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RE: Wi-Fi / Cell-phone Signal Boosters

Wilson — now called Weboost that I started with 5 years ago. We have found in a terrible location it can be a lifesaver. It can also make a useable un boosted signal not work well. So we make sure we need it . We rarely find a need for it now and leave it off. We do use a mimo antenna on our two hotspots (Att & Verizon). Best money we have spent.
jorbill2or 06/22/21 04:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Up grade my AC thermostat.

"Microair easy touch" thermostat is designed for the Rv and the Dometic . Rv Geeks youtube channel did a review on it recently. A little on the expensive side,($250 but discount codes are available) but so is the Nest!. IF you have wifi/bluetooth, it's controllable with your phone from anywhere. I have a constantly on hotspot in the RV so its on my upgrade list later on. It looks and reviews like just the ticket! Plug and play directly to the phone line cable wiring problems . Standard home thermostats are tricky to not useable in an RV I'm told.
jorbill2or 06/02/21 02:10pm Full-time RVing
RE: voting and driver license issues with full time

Yes some do have issues some don’t . The ones that do let you list another address , different from your domicile pmb ,, like using a relative as the mailing address. It only applies to some investment or bank accounts . The rest will normally accept a mail forwarder pmb address. Use it for everything and the relative or friend for those specific accounts . They really just want some real address that the people there will know you .part of the homeland security laws. In fact they let me use the relative in a different state and I listed my mailing address as the pmb . Doesn’t make sense but it is what it is.
jorbill2or 05/08/21 03:12pm Full-time RVing
RE: New Roof installed - RV Armor should I get it

My TPO roof is 19 years old, never an issue. I do inspect it and I did put Eternabond on most of the seams a few years ago. You just got a new roof, no reason to put another new roof on top of it right now. ^^^ this! Exactly ! Maintain it at least annually and Wait until it starts to fail. It’s a NEW roof for goodness sake. It should have many years without issues . Why throw money away ? Very odd to have a 17 have problems , if they fixed it properly it should be fine.
jorbill2or 05/06/21 12:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newby Satellite Questions

What you have... dome and 211 will work fine .. the “newer” wally has a new interface / guide that looks like the hopper guide and has a few advantages in speed of loading. But it still works fine and will take the addition of a hard drive to record while your away my suggest is Use what you have. See how you like it and the programming. Many in fact prefer the older 211’s as they are simpler and don’t have the occasional glitch that the wally with its programming may have.
jorbill2or 04/26/21 12:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Just an FYI about Dish

You can really see why they do this , right? You have full service and locals at home and a friend or relative in another town buys a wally system and has a complete set up for 5 bucks that he or she pays you ea month. The reason is to cut out “sharing” single account. This was and still is a problem for them as they have no idea where or who is using any additional tuners. This is also why they like to “install” with there contractors. I had a home account and a wally in the rv on a contract and had no issues changing locals by calling or text messaging. They don’t care as long as he entire account is changed. All tuners on the account must receive the same programming. Have the daughter pay for your second rv account ... I’m sure it’s less than the hopper etc charges on the home account it’ll give her a break on the fees. When my daughter lived in our house until we decided to sell it .. the “extras “ were on her! ??
jorbill2or 04/23/21 10:11am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Wally Receiver DVR Hard Drive

The Wally formats the drive to it own proprietary software when it’s first turned on. There is nothing special about the drive other than a few more dollars.
jorbill2or 04/12/21 09:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Wally Receiver DVR Hard Drive

All of my installs (3) the last about 10 months ago just use the power from the Wally no outside source. all with no issues. never had any issues even with the old 211's I've had.Ive never used an outside power. My current ones are cheap Toshiba 1g spinning drives( I think I paid 50 bucks at amazon) but I don't think matters
jorbill2or 04/12/21 11:05am Technology Corner
RE: Black tank

You have a vent ... all do .. it goes up from the top of the tank inside a interior wall through the roof .. you should see it as a pipe with one of several types of covers. Burping is a full sign or a blocked vent. I wouldn’t trust gauges / indicators as they rarely work properly. Does it blurs all the time ? Even when you just emptied it.
jorbill2or 04/05/21 11:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DVD and Blu Ray being discontinued?

You'll still have them , heck you can still buy record players ... .I'm full time , have a DVD player in the coach but haven't used it in 4 years. But your right streaming is the future and you say streaming is not an "option" for you..... It probably is , but like most you don't want or know how to find out. I have 2 truly unlimited streaming hotspot plans 1 Verizon and 1 ATT for a grand total of 78 bucks a of them always gives me enough speed to stream HD There are many ways to skin the cat and many more around the corner. So while streaming is out of the question for you today , it won't be very soon. BTW in my casita I have a record album collection and a high end turntable connected to my stereo I've also got some "books" :)
jorbill2or 03/25/21 01:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Bought a new coach & what about address

My choice would be St Brendan’s ..... keeps your Florida residence since you already are a Florida resident. It provides a “real” address for all your mail and the service will forward to you or toss on your schedule and orders. You can just transfer your existing driver’s license etc. a plus is Its a low cost county for insurance etc. ( or so I’m told). The only problem might be if you are financing , not having the sticks and bricks can raise the rate. Most times people buy while they still own, but if you aren’t financing it’s not an issue.
jorbill2or 03/14/21 01:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tiffin or Fleetwood.

Late model discovery lx have a lot of value / items like aquahot etc at a more discounted price. The ones I’ve looked checked several of our boxes . Tiffin has the name and a better reputation for fixing what’s wrong in red bay ( and that’s good because you may use it) personally I looked and like the hung wall and other construction factors of Newmar and Entegra better And personally rated them higher than Tiffin’s especially after seeing , in person the manufacture the of tiffin, Newmar and Entegra (we didn’t look at Fleetwood) it has been a few years ago when I was considering a newer coach. Newmar and Entegra were clean and organized and had my vote .. but that’s not what you asked ??
jorbill2or 03/10/21 11:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires

You read me correctly , one tire ? We’re talking about changing all 8 tires not one !! I (have a tag axle) Besides New tires blow out also , changing them is no guarantee... and yes after more miles of commercial experience than you’ll ever drive with a “few” blowouts on company tires I stand by what I wrote .. yup I’ll change the fronts 6-7 years and “watch” for a couple years ... ie really pretrip .. on my side with a flashlight he rears (Tread , sidewalls inside and out and between the duals) ... I’d guess something most motorhome drivers never really never do. There’s a great chance those 6-7 or maybe 8 year old tires won’t blow and I’ll be money ahead. By 8-9 I’ll replace. In 20 years of that in my rv’s I’ve had 0 blowouts. Have I have found a tire I wanted to replace on a pretrip ? Yes and I have but ... Hey! I’m already money ahead! Go figure !
jorbill2or 03/09/21 06:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cali planning carb tests for Class A

They would have to build and staff dozens of entry stations, how many roads cross the Cali border. I was watch one video earlier where the guy making it crossed the CA-NV border at Rhyolite. And worst case even if your RV is in perfect condition they may hold you up for hours at the inspection station and charge you big bucks for the inspection. Have to pay all those Cali state salaries to man those stations. And this in the state where lifeguards can make $200K a year. They already have port of entry stations on every road into calif ! There is a agricultural station stop already that’s staffed
jorbill2or 03/07/21 07:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cali planning carb tests for Class A

I would say I would expect an exemption for tourists ... but I’m not so sure anymore. The part I read was an obd test which could be done quickly, but the part I noticed was the “cost” was yet to be determined. The word cost caught my eye , as in enter and pay a test fee to come into the state. California.. always on the leading edge!
jorbill2or 03/07/21 01:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Storing TV

As long as it’s unplugged and off it should be fine. When it was new it was in the back of a sealed up truck in the same conditions. Same for extreme cold ..
jorbill2or 03/06/21 09:24am Technology Corner
RE: Cost to repair or replace half a windshield?

I know I was told a 6” or less crack .. maybe . but all cracks , spots etc in drivers side and vision are no repair.
jorbill2or 03/03/21 05:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cost to repair or replace half a windshield?

Almost guaranteed your windshield is available and probably an insurance item less any glass deductible ( Florida is mandated as 0 deductible depends on state rules) Rv glass solutions Can get one from their warehouses sent to an approved rv glass installer near you. There are other companies also that do the same.
jorbill2or 03/03/21 11:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires

As a former truck driver also I’ll change out my fronts and keep the rears on longer with an eye on them. Yes Any blown tire on a Fiberglass motorhome will probably cause damage. Other than the repair downtime I’m less concerned as my insurance ,less 500 bucks , will cover all of that.
jorbill2or 02/28/21 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Keeping a charge on AGM batteries

As long as the charger has the ability and is set to the correct AGM profile they will be fine. Did you adjust the charger or double check it’s settings ?
jorbill2or 02/28/21 09:53am Class A Motorhomes
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