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RE: New truck and TC.

Unless they changed the transmission ration, go with the 4.10s. My father has the 2015 HO with 3.73s and find he needs to ride a bit on the faster side to keep the rpms up enough so it doesn't feel like he is lugging the engine. The 4.10s will also help with resell later to someone who wants it as a work truck. Fuel mileage is going to be about the same regardless of the ratio.
kohldad 09/05/21 09:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Do pass-through windows leak?

My 2004 Lance 815 pass through window never leaked when I carried it on my 2004 Ram. Then I switched to a 2015 Ram where I had to add a 3/4" spacer under the truck camper. It leaked during heavy rains and I dealt with it leaking for a year. Finally added a piece of vinyl siding J-channel to the bottom side of the cab over and no more leaks. So my thought is any window had the chance of leaking giving enough water driven by enough window. IF you eliminate the widow, you eliminate the chance of it leaking. Personally, I will always want the pass-through window as I use it for my low point vent which when combined with a roof vent slightly open creates enough of a draft to remove moisture preventing condensation problems.
kohldad 09/04/21 09:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Grey and Black Water Dumping - Back End Sits Higher

Don't worry about it unless you are trying to do a good cleaning flush. I often dump with the front lower due to dump station designs which only means I don't get a complete dump. To make matters worse, my tank is a flat bottom tank. Have over 500 nights with over 150 dumps without a problem or buildup.
kohldad 08/14/21 10:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Question: too much camper - too little truck

First, load it up like you would for a trip and take it for to the scales. If the axles/tires aren't overloaded, then you can put some mods to it. Bouncing is caused by warn shocks and heavy rear. Upgrade the shocks and look into some airbags. Leaning can be lessened by adding a heavy rear sway bar. Depending on the age of the truck, it may not even have one. Make sure your tires are E-rated and inflated to max pressure. Or you can get a very sweet fine handling unit by upgrading to a dually as has been mentioned.
kohldad 07/05/21 09:46am Truck Campers
RE: Lance camper skirt

I have a set but am holding on to them until I sell the camper in case the next owner needs them. They are pretty hard to find and become harder every day. I am assuming he is carrying the 815 on a short bed truck. Hopefully at least a 3/4 ton because the unit gets to be pretty heavy when all loaded up. Last time I ran across the scale I had 3,500# between the camper, stuff inside, and what I had on the back seat. A set of sheet metal boxes is probably going to be about your best bet. The boxes need to house the tail lights, a side market light if you use flush tail lights, and have a wing that goes far enough forward to obscure the truck's tail lights.
kohldad 07/01/21 07:06pm Truck Campers
RE: When do you upgrade

My father has a 40ft MH, 36ft FW, and an 11' TC. Depending on how long he stays depends on which one he takes. I've gone through a 94 30' TT when my kids were babies, a 2004 35' FW when they were teenagers, and now an 8' TC for just the two of us. We may end up with a TT again for when we slow down and spend more time in one location.
kohldad 06/30/21 09:10pm Truck Campers
RE: License plates

Over 60,000 miles over 9 years with current truck. Over 50,000 miles over 4 years with the previous truck, same camper. Plate has always been obscured by my fold up steps, more so with the current truck since I switched to a 3-step design. On both vehicles you could see there was a tag but not read off the numbers. Never been stopped. Was in SC until recently when moved to TN. But both states don't require tagging or registering vehicle. Both states consider the camper cargo. And since the tag must be permanently attached to the vehicle, it cannot be moved to the camper. Therefor my tag always stays on the rear of the vehicle.
kohldad 06/30/21 09:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Evaporative Coolers for Lance

Get the smallest roof AC unit u can get, I think this will be a 9200BTU, not the standard 13,500 BTU that most have. 9200 is plenty for a TC your size. Agree. The 13,500 will quick cycle once it has initially brought the unit down to temperature. With quick cycling, it doesn't run long enough to bring the temperature down. The 9200 will run more money, but worth it running properly and removing the humidity from the air. I have a smaller Lance 815 with the 13,500 and have to switch it off, let the camper heat up, then turn it back on. Have to do this so the compressor cycle is long enough for it to remove enough moisture in the air so things don't feel damp. After 14 years of owning this camper, I keep thinking the 13,500 is going to die, but except for a bad capacitor, it just keeps on chuggin.
kohldad 06/08/21 08:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck bed camper shim

You are asking for problems supporting with a piece of plywood that doesn't give. As mentioned, it is the truck bed rails that taper. If the look really bothers you, then I would make a platform that supports the entire bottom of the camper that is tapered the entire length to match the bed rail taper. I'm not OCD about so have no problem with the difference in gap between the camper and truck bed rail. I'm engineer so once I saw the gap and new what was causing the difference, it no longers bothers me.
kohldad 05/22/21 08:42am Truck Campers
RE: Looking at Lance Lite 835 to buy

I have a 2004 Lance 815 (almost same camper). The two dimples wouldn't concern me in the least if the inside paneling looks good. I've had one from the day I purchased my camper which was 12 years and over 100k miles ago. Hasn't changed one bit. Now the jacks are a bit more of a concern. The caulking shows where the jack was originally and the black putty shows how much movement it has had over time. Sitting the camper like that for extended periods without something under neath isn't very good but shouldn't cause problems. I tried looking at the pictures to see what the metal in the front looked to see if it was still straight. This would help determine if the wood was pulling apart or just the screws coming loose. If the metal is still straight, odds are the wood is fine with the screws coming loose. This can be confirmed by trying to tighten the screws and see how much torque they can take. Don't try to pull the jack back in as even if the wood is perfect odds are they won't without removing the jacks and resealing. In regards to the shavings, Lance leaves a lot of debris in the camper during construction. They completely build it then go in with a shop vac to remove what they quickly can so not worried about comparments and such that much. Doesn't surprise me you saw shavings, probably from cutting a whoe to run wires or plumbing. I'm still finding some in my camper. Other place to check is just inside the door for soft spot or rot. IF there is any 1/4 round inside the door, that means work was done on the floor. Could just be a linoleum replacement but more than likely the plywood. Lance didn't use any 1/4 round so keep that in mind. Also check inside the propane compartment as they sometimes leak. When this area gets wet, the tie down point tends to sag. Same under the water heater though that side is less prone to leak. In the pics, this area looks good as a little bit of sag is common. $6,500 isn't a bad price if the inside is in good shape and there isn't any wood rot. My 815 is worth about $7,000 in todays market. I want to upgrade but the prices are ridiculous right now so I'm waiting a year or two. Good luck with the hunt.
kohldad 05/12/21 08:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Revisiting pop-up campers

A gasser will be fine for any TC, even at altitude. I have the rig in my signature (see several post up) and just recently did Beartooth Pass in both directions. Boondocked down some gnarly roads with careful ease. Never lacked for horsepower or torque even at 11,000'. Coming down was a piece of cake without ever worrying about the brakes due to downshifting and variable valve timing to create additional breaking. Fixing to order a dually to carry a 5,000# camper and it'll be almost identical, Ram 3500 DRW 4wd with 6.4 gas engine.
kohldad 02/26/21 03:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Revisiting pop-up campers

Considering the age, lot of TC owners sold them becouse of troubles getting to high bed. If he is doing 14'ers, I doubt getting into the bed is going to be a problem. That's usually some pretty steep climbing near the top. Since you are doing the rough roads, how much truck do you have? Ask because that is generally the significant limiting factor. Hallmark and Outfitter are the places to at least start looking if you can afford them. They aren't the lightest campers despite being pop-ups. My hard side weighs less than most of their models.
kohldad 02/26/21 05:37am Truck Campers
RE: Traveling without Jacks - contingency plan?

The only decent contingency plan is to have them stored in a location where a friend could grab them in a pinch and ship them to you. With my Lance, if I were to travel without them, I could in a pinch get a set from lots of places shipped in 2-4 days but would run about $800 to do so. I don't really see the saving of 150 pounds worth the possible inconvenience. Need a water pump changed in the middle of nowhere small gas station, may only be able to get it done if you take the camper off. Even a number of car dealerships won't be able to get to it without insisting you take the camper off. What may have been a day or two inconvenience becomes a week plus simply because you can't unload the camper. What about if the truck gets in a wreck where you have to buy another vehicle to get home? At least with the jacks, I can always unload the camper, usually in the mechanics parking lot, through some pallets under it for support/stability, and stay in it for a few days while the vehicle is being repaired. As a kid we travel in a '69 Franklin which had the jacks twist up but stick outside the camper. We traveled all over the place, my father even took it out west a couple of times. Having the jacks on was never an issue despite going through some nasty place.
kohldad 02/24/21 08:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Wolverine Loop, Grand Staircase NM

Never done it but always looking for a place to explore when I eventually get out there so did some quick checking. Video showing a guy exploring the trails off the loop. Not much of the road but he did it in an Honda SUV so can't be that rough. Youtube video There are a bunch of other videos which shows it's mostly a nice road that is maintained somewhat decently. Clear can see grader evidence in most of the videos I glanced at. The info on all trails doesn't mention needing 4wd so should be doable. All Trails Lastly, I don't see it as a one way road so you can always turn around and retrace your steps.
kohldad 02/16/21 09:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Quieter alternatives for propane furnace in extreme cold

Look into the Cirrus or Bundatec camper with the alde heat. I would not want to try and rework those type systems into a camper that came with a standard furnace. If you use a non-vented heater that burns propane, not only will you have to worry about CO poisonings, but you will also have high moisture problems.
kohldad 02/08/21 01:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Flat

Just use the factory jack. Used it on loaded truck, loaded flat bed trailer, among other things. Only time I can remember changing a tire with a bottle jack was on the road when my single axle dump was overloaded with 11 tons in the bed. The 8-ton bottle jack said that was about all it was going to pick up but did get the job done. Besides, I don't really have the room to carry an extra bottle jack. Space is all taken up as it is and I'm already heavy enough.
kohldad 02/01/21 07:21pm Truck Campers
RE: Picture trails is shutting down

SO this doesn't effect the method now? Do you know when the switch from picture trail was made? Regardless, now is a good time to browse through the Trip Report 3.0V sticky to look at some of the past trip reports. If there is a trip report along with the pictures you would like to save on your computer it is easy to do. In Chrome, click the menu (3 dots top right corner), choose "More tools", choose "Save Page As". Make sure the type is "webpage, complete". Then choose the folder you want to save it in and the file name. It will create a html file AND a folder with the same name. To open, just open the html file. All of the pictures, text, etc will be there. If you use a different browser than Chrome and don't know how, let me know and I will be glad to figure it out for you. I have over 150 trip reports from Don Curley, Whazoo, and Seldom Seen Smith already saved but will be saving a lot more over the next month.
kohldad 01/18/21 06:05am Truck Campers
RE: St Augustine Campgrounds

If you want to stay at a park with a 10-year rule, you can always talk to them and offer a current picture of your rig. This will some times give them enough info to accept you. However, some places strictly enforce the age rule because they want folks with lots of money to be the ones to come in. And their line of thinking is if you have an older rig, you don't have the money. There is one in South Carolina that actually has a 5 year rule which is strictly enforced.
kohldad 01/13/21 08:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: mounting extra brake lights on 1.5” struts, NO drilling.

Why not just take the cover off and then use square u-bolts to clamp them to the struts. Don't over tighten or the bolts could pull through the plastic. One bolt per light should do the trick. A little bit of RTV or rubber gasket under a washer under the nut should provide plenty of seal.
kohldad 01/03/21 09:06pm Truck Campers
RE: lance max/ af 1150 question

From memory of other post, believe you have to put the slides out at least 6" to be able to use any of the facilities. By pulling images into paint and making the slide go in, looks like the minimum of 6" is accurate but think they need to both go about 1/2 way out for anything but a skinny person or contortionist to use. Hopefully other actual owners will post up.
kohldad 12/27/20 07:12pm Truck Campers
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