercial . Read the article, make up your own mind. Years of rving across the country and I’ve never had a problem driving right on by. I have however been a trucker on my cb listening to the talk when some confused rver pulls through. Good times clear as mud but I’ll drive right on by.
jorbill2or 03/02/22 06:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Weigh Station ??

Weigh stations are for commercial vehicles.I’ll agree some states poorly word their signs . If you are for profit or a racer in California with paid sponsor stickers all over you are “ maybe” a target. California loves to target racers . Note … Commercial vehicles have their paid load ratings on the side of the cab. Do you? And their IFTA number that’s all they are interested in . If you as Joe rver pull in you will be hurried through as they don’t want you there and have no interest or knowledge of your truck or Rv’s ratings. Now if your pulling a house that’s dragging the ground and a officer pulls you over that’s a different matter. Otherwise stay out of the weigh stations! As a side note if your pulling a water craft you may have to go in for an inspection at some weigh stations. You did clean the hill .. right? 40 years a commercial truck driver .. if you have a cab you’ll hear them all laughing and making fun of you. Just saying
jorbill2or 02/26/22 03:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Streaming versus Broadcast TV

If you buy a certain network, like paramount plus ( cbs) you can normally get basic which has commercials or pay extra for none or few. Regular live network programs abc nbc cbs have commercials , no different than over the air. If you talking about streaming services with multiple scheduled channels like Hulu youtubetv sling etc then no , commercials are also there. It’s really just like cable tv. You pay for access to the channel You can of course start the program late and fast forward through. They all have free trials . Try one ( or all) and cancel before trials end . It will give you an understanding of how they work. We use youtubetv as our Sat tv replacement. Along with several pay networks. STARZ hbo etc are commercial free. Which network are you wanting to stream ?
jorbill2or 02/22/22 10:30am Technology Corner
RE: Splendede washer lint filter cleanout

With a bunch of washer owners here, what is the consensus on Splendide washers? Are they well built and reliable? I just got a motorhome with washer prep and have realized there several to pick from (Splendide, Equator, LG). Anyone have comments on them? Thanks! Splendide is a major European supplier/Brand. Most of the world uses these type machines in there homes , not rv’s . The US is unusual with the large double machines. We have several foreign visitors who were always amazed at the American machines. ;) I believe the thought was the American models were space wasters lol
jorbill2or 02/16/22 05:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best solutions for internet - REAL solutions please! :)

Is FMCA just a Sprint mobile internet plan? How does it work if you have a poor cell signal or no cell signal? Seems like it would be the same as any cell service - is this incorrect? I have a Verizon jet pack and when I get to about 1-2 bars, it is worthless. Won't load anything on my devices. Starlink will be the solution, but it's still a couple years off. Not sure how the cost of expensive hardware and $100 a month will make it worth it. Sometimes it's nice to just check out of technology. Yes. FMCA is nothing more than a reseller of Sprint. There are only three real cellphone OEMs, Verizon, ATT and Sprint. Every one else is nothing more the resellers, buying services from one of the big three. It is possible to have one or more of the big three OEMs close enough to you to work for any of the big three OEMs or only one close OEM enough to work but you are not on that specific OEM network and you have no signal. Not all three OEMs have good coverage in all areas and you need to do your homework to figure out which of the big three OEMs have a tower closest to where you are planning to camp.. Unless of course you subscribe to multiple OEMs services.. In my area home, ATT has more towers (three within 3 miles) close to me, Verizon has one (two miles from me) and Sprint has zero (IE zero service, Sprint in fact has only one tower in my entire county which happens to be near a Interstate far, far from me).. Sprint and Verizon tend to have more towers near larger Metro areas, ATT seems to have a bit more coverage in rural areas like I am in. With 5G rollout and 3G networks going dark soon, everyone will be relying on 4G LTE networks even heavier changing the coverage landscape. 5G does not go as far and requires more towers making it a lot more costlier to roll out to rural areas so your are most likely only going to see true 5G close to big metro areas. There are cell tower maps you can search the internet for which can show the concentration of cell towers for each OEM carrier and the coverage of those towers instead of guessing. Yes there are 3 but not Sprint it’s T-Mobile. Sprint is gone Sprint plans are really T-Mobile and as noted will need new phones or hotspots to fully take advantage of tmobile. Sprint devices are using the old sprint that’s still left and what T-Mobile that they can receive. As I said If you travel a lot to most of the country you need at least 2 of the three. There are places with no cell service yes but they are fewer and fewer.
jorbill2or 01/30/22 04:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Best solutions for internet - REAL solutions please! :)

We have traveled full time 5 years and DW has to do video conferencing 3-4 times a week. I’ve tried boosters and all the rest. We use primarily use hotspots not phones. Well , we do have phones with hotspots… but as a backup. Multiple services Both Verizon unlimited plan and T-Mobile hotspot with the ATT phones (2) with 40g hotspot ea available. I have mimo antenna for Verizon and a Wilson cell booster with a simple 12” antenna but we rarely need to use them. Especially the powered booster as it many times causes more problems than solves. One of the services always seems to work as is. But we aren’t in serious remote locations . We started out with just att and rapidly found att or Verizon alone weren’t enough. Redundancy is our key and has served us well.
jorbill2or 01/29/22 08:05pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Insurance

Good sam is a Broker representing several insurance companies. There are many Brokers like GS. I have tried to avoid GS myself but probably not an issue. ( I know .. this is a GS-owned forum!) When we full timed and needed special Full-time liability since we had no sticks and bricks. I use Miller Ins based in Or(broker) and know others that have used Overland, based in AZ I believe. they are Knowledgeable on specific RV needs, like GS. As a weekend warrior with a "home base" that covers your personal liabilities MH insurance is more or less an expensive auto policy. normal RV insurance is already rated based on the limited use of the RV. Some in fact give a bigger discount if you will define that "lay-up" period ... like November until April suspend its road coverage. During the time you won't drive it. Also, I was once told it's wise to have auto and RV ins by the same carrier to avoid multiple deductibles and issues if the Towed and MH are damaged in an accident. Not sure but it makes sense. I've always used a broker and had good luck as it costs nothing most of the time and many times the rates they get are cheaper than me shopping directly. Many insurers are no longer covering MH's esp the 500,000 up ones. Good luck in your search.
jorbill2or 01/26/22 08:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Combining black & grey tanks

There’s nothing different about a most Motorhomes. If you only have one outlet then it’s easy. Add a valtera twist on manual valve at the place you hook up the hose too and open both the black and grey valves. The tanks will both equalize levels. Open the manual valve when you want to drain. You just no longer use the old valves. I would cut and plumb ( glue) a hard valve on if you want to do it permanently as sooner or later your going to twist that valve off by accident .. oops. I close the old valves when working on hooking up etc “just in case” to limit the amount of spill is it accidentally twists off. I put a twist valve on when boondocking to increase the time I can go between dumping. I have 2 - 75 gallon tanks and the grey always fills faster.
jorbill2or 01/14/22 06:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Good sam platinum roadside assist

Does anyone know who is really the servicing company behind GS roadside ? At one time it was Allstate Roadside. There are only a few roadside service companies that others contract and use their name on. FMCA and Escapees are using Saferide I know.
jorbill2or 01/03/22 04:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air-conditioner availability

Both RVP(Coleman) and Dometic are just now getting enough built units to offer to the retail market. Before, ALL production was allocated to the RV makers. For Dometic, it is INDEED a Supply Chain problem as Domewtic's are built in China. They are sitting in a Container ship off the West Coast. RVP is built in Wichita, Kansas, BUT!!!!! They rely on component parts from China. Doug When I replaced my dometic penguin II 15btu heat pump in June I could have sworn it said made in Mexico ? on the box/paperwork. I’m sure it’s all China parts though.
jorbill2or 12/17/21 09:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air-conditioner availability

In June , while visiting my cousins' farm in Indiana, I ordered a 15btu heat pump from Camping world delivered to the farm. I think it was 1500 at the time. received it 10 days later via ups and installed it using their tractor bucket. They are out there but you do need to actually get on a "list" somewhere! They go out of stock as soon as they come in because of the "list"! Waiting over a year? I'd change shops! They aren't trying or don't want your business. The removal and installation, with the help of the lift, took less than an hour. Basically, unplug, unbolt 4 bolts then reverse. Don't want to do it? Order it then call a mobile guy to install it. On looking at Camping, world shows a Dometic heat pump in stock and shipped free to my current location for $1440 I didn't push "buy" but it looks like it was a no problem. I don't like Camping world normally but they came through for me in this instance.
jorbill2or 12/16/21 08:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aladdin Joy Stick

NWrvsupply Show one cap 4 bucks and cap and switch 75. which do you need? BTW a simple google search turned this up even though I Knew NW was the place to look.
jorbill2or 11/30/21 12:28pm Class A Motorhomes
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