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RE: Slide out motor removal

Why and how was the slide motor failure diagnosed. Slide motors often shut off on internal protectors due to the slides being gummed up. The slide will go out a foot then stop, out a foot then stop. Cleaning the slides then adding silicone ,not grease, oil,wd or anything that will collect dirt, has remedied my bedroom slide many a time. Also, if you are looking at the slide from inside the coach, seal all entry points for plumbing, electrical etc. I camp in the desert, dusty ,dusty, dusty. The fine silt was getting into my coach and sticking and gumming up my slides. Once I sealed those entry points my issues have lessened dramatically.
klutchdust 06/01/20 10:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Engine heat

Yup, the old V-10 sitting close to your knees problem. Previous owner added another carpeted floor mat under the original mat, that seems to keep a lot of it away. Also be sure the "doghouse" is sitting properly and latched properly. If it was removed it may be off kilter. That's a lot of motor real close. I believe they could have done a better job of using heat shields to deflect the exhaust heat away . I have considered fabricating an air dam to bring air up into the engine compartment that could mount underneath. I could sell a million of them. i have a polaris ranger side by side. That thing has horrible engine heat by your feet.
klutchdust 06/01/20 10:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: F550 Auxillary Fuel Tank

After 250 miles a stop to fuel and stretch is usually a good thing You're not kidding, lost a friend that way as he drove his recurring 12 hours trips to his camp. DVT Sorry to hear that. I always park as far away as I can from the men's room even when driving other vehicles, when arriving at rest areas. i spend a few minutes and walk around, read the information boards. Traveling is an adventure not a race.
klutchdust 05/28/20 08:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best brand for resale?

A used unit with service records. Whenever I purchase a used vehicle it must have that. I prefer original owner vs dealerships. Too many vehicles coming from the auction as re-po's are sold at dealerships. If a person could not make payments they dang sure didn't keep it serviced and maintained. An inspection by a qualified RV mechanic should be on your list. Money well spent. So many issues can go unnoticed when you are gazing at your possible purchase imagining yourself next to that trout stream you've been wanting to hit.Take your time. My rig was in Minnesota and I live in Southern Cal. Never regretted that one way flight and the drive home.
klutchdust 05/28/20 08:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Trouble With Am I Alone?

It's been acting up for me for a couple of months. Me too. I deleted my bookmark, it helped for a while once I added a different bookmark. My guess is more folks reading since they are home more?
klutchdust 05/28/20 08:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: F550 Auxillary Fuel Tank

After 250 miles a stop to fuel and stretch is usually a good thing. Ican see where a larger tank though offers more options especially if you get off the beaten path. I personally would like options.
klutchdust 05/27/20 11:19am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Mini Winnie needs major work

If I could easily make $5,000 profit to flip the thing I might take it. If I needed a cheep RV to get out and have fun I might take it and do the minimum to make road worthy. Otherwise I advise the owner to place an ad in the freebie section of craigs list and let it go as is where is, bring your own tools and start battery. IF I had the space I would do the same, get it roadworthy and let the kids take it to the desert or whatever. As long as it was safe and dry inside I know people that could care less about having everything in working order. Gut it and put in bunk beds and take the whole tribe, use a working RV as the kitchen, man what great times that would be.
klutchdust 05/26/20 08:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2021 Ford E-Series No V-10

The Ford v-10, the GM 283,the Chrysler slant 6 and the MB 5 cylinder diesel are my top choices in reliable well designed engines. Also the GM 250 straight 6 were bullet proof. Ford put a weak tranny behind their diesel pickups in the early 2000's GM put the Allison. That tranny is amazing. I would not go with the new engine either, the consumer ends up to be the test pilots. Often when a few MPG is waved around consumers go towards it.
klutchdust 05/20/20 09:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1997 Class C Winnebago, 47,000 miles too old to buy?

My concern would be that 5 to 7 years down the road you may have trouble getting anything for it so it all depends on the cost, assuming other issues are no problem. bumpy Anything meaning what, house or chassis? Chassis parts are readily available, maybe the shiny do-hickey moulding may be unavailable but then there is always Walt's in Riverside. anything as in $$$ selling it or unloading it. I believe that the OPs response indicated he understood me. bumpy My apologies sir, i misunderstood what was written.
klutchdust 05/18/20 11:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1997 Class C Winnebago, 47,000 miles too old to buy?

My concern would be that 5 to 7 years down the road you may have trouble getting anything for it so it all depends on the cost, assuming other issues are no problem. bumpy Anything meaning what, house or chassis? Chassis parts are readily available, maybe the shiny do-hickey moulding may be unavailable but then there is always Walt's in Riverside.
klutchdust 05/18/20 08:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E-350 battery questions

klutchdust, you're not imagining things and anecdotal evidence about someone's batteries that last 2 years in a pump station is laughable, at best. What's better is the OP never even came back and explained squat. Much less which battery or ....pretty much anything. When a statement starts off with "a friend of a friend".
klutchdust 05/18/20 08:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E-350 battery questions

I would like to know who makes Motorcraft batteries ?!!! Well that's a good question. There are about 3 major battery manufacturers left. Wherever you choose to purchase a battery, it's most likely they came from the same builder, just a different label. Battery price is based on the plate content, more lead plates higher cost. The new gel batteries are pricy but effective, like home-brewed or starbucks, same effect but costs are different. I have AAA as a road service provider, I purchase all my batteries from them, all 6 vehicles. Price wise they are fair, they install them, warranty them, check them replace them ,whatever is needed. I am tired of lugging batteries and turning them in for a core charge, that's for youngsters. I know this. My batteries on my off road vehicles have lasted far longer with a battery tender on them, not a charger on a trickle charge but a "smart " charger. Wifes Toyota Tacoma will kill the battery in 2 weeks with the driver's door not closed properly, even with the interior light off. Battery is fine. There are parasitic draws that occur as soon as the door pin extends, you know the one that triggers the interior light. yup.
klutchdust 05/15/20 05:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford E-350 battery questions

""Despite what others will tell you, no battery likes to be on a charger/maintainer, 24/7, weeks on end." Interesting, I would like to know why. It reminds me of the thought that rubber batteries lose their charge sitting on a concrete floor. Anyway, my coach is plugged to ground power, I plug a battery maintainer into a wall plug and it goes into the "cigarette lighter" port. This eliminated my dead battery problem.
klutchdust 05/15/20 09:54am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best Class C for the money

Reliable meaning what. The Ford v-10 is widely used and very strong drive train. The "house" portion uses components that are similar, it depends on how they are installed. As far as the overhead bunk, I chose to go with the B+ plus as they call it. No front bunk but an entertainment center instead. For 2 of us we don't need the extra space. Front bunks tend to leak I hear. I purchased a Itasca Cambria, 2009. Very pleased with it's service after 5 years of ownership, purchased pre owned from original owner. Personally I would not purchase new nor used from a dealer as they come from repos and auctions and who knows their repair history. Original owners with documented repair histories is my goal. I have worked on motorhomes valued at 50K up to 750K and I can say this, they all come with issues. If you are handy and repair items as they come ,and they will, you should have many years of trouble free service. If you anticipate trouble free travels that's not going to happen.
klutchdust 05/12/20 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2008 Citation Chateau M26BE electrical issues

On my Cambria there is another set of fuses/relays inside the storage compartment by the entrance door. One fact i learned by working on different friends coaches is you never know where the fuses may be. My step would not retract. When opening the door, the carpeted step had a wire connection tucked in the corner that needed attention. BIL's Monaco has automatic window covering screens. The fuse panel was inside the closet of the main bedroom. Nothing about that in the manual or on any schematic. Fuse hiding is a common occurrence with RV builders. My guess is sometimes a few add-ons require another wiring destination, hence another fuse panel. Under the hood and dash board for the chassis, anywhere and anything is possible with the house section. Always think of your coach as two separate systems. chassis and house, it's helpful. Recently there was a post concerning the failure of the parking brake switch. Once the brake is pushed a light should come on and it sends power to the system to let it know the brake is on so the slide can activate, check that switch. Let us know what you find out to help the next guy.
klutchdust 05/09/20 11:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Folding mattresses

I have added a mattress topper from my pillow to my RV queen. They have the size specifically for this .What a huge improvement. We added one to our home as well. Will this work for you, IDK.
klutchdust 05/09/20 11:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ground clearance The legs are connected to my friend Russ. A experienced and talented desert traveler. The dip in the road, a small wash, was deceiving. We checked it out first however under the weight of my rig we sank. There was a hole hidden under the gravel. Unhooked the trailer and using the hydraulic levelers and some firewood we had we were safely back on track. Needless to say i backed up and camped there. My son in laws truck with camper went over the same area with no problem. We looked at his tracks and it looked ok.
klutchdust 04/27/20 10:39am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Drive train failures, tire failures. Warranty vs None

Speaking of warranties, my wife and I are in the market for a used Class A. We're not in a huge hurry to purchase, but was wondering if anyone could give us some insight on how dealer's warranties work. Several months ago we purchased a 3-year old Volvo from a Volvo dealer. It was a CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) car, and came with a 4-year, unlimited mileage, bumper-to-bumper warranty. Naturally, a BTB warranty excludes wear items, such as brake pads, wiper blades, and so forth, which is fine. It has no deductible. I know we paid a little more for the car buying from a Volvo dealer, but the peace of mind is definitely worth it to us. Are there any RV dealers that offer such a warranty on what might be a 2, 3, or 4-year old unit? I know I can always 'buy' an aftermarket warranty (technically a service contract, and not a warranty). Just curious what I should expect if I buy from a big dealer? I haven't purchased from a dealer on my used vehicles and here is why. Dealers get their stock from auctions, trade-ins or repossessions. In my opinion if a vehicle is repossessed or maybe an accident rebuild etc, where are the service records. If an owner was going to give up their rig do you think they are giving it or have given it any love. When was the last service done? Sure, the dealer can say we changed the oil, serviced the transmission but what happened before that? Adding new oil to an abused component is like painting a turd. I buy used vehicles from original owners only.period. I buy vehicles with service records like i do service records. I live in California, I purchased my 09 Cambria in Minnesota from the original owner .it had 19K miles, the owner had access to the factory and did some major upgrades, stored it inside during the winter. I flew there after viewing documents and photos/videos for about a month with a big check in my hand. I have never regretted that decision. Could I have purchased locally? well, none that met My criteria were local. My advice, not to you just general advice I give to family. Find what you like, pay a mechanic or RV mechanic to inspect the unit and decide from there. IF they say walk away, then walk away. There are many out there.The money you spend for an inspection can save you a bundle in the long run especially dealing with class c with the overhead bunk which tend to leak. My Cambria does not have a front bunk but a streamline nose that houses the entertainment center. Perfect. Roof leaks can be heartbreaking. Take your time, ask for advise and inspect,inspect inspect especially roof areas.
klutchdust 04/23/20 03:50pm Class C Motorhomes
Drive train failures, tire failures. Warranty vs None

Often the question is asked IF I should purchase a warranty. The usual responses appear, many just based on personal preference "piece of mind" both for and against. What tells the story is real life experiences. Sure, a warranty will replace an engine or transmission (they claim, sort of) but how often does that occur. Tire warranties.Have you stopped to figure out your out of pocket vs a tire being replaced by warranty? I purchased 30 tires over the past few years and declined hazard insurance each time.(yes 2 cars , 2 trucks a Jeep and the RV) Road hazard cost varies but I averaged it out to be around 20 a tire, some more some less. In that time (so far) I have had 2 tire failures. One was worn pretty low so that would not qualify the other one a blowout that would have. So with no warranty I declined 600 in fees. The blowout tire cost 215 to replace, the jeep 40 dollars as it was a take off and my jeep was for sale. I spent 255 dollars ,I am 345 ahead. Warranties and drive trains. what are some of the repairs done on these Ford engines and Gm engines. Friends of mine who have 300K and 450K reported water pumps and engine coils. Have you experienced an issue that a warranty would have paid for the repair. A poster reported out of pocket 700 dollars for a fuel pump replacement and a warranty was involved. Having wrenched on anything with a steering wheel as a career i question that cost. What have been your engine and drivetrain repairs.
klutchdust 04/23/20 12:15pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: The need for additional Towing insurance?

I have AAA and 100 mile tow limit on all my vehicles, including RV. We travel to the desert and beyond and 100 miles to a decent shop would not be out of the question. I have not had a problem using AAA for tire change out on RV recently or battery service (best deal IMO) . Daughter needed 100 mile tow, no truck available that day to haul their heavy truck so they were given a rental for 3 days no charge and their truck was brought to them a few days later. I watch carefully where my dollars go, AAA has proven to be a value to me. I wrenched as a career and have used AAA for all my batteries. Price wise the same as if I removed, hauled to parts store then hauled the other one back and installed. Any issues they come out do a diagnostic check and replace the battery if it failed. Perfect.
klutchdust 04/23/20 11:48am Class C Motorhomes
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