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RE: Battery Draining...

I do have a disconnect switch. I use it if it won't be used for many weeks, but my old travel trailer would easily make it 1-2 weeks without disconnect. This one is just dead after about 3-4 days. Ill push the rest of the season out of it and consider a new one next spring I guess.
kfp673 08/06/19 07:20pm Tech Issues
Battery Draining...

Trying to figure out if my 1 year old camper just came with a **** battery or if something else is going on. We purchased our new trailer (Outback 325BH) last July. I noticed that if it sits for more than a week or so the battery is dead forcing me to connect to the truck before I can get the power jack to work. At first I noticed that I was leaving the TV amplifier on so I blamed that but it still happens when I shut it off. This camper has the in command system for lights, tanks, slides with a screen on the wall, so my next suspicion is when you hit power off it's only the screen that goes off (Similar to an iPad) so I now hold off and actually power down the system but it still seems to drain. Turned on the fridge the night before our last trip just to find it warm in the morning because the voltage dropped too low for the ignition over night. Any thoughts on how I can tell if something is draining the battery vs just having a crappy battery? I would think it was new with the camper but who knows. Thanks!
kfp673 08/06/19 04:59pm Tech Issues
RE: 2nd AC and Vent cover questions

Thanks all! Great info. I'll watch some of the videos to see if I want to tackle this and I'll get a quote from the shop to see what that looks like as well. To answer a few points above, yes the wiring is there. There is a plate in the ceiling right next to the vent that has a sticker saying AC wiring located here etc etc. One final question- Noise... Is there a particular brand or model known to be much quieter than others? Our main unit is Dometic and the noise level is fine. It is better than our last camper but also 15 years newer. That said, being right over the bed I would prefer something even a bit quieter if such a thing exists. Let me know if you have found a super quiet Non-Ducted AC unit, and do the "low profile" versions work quieter?? Thanks!
kfp673 08/03/19 05:35am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
2nd AC and Vent cover questions

Hello All, Our Travel trailer has 50amp service and is pre-wired for a second AC in the bedroom. Didn't think I needed it until this week where the entire week was 90+ and the single AC ran all day and barely kept up (37' TT). 2 parts to my questions.. - Should I consider attempting this install myself or let the dealer do it? If myself, where do you suggest buying the AC? - The ceiling vents in this camper are the type that spin but they don't close. I have had previous campers where you could close the vents. Any suggestion on where I can find vents that do both (close and turn/aim)? If we add the second AC I will want to close the vent in the Master bedroom to force more air to the back of the camper. Anything else I should consider?? Thanks!
kfp673 08/02/19 02:30pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Best pool or campground waterpark in the Northeast?

Tough to imagine many campgrounds having a nicer pool than Moosehillock. Have only been to the one in Lake George, but based on pics, looks great in NH as well. Also very nice size sites
kfp673 07/28/19 08:11pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Quick Connect Outdoor shower

Mine has the 1/4 turn on one end of the coiled hose to hook to the fixture , and the other end of the hose is standard 1/2" male pipe thread. Same. Finally had a chance to play with this a bit more. Mine also has the same. The problem is I want to use the old shower head I took out of the campers shower and that is smaller and does not fit. I was actually thinking my coil hose is 3/4". Looks like normal garden hose?? Anyway, I need the larger female to the smaller male so I can use the shower head. Guess I will dig around to see what I can find. Thanks all!
kfp673 07/21/19 06:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lake George...Lake Placid....Cooperstown

We are also from SE PA and did Lake Placid last summer for a week. Stayed at North Poll hundred acre section based on recommendations here and it was nice. Huge shaded sites! Complete opposite at the other side of the park. I found all of the olympic attractions very interesting. We brough kayaks and did some hiking as well and did not intend to do as much olympic stuff, but we had a blast, did the bob sled ride (incredible) and enjoyed each part of the olympic experience. Went to Lake George and spent a week 3 or 4 summers ago and stayed at Moose Hillock which was brand new at the time. Also huge sites and great spot. Awesome pool and close to town but far enough away to be quiet. Upstate NY really is a beautiful area.
kfp673 07/06/19 02:35pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bedrug Feedback

Love it. Added a cap and bedbug over the winter and love it so far. Much easier on the knees crawling in and nothing slides around. Firewood makes a bit of a mess but it does not bother me. Good purchase so far.
kfp673 06/28/19 09:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2018 Navigator 6mpg when towing 8k lb camper Ecoboost

Accept it is my recommendation. If you are like me, you will want to jump out of your skin doing a long haul like that at 55-60 mph. Personally, I think some of the most dangerous people on the roads are big trucks and people towing going too slow! When all the traffic is averaging 70mph and an RV is going 55mph it gets hairy! Maybe slow down to 70 but otherwise accept it as you and I both know you are not going to go slower just to save 1 mpg.
kfp673 06/26/19 07:34am Towing
RE: I need help picking a location..

So we ended up going with Gatlinburg TN area. Staying and overpaying at the Gatlinburg East KOA. Looks really nice and in a good location, far enough away from town to be quiet but close enough to visit. Not usually KOA fans but this one looks like something we will enjoy. Also really close to the GSM national park. Heading down on July 13th for 7 nights and looking forward to it. We plan to visit Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, probably do a day in Dollywood, and then the rest will be outdoor type activities like zip lines, hikes in the park, and anything else we can find in the park. We typically love national parks so I'm sure we will stay busy. Any other recommendations feel free to drop them in here, otherwise I'll keep digging through the multiple Pigeon Forge threads. Thanks all for you comments!
kfp673 06/25/19 01:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: I need help picking a location..

Thanks everyone for the replies! Lots of TN fans and no votes for Outer banks yet ;-) I think the Pigeon Forge area looks like a good choice. I will dig in more. Thanks and feel free to share more ideas or opinions.
kfp673 06/20/19 09:29am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Quick Connect Outdoor shower

Hello All, So our new (new last summer) trailer has a quarter turn disconnect style outdoor shower hookup. Our older trailer had a standard shower and the head stayed in the compartment. This came with the slinky style hose which also has the quick connect style on the end. Do they make shower heads with this connector on it? I can seem to find one? Or possibly an adaptor? Thanks
kfp673 06/19/19 08:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: I need help picking a location..

Cape May New Jersey. Best vacation we have taken. We have three kids and no boredom issues. Lots to do. Thanks for the idea, however I should have noted my extended family has a house in Ocean City NJ (20 minutes north of Cape May) so we are in that area 3 or 4 times per year. Love Cape May and Ocean City but looking for something different. Thanks though and great idea!
kfp673 06/19/19 08:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
I need help picking a location..

Hello All, We are very much last minute vacation planners. We say we are going to plan, we blink and it's 3 weeks until our week long vacation. We do it every year. We always find somewhere to go and even if a particular campground is booked we find something in the area. So here we are again. We live in SE PA and have a week of time planned in 3 weeks and this year for whatever reason we cant decide on location. There are plenty of location specific threads and they are helpful, but for this one I am just looking for your opinions on what you would do. First, there are 5 of us. My wife and I and our 3 kids. 11yr twin girls and a 2 1/2 Boy. We would like to stay within 10-12 hours from home. Over the past few years we have been to Acadia ME, Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, Lake George, Lake Placid, Fort Wilderness, and all over PA and MD area. for our weekend trips we prefer state park type places and spend many weekends in the PA mountains, but with hookups. However we don't mind, and sometimes look for the RV parks for longer trips so the kids have the pool etc etc. but I hate the super tight campgrounds. I need at least a little space. We have been kicking around the smoky mtn park area in TN so we can hike, bike, fish, but also go into town and possibly Dollywood. Thoughts on this? If you like this idea, suggestions on campgrounds and things to do with the kids? Another option I have been looking at (totally opposite I know) is OBX. Never been there and found a few sites available. Problem here is it is just beach and I wonder if the kids will get bored?? Also, we have other short beach vacations planned in NJ. Not against but pro's and cons? Where else should I be looking. We love beautiful scenery but again want hookups and things for the kids to enjoy. I appreciate everyones help!
kfp673 06/19/19 07:30pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Camping or Glamping?

We do not camp we travel. We do so in our motorhome and use it as our hotel room. We don't like NASCAR or fires creating obnoxious smoke. We dine out a lot. We like state and federal parks. Have no use for swimming pools or playgrounds. Abhor others forcing their choice of music (noise) upon us. Really don't care what your religion is and do not want to meet Jesus. We enjoy conversations and pot lucks but do not adhere to right-wing politics and absolutely don not care if a woman has an abortion that is none of my business. Our dogs are well kept and we pick up after them. If others were as cognizant of their children's messes it would be wonderful. So in our case, and compared to anyone who agrees with the above, you can figure on us disagreeing and being the opposite with almost everything said here with a few exceptions. No interest in a place that does not allow a good camp fire (best part of the evening), love grilling and cooking at the camper, we definitely clean up and control our dogs and kids, but if the kids are a bit noisy because they are having fun and running around I most certainly don't feel sorry about it and encourage as much of a mess as they can make to keep them out of the camper and off their phones and TV!. Love to play music at reasonable volumes (Key word reasonable and totally agree with crazy mud music being annoying) and love even more when a few others want to make music with instruments. Not trying to be negative about the above post, its just a great example of the fact that there is no correct answer. To each their own, but for us if we want to sit, be quiet, and keep clean we stay home. To each their own! Oh.. and wholeheartedly agree with the religion comment. Again, to each their own but keep it to yourself and dont come preach. Definitely a CAMPING bummer ;-)
kfp673 06/04/19 07:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Strange Ram 2500 Vibration

So I wanted to come back to this to see if anyone has more info. After paying closer attention, the truck does have this vibration type feeling even without towing, it is just MUCH lighter and harder to notice. If you were on a bumpy road you might think that was the cause. As stated above, it is always as I go over 65mph and approach 70, and I have to be on the gas. For example, if I am going 72 and it is shaking and I let off the gas the shaking stops immediately. Anything I as a non-mechanic can check before I try the dealer again? I am certain they will say no problem found. Drive shaft? TQ converter? As stated, unloaded it is very tolerable, but if I am driving solo I can watch the passenger seat start shaking as I get over 60 and approach 70. Thoughts?
kfp673 06/03/19 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Jersey beach vacation

The beach towns in NJ all have a different feel. If you have younger kids you cant beat Ocean City NJ. We have a family house there and visit every year. Most other times it's rented, but the amusement rides and food on the boardwalk are great. If your kids are older, or just adults then Wild Wood or Sea Isle are good options. Ocean City is a dry town so very much family focused. The others are nice for families as well but have bars and clubs and more night life. Cap May at the very bottom I think is the best if your looking for almost that New England feel. Great town to walk around, shop, eat, etc. As stated before, the campgrounds are a mile or so from the beach, but some are nice. There are 3 or 4 within about a 5 mile stretch toward the top of sea isle which is basically right below Ocean city. We have stayed in this area and enjoyed it as well because you can go to both towns easily. Again, you will have to drive to the beach. And in reply to the posts above for assateague, I agree on the beauty of that area however you have no chance of getting a site for this year in the state park. If you were planning for next year then you might have a chance. You could stay at Castaways or one of the private parks off the island however. To search this you would look in the Ocean City MD area. Good luck
kfp673 05/28/19 05:04am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi

I suspect my camper is similar to what you are looking at. We have a 2018 Outback 325BH which lists an 8500lb dry weight. I imagine we have at least 1500lb worth of junk in it ;-). I have a 2018 Ram 2500 Crew cab with 6.4L 4:10 rear. I did seek out the 4:10 rear and it tows great. Towed from PA to Maine and PA to FL already and did a great job. I am a bit heavy footed so I only got 7-8 mpg towing but it got us there. With the truck prices continuing to go up, I just cant justify the $10k diesel uncharge any more.
kfp673 05/14/19 12:45pm Towing
RE: Is a 13,000 BTU AC enough for a 22' trailer?

It will be more than enough. No problem! I have a 15K on a 35' trailer. Takes a while to cool but keeps it plenty cool after that even into 90 degree days. My old 30' had a 13.5 and same thing. You will be fine
kfp673 05/14/19 12:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Slide is slightly scrapping the vinyl floor.

Brand new Travel trailer one slide, I have the unit parked on our property and the lot is not completely level I have noticed a slight scratches on one side of the vinyl flooring. Could this be because it's not level or the slide may need to be adjusted? the scratches wipe off easy, I'm leaving on a trip this coming Friday for a week and I don't want to drop it off at the dealer for fear of not getting it back in time for my trip. Any help is appreciated... It's a brand new trailer, take it back to the dealer. I know that's a pain but its worth it. I had the same situation and accepted the small barely noticible scratch at delivery last summer but when I took it camping that scratch became a hole and eventually as I used it more and more it ripped a huge section of the flooring up. This is after the dealer said they fixed it. Took pictures and scheduled a time over the winter to bring it in. They ended up fixing the slide and replacing my entire floor. I am supper picky about every little thing within that first year and let the dealer repair it.
kfp673 04/29/19 02:21pm Travel Trailers
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