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Wife staggered me today.

You know how some of the most intelligent people say and do some of the dumbest things. Well, the wife got me today and let me point out, this is a highly educated woman, several degrees and successful business owner. Ok, we change our 4 digit code on exterior pad to access 2 bay garage which we do yearly for security purposes. Yes, we each have auto openers on visors. We're standing at the garage this morning and I say " let's try to think of new codes that are easy to remember " and then she drops this on me. " honey, how about we just switch our current codes, you take mine, I'll take yours". Um, I gave her a big hug and said " FANTASTIC, makes complete sense and will certainly discourage anyone we gave those codes to".....oboy. Hope someone can smile today.
kellem 07/09/20 10:51am Around the Campfire
RE: ? Travel Restrictions ?

By the very nature of the activity RVing should be minimal risk. We sleep in our own beds every night. We stay out of restaurants & do our own cooking. We use our own bathroom. At CGs there is separation. The only risks are gas station pump handling & grocery shopping, both activities that are unavoidable so take the precautions that can be taken. Same thinking here.
kellem 07/09/20 10:17am General RVing Issues
RE: loss of spouse

Loosing loved ones is without doubt the biggest blow we face. It impacts us mentally and physically. Loosing my 93yr old mom to cancer as we speak, it's a matter of days if not hours. Hang in there my friend. Note: It's been said that excercise is a great way to battle depression and help jump start a new beginning.
kellem 07/09/20 08:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Moving on up

Congrats on the 5er, that's a big'n. Yes many memories over a couple of decades.
kellem 07/08/20 04:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: People sure are getting petty with their park reviews

Stupidity often spawns negativity. Was recently reviewing a generator on Amazon and noticed a 1-star review, claiming noisy and unacceptable fumes. Um, the idiot tested the generator in the basement of his home and later in his post claimed it toxified his entire home and don't buy, it's junk. Oh, purchased the generator. It's quiet and I can't smell it.....outside.
kellem 07/08/20 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: GM HD Trucks Many with AWD instead of 4WD

If your scared, get front and rear lockers. Lol
kellem 07/07/20 04:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Leaving antifreeze in all summer

The antifreeze can be drained immediately after winterizing, it's job is to displace h20. But to answer your question directly. Rv antifreeze has infinite shelf life and can stay in your water lines until you're ready to use it.
kellem 07/07/20 03:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Update since buying my first TT

Wife liked those expandable hoses for watering her plants but they simply didn't hold up well. Look at the Zero-G hose, they fold up well for storage and proving to be very durable around the house. Don't buy into cheap " safe drinking " hoses......been drinking out of garden hoses for almost 60 yrs and have no deformities.
kellem 07/07/20 02:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Update since buying my first TT

When hitching up or un hitching, always let your truck drift forward a hair while trailer jack is touching ground, issue solved. Run St trailer tires to maximum psi cold. I've always used the flexible hoses, Zero-G.
kellem 07/07/20 12:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: Neighbors Wouldn’t Help

A population that lacks empathy would be my guess. Just last month entering Walmart, watched a 93yr old woman trip and go down hard. 4 of us ran to rescue her and shortly was approached by an employee who said we were in violation of the restrictions and can we please move. Luckily one of the witnesses that helped was a paramedic and ordered the employee to call rescue squad.
kellem 07/07/20 11:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Tow weight

So I’m glad I came to this site. What it seems like is I just need a new truck if the wifey wants a trailer. A win win!! Haha It happens quite often. Believe me. We're likely worse case scenario.....4 trucks and 4 trailers in past 12 years. I believe we've found holy grail with 2500 truck and 30ft trailer.....I believe.
kellem 07/07/20 11:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Tow weight

Most will say dry weight is meaningless, me included. The trailers I've owned and weighed always came in just shy of the GVWR stamped on trailer and considerably exceeded the dry weight or UVW. You still have quite a few trailers to choose from with all the ultra lights on the market but maxing out towing capacity is never wise. Look at the trailers GVWR and it's tounge weight.....add up tounge weight and all passengers and gear in truck and deduct tally from the 1990 payload.
kellem 07/06/20 08:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lacrosse quality?

Very nice looking trailer and floorplan. I'd be concerned however pulling a 37+ foot trailer that will likely weigh in at 10K with anything other than 3/4 ton truck.
kellem 07/06/20 07:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thoughts on slider awnings

I guess it depends. We had slide toppers on our previous 2 trailers and had a time with wasp nests and mildew in places we couldn't reach and the upper seals dry rotted because I couldn't treat them. We had Colorado brand and they never failed. Our latest trailer doesn't have toppers and can't say I miss them. I must admit though that I'm quite anal about cleaning the roof and slides monthly and applying 303 on the seals. Was actually surprised at the amount of buildup that accumulates under the toppers over time.
kellem 07/06/20 06:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: breaker keeps blowing

Your problem was likely the extension cord, try a 10 gauge cord next time. Underrated extension cords create excessive heat and trip breakers.
kellem 07/06/20 03:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blow-out ...

Reminds me of close friend who is the epitome of preparation. He has onboard air compressor, air tools, patch kits, you name it he has it. I always feel more confident towing with this guy.
kellem 07/06/20 01:39pm Towing
RE: Do ice cubes in the black tank really work?

I've heard that for years. Was under the assumption that folks mainly used the ice when the gauge quit working and must be driving for it to be effective. Personally have never tried it but do add a couple gallons of water and Dawn dish liquid after dumping the black tank. It's been a very effective method for many years.
kellem 07/06/20 12:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: is forest river rockwood mini2506s a good buy

I'm not sure any trailer is considered a good buy as one must have disposable income and realize the rapid depreciation. Forrest river like Keystone are big players in the RV industry and have access to much better materials today than years past. We're on our 4th new trailer and each one has seen significant improvements. It's the pace that they are assembled that gives them a black eye. Do a thorough inspection, have trailer hooked up to AC, water system pressurized, live in it for a little before driving away with it. Our latest trailer " Keystone Outback " appears to be well made but still spent an entire day tweaking, adjusting and hand tightening fittings. A new trailer is justified if you thoroughly enjoy the lifestyle as we do.
kellem 07/05/20 07:22am Travel Trailers
RE: rbw slideout parts ( orphan ) gears again

I'm only good with cable slides because I understand the format but won't attempt to rebuild teeth. Lol
kellem 07/04/20 08:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wider stance wheels

The wider stance mitigates sway.
kellem 07/04/20 06:12pm Travel Trailers
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