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RE: Using my phone hotspot for the tv.

What antenna do you have? Do you have in the wall power supply (booster)? Does if light up? Make and model? What is make and model of TT? 2015 Work and PlayUltra by Forest river. Second owner. TV that came with it did not have a remote. It's a brand that I have not heard of. The antenna looks like a flying saucer on a short pole. I travel solo fishing and attending desert racing events. I would like to have some reception of some kind even if it were some local news channel. As far as movies,netflix etc that is not important. There is a booster switch behind the TV . I have no problem replacing the TV and the antenna on the roof if necessary. Satellite TV I have no interest in. So, what are my options. Having a TV is not a necessity but let's see whaat you guys come up with, thanks
klutchdust 07/06/22 05:31pm Tech Issues
Using my phone hotspot for the tv.

Was discussing with a few friends that my TT does not have reception on the TV. I no longer have a satellite carrier and don't know much about the antenna on my 2012 work and Play trailer. One person commented he purchased a smart Tv with roku and uses his phone as a hotspot. So, what amount of data would it use. What are the downsides of this. Antenna upgrade? thanks in advance.
klutchdust 07/06/22 10:12am Tech Issues
RE: New Travel Trailer

Prices are dropping fast ! A 1 or 2 year old similar trailer would be 1/2 as much ! ^^^ this. As far as towing, my good friend has a 1/2 ton Chevy diesel and tows his 7K trailer just fine. As far as brakes. The truck does not stop the trailer; the trailer brakes stop the trailer and the truck brakes stop the truck. What's the tongue weight on that trailer. Your comment on the brakes and who does what is spot on. I have seen many folks towing and when the comments went towards brake settings on their controller they just shrug their shoulders. Maybe they assume it's automatically set. Hey, your trailer brakes need adjusting, old school if they are drum brakes, spin them and use a screwdriver because you can't find the brake tool.
klutchdust 07/05/22 11:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

In the early days working at a gas station we used rubber plugs, then they came out with a mushroom plug you put in a device that inserted it into the tire. Kind of like what they use today with the exception of dismounting the tire and installing it from the inside. The rag type came into play and shown good results. For every story there will be someone that had a failure, my guess is the successful plug repair outnumbers the failures. HAven't seen any accident reports with the headlines "plugged tire grenades and kills many..." So...for those old schoolers that grew up scraping' and savin' and doing whatever it took continue with what you know works. for the others..... ... saying a driver would be fired on the spot caught with a tire plug kit..:R
klutchdust 06/30/22 05:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Low Battery Voltage

Any water in the battery? They need to be checked each trip.
klutchdust 06/29/22 10:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Low Battery Voltage

An RV battery or batteries drawn down to 6.3 volts is toast. You have an issue, yes, but buy new batteries when solved. So if a battery gets discharged to that point it is no longer usable, even if recharged? I had a battery that was dry, sitting in the garage zero charge in it. I filled with distilled water, trickle charged it for a few days and it went back in service with no issues. A load tester can be had at HF that is equal to or as good as any I have ever used and will give you accurate analysis of the batteries condition.
klutchdust 06/29/22 08:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking at class c questions on maintenance

I know I can change it myself. I was actually wondering where people go when they are out on a trip and needed to have some service done, like an oil change for example. I know if something is rv related I would need to go to an rv shop As far as RV shops, I am curious also where repairs could be available. One trip my front stabilizer mounting bolt snapped and the stabilizer was interfering with my steering. I had to jury rig to hold it up with a ratchet strap, drive 30 miles to Bishop to buy the right socket to get it off, laying in the parking lot of a shopping center. Next trip, Bishop also, the bracket holding the water tank broke and back to the auto parts store to buy C clamp to hold it up. Couldn't find anyone open on Sunday to weld it.
klutchdust 06/29/22 08:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can trailer tires be patched?

I used to work in a tire shop. We would not repair trailer tires, even with an inside umbrella patch. Many shops took that policy because they were concerned with liability. Having patched hundreds of tires from wheelbarrow to semi trucks I have had no issues with patching, always from the inside though. Back in the day we did not have the type of plug and patch combo they have today. If in a pinch I would not hesitate to plug a tire from the outside to get me to a facility to have it dismounted. Using fix a flat is messy and dangerous to the tire repairman. Always let them know if you used it.
klutchdust 06/28/22 12:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Looking at class c questions on maintenance

For something that can be done in your driveway I would not rule out a mobile mechanic. Look up RV mobile mechanics and check their pricing. A dealer would be my last choice for anything. There is nothing special about these chassis, be it Ford GM or otherwise. Now a MB chassis will cost more due to those two letters.
klutchdust 06/28/22 12:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Warm Fridge - Dometic DM2882

Also, pre cool your items going into the fridge if you can. Cardboard, paper etc stores heat so keep it out of the fridge. I use compressed air to blow up the chimney. If the coils have dirt on them they will not cool properly.
klutchdust 06/27/22 03:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gas regulator

I will most likely check everything out again before I order a new regulator. Thankfully, we're not going anywhere with the trailer over the next 3 or 4 weeks. Me, I try all options before I change stuff. If it were possible to open the valve up, disassemble or whatever, or blow a bit of air through the regulator ,maybe back flow i would try that. I had a small spider web in my gas line going to my heater. When the heater lit it billowed black smoke up the side of my Class C and I thought it was the end of it all. The issue does point to the regulator and after 8 years of service I think that was a good run. Alternatives? they appear to be about the same.
klutchdust 06/25/22 11:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Unhooked for the night.

If we factored in all the potential emergencies and pitfalls as reasons to not unhook it becomes too dangerous to go camping at all. Lol, right? It falls into the "peace of mind" category. I chuckle when folks purchase costly warranties for peace of mind in case their engine grenades or tranny falls out only to find it doesn't cover grinding engines if: it was on a Monday there was a full moon you actually drove the vehicle after you purchased the warranty Your last name begins with the letter A thru Z you consume kale :W
klutchdust 06/25/22 11:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Gas regulator

Tanks shut down with excessive flow, a safety device. Turn off the tank valves and then slowly open, might solve the problem. Also disconnect the line going into the tanks. I had the same issue and found the line to be faulty, it was holding pressure.
klutchdust 06/25/22 10:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Best mileage ever on a great albeit short trip...

I remember working through the 1974/1975 gasoline crises when gas climbed to $1.00. It seems that it remained at those prices and then some. Who knows how this is going to play out. It seems like there is some other force managing the puppeteer. Klutch , i wish you a speedy recovery. The follow up PT is the not the so pleasant part. You’ll get thru it . Thanks for the kind words.
klutchdust 06/24/22 02:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best mileage ever on a great albeit short trip...

I'm wondering if the Democrats stay in control, pushing electric vehicles and mass transportation, will gas prices continue to climb. It seems possible that Democrats will eventually try to curtail or even prohibit use of internal combustion engines. I'm also wondering if Republicans regain control, will gas prices come down (a lot). At $6 per gallon it costs $330 to fill a 55 gallon tank. Discounting well-healed die-hards, will gas prices eventually kill affordable RV'ing including RV camp business and RV supply and maintenance infrastructure? Being RV'ers since the 60's, I'm hoping that the fuel "crisis" goes away for everyone's sake not just for RV'ers. Not a lot of thought went into the latest ideas to cut domestic oil. US was independent not long ago. Ca. does not generate enough energy to provide the residents to even keep their air conditioners on. Yet wind farms in Palm desert sit idle on a breezy day because of politics.
klutchdust 06/24/22 11:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacement catalytic converter

Vern said: "Make no mistake RVers: the state of California has a CARB (California Air Resources Board) headed by a woman named Mary Nichols. She is appointed and has been there since Schwarzenegger. She is very powerful and does not care about you and especially your motorhome, boat, car, truck, lawnmower, chain saw or motorcycle. Her goal in life is to get you off the road! She has stated publicly she hopes gasoline exceeds 8$ a gallon to get people to quit driving. Her kind is unfortunately spreading though out the USA. Remember her name as most do not know her. " If you live in Ca., she is the least of your worries. Ca. is circling the drain............ Does anyone know how etching a number into the cat makes a difference to thieves? Most of these cats are shipped overseas or to black market disassembly sites. Like they care about that number. Seems like another "feel good" attempt that does nothing towards the real problem.
klutchdust 06/24/22 10:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best mileage ever on a great albeit short trip...

Well, you know what they are going to tell you. “It’s the new $5/ gal gasoline giving better mpg”. Out here in OC Ca. it's the new $6.25 cents per gallon fuel improving your mileage. My travels from Bishop Ca, back home to OC always increases my mileage as the drop in elevation helps. My attitude is and has always been when traveling that fuel costs do not matter, fun matters, just glad fuel is available. Missing my summer travels but partial knee replacement has me homebound. Thankful right now to my ice water machine.
klutchdust 06/24/22 10:30am Class C Motorhomes
RE: BORN FREE's Kim Olson still in the RV business?

Walt's RV in Corona Ca. is an interesting place. It is an indoor collection of various RV items in large boxes or in a pile. You name it and they have it. I believe they have and do continue to purchase items that may have been removed to upgrade as well as new stuff. Rv inventories from failed dealerships or what have you. Where is it in their warehouse? Who knows but it is a treasure to explore.
klutchdust 06/20/22 12:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sunseeker classic questions

Having spent time repairing various models of RV's from tent trailers to Provost I can tell you that there is no set formula to answer your questions . Often I have to just stare at something and consider all possibilities. The air bag may need to come off to gain access to the top. Interesting the shocks go into the metal shielding. Doubtful there is any access from inside. The sheet metal may have to be removed. Post some photos of both and see what we can come up with.
klutchdust 05/30/22 12:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Popping Sound

When my water heater lit it would pop. Sounded like someone tapped the wall. Blow out those fuel lines going to heaters etc. spiders like to make webs inside and it restricts fuel flow. There is an opening just before where the flame lights. While you are at it remove the cover for your refrigerator back on the outside of the rig and inspect for dust leaves etc. If you have compressed air blow up the rear of your fridge, watch the dust etc come out of the roof vent. Your fridge will thanks you for it. Compressed air is a great way to maintain your rig. I always go nose to tail blowing dirt and debris out of everywhere. Blow on those seat cushions and above the window coverings. nice.
klutchdust 05/05/22 01:28pm Class C Motorhomes
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