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RE: Buying 2019 RAM 3500 DRW - discount expectations?

you guys that pay almost sticker I laugh at. 65k out the door is a good deal for me if the dealer wants it gone. I,m not paying any more than I have too. worked in auto sales for 6yrs they can come down a whole lot more than you think. this money off invoice is a selling point for them. not the price they really paid for the go laugh all you want been there paid less. You make the assumption that invoice is $65K or less. It's considerably more. You make the assumption that they want 2019s gone. They most likely won't be in a hurry for a few more months. You also sound like you expect the dealer to eat TTL. I suspect they won't.
jshupe 12/03/19 12:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Auto leveling airbag system??? How important is this?

I purposely chose not to get the factory auto-level, and don't think you can go wrong with that truck. My previous truck had the Kelderman 4-link. The factory auto-level doesn't compare to that system so I wasn't interested. Most aftermarket suspension components say that they are not compatible with the factory air ride. I didn't want to limit myself to the factory options, and if for some reason I want air in the future, I'll go back to Kelderman for their more robust 4-link system. I've been pleasantly surprised with the progressive leafs so far.
jshupe 12/03/19 09:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buying 2019 RAM 3500 DRW - discount expectations?

I bought mine a few months ago when the most you could get off at any dealer on a loaded Longhorn or Limited was around 10% (see cumminsforum fifth gen section for a long thread on this). I pitted half a dozen dealers against each other and couldn't get 14%. I'd say you're in good shape with 14%, and will love the truck. Asking for $65K out the door will probably get you laughed out of the dealer, as previously mentioned. I would consider a $65K OTD offer on an $86K truck already discounted to $74K rude, and justification for brashly escorting you out the door.
jshupe 12/03/19 09:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

Then you should have no problem proving your truck can beat Tesla easy Go prove it :P
jshupe 12/01/19 09:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

Wow, I almost asked Elon to refund my hard-earned $100 for the Cybertruck with all the ghosts found under the hood of this truck. Until wait, problem with 30 to 50% power drain on Cybertruck. My ICE is worst at more than 50% reduced mpg when towing. I can only go 200 miles in full charge when towing. Wait, that my regular stops for gas up and lunch on my camping trips. I'll have problems with off roading? How, it will have a ton more torque and ground clearance? The bullet proof glass shattered? Who cares, I'm not going to Texas anyways. The looks, oh yeah, it still have not grown into me yet. Anyone, wants to buy for $5,000 my high-priority place in order-reservation queue? The difference is that with IC, you can fuel anywhere and it takes very little time to do so. There are infrastructure issues to be worked out before EVs can really take over the RV market, as well as thermal and power delivery issues for charging EVs faster. If you want range, get a diesel with an aux tank. I can tow around 900 miles on a full tank and tend to tow 400 miles in a day, without stopping, possibly pulling over at a rest stop along the highway to jump in the trailer and use the restroom once. Everyone's travel style is different. What works for you probably doesn't work for a lot of other people here, who would quickly experience the Tesla's limitations given current infrastructure. That being said, if I weren't full timing with a single vehicle and were living in a city somewhere, I'd probably trade my truck for a Tesla of some sort.
jshupe 11/30/19 11:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Cybertruck

Some more food for thought The tug o war between Tesla and Ford 150 was not fair I admit. Not only Tesla weights more it also has way MORE power aka Torque. How much is unknown, however Ive seen EvWest vids with their race car BMW Which uses Tesla drivetrain and baterys and it puts 4000 lbs of torque to the wheels,yes 4 THOUSAND Id think Tesla truck has at least that maybe more,so even with bigest 4x4 and diesel Ford or anyone else has no chance to outpull Tesla Will see Torque is multiplied through a conventional drivetrain - so where you might have two electric motors each supplying 4,000lbs of torque directly to the wheels (for 8,000lbs total), quick calculations show that a HO Ram peaks at a little over twice that (17,317lbs with 3.73s) in first gear. Of course, as you shift through gears that amount is reduced, and IC engines do not always produce peak torque - but in a test like we're talking here, a modern diesel would easily beat your example Tesla given equal traction.
jshupe 11/30/19 12:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: SRW vs Dually

... I would say most common. I recently bought my 19 Ram, most of the SRW trucks on the lots I visited while shopping around had 20s. Now, those sizes are specific to Ram, YMMV with other years/makes and perhaps even regions. My last truck was a 2015 Chevrolet 2500 LTZ, which came with 20s. The 20s weren't an option on 3500 SRW, so if it were a 3500 from the factory, it would have had 18s. Regardless, I pulled them off and put on 19.5s - obviously I'm not too concerned with tire costs. On either side of my sticks and bricks are two trucks, a GMC 2500 and a Ford F-250. Both have 20s. Everyone I personally know with a diesel bought a higher trim model, that would typically come with upgraded wheels and tires. I'm at a campground right now, and the F-250 next to me has 20s too. Fortunately this is a public forum, and anyone can come along and fill in the gaps.
jshupe 11/25/19 06:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: SRW vs Dually

Can't help but notice you cherrypicked the most EXPENSIVE tire (20") to compare to the cheapest tire (17"). My 18" tires aren't nearly as expensive as those 20's. That's because you see far more new trucks with 20" tires than 18". Most upper level trims come with 20s now, 18s being found mostly on work/tradesman models. All DRW trucks come with 17", unless they're 450/4500 class, then they come with 19.5".
jshupe 11/24/19 11:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: SRW vs Dually

6 tires cost more than SAME BRAND 4 tires jeeze this is a tough crowd :) Sizes based on 2019 Ram 3500... Picked three random tires, from different brands. TireRack - General Grabber A/TX - LT285/60R20 - $309.99/ea - $1,239.96/set TireRack - General Grabber A/TX - LT235/80R17 - $172.99/ea - $1,037.94/set TireRack - BFG AT2 - LT285/60R20 - $393.99/ea - $1,575.96/set TireRack - BFG AT2 - LT235/80R17 - $197.99/ea - $1,187.94/set TireRack - Michelin Agilis Crossclimate - LT285/60R20 - $319.99/ea - $1,279.96/set TireRack - Michelin Agilis Crossclimate - LT235/80R17 - $254.99/ea - $1,529.94/set For two of the three, it's cheaper to replace tires on the DRW.
jshupe 11/21/19 08:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tire chains needed?

Just curious, because I've never had to deal with this before - do you typically have to have a set of chains for each tire on a DRW? Do you need them for front axle too? Do you need them for any trailer axles? My idea is that if I ever run into a situation where I need chains, I'll turn around or sit it out, but I'd like to carry the minimum for legal compliance if ever needed.
jshupe 11/13/19 09:25am Truck Campers
RE: Cummins 1000tq vs 6.4L Hemi towing mpg

and then they spend the rest of the time they own the truck trying to justify why it the diesel (better) version of their truck wasn't worth it. My take exactly. A reply I posted in a gas vs diesel thread on another forum a few months back: 70% of what I read in these threads just comes off as gasoline owners trying to justify to themselves their decisions not to buy diesels. There is one that is clearly superior to the other for towing, if money is not a major concern. Yes diesels are more expensive both up front, and with maintenance costs. Fuel costs a little more per gallon. You generally don't buy RVs or cars as investments, so who cares if you never make up the cost difference. Buy what you want to drive and/or need to have. And for people who spend too much time complaining about this, diesels sure seem to hold their resale value so you get a lot of that money back if you ever sell. Reliability might have been a point to consider when the DPF/SCR first came out, and with Ford's 6.0/6.4 issues, but with modern trucks is an overblown issue. Having had a few trucks, both gas and diesel, and several large trailers, I know what the better option is, and will drive a diesel until EVs are on the market with massive battery capacities and widespread recharge networks. ... I've been there. Not recently, but I certainly remember how confident I was in a few of the gas engines I've owned. Funnily enough, I did the same not once, not twice, but three times regarding truck size. When I ran a midsize I said it was plenty and I did not need a full size, when I drove a half ton I said it met my needs sufficiently and it wasn't until I upgraded to a fifth wheel that I needed a 3/4T. When upgraded to another fifth I spent a couple years throwing good money after bad to make the 3/4T comfortably perform the job of a DRW. I learned my lesson many times over about using the right tools for the job, but it took a long time for me to suck it up, actually acknowledge the deficiencies, and apply that lesson when it came to trucks.
jshupe 10/03/19 04:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2019 3500 diesel

The one good thing about the 2011+ Powerstroke is that you don't need to swap over to a CP3 to keep metal particle from getting to your injectors. Since the Ford has two fuel filters, a primary and secondary(GM doesn't), then all you would need is a $300 S&S CP4.2 bypass kit. It blocks the fuel from going straight from the pump to the injectors without passing through a fuel filter or the internal filter on the CP4 first. It will make the pump as reliable as the CP3, but it will at least mitigate the damage when it grenades. I have no doubts that you could do the same on the new Cummins since it also has both a primary and secondary filter. True. I wonder if there are already provisions for that from the factory, or if anyone on any of the various message boards has even looked. Regardless, the aftermarket should have varying options for all levels of concern soon enough.
jshupe 09/10/19 08:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2019 3500 diesel

CP4 has been improved over the many years it has been out. And is Bosch now paying Eldebrock to use patent for roller cam follows that do not turn sideways in the bore? Lack of good filtration ahead of the CP4.2 was one of Ford's issues with the pump along with warranty denials. At least GM just warrantied them until they could no long stand the failures and switched to the Demso pump. It will be interesting to see how RAM does with the CP4.2 on the 2019+ models. GM has not publicly said why they changed fuel pumps. It is purely speculation that they changed due to the failures, I wouldn't go touting that as gospel. I CP3 swapped my 2015 LML, which at the time required a delete. Afterwards, S&S came out with a fuel pump that was modified and remapped and didn't require tuning, but it costs nearly $3K for the pump. The Ram doesn't require a provision for an extra injector, so I expect that CP3 conversions will hit the market sooner than later (that require tuning), and then shortly after ones that are remapped. Unlike Ford, which seems to have a cult following despite their historic 6.0/6.4 and 2011+ CP4 issues, it shouldn't be an issue at all to retrofit a CP3 to these. I don't think the used market for LMLs is hurting, either. Do I condone having to spend money on a "perfectly good" new truck? Not really, but in reality, it probably isn't necessary anyway, and you should budget for modifying things you don't like when purchasing a new vehicle. Nothing is ever perfect.
jshupe 09/10/19 08:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Goosebox vs. fifthwheel

I've put about 1K miles on my new Goosebox v2 with a 15K fiver and love it. I would definitely go that route over a traditional fifth wheel hitch. It rides well, I haven't had to add any air to it since the initial fill during install a couple months ago, and my bed is nice and clean with the trailer isn't attached. I would not use this configuration with a shortbed. I have a hard tonneau cover so I use the bed for additional secure storage while camping -- if I had a standard hitch, this would be much more of a pain. The downside is that the tonneau cover blocks the view of the hitch ball from the cargo cam, so I'm back to hooking up blindly. Loved using the cargo cam to hook up before I added the tonneau -- so something to keep in mind, if you want to use both. I've previously used Pullrite Superglide, TrailerSaver BD3, B&W Patriot, and Curt A16 hitches, as well as a Sidewinder Airborne pinbox. Of all the configurations, I like this one the best, followed by the TrailerSaver BD3 with standard Lippert 1621 pinbox.
jshupe 09/06/19 11:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Keystone RV

We haven't had any issues with our 2015 Alpine that we didn't cause ourselves, or at least anything worth bothering with warranty on. We bought it in 2016. The one exception might be leaking hydraulic cylinder which was covered under warranty, but that is more Lippert's fault than Keystone's. We had a 2014 Hideout previously, and aside from a missing shackle bolt on the rear axle from the factory (a huge oversight, in my opinion) it was problem-free. We had it for a year, then traded to our first fifth wheel in 2015. The 2015 Crossroads unit we had between the two Keystones was nothing but trouble, and we ended up trading it at a loss just to get out from under it with all the problems it was having. It spent more than half the time we owned it waiting on warranty repairs for the roof, the axles, electrical and so many other issues that I can't even remember them all. We've done a ton of upgrades on our Alpine and would probably sell it to buy a Luxe or New Horizons now that we're going full-time if we wouldn't take such a hit on depreciation and modifications. But as far as the mass produced units go, we think it is probably as good as any. We make it a point to talk to owners of other rigs at sites and have talked to plenty of people with DRV, Grand Design, Redwood and other units that have experienced more issues than us. When we took our rig in to have a FlexArmor roof put on, the rig in front of us was a brand new Redwood that had the roof bubble up and blow off going down the highway. Our roof replacement was our fault (sort of), due to a low hanging tree branch that tore it going into a campground.
jshupe 09/06/19 11:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Keystone RV

That will happen with any manufacturer not just Keystone. Welcome to the world of RVing. X2... Almost NOTHING will happen 4 years out of warranty. with ANY manufacturer.. change it out to RV Roof Armor, or Flex Armor and forget it.... Take this opportunity to go with FlexArmor and enjoy never having to worry about your roof again. As far as faulting Keystone, it lasted all this time. Seems the install was "good enough" to last this long, I wouldn't be so quick to believe the tech without investigating it myself. Even if it were truly installed incorrectly, all manufacturers have issues like this until you get into the custom tier like New Horizons and Spacecraft.
jshupe 09/06/19 09:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sidewinder vs Goosebox vs BD3+1621

Hope you don't have to air up that airbag as often as I had to. Depending on how bad the road was sometimes I had to air it up after every tow. Maybe they changed the design so that it wouldn't "puff out" the air if over 35 lbs (?) They supposedly addressed that with the second generation. I haven't lost any air in ~35 miles of towing.
jshupe 07/20/19 05:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sidewinder vs Goosebox vs BD3+1621

that brake break-a-way cable looks pretty tight? It does, but only at a full 90° turn. There is more slack in it (obfuscated by the pin box) than there is in the safety chain so it should never be an issue. Of course I could just find another place to attach it... I will probably look for a spring link big enough to clip around one of the safety chain attachments, and just tack it on to that.
jshupe 07/19/19 03:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sidewinder vs Goosebox vs BD3+1621

Installed the Goosebox today and am pretty happy with the first tow. Something feels slightly off, it may just be the air pressure in the bag, or something to get used to. I'm going to try a few variations over the weekend. I can turn a full 90° with the setup, without coming too close to the rails of the bed. width=800 width=800 width=800 width=800
jshupe 07/19/19 02:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Travel Trailer vs. Motorhome (my situation)

I have owned multiples of both and still own a 24ft offshore boat (bumper pull tandem axle, over 12’ high on the trailer) that weighs more than a lot of travel trailers. I am speaking from first hand experience. Chucking isn’t an issue if you have the right hitch, enough pin weight, and are riding close to level. I would argue that TT handling is much more uncomfortable unless you have a Propride or Hensley, and even then, there is a lot of improvement to be made (again, I am speaking from experience. I put several thousand miles on a Propride 3P). I am now on my second fifth wheel, and with the exception of something like an Escape 21 for short boondocking trips, will never be purchasing another travel trailer. That is a pretty widespread outlook among people who have owned both. With either option a cheap hitch will result in a bad ride. If you are to compare with decent or even premium hitches, the fiver will come out far ahead. If you want to disregard that as anecdotal, that is your prerogative, but many find it to be true.
jshupe 07/16/19 06:25pm Beginning RVing
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