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RE: Cali planning carb tests for Class A

They would have to build and staff dozens of entry stations, how many roads cross the Cali border. I was watch one video earlier where the guy making it crossed the CA-NV border at Rhyolite. And worst case even if your RV is in perfect condition they may hold you up for hours at the inspection station and charge you big bucks for the inspection. Have to pay all those Cali state salaries to man those stations. And this in the state where lifeguards can make $200K a year. They already have port of entry stations on every road into calif ! There is a agricultural station stop already that’s staffed
jorbill2or 03/07/21 07:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cali planning carb tests for Class A

I would say I would expect an exemption for tourists ... but I’m not so sure anymore. The part I read was an obd test which could be done quickly, but the part I noticed was the “cost” was yet to be determined. The word cost caught my eye , as in enter and pay a test fee to come into the state. California.. always on the leading edge!
jorbill2or 03/07/21 01:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Storing TV

As long as it’s unplugged and off it should be fine. When it was new it was in the back of a sealed up truck in the same conditions. Same for extreme cold ..
jorbill2or 03/06/21 09:24am Technology Corner
RE: Cost to repair or replace half a windshield?

I know I was told a 6” or less crack .. maybe . but all cracks , spots etc in drivers side and vision are no repair.
jorbill2or 03/03/21 05:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cost to repair or replace half a windshield?

Almost guaranteed your windshield is available and probably an insurance item less any glass deductible ( Florida is mandated as 0 deductible depends on state rules) Rv glass solutions Can get one from their warehouses sent to an approved rv glass installer near you. There are other companies also that do the same.
jorbill2or 03/03/21 11:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tires

As a former truck driver also I’ll change out my fronts and keep the rears on longer with an eye on them. Yes Any blown tire on a Fiberglass motorhome will probably cause damage. Other than the repair downtime I’m less concerned as my insurance ,less 500 bucks , will cover all of that.
jorbill2or 02/28/21 10:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Keeping a charge on AGM batteries

As long as the charger has the ability and is set to the correct AGM profile they will be fine. Did you adjust the charger or double check it’s settings ?
jorbill2or 02/28/21 09:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What constitutes a "new" tire?

One month is way to much to expect. I have always been happy with 6 months. Tires are made in batches not continuously. it may be 4 months between some lesser used tire and tire size even being made.
jorbill2or 02/24/21 05:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Traveling with a Dish Tailgater

Ah h ..110 119 and 129 is the western arc. If your tailgater is one of the new ones that receive both it will give you a choice when it’s turned on at least my pathfinder 2 did. If it doesn’t do that it’s a western only dish and it still works in pa as long as you can see the satellite 110 119129 are just lower in the sky it’s just your eastern locals might be in SD. Not HD.
jorbill2or 02/15/21 10:29am Technology Corner
RE: Dish TV while traveling

That’s it. Cell problems and you can still get program , assuming the satellite can see you. If cellular never is an issue and steaming works you don’t need the dish and wally or to take the hopper from the house and you can save the equipment cost and possible 7 bucks a month extra receiver.
jorbill2or 02/09/21 09:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Do you let you kids drive your motorhome

No.I went against that and about 20 years ago I loaned my 5th wheel to my son and daughter-in-law .My DW was not happy. Of course He found a tree limb and tore the roof ! my son didn’t realize it at the time but our bedroom window looked down on the roof. I quietly fixed it and apologized to the DW We see it as “our” place especially now after we spent 4 full time years in her . In fact if we need a guest bed for family at our winter home in Fl we give up our casta bedroom and move back into the motorhome..... happily! We know how things work, and frankly don’t want people especially family messing it up. How does the elect toilet work ? I didn’t know I shouldn’t flush that ! How do I get the ac to work? etc etc.
jorbill2or 02/09/21 07:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water hose for fresh water hook up

Light weight fabric covered "ZeroG" hose has lasted me 2 years under constant use. I will never go back with a regular bulky hose again. The ZeroG cost a couple bucks more but has done well. I have the Camco hose above in a container as a spare after I retired it. I Haven't used it only once since when I need a few more feet. Its a nice hose but not very flexible.
jorbill2or 02/05/21 07:29am Full-time RVing
RE: Directv/ATT vs Local CBS station... Question

Funny I saw all the local commercials that the local station has on. I have both sat and broadcast and they are almost identical except the broadcast was a better picture . not to say there aren’t some sat ones added. I doubt the sat is contracting the local car dealer and lawyer . Locals are paid buy # of viewing eyes. More eyes more money.
jorbill2or 01/30/21 02:07pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv/ATT vs Local CBS station... Question

One would think that the local channels would want DTV and others to carry them as their advertising would reach a large audience therefore be worth more. After all OTA is paid for by advertising. One would think so but not enough for them. The cable and satellite must pay them to rebroadcast the signal you may be able to get with an antenna. and all the outages are the locals raising prices to the dish and direct that they ( in the end you) refuse to pay. Locast is being sued to stop as they aren’t paying the rebroadcast fees.
jorbill2or 01/30/21 10:50am Technology Corner
RE: Directv/ATT vs Local CBS station... Question

Locast .. it’s in the Seattle area but pay the 5 bucks for a month “donation” the interference of the ads wanting you to pay is too disruptive! Locast locates your internet or uses gps on your device to allow you to use their service if your not in the broadcast area no joy. You can fake it out with a vpn or gps spoofer. You can also subscribe month to month to cbs all access ( streaming) and get your local station that way.
jorbill2or 01/29/21 07:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Class A travel without interstates

41’ MH and Almost always take US highways/ some state roads instead of freeways if reasonable because of more interesting things to see. We don’t generally avoid cities and in fact most times prefer the freeway through or bypass freeway around , but we do pick the “time” we go through them. Perhaps the work life I spent driving triples makes that more comfortable as the motorhome and towed feel small comparatively. That and I learned to be clear and intentional in traffic as I’m bigger than them, they will move : ) My Apple maps allows “avoid highways” ( freeways) and I preview the route the day / days before. We run generally Apple Maps and a Garmin at the same time ,only if they disagree do I get concerned. The Navigator has the paper Rand McNally map handy
jorbill2or 01/27/21 04:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Apocalypse almost

Exactly, even the homeless have cell phones. Nobody uses or in the younger crowd even knows how to use a “pay “ phone. Why would anybody keep a unused device in service? Very few stagecoaches left also ;)
jorbill2or 01/15/21 05:02am Technology Corner
RE: SD Address, yay or nay?

Unless you have substantial income or assets to protect, and a tax lawyer to advise I’d probably not complicate matters. You have a fixed house Park model in the state your work base is even if you work from home and are looking to establish a domicile in South Dakota , and a LLC in Montana. Sounds like trouble without some serious legal consultation
jorbill2or 01/12/21 06:09am Full-time RVing
RE: I Like Verizon, But.....

You said you moved to a new town Amarillo, and it got worse. I would venture where you are now Verizon has a bad signal. There are many solutions but the easiest is ask your neighbors what carrier are they using ? And how does it work? Verizon doesn’t work great everywhere , no cell service does. You need to find the one in your neighborhood that has towers and capacity. So ask around close to you. If your neighbor uses Verizon with no issues then you can suspect the phone . The cell carrier that works best in my house isn’t the best one Necessarily for you. This isn’t about what works for other people other than those in your specific location. Now if you were asking what works in the most places as I travel , that’s a different question. Btw WiFi calling isn’t exactly what you had. WiFi calling is using the phones WiFi to connect to your home WiFi router and make calls on the internet provider not on the cell network. You don’t need a “box” to do that, if your phone is new enough that is.
jorbill2or 01/07/21 08:21pm Technology Corner
RE: does a detached over-the-air television antenna help?

Omni on any antenna means a lousy range in all directions but if your close it’s easy ... no pointing, which to some is “better” . You can get better distance reception with a directional like the winegard batwing with the uhf add on but you will have to get up and point the antenna .. sometimes at different places in the same location depending on where the transmitters are. You can get an app to figure out where that is . Secondly unobstructed height and size is king ! If your antenna is blocked by say , by the air conditioning... no joy.
jorbill2or 12/28/20 03:04pm Technology Corner
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