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RE: Star Link

Compared to having no service at all in those wonderful remote places, $99 will be cheap! Compare to Verizon and other cell service, I would save a lot and is faster and not throttled down. To me it would be a fantastic service when it is fully deployed.
justme 03/24/21 09:06am Technology Corner
RE: Star Link

judging from the stepped-up advertising for Hughes Net and cellular services, they are worried about Star Link as worthy competition. It promises to be a real game-changer unless the Government screws it up. The special interest groups are active.
justme 03/10/21 09:25am Technology Corner
RE: Star Link

BTY gaming would be a problem as well with high latency. Given the Demographic of the folks on these boards I don't think all night Call of Duty or Fortnight sessions are a concern LOL. You must be into gaming to know about those games. BTY I see folks of all ages playing games and I don't think it is base on demographics.
justme 03/08/21 01:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Star Link
justme 03/08/21 01:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Star Link

The reason latency is important is when the data packets are small where acknowledgement from the server is required and the difference between 10ms and 150ms would slow the overall data transmission to a crawl-- I measured the download from a VPN server on Hughes net that had a latency over 150ms that was no better than a 56K modem. That same server on my Verizon with a ping of 30ms was over 18mbs during a high traffic period. BTY gaming would be a problem as well with high latency.
justme 03/07/21 01:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Fuel mileage

When people post the fuel miles, they should include speed, wind, weight, elevation, type of roads, fuel type and etc. to get a better idea of their experience. Remember, friction increase by the square of the speed which makes speed and winds more important as well as weight.
justme 03/05/21 10:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Star Link

I could not use Hughes because of its high latency time that makes VPN run at modem speeds. I might be over-stating this here, but I think Starlink is wrong to suggest the latency of its system is so good. The obstructions, beta downtime, and no satellites of the beta are nearly unacceptable. Elon says space should be exciting. Starlink is exciting. First there is anticipation about the order, and now I have an anticipation about more satellite 'fixing' the downtime issues. From what I see on Youtube of that shows latency, it is much better than Huges Net and would be OK for VPN. That is the difference between low and high orbit satellites. I measure Hughes which was over 150ms and Starlink was below 50ms.
justme 03/05/21 10:20am Technology Corner
RE: Star Link

Anyway, Star link looks to be a game-changer for Verizon, ATT, Hughes and etc. competition will certainly bring prices down. I will not be buying any Hughes stock. :R I could not use Hughes because of its high latency time that makes VPN run at modem speeds.
justme 03/05/21 09:36am Technology Corner
RE: Star Link

I hope for our good that the low orbit satellites don't interfere with the astronomer's NEO studies. I would hate for an ELE rock to hit us because we didn't see in time to do something about it.
justme 03/05/21 09:33am Technology Corner
RE: Star Link

It looks to me that it can be used in an RV if you can see the satellites. If not why?
justme 03/05/21 09:28am Technology Corner
RE: Star Link

Wow, they are moving fast-- it has not been a month since I got an email saying I could be a beta tester. BTY the Russian is doing a similar setup and I wonder how we are going to deal with thousands of low orbit satellites. I'll bet the astronomers are not happy with all the orbiting satellites interfering with their telescopes. Anyway, Star link looks to be a game-changer for Verizon, ATT, Hughes and etc. competition will certainly bring prices down.
justme 03/05/21 09:06am Technology Corner
Star Link

Star Link is rolling out for Beta testing and is available in the Northern States and Southern Canada. I less than a year it will be mostly available anywhere in the world. Is anyone beta testing it? Looks like a real game-changer. Fast, available anywhere, and relatively inexpensive. I am able to beta test it where I live and seeking any input before I buy the setup.
justme 03/05/21 08:43am Technology Corner
RE: Ford super duty 3.31 rear end. Will it be a big mistake. ?

It is all about torque. The torque multiplier is accomplished by the differential and transmission. The higher gear ratio of the differential buts more demand on the transmission to produce the torque for high loads. That means the transmission works harder to make up the torque. So in a practical sense, it boils down to how often the truck is required to pull heavy loads vs no loads. A good indication is how often the truck shifts gears to maintain the speed limit with normal driving. Diesel trucks are not as sensitive to torque demands as a gas truck.
justme 01/23/21 03:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Insurance on a 2021 Fifth Wheel

It is worth considering to get an agent that works for you and not the insurance company and the dealership. Also, watch out for the low balls where they charge a low price for the first year and increase it well above inflation the following years.
justme 12/22/20 11:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blue DEF

Just because something costs more money does not mean it is better. Pricing strategy is very complex and rarely has anything to do with manufacturing costs by themselves. It is all about a marketing strategy to maximize profits. That is why there are so many government regulations, testing labs, and competition. Blue Def, Walmart, and many other reputable brands meet the proper certifications and testing. So it is foolish to pay a higher price for that product. This is a guide that some companies use for pricing. Companies are in business to make a profit and do what they have to do to do that.
justme 12/22/20 10:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blue DEF

The important thing is that whatever DEF is used, that it's properly certified. That certification assures pharmacy grade urea and the water is properly distilled as well as the proper mixture ratio. Walmart and Blue DEF and many others are properly certified. It makes a lot of sense to buy the least expensive and assure the date codes are recent. Also, when buying that product make certain the seal is in place. There have been reports that some scum bags have purchased DEF and emptied the container and refilling it with tap water and returning the jug for credit.
justme 12/16/20 12:17pm Fifth-Wheels
2021 ford SD camera

Does the 2021 SD Ford camera system allow for viewing the aux trailer camera while traveling on the high way. The 2020 aux camera shuts off while moving forward more the 5mph and I was wondering if Ford allows the aux camera to be used while traveling at highway speeds. I believe GM allows viewing the aux camera while traveling but Ford and Ram do not. Also, do they allow the forward camera to be used as a Dashcam while traveling?
justme 12/01/20 08:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: General 5th Wheel Brand Question

..and when considering, don't forget to evaluate how easy it is to maintain and repair the hydraulic system, slide-out mechanics, water system, underbelly, roof water intrusion, electrical system, and etc. Some manufacturers make things more difficult than need be.
justme 11/20/20 09:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Any one else giving up snow birding due to the covid

Looks like a vaccine is a very near approval.
justme 11/09/20 01:27pm Snowbirds
RE: General 5th Wheel Brand Question

When someone says "better built" I wish they would be more specific. Otherwise, it simply is an opinion based on hearsay. Newer materials and construction techniques can cause that comment when in fact they are better in many ways. Manufacturing problems are a concern though because RVs are essentially hand-built. And then we have difficulty to work on aspects.
justme 11/09/20 01:12pm Fifth-Wheels
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