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RE: Pinched Propane line ideas??

Most likely you will have flare fittings to hook to. Never use sealant on flare fittings. If you have threaded fittings then you need sealant. I would observe the line as the slide is moved in and out to see if a slightly longer or shorter hose would be less likely to kink. Then take the hose with you to your local propane dealer to have the hose you need made. Thanks for the reply, but please help me understand the terminology. After reading this I figured "flare fittings" are the quick connect spring loaded type like I have for the RV grill. This is threaded on both ends and after doing a quick search I found this This shows threads but also calls it flare fittings. So are you saying I should not use the yellow tape on these? I will have to check the size and length of the existing but this looks like it will be perfect. Thanks again all!
kfp673 04/19/21 05:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Pinched Propane line ideas??

Thanks all! I ha e never replaced a “permanent” propane line/hose. As noted, this feeds from the metal “main” and off into the 2 appliances. Easy enough to replace but is there some sort of sealant that should be used to avoid leaks similar to Teflon tape? Thanks agai !
kfp673 04/18/21 07:32am Tech Issues
RE: Battery price question...

Was back in my local costco and sure enough they started carrying the 6V again. I asked the guy working there why they had stopped and he was not sure but they had 10 in stock. Picked up 2 and am currently in day 3 of a boondocks trip as I type this. What a difference from my single size24 marine batt. Ha! Nights right now are ranging 37-42 so the furnace runs plenty over night. This morning the battery reads (at least according to my in command system) 12.1v which apparently is around 60%. My old 12v would have been totally dead by about 5am. I run my generators a few hours in the afternoon to recharge and so far so good. Time will tell but thanks again all. This will make boondocking life much easier!
kfp673 04/17/21 06:03am General RVing Issues
Pinched Propane line ideas??

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30229958
kfp673 04/17/21 05:57am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Pinched Propane line ideas??

Hello all, We have a small slide in our kitchen area that houses the stove and refrigerator. I typically run the fridge the day before leaving, load up, close slides and go. I noticed on a few trips that the fridge was not running when we get there. I assumed it blew out but had never had that issue before so I dug deeper. THen I noticed that the rubber propane line under the slide (From the main propane line to the fridge) was getting pinched when the slide closes. They have a spring attached to pull it in but it does not always land correctly. So now I check it every time, but there are creases in the line and it still seems to restrict flow sometimes, other times it’s fine. So for those of you with refrigerator in the slide out, have you seen this and how have you fixed it? Thanks
kfp673 04/17/21 05:57am Tech Issues
RE: Removing seized shackle bolts?

Have heard stories of bolts not drilled completely. Also bolt holes under pressure may not pass the grease through. Try unloading them first then probably need to remove for inspection. This worked. Jacked it up enough to take some of the weight off and the remaining zerks took grease. Still had to play with the angle and pressure of the connection but it worked. Thanks again all
kfp673 04/14/21 04:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Removing seized shackle bolts?

As stated, I finished the project last weekend and thought I was 100% done but it turns out I am 99% and that last 1% is giving me fits. Installing the new equalizer and wet bolt kit ends up giving me 14 zerk fittings to grease total. 10 of them are no problem but 4 just will not take grease. They are brand new so it's not old grease. Used a small pin/nail to poke the dot and that did not help. Tried for a while yesterday and again today and all I get is a mess around the zerk. Any tricks to fix this without pulling the zerk or bolt? Thanks!
kfp673 04/13/21 08:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solidifying shower floor??

if there is access you could also inject a low expansion foam into the voids to create that stability. I have seen that done before. Steve I am not opposed to this idea but the space is roughly 4" tall. I am not aware of foam (unless I use 10 cans) that expands that large. For now I cut a collection of pieces of 2x6 and 2x4 and added support in different areas I can reach. Towing it this weekend so I will see how it holds up. Definitely much better than it was but not perfect. I'll see how it goes. Thanks all!
kfp673 04/12/21 05:25pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery price question...

Thanks again all. This is great info so I appreciate the conversation! I am pretty sold on 6V at this point as we do plan to boondocks more this spring / summer /fall than we ever have. I did more on-line digging and found the Sams club Duracell's at $89. Of course the nearest Sam's club is an hour away. Costco is our regular bulk warehouse at 10 min away and as stated mine has stopped stocking the Interstate. My in-laws have a Sams near them and a membership (again an hour from our house) so we will give it a shot next time we are down that way. Next challenge will be to find battery boxes that fit. Looks like a few nice ones on Amazon. Thanks again all!
kfp673 04/12/21 08:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Removing seized shackle bolts?

I finally won the war!! ;-) So after 2 failed afternoon sessions, I decided to commit Saturday and was determined not to be defeated. What better day to chose than my Birthday! Ha!. Breaker bar for the win! I was finally able to get good leverage and use a breaker bar to get these rusted nuts lose. I was able to use the frame and other bolts to wedge the opposite side with a wrench and get after it. I think a lot of my problems were around 1- trying to do it after work and 2- being a bit afraid of crawling under the trailer and having it fall with me reall pulling hard on the bar, hammering, etc. so I was not in the best positions to get the most torque. My air impact and my 18V impact were no match for the rust. So I first hooked it to the truck so that it could not go forward or backward and second added even more jack stands. It was probably fine but it made me more comfortable really getting in there. I must say, I was exhausted after that. Even though it worked, every bolt was a battle even with PB Blaster applied. ANyway, CRE3000 with wet bolt kit is now installed and ready for our next trip, Excited to see if I notice a difference in towing. Thanks again all for the help! No way I was letting this thing beat me
kfp673 04/11/21 07:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery price question...

Thanks for all the replies. I have a few responses to comments made throughout these posts. - To be clear, I am comparing 2 6V vs 2 12 v not a single 12v. I have room for either on my tongue - The Costco option does not appear to be an option for me. My Costco no longer carries them. Said they can order but when you read on-line the reviews are horrible for that Interstate 6V battery. - I have not Checked wall-mart or auto parts stores. Where I have found 6V in stock local to me was a battery plus location selling Energizer, a golf cart company selling Trojan, and an interstate store. The price ranges for those 3 locations for a single 6V was $128 for Energizer / Interstate up to $200+ for trojan. NAPA online is $120. I am just not seeing anything below that. I was comparing that to a 90 Ah 12V Interstate for $120 each. This is where I came up with similar AH for similar money with 2 12V . 180 Ah with 12V vs 240Ah with 6V. By the way, we are fine paying a little more, I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something since I read so many posts talking about <$100 6V batteries. I had my mind set on going with 6V this time around but was just surprised on the prices as I had always head they are cheaper. And, I was very surprised to see such terrible reviews on the Costco website for the Interstate 6V. I do have a tendency to discharge the battery quite far when we boondock, especially if we have to run the furnace, so points made in this thread of deeper discharge might be the important focus point for our situation Thanks again everyone. I know this topic is beating a dead horse, but it was the Value / Cost angle I wanted to look at here.
kfp673 04/11/21 06:08am General RVing Issues
Battery price question...

It's time to replace the single 12V we have on our trailer. We do boondock from time to time so I have been reading a lot on these forums about 6V vs 12V. My question here is, where are these inexpensive 6V batteries I keep reading about? When I read the 12V vs 6V discussions I always see someone say to use 2 6volts and you will get 200+ Ah and they are less expensive. I am not seeing that. Duracell and others I can find seem to be starting around $120 and going up for the golf cart battery which is the same price as many size 27 12V 100 Ah. Seems to me I could just buy 2 12V and have similar Ah. So I guess I am just not seeing the cost savings. What am I missing? Thanks
kfp673 04/10/21 05:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Solidifying shower floor??

Thanks for the replies, and nice job Bruce! After looking at some of those videos it seems people do a range of full removal and rebuild like Bruce to simply cutting pieces of wood and stacking them to create support. Similar to some of the videos, the reason I even looked at this is our shower drain was leaking. Saw it dripping from the underside of the camper. I removed the access panel and reached in to make sure all of the PVC nuts for the drain pipe connections were tight and they seem to be. And, it only seems to leak when my wife or I are in the shower. When my 70lb daughter is showering it does not leak, so I am convinced the flexing is casing the leak. Ironically our dealer just completely resealed our shower seams due to a **** job done by the factory, so I would prefer not to pull it if I can. Going to try some of the other options first knowing that I can always pull it out and rebuild if needed. Thanks again!
kfp673 04/08/21 05:05am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Solidifying shower floor??

Hello All, We have an Outback 325BH which has a corner shower. The shower floor has always been fairly soft, and VERY soft around the drain. I removed the access panel to see what is going on and I see why. The shower pan basically sits on a wood platform with a hole cut in the middle for the drain. Problem is the hole in the platform is probably 12-16" diameter so all of that area is not supported. There are 2 additional 2x4 pieces that help support it. So.. I'm curious if anyone has come up with a way to solidify the shower without removing the whole shower and replacing the platform. Feels like we are going to fall through when we shower. Any thoughts? Thanks!
kfp673 04/07/21 06:34am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Ram "limp Mode"... Again!

Quick update... So they did find the issue right before our trip. Turned out it was a wiring issue from the PCM to the solenoid. Apparently the factory support group reached back out to the dealer with a "try replacing this wire". They did that and it fixed the limp mode issue. We towed from PA to FL and back without any truck running issues. Now the check engine light did come back on on our way home so the truck is back in the shop, but it was nothing obvious. Seemed to run fine so hopefully a small warranty issue. To those saying ditch the truck, I really don't want to. I really like the truck and with it having 4:10 rear it tows far better than I had expected a gasser to tow. I have owned diesels in the past and even during a 1000 mile tow I do not find myself wishing for another truck. I really have no complaints until I started with this whole limp mode issue and now this engine light issue, so I hope they get it figured out and I am good to go. Even if I wanted to trade it I still owe a lot on it, the dealer has 3 or 4 heavy duty trucks on the lot right now, and what they do have offers minimal discounts. My local GMC dealer has 1 Heavy duty and the Ford dealer has 2. All 3 dealers typically have an entire lot filled with dozens. Anyway, thanks for all the help, just figured I'd share that it turned out to be a wiring issue.
kfp673 04/06/21 08:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Removing seized shackle bolts?

thanks all. I was holding the back side with a wrench while trying to use the impact, but I did have the impact on the outside which is the bolt in this case. I'll try it again crawling underneath and use the impact on the nut instead. I don't have a right angle grinder but if this does not work this may give me an excuse to buy one. Thanks again all!
kfp673 03/25/21 07:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ram "limp Mode"... Again!

Thanks all for the replies! I guess one other thing that concerns me is both times this happened was while towing, but ironically both times was low RPM. First time I was at about 65-70mph on a flat highway. Second time was on a 35mph road coasting when I felt the sudden shift into 4th. I always use Tow/Haul. Camper is about 9k Lbs and the truck is a 2500 with 6.4 and 4:10's so certainly not pulling too much. Once it happens while towing then it continues to happen regardless. Not sure if the towing part is a coincidence or if it is a contributing factor. Either way it's frustrating sitting here typing this when I should be on the road right now. Thanks again all!
kfp673 03/25/21 08:38am Tow Vehicles
Removing seized shackle bolts?

Hello All, Looking for recommendations. I purchased the MorRyde CRE3000 with wet bolt / shackle kit. Jacked the camper up and the axels up, pulled the wheels, and did not get past the first shackle bolt. I have an air impact and a battery impact and could not get it to brake lose. It just spun. It was getting dark so I just put the wheel back on. I do not have a torch, so is there any other way for me to get these off? We leave for a trip in a few days and I would really like to have this installed, however because we leave so soon I also don't want to get my self in a half finished project situation. Thanks for any help you can offer!
kfp673 03/25/21 06:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Ram "limp Mode"... Again!

I'm sure you've already done this, but there's a ton of google hits on 'ram limp mode' Yep I have been reading for sure. The problem is apparently the code the dealer pulled said it was another solenoid problem but replacing it did not fix the issue. They will replace the control module next but did not sound very confident that was the issue. I am nowhere near knowledgeable enough to make any recommendations, so I just need to let them keep working to figure it out. If that does not fix the issue then our vacation is shot. Frustrating considering the was just "fixed" 6 months ago.
kfp673 03/25/21 05:03am Tow Vehicles
Ram "limp Mode"... Again!

So I am in a windfall of bad luck. First our camper goes to keystone for a new floor, then it comes back in terrible condition, dealer works hard to correct the **** job Keystone did to get it back just in time for us to leave from PA to FL (tomorrow!). On the way home from the dealer and 2 miles from home... Boom, stuck in 4th. This happened last October and it was fixed by replacing the Trans solenoid and control box. I drop it off at the dealer last night with a letter begging them to squeeze me in since we leave Thursday. Dealer fits me in and calls me at the end of the day. Bad news... The code said solenoid again. Tech replaced it, road tested, Limp mode again! Tech tested wiring and believes it to be good. Tech calls the factory support and they say it is very unlikely the control box would fail again but that is the last thing to try, but of course the part is 2 days out and will arrive 1-2pm at the earliest on Friday. So now we are calling campgrounds trying to either get a refund for a day or some sort of credit and push back our trip while we wait for something the dealer does not feel confident will fix the problem. If that does not work then the trans apparently needs to come out, all wires tested, etc. Not sure how I got stuck in this sudden cycle of bad luck! Sorry for the rant, just figured I'd share. Truck is a 2018 Ram2500 6.4L Gas by the way. Love the truck but right now I'm hoping it catches fire ;-)
kfp673 03/24/21 07:47pm Tow Vehicles
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