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RE: Table top propane grill help needed.

you need to buy the blackstone nipple for use with a low pressure regulated supply along with an appropriate hose connection to the trailer regulated propane. You can't use the grill with the stock regulator and a low pressure source at the same time. Yes. That's what I have for the Blackstone, works great for the Blackstone.
jotityra 08/22/20 10:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Table top propane grill help needed.

I can barely read the text, could you please make the pictures even bigger so I can't read it at all I would appreciate it? Thank you. I'm not sure, let me try.
jotityra 08/22/20 05:49am Travel Trailers
RE: Table top propane grill help needed.

Nope. No can do. The control valve is part of the regulator. The office is not part of the regulator, it is used to inject a stream of regulated gas into the air in the mixing chamber. Because the control valve is part of the regulator, this device is not a good candidate for use on the low pressure propane system on your rv. It could work if you put a Tee in the high pressure line, but I don’t recommend that. That's what I thought but I wanted to check to see if anyone knew, or did anything to make it work. I guess I can either get a hose and attach right to the tank, or just use the small bottles and re-fill them as needed.
jotityra 08/22/20 03:46am Travel Trailers
Table top propane grill help needed.

I bought a Blackstone griddle to cook with while camping. I don't really like it but will probably use it for making breakfast only. I bought a hose with the quick connect fitting to plug it into the back of the camper which worked great. Now I bought a cheap mr bar-b-Q grill and thought I would do the same but I'm not sure I can do it with the fittings on this grill. The regulator threads into the burner and there is an orifice on the end so I think I need that connected to the grill, but I want to bypass the regulator on the grill because the camper already has the regulator on it. I'm not sure if they make fittings like I need to go right into the burner to take the place of the regulator.
jotityra 08/21/20 05:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: TT Tire Recommendation

I just replaced my 6 year old trailer kings with carlisle radial trail HD they look to be a well made tire. I have read that they are better than they used to be. We buy them at work for our trailers and have not had an issue with them. I just installed them today and have not driven any where on them but they are D rated instead of my old tires which were C. I was looking at the Goodyear tires but did not want to spend the extra 30+ per tire but now I wish I would have.
jotityra 08/20/20 08:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: HEY we need a sticky for our TT pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new 2020 F150 5.0L with my 2015 Jayco Flight 26BH
jotityra 08/18/20 06:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer sway

Ok, so knowing these tires need to be replaced asap I ordered some Carlisle HD trail D rated 8 ply tires. I got 4 from Walmart for 300 bucks so we'll see where we go from there. Coming home on this trip from the UP it was crazy with the wind. When we got closer to home and the road had trees next to it with no wind it towed pretty good. I just can't swing the extra money for the Goodyear endurance I was looking at but the Carlisle tires had good reviews and are rated for 81 mph and 2150 per tire. We buy Carlisle tires at work for the trailers and have not had any issues. We'll see in a couple of weeks on our next trip. All great comments and advice as usual.
jotityra 08/18/20 09:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer sway

joytitra, just read through your thread again. I still say you need new trailer tires but another good point was raised. What truck tire do you have? I purchased a new tundra in 2008 and pulled my hybrid with it. When I got my Airstream I had to reset the hitch and it looked good. I had many miles towing with it until one day I felt a tiny bit of sway coming down a slight hill. I had some kind of P rated tire and read that weak sidewalls will create sway. I was due for new tires and moved up to LT tires and it made a lot of difference. So, trailer AND truck tires might be issue. I'm sure the tires are of the P metric variety. the truck is a lease vehicle so changing the truck tires will probably not happen. The camper is definitely in need of tires so hopefully i can get those before the next trip in 2 weeks. monetarily though, that is the hold back.
jotityra 08/17/20 06:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer sway

At five years out your original tires need to be replaced anyway. I had a Starcraft hybrid that wasn't nearly as heavy as your trailer. It came with C rated tires and I had a blowout soon after getting it. It met load ratings, but just barely. You need tires that will cover your trailer load and then some. I now have LRE tires (on a different trailer, 6500 lbs going down the road) and am very happy with them. They will carry up to 80PSI and have a speed rating of 75 or 80 MPH I believe. I run 70PSI and keep my speed as close to 65 as I can. Your plan to look at the new Goodyear is a good one. How much does your trailer weigh? Don't be afraid to move up to a LRE. You won't be putting "rocks" under your trailer. Get the new tires, tweak your hitch some more and you will be good to go. yes these tires have to be the biggest part of the problem. I can push on the back end of the trailer and you can just watch the tires squish side to side and up and down. kinda like Jello. I have not had the trailer weighed even though I know that is important. I have been guessing it weighs about the same as my old trailer loaded. which was 6500lbs. I am on vacation this week so I should take it up to the gravel pit and get it on the scales. but the tires definitely need to be replaced.
jotityra 08/17/20 06:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer sway

I had sway problems with my F250/TT with sway bars. i tried turning off the sway control function in the truck. apparently sway bars and sway control work against each other. Might work for you I did that on my RAM and I could not tell the difference. I did that on the new f150 and it was worse! I had to pull of on an exit and turn it back on because Ford wont let you change settings while the vehicle is moving. which is ridiculous.
jotityra 08/17/20 06:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer sway

I would reverify you have your hitch setup correctly, since you have switched tow vehicles. I spent a good day measuring and towing and repositioning the height and I'm confident it is setup good. It looks good in the photo I think. I just don't remember my old rig, in 2004, giving me as much sway. It seemed to tow pretty straight. From what I remember anyway.
jotityra 08/15/20 06:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer sway

I'll add my 2 cents. You need new tires anyway, so going to a d would be good. Thats a heavy TT, max weight like 7000 lbs. Whats your truck rated to pull? Next i would air up my truck tires, and the ones on the TT. Also make sure you have more weight in the front of the TT wheels. So shift what you carry forward. See where your water tank is, might have to travel with it empty. Vut evwn woth tose things, you will feel it move when passed etc. Just the nature of towing something that big. Also i agree with the checking on a good sway bar. Truck is rated to tow 9100lbs. The fresh water is in front of the wheels and goes the full width of the camper. I did have some black and gray in the tanks from not emptying after sanitizing the lines and flushing from last season. That may have some to do with it. Maybe sloshing around? I usually carry 1/3 or less fresh water for flushing the toilet and washing on the road. We use our bathroom at rest areas. I carry all of the leveling boards and most equipment in the front storage area. I think I am doing all that has been suggested by everyone which is bringing me to the tires.
jotityra 08/15/20 06:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer sway

Just add a sway bar to your hitch. Chain hung bars do not provide sway control. This style of hitch does not have chains, the sway control is like a brake shoe around the place where the bars go into the hitch.
jotityra 08/15/20 06:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer sway

Have you weighed the rig to see what the hitch weight is? Most common issue causing sway is too little hitch weight. If you are on "C" rated tires now, I would not move up to "G" rated. That's way too big of a jump. It would be like the trailer ridding on rocks. There will always be some sway when a semi passes. If it's more than you are comfortable with, I would check into a sway bar. PS: I'm not seeing the torsion bars on your picture. I assume you do use them when actually traveling? The bars go up and not this.
jotityra 08/15/20 06:10am Travel Trailers
Trailer sway

Can trailer tires cause trailer sway? I have a 2015 jayco 26bh and I am sure the hitch is setup correctly, but I am getting more sway than I would like. When a semi or a truck pass by it really pulls the trailer. This is my first trip with the new truck, which is way better than my last one. But I still get a little bit more sway than I'd like. I'm thinking that the tires are original on the camper and the side walls are not stiff enough to hold up to being pushed around. That's my working theory anyway. The trailer is a 2015 jayco 26bh with original tires, towing with a 2020 f150 supercrew 4x4 5.0 3.55 rear end. I know the tires are due for replacement anyway but the tread looks great so I thought we would get through this year with them. We weren't sure if we would get any camping done this year at all but it looks like we have a few trips planned. This is the 2nd year we have owned the camper. Also the tires are power king st205/75r15 towmax str load range c. I am looking at the Goodyear endurance trailer tires as I like the specs and reviews on those. The hitch I'm using is a Eaz-Lift Recurve R3 with the sway control incorporated into the hith, my other thought is to add a sway control bar to the hitch but the reviews on this hitch are good and people seem to like it
jotityra 08/15/20 04:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Which sewer hose?

Just don't get a cheap one. you are dealing with raw sewage here and you don't want some cheap hose to have holes pop up or spring leaks around the fittings. Sometimes you may need more than 1 Hose too. I've been places where I've used all 20' of hose. I picked up the Camco RhinoFLEX 20ft RV Sewer Hose Kit last time. It comes with the 90 degree elbow and adapter for the sewer dump. I like that you can bend it pretty much how you want to and it stays in that position. If you don't have a slunky get one of those too.
jotityra 08/09/20 02:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: tire changing jack

You have the tandom axel, get the trailor aid or just block up one wheel untill the other gets off the ground. . Your not moving so not really stressing the other side. If it was a problem they wouldn't make them. Carry a bottle jack as a back up. I have read that the trailer aid does not work if you have the tandem leaf springs. I ended up buying the 3 ton jack from Amazon. it will be here on wednesday so hopefully it is a good jack. I leave on friday so if it doesn't work I'll just go to walmart and pick up a bottle jack for the trip.
jotityra 08/08/20 07:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: tire changing jack

I was figuring that the camper weighs 4200 dry, 6000 loaded and if it is still connected to the truck, and i'm only lifting 1 wheel do you think that a 2 ton jack would be enough?
jotityra 08/08/20 06:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Picking up new camper

Congrats! Hope you enjoy the UP as much as we did last year. Where are you staying? We are staying at newberry campground. we'll be going to tahquamenon falls, white fish point shipwreck museum and probably head up to munising.
jotityra 08/08/20 06:23pm Travel Trailers
tire changing jack

What kind of jack do you carry with you in case of a flat tire on your trailer? I'm looking at a bottle jack that has a jack stand in one assembly. like this: Alltrade Tools 620470 Unijack Hydraulic Jackstand, 2-Ton I used to take small floor jacks but they are too old so I'm looking to get something just for the camper.
jotityra 08/08/20 04:13pm Travel Trailers
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