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RE: Walmart has new auto battery maker

I switched over to AAA batteries as I tired of dragging batteries into the store and back. Recently one in my Duramax failed, AAA came out replaced both and prorated them for a discount. At around 130 a batteryI find it to be a good value. Trojan batteries for my Class C worked well as house batteries but AAA for chassis.
klutchdust 01/24/22 09:37am Tech Issues
RE: Differential Service

I wonder how a shop sees metal shavings in the diff fluid when checking. Maybe they sucked some fluid out from near the bottom with something like THIS SUCTION GUN. I use one for adding/filling differential and manual transmission fluids. Good question. Maybe a flexible magnet into the fluid. Metal shavings are common in those types of gear assembles. And when they say shavings think the size of ground pepper or even smaller, more like metal chips/flakes, not what you see when you drill holes in steel.
klutchdust 01/07/22 09:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Differential Service

^Exactly. And your explanation may help the OP understand that. Maybe I wasn’t clear, but I don’t consider a broken spring locator pin an alignment issue, but rather a parts failure. I consider alignment something that is adjustable. Thanks for the feedback.
klutchdust 01/05/22 10:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Differential Service

Recommended differential service is between 50,000 and 60,000 miles. So it was time. They just replaced the gasket and the fluid. Because it was just service the warranty does not cover it. Didn’t hurt to ask. I still don’t have the RV though because they were not happy with the alignment so sending it back for a rear axle alignment. These look like they are relatively uncommon. But if the steering wheel is off center or there is pull one way or the other I guess it’s possible the rear axle can be adjusted. Can’t find much on it on Google. So the shop that does alignment for them can’t get to it until next week. It’s drivable they say but I didn’t want to experience a problem after all the work I’ve had done so I won’t get it until 2022! Fwiw, unless there are some extenuating circumstances not mentioned, it is virtually impossible to knock the rear axle of a solid axle vehicle out of “alignment” and it is 1000% not adjustable. If for some reason there is a gross misalignment or bent axle, it is a mechanic shop or body shop job. Or in other words, you’re likely being sold a bill of goods on the rear alignment. Beware. Leaf springs have a center pin that protrudes out and a saddle may sit on and be centered by that pin.The axle sits on that saddle and is held together by the leaf spring u bolts. If the pin fails the axle can move. Occasionally you will see bob tail or pick up trucks doing the doggy walk down the road, favoring one side or the other. FWIW fact: I performed wheel alignments on semi trailers and the front axle was 1/4 inch longer in measurement from the king pin on the drivers side and the rear was adjusted to be exactly the same distance from the front axle. This was to keep the trailer axles favoring the crest of the road. Often a trailer came in for wheel alignment as the driver noticed the trailer "dog tracking" A broken center pin was the first item we checked.
klutchdust 01/03/22 09:46am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wind noise question

I had a similar issue with my C but knew the cause, it’s a routine thing to a pilot. It’s the crosswind effect. When the airflow is head on there is equal pressure on both sides, but when the wind is favouring the drivers side there is increased pressure on that door, but also a corresponding lack of pressure (in fact a slight vacuum) on the passenger door. The physical layout of the front doors means the upper portion is pretty easy to pull away from the body. In many cases just opening a roof vent will create a lower pressure on the inside of the RV and help equalize the pressure on the door. Yes, once I opened the vent in the bathroom my weird noises went away. i had an occasional tapping and found the awning strap the culprit. Dishes i used paper towels or small towels in between the pots and pans. It was pleasantly quiet after that.
klutchdust 01/03/22 09:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Exhaust rattle

My first thought was go and check what piping you replaced. Loosen and readjust the clamps and where the pipe goes into the manifold. I had a hairline crack in a bracket that supported the exhaust up near the manifold.Rattled once it warmed up. Cross bracing on another vehicle.
klutchdust 01/03/22 09:23am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Differential Service

He said when the particulate matter in existing fluid will, when replaced, make the seals/ gaskets the "weakest link" & they may fail more readily. Let a sleeping dog lay. That's a new one. I do know this. A transmission "flush" is the worst thing you can do to your transmission. Jerry was in business over 30 years, replaced many a trans just after a flush. Want piece of mind, don't flush.....your tranny that is.... I think there is confusion with the transmission. In a transmission, the fluid does other thing including creating specific levels of friction...and the common response is don't fix it if it's not broken. The rear diff is a much different animal. It certainly shouldn't cause leaks. I responded to the comment made that 'If you were to change the fluid it would make the seals the weakest link" At least that is what iIunderstand the OP to be saying. Having spent my career wrenching on just about everything, i can say that I have not seen a seal leak in a differential after the fluid has been changed. What I have come across is the fact that transmission flushes have a direct link to transmission failures. Drop the pan, replace the filter, clean the magnet and refill.I referenced my buddy who ran a shop for 30+ years. What many non mechanic type folks are lead to believe is that your car/truck RV needs flushing. Flush the radiator, brake lines, transmission. Has anyone ever had a brake failure because their brake fluid failed? I cannot find any mechanic that I know that has seen that happen. Yet go into a jiffy type place and they swear you are in danger if you do not get it done. So, I tell my family that regular maintenance using quality products on a consistent basis is the best warranty out there. It's interesting that a differential failed with less than 20K miles on it. That is a rare occurrence. Maybe an outside bearing but the differential, that's odd. Safe travels folks and change your oil.
klutchdust 12/23/21 09:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Differential Service

He said when the particulate matter in existing fluid will, when replaced, make the seals/ gaskets the "weakest link" & they may fail more readily. Let a sleeping dog lay. That's a new one. I do know this. A transmission "flush" is the worst thing you can do to your transmission. Jerry was in business over 30 years, replaced many a trans just after a flush. Want piece of mind, don't flush.....your tranny that is....
klutchdust 12/21/21 01:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A TATRA Off Road Motorhome

Seems like it has a limited user base. What in the world would you need this for. the cool factor is off the charts, it's a beast of a rig but kind of like the boat/car from the 70's, limited but definitely an attention grabber. Definitely a "mad max" gem.
klutchdust 12/19/21 11:59am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Looking for advice/feedback on a purchase

We are on out 3rd new mh 2nd Winnebago/Itasca. I've felt that Winnebagos are better built. I agree. I'd rather have a Winnebago that's 3 - 5 years older than a slightly newer Thor product. Do your due diligence. My 09 Itasca Cambria was built pretty strong compared to others I looked at and those my friends owned. If you know little to nothing about RV's I strongly, strongly recommend that you have the rig inspected by a mobile RV mechanic or someone with RV experience. A leak that goes unnoticed will ruin your day quickly. The experience and excitement when looking can lend to make a decision that could be costly. You have two pieces of equipment to consider, the chassis and the house. As mentioned a thorough checklist to test components is important. If it was cool out you may not check the air conditioner or vice versa the furnace. If you have a rig in mind have a 3rd party with you that has no interest in it and can observe the Rv. Tires, understand DOT numbers and how to check their age. I personally will not purchase a vehicle that does not have some maintenance records. Dealers sell re-po's and trade-in's that may have been sitting somewhere for a period of time. A creeper and a flashlight is your friend. Get under there and look. RV's are fun. A class C gets 8 to 9 MPG but it's the best room I ever had for the night with my favorite foods next to a beautiful stream under a starry sky. Enjoy your search.
klutchdust 12/14/21 08:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wobbly loose mirror arm

I just repaired the power mirror on my GMC truck. If you go on u tube there are videos on how to remove mirrors and it's not that difficult. It did require removing inside door panel which is pretty easy. Once you remove the mirror part access to the inside of the mirror housing is good and you may find a loose nut in there or something. My mirror would not adjust up/down. The wires got pinched when I slid /extended it out to tow my trailer.
klutchdust 12/09/21 03:35pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: class c with v10

I'm looking at a class C on a ford chassis with a V10 engine and no big cab over the front. I have a conventional C Class and a friend has a B+ both on the same chassis. When we run down the road together, same road & speed we get identical mileage. The difference between the two front ends means nothing in mileage from an aerodynamic point of view. The big difference is I have an ‘extra’ queen bed that he doesn’t. My 09 Cambria was aerodynamic in the front also. 8.5 mpg average over a 45k mile period. Pulling a 5k load I got as low as 5 mpg with a bit of a head wind. Pulling my JK Wrangler there was no difference in MPG. 62mph was the sweet spot. A super C can be quite large on an International bobtail chassis. I have seen some Chevrolet's with the Duramax diesel. . I have a Duramax in my GMC truck. Pulling my trailer @10K pounds it gets maybe 12/14 @ 60mph. All stock, no chips, no tuners.
klutchdust 12/09/21 09:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Flat tow toad brake and tow bar recommendations

I really like my Ready Brake, it is simple and dependable. It is a surge brake and uses the towed vehicles brake system. You can google it and read about it. I used that with my Wrangler and it worked really well. It's a simple idea and is easy to maintain. If you decided to change tow vehicles it's easy to set up another toad with the cable system and leave it on the other one.
klutchdust 12/06/21 01:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small dryer in Minnie Winnie 25b basement.

Wow, cmon guys…. @clutchdust, the OP asked an honest well thought out question and is obviously trying to make sure it’s a safe arrangement. And you’re trying to complain about where he is or isn’t going to dump his hypothetical wash water? Maybe spend your efforts on understanding your audience and not inadvertently insulting their intelligence. Assume much? Complain? Asking a question chief. I never thought his intelligence needed to be insulted, you did. You have anger issues. You never fail to add your two cents where it may not be appropriate. Ill post what I care to post, non of your business. and it's Klutchdust.
klutchdust 12/05/21 12:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small dryer in Minnie Winnie 25b basement.

So far I’ve seen several “ratings” including rotocast manufacturers who rate every bin at 250 lbs capacity. No info in Winnebago documents. Seems the total weight including cargo carry and axle weight are all they publish. I be already gotten good advice here so not too worried about Buster and Festus. :-) The advice that said don't do it, I agree. Start saving your quarters. What wasn't mentioned is the venting of the dryer, the warm/hot air with moisture and lint in it, then the washing machine water will be going into the parks sewer system correct? Or do you plan on dumping the water to the ground in a camping area that offers dry camping only. Asking for a friend.
klutchdust 12/05/21 09:04am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small dryer in Minnie Winnie 25b basement.

Don't get yourself into trouble by not getting the information that accurately describes what that storage area can actually hold. When someone says I want to...i need to...Will this work ...and they are asking a group of well intentioned but unfamiliar folks and you end up with something like the photo. below The towed vehicle had no base plate, Buster said "don't need one" The angle? Festus said "can't see it from my house" How fast can i go? louie said "fast as you want, makes no difference" Lol. ;)
klutchdust 12/04/21 09:20am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chevrolet 4500 service

Who can service the Chevrolet portion on my 2020Jayco Rehawk 22C in the dallas, tx. area What needs to be done. You might consider a mobile RV service . They come to you.
klutchdust 11/09/21 08:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Stability control

The curb roll on my 30' Cambria was minimized by the addition/changing of the shocks to Koni vs. what Ford installed on the chassis. Curious to see what the Sumo can do. Was under the impression they were meant to be more of a weight bearing device.
klutchdust 11/03/21 08:13am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Taking B+/C Offroad Experiences We checked the road and it was hard and compact. Well, the tail on my rig is a bit long and it didn't take much for it to drag. My buddy russ is underneath and with the levelers and some planks we were shortly on our way, which basically was I backed up and camped there. 60 miles from town but we had a few other rigs/trucks with us and it was a great weekend. I hosted a camera crew from Sweden for the weekend and somewhere there is a video of our desert adventures being shown. Russ is the most experienced desert traveler i have ever known and we were both surprised this sunk like it did. Maybe that's when my spare tire rack bent and couldn't remove the tire when i had a flat once.
klutchdust 10/31/21 08:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Axxera avm70 touch screen not responding to touch

I just purchased a used 2018 Thor Freedom Elite 22FE the radio works and I can scroll with the mobs, the screen does not react to touch at all. Any suggestions. My past experiences with touch screens in vehicles was to disconnect the chassis battery and let the screen reboot, if you will. The screen in my '19 rubicon would not respond and that was what was suggested to do and it worked.
klutchdust 10/31/21 09:53am Class C Motorhomes
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