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Connect multiple portable solar panels?

We have a portable 100W panel from Renogy that comes with a built-in controller. Two cables go to the battery connect on the RV. How hard is it to connect a second 100W panel? I assume we'll need to buy a 100W panel without a built-in controller? Thanks!
jornvango 11/21/22 03:37pm Tech Issues
Copper Canyon?

We made it back from Alaska and are now staying in New Mexico ... eager to cross into Mexico. Since we have never visited the Copper Canyon region, we're wondering if there are any major safety concerns driving our RV across the border in southern New Mexico? (Antelope Wells or Columbus) We'd like to drive via Nuevo Casas Grandes (visit nearby ruins) and Laguna Babicora (sandhill cranes & snow geese spend winter here) to the Copper Canyon area. We're thinking of camping for a few weeks in the Creel area (I believe they have a former KOA campground here) and visit nearby areas in/along the canyon, and nearby Basaseachi waterfalls. Thanks!
jornvango 11/21/22 03:31pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Refrigerator is dead

Update: the fridge is working again. A guy came by to help troubleshoot. He tapped his hammer on the control board and instantly the fridge came alive! So, he said some electrical connection probably corroded and the tap of the hammer restored the connection. He recommended to replace the control board. Makes sense? I'm about to look for the replacement board.
jornvango 08/13/22 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator is dead

Update: after tracing where the wire loses the voltage, I got that fixed. I confirmed that the wire going into the control board at the back of the fridge is now receiving 13.3V However, the fridge is still not turning on. I just did some research and, once I get back home, will check the control board to see that 12V power is leaving to the fridge power button.
jornvango 08/12/22 05:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator is dead

Looks like it's either Dometic RM2351, RM2451 or RM2551. Unsure how to know which of these three as the Dometic manual schematics in the RV lists these three for what matches what I see at the back of the fridge. I tested both fuses on the control board and they're ok. I tested 12V power leaving the RV's power center and it's ok. When the power arrives at the back of the fridge, the multimeter only shows around 2.9 so not sure if I'm testing it wrong or if there could be an issue for the 12V not reaching the fridge and I should check the cable between the fridge and the RV's power center.
jornvango 08/11/22 12:49pm Tech Issues
Refrigerator is dead

We have a 2009 Casita trailer with original Dometic fridge. We're full-timers and typically boondock so the fridge uses propane and 12V. Today, out of nowhere, the fridge went dead. The "ON/OFF" button doesn't do a thing. I figure it may be time for a new fridge looking at the age, but, as these things usually break in the worst possible location, I'd like to see if I can get it going again as we're currently in the middle-of-nowhere Alaska for the summer and are not going back to the lower 48 until the end of September and there's no RV repair shop in hundreds of miles here. Anyone have any troubleshooting steps I can try? I already checked the 15AMP fuse and it's good (that would have been too easy a fix!). Thanks!
jornvango 08/10/22 11:37pm Tech Issues
Jackery 500 versus my RV battery

My Casita trailer has one Duracell AGM group 27 battery with 92 amp hour capacity. If I can use about 40% before needing to charge it, that's about 40 amp hours I can use. I paid about $200 including tax. Since I want to safely charge my laptop (90W 110V charger), I'm debating adding a Jackery 500. I like how it's portable so I can take it with me to use on the road in the car, away from the RV. The Jackery 500 has 500 watt hours capacity. At 110V usage for my laptop charger, that 500 watt hours converts to 4.5 amp hours. Since it's lithium, that's 100% usable. The Jackery 500 costs about $600 including tax. Watt-hours = Amp-hours * Volts Amp-hours = Watt-hours / Volts Is the above correct? Does my $200 RV AGM battery give me 40 amp hours (or 4,400 watt hours at 110V) versus only 4.5 amp hours for the $600 Jackery? If that's the case, I'm better off adding an inverter in my RV to charge the laptop. I can't believe the above is correct since the Jackery 500 would be too pricey for that small amount of power compared to a regular AGM battery... I have a suspicion that my math is way off. :h Thanks,!
jornvango 03/20/22 12:04am Tech Issues
RE: What size inverter do I need?

Thanks for the advice, I went to Walmart and bought a cordless hair clipper. That will be much cheaper than severely upgrading the electrical system in the RV. I guess the reason I didn't buy a pure sine wave inverter was that I didn't shop around. I just went to Walmart and bought what they had available. Regarding avoiding buying an overpriced jackery, our Casita doesn't have any roof space available for installing a solar panel, so we use a portable 100 watt solar panel at the moment. I do realize that a jackery which is basically a battery with a built-in inverter, is more than what we need. If I can just add a second battery and another solar panel to the casita, we will be all set. However, I'm not sure how long we will keep the Casita so I like the idea of the jackery being portable into our next RV solution.
jornvango 03/14/22 08:19pm Tech Issues
RE: What size inverter do I need?

Thanks. I've been debating buying a Jackery since that would be easy to keep charged while driving around in the car, and, the Jackery includes a pure sine wave inverter. Based on the above numbers for the hair clipper, what size Jackery would I need which (I assume) needs to output enough Watts for the hair clipper to run?
jornvango 03/13/22 11:55pm Tech Issues
How much power does an inverter use?

In our Casita travel trailer, I have one 12V outlet. I have two inexpensive inverters (Walmart) that plug into the 12V outlet: one inverter is 100W, the other 400W. My laptop needs 90W to charge. Does it matter if I plug it into the 100W inverter or the 400W inverter? Am I correct to assume that the 400W inverter will only draw down the RV battery based on what I plug into it? As in, if I plug in my laptop which requires 90W, will the 400W inverter only draw 90W from the RV battery or does it always pull 400W? I'm electrically challenged and am trying to figure out what I need. Thanks! Jorn
jornvango 03/13/22 11:02pm Tech Issues
What size inverter do I need?

Our Casita trailer has one Duracell AGM battery and a 100V Renogy portable solar panel. By 11 AM, the battery is typically 100% charged so we don't use all that much (I presume). Inside the RV, we use LED lights and other than that, the 3-way fridge and water pump use the RV battery, as well as us charging an iPad and cell phone by using the 12V outlet in the RV. Now ... for charging my laptop while we're traveling, I bought a (cheap) 400W inverter at Walmart to plug into the RV's 12V outlet. Since the laptop charger is 90W, the solar panel barely keeps up while the laptop is charging during the day, but it works fine. Question: I want to use my electric hair clipper, perhaps once every two weeks for 10 minutes, to keep my hair short. The hair clipper says on the back "120V AC 60Hz 8W". When I plug it into the 400W inverter however, the blades don't move fast enough to cut my hair. It works but it hurts my head while cutting so I can tell it needs more 'power' to run faster as intended. Can anyone tell me how big of an inverter I should get if 400W isn't enough? Is it accurate to say that the hair clipper needs 120V and a 15-amp outlet so 120x15 = 1800W to run as intended and I only have 400W at the moment? Thanks! (Yes, I'm challenged when it comes to electricity) Jorn
jornvango 03/13/22 10:55pm Tech Issues
Covid tests needed when returning to the US?

Is a (negative) Covid test needed to cross back into the US (with our car and RV) at Nogales? If yes, what is a good place to do the test? Thanks, Jorn
jornvango 01/29/22 04:12pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bahia Kino?

As a quick follow-up to my question at the end of 2021: We crossed on Jan 1 in Nogales. It was extremely quiet (thanks to Dec 31 New Year's eve celebrations no doubt). Also no lines to get our tourist cards; it took 10 minutes total. I liked that you can now pay your entry fee via credit card right there; no need to leave the migracion office to go pay at the bank and return. So, we've been staying at Kino Bay RV Park in Kino Nuevo for almost a month now. Very quiet with the exception of some construction work across the road where a new condo building is going up. Kunkaak and all the other RV parks are closed with the exception of Islandia in Kino Viejo. We checked it out but they didn't have a good available spot for our trailer. We're getting settled as we learned when and where to get Pollo Asado, fresh bread (every Wed. and Sat. at Islandia where Mohamed bakes), car repair (at Eric right outside of Islandia), etc. No need to go to Miguel Alleman or Hermosillo for groceries as we find all we need at the local grocery stores (Mediterraneo on the main road when entering Kino Viejo and another large store on the road to Islandia, also in Kino Viejo). Also lots of activities at the Club Deportivo next to the Kino Bay RV park. Good food, good weather, friendly people, affordable!
jornvango 01/29/22 04:07pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Bahia Kino?

Thanks! Message sent.
jornvango 12/29/21 10:07am RVing in Mexico and South America
Bahia Kino?

We will be driving into Mexico in about a week via Nogales to spend the winter months. We will likely camp in Bahia Kino so won't need a car permit. How is the border crossing nowadays? Delays? Any delays to get the 180 day permit south of Nogales? Having never visited Bahia Kino, any recommendations for RV park? I like Islandia's website but they haven't returned my email nor does their phone number seem to work. We like that location because it's on the beach and walking distance to the old town. Thanks! Jorn
jornvango 12/28/21 04:20pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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