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RE: Bonehead Blunder, I'm an idiot!

Agree with buying Lottery tickets !!! That would be a waste. He used up ALL his luck!
joshuajim 06/21/21 05:11pm Towing
RE: Refrigerator flame

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken :B
joshuajim 06/16/21 01:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: GRRR Ford Dealer - 2022 SD

Don't be so quick to throw the salesman under the bus. Orders are not placed by the salespeople -- they're placed by management. A little common sense tells you that a salesman doesn't get paid until the vehicle is delivered, so where's his incentive to see that it goes anywhere but to his retail buyer? I notice on this forum that people jump on salesmen a lot, and deem them mostly dishonest. Spending 30 years in the automobile business prior to retiring and going into Real Estate in 2012 showed me otherwise.What's your impression of realtor honesty? My daughter has a low opinion. She has had bad experience after bad experience with realtors. On her recent home purchase the realtor and inspector seemed to be in cahoots and tried everything possible to get her to sign a new contract with less advantageous terms than the one already in place. And now she's found additional rain damage from the bad roof (it was sold as is) that the inspector didn't "find."You do realize that a realtor doesn't work for the buyer right? They work for the seller who pays themfrom the sale proceeds, and signed a contract with them, before any buyer is even on the scene. You need to educate yourself. Have you ever heard of a "buyer's agent"? A Realtor can act in a capacity for a buyer OR a seller. As a buyer's agent, the Realtor represents the buyer's interests exclusively. There, your lesson for the day. You're welcome:C ... for a price ! No, that's not how it works. When I act as a buyer's agent, the buyer pays me NOTHING. When the sale is made, I get paid at closing as the buyer's agent, typically half of the total commission -- half goes to the seller's agent and half to the buyer's agent -- the total commission amount being paid by the seller. Whew, I'm doing a lot of educating today. I'm tired! :B Are you implying that the buyers agent is in cahoots with the sellers agent to assure that they receive a commission no matter how it affects the buyer? Seems that way.
joshuajim 06/10/21 08:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: The Home Depot is my new Amazon

Recently I needed some stain for my fence. I could drive 10 miles to HD and pay $29.99 for a gallon…. Or, have then deliver it to my door 2 day later for no additional cost. Which way should I go  :?
joshuajim 06/08/21 03:08pm Tech Issues
RE: How to avoid getting blown all over the road

Years ago I had a Ram 1500 pulling a 24’ relatively light trailer. I put bags on because the rear squatted too much. I fond out that if I inflated to more than 15 to 20 psi that it made the rear suspension too stiff. The rear suspension became a fulcrum and every time the trailer hit a bump the rear suspension did not deflect and resulted in the front end becoming light. Just saying.
joshuajim 05/07/21 07:17pm Towing
RE: Pets are sensitive and caring

joshuajim 04/20/21 07:23pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Help with zirk fittings

Think about this, if the hub is packed full of grease using these EZ lube bearing buddy type axles on drum brakes what is going to happen when the axles hub gets hot, the grease is going to expand and the only place has to go is in the brake drums past the seal and contaminate the brake shoes. In addition to this, the excess grease in the hub is useless as the drop point (temperature which semi solid grease liquifies is about 350 degrees). If the grease in your hub is 350 or higher, your bearings are on their way to toast.
joshuajim 04/18/21 05:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pets are sensitive and caring

God didn’t put wings on them so we wouldn’t know that they are angels.
joshuajim 04/18/21 05:37pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cybertruck has a yoke

I think it links like a yoke. Dang spell check... JOKE!
joshuajim 04/16/21 07:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 18" Equal-i-zer Shank - Hitching with Tailgate Down?

If the wheels are completely in the bed, remove the tailgate. Most take about 30 seconds.
joshuajim 04/15/21 04:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: image on phone

I think your phone company is giving you the middle finger as seen from the side :B
joshuajim 04/14/21 10:24am Technology Corner
RE: GM announces their Electric Silverado half ton.

A shot of one of the Superchargers on one of our routes. Are they powered by diesel engines? These are in BC, so hydro. Those are Portapotties. It’s a different kind of gas :B
joshuajim 04/08/21 11:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Stupid question about tires

The size of a nitrogen molecule is 300 picometers. The size of an oxygen molecule is 292 picometers. That means that oxygen is lost faster from your tires than nitrogen. So as you refill your tires with standard air, the nitrogen content will increase. If you refill your tires with standard air enough times, the nitrogen content will approach 100%. Somewhere in the vicinity of 1000 years. :B
joshuajim 04/08/21 09:08am General RVing Issues
RE: The Unicorn has almost landed!!

Wow! That’s almost exactly what my 2013 HDPP has. 2,592 #
joshuajim 04/01/21 08:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Removing seized shackle bolts?

I just received the grinder with the case (DWE402K) and it is a "USA made" unit. That's was a bonus. It's hard to find the US made DWE402 these days. Unfortunately too many companies use the term USA Made when really it’s USA assembled from off shore parts. Sad but true
joshuajim 03/27/21 04:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: My Dometic 15K has brain fade

1: Does stat run both AC and Furnace? And 2:is it "electronic". if it is electronic then it needs power.. Normally most Heat/Cool stats get poer from the "heat" side (Furnace) and run on a rechargeable battery during Heating cycles ... That battery may need replacement. Some use replicable batteries. and again replacement may be needed. I do not know about yours Mine Factory the A/C itself (one of 'em) operated the furnace and drew house power.. When that A/C went bad I the new one did not have the ability to control the furnace. So we taped off those leads and I put a mechanical T-Stat on the wall. It did not need batteries.. and since it was "Mercury Free" it did not even need to be level. Per my post, the stat is a Dometic single zone which is totally electronic. It runs both AC and Furnace and is working with both, but on the AC side it will not turn off once activated. No batteries in this system. Runs off house 12v. Thanks.
joshuajim 03/20/21 04:55pm Tech Issues
My Dometic 15K has brain fade

Getting ready for the first trip of the year in a couple of weeks. Fired up the AC to check it out. Stat is single zone. Set the temperature and let it run for a while. Won’t shut off at the set point. It kept running until it was 10 degrees below set point and I shut it down. I re-initialized stat but no change. Any ideas?
joshuajim 03/20/21 12:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Soresto Collar Danger

Raw data is very similar to...
joshuajim 03/04/21 09:53am RV Pet Stop
RE: Flush Transmission and Radiator?

My friend Jerry owned Jerry's transmissions for 35 years. He told me once" Do Not " flush your transmission. Change the fluid and filters regularly. On my Allison tranny on my pickup there is an external spin on filter, it gets changed every oil change. When you check your fluid if it looks off color or smells burnt change it, even if it is not due by the mileage suggestion. I owned a transmission shop and would NEVER recommend a flush. Just drop the pan, inspect and replace fluid. If there is a lot of “mud” in the bottom of the pan, plan a rebuild soon. Probably sooner than you want as new fluid has detergents that will loosen up a lot of things that were glued together by old fluid. It’s not the tranny shop that caused failure after a fluid change, it’s just a worn out transmission.
joshuajim 02/09/21 09:36am Class C Motorhomes
RE: White Out in Sierra Nevada

I remember living in South Lake Tahoe in the winter of 1983, we got 65” in a 24 hour period and had about 168” in a three day period, we were climbing out second story windows that year. We ended up with over 44 feet of snow that year. Second ski trip. back in the 80's i belonged to a Southern California ski club. Every year we made a 1 week trip to a major mountain. I was scheduled to go to Tahoe one year but a major storm hit just before we were supposed to go. Local Tahoe news was saying don't come, we are in blizzard conditions. Well since the trip was fully paid in advance and there was no refund, we decided to go anyway. When we got, we were booked into a hotel on the Nevada side as rates were cheaper. We come to find out that the main gas line into the Nevada side broke under the river and there was no gas for heat. The hotel rebooked us to a hotel on the California side. OK, that's good, but when we got there we found out that an avalanche had wiped out major transmission towers on the CA side so electric was very limited. When you went by the casinos, none of their Marquees were lit up. If you went inside, 80% of the tables were covered and the rest had few patrons. We then found out that you could go to any of the night club show by just showing up and there was no fee. Woo Hoo! The next day we hit the slopes. There were no lines at any lift because the smart people stayed home. All the lifts we being run on generators so they only ran at about 1/2 speed. Next the fun part. The snow was so deep that they had to dig out the loading station and dig a trench under the chairs until they were high enough to get above the snow. Same thing at the unloading station. In addition, they had to dig out around each of the towers all the way down to ground level. In some places it could have been 20'. I guess OSHA wasn't there. I'm guessing that they did not want the snow putting pressure on the towers. Now the best news... we skied fresh powder all week just off the runs which they had groomed. Now the final part of this story. I was skiing the powder behind a couple of other guys from the club when i skied behind a pine tree. It was the leeward side of the tree and the powder was absolutely loose. I immediately sunk up to my waist and was stuck with no one behind me. After a couple of minutes I managed to dig down until i was able to release my skies with my poles. Then dig down again to recover my skies. I tried putting my skies back on but in the powder i couldn't get it done. So then I laid my skies down side by side, crawled up on them prone and "surfed" out of the powder until i could get to the groomed snow. Best ski trip i ever had.
joshuajim 02/02/21 11:12am General RVing Issues
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