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RE: New tow rig. GM 10 speed

I just traded a Chevy Colorado ZR2 extra cab with the 3.6L. Most Colorado 4X4's with the Z71 package get highway mpg in the mid 20's. Anything over 70 mph and I was around 16-17 and only marginally better when driving slower, but speed was not its friend. The ZR2 has a 2" lift and the same GY Duratrac tires and a front end fascia that is not aerodynamic. Not a direct comparison to the Trail Boss but you get the idea. The lift and the tires take power to overcome. Worth it to me personally, but it comes at price.
ksss 03/02/21 06:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How dependable are newer trucks with higher mileage?

I understand how a truck can be more or less great but have an annoying issue I have a 2019 Duramax. The low coolant indicator light come on however the truck is not low on coolant. The dealer has had it 3 times and no fix. I can dismiss the warning with the push of a button however it still annoying. Now do I go into the dealer and escalate the issue and demand a fix or due I quietly deal with this annoying issue. For the record my dealer and GM are aware of the problem it is not an isolated issue to just my truck. On a much smaller scale because I have just one issue I understand where "Devo the Dog" is coming from. If there are TSB on all the items as he states Ram/Dodge are really letting him down. By the way why would a large company like Dodge change the name/branding unless they are seeking a fresh start or want to avoid there past association with the Dodge brand? Can you imagine Ford Rebranding F-series or Chevy rebranding Silverado? I have a '19 3500's have done the same thing. They replaced the antifreeze reservoir on it and it has not happened since then.
ksss 02/28/21 09:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: New tow rig. GM 10 speed

It feels a little stouter than the 16 but it’s about the same truck power wise. Mileage is 14s right now, new. Old truck averaged 15s not towing. Maybe some breakin going on, but it’s got bigger tires and I can hear them, mud tires. The tires are worth -1mpg. Lol. Forgot how good Duratracs are though. They slice through rain and snow And you got a two inch lift, pushing a bit more air than your '16.
ksss 02/25/21 02:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 F-250

I had the gooseneck package ordered in my pickup. I then ordered the Curt X5 adaptor plate. I really like the set up. I can pull with a gooseneck which I typically use, and when I pulling my Fuzion, install the X5 and Curt 5th wheel Fifth wheel plate. Keeps the bed flat with the turn over ball, and supports the fifth wheel plate with the X5.
ksss 02/20/21 12:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 sales

The points made about offering to different transmissions are spot on I think. It doesnt make a lot of sense both economically and conveying the message the cheaper tranny isn't sufficient. The Ram may actually be a better truck with a ten speed. The change the ten made in the GM trucks is really pretty amazing. I know that is not a direct comparison to the Ram truck, but I am not sure why a Ram owner would be against having a ten speed especially if you have driven one. GM has done an amazing job dialing in that tranny, almost feels like a CVT it is so smooth.
ksss 02/20/21 11:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 sales

Ford Super-Duty Diesel Comm Diesel Pickup 161,376 185,460 Ram Ram Pickup 2500/3500 Diesel Comm Diesel Pickup 114,067 122,525 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500 Diesel Comm Diesel Pickup 74,173 99,891 GMC Sierra 2500/3500 Diesel Comm Diesel Pickup 43,421 82,475 That didn't copy as I hoped it would. The 2020 totals for GMC is 82475/Chevy 99891/ Ram 122525/Ford 185460. GM's combined truck sales 182366 Ford is 185460.
ksss 02/19/21 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 sales

At the end of 2020, GM was only 3K sales behind Ford who was the sales leader (I am not aware of GM ever being that close to selling the same amount of Diesel trucks as Ford). Some may not like the looks of the latest Gen GM HD's but that doesn't seem to be negatively affecting sales. I think this is what happens when you finally build an HD truck with a spec sheet on par with the other two. Too bad it too so long for GM to connect those dots. The internet has been saying it to GM for years.
ksss 02/19/21 06:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with F150 Poweboost

The current Ecoboost would seem more at home with the name Powerboost and the hybrid would make a better Ecoboost at least until you have to tow with it.
ksss 02/12/21 08:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with F150 Poweboost

I am not sure if your mocking the "ECO" part of the name of its engine given the content of your post or maybe they renamed it Powerboost and I missed that. Although that would be a better name for it. There has never been much ECO when your digging deep into the throttle of the 3.5. If that trailer is tall and grabs a lot of wind, I could see getting poor mileage. Averaging 7.5 over 300 miles is pretty bad though.
ksss 02/12/21 05:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It might begin very soon

I would be curious how automation would deal with icy roads and heavy snow fall when the edges of the road cant be identified or sensors packed with snow and ice. I am sure they have a solution for this, but at times when you cant see the road and gps may not have road exactly laid out the way that it physically is, not sure how they automate that. How should a human respond? Program in that response. A self driving truck may have an option that a human doesn't: Stop and wait it out. After all the computer isn't going to freeze to death while it waits. And they have another option similar to what many humans do when the road is snowed over -- wait for a snowplow, then form a train behind it, each driverless vehicle watching the one in front of it to figure out where the lane is. If one vehicle gets into trouble (runs off the road, gets stuck on a patch of ice, whatever), it can tell everyone behind it to stop. Tesla autopilot already does some of this -- it tracks the car in front to help with lanekeeping, but I don't know if it does that on snowy roads where there are no lane lines visible at all. I am not sure where the opportunity is to stop a tractor trailer on mountain roads in the West in a white out. Stop right in the roadway rising up to mountain pass? White out conditions would make for interesting computer generated decisions. I don't think a computers decisions would be the same as a human driver would make. Not that humans always make the right decisions either in similar conditions, but auto drive in those conditions may make worse decisions. I am not against the concept, I would just like to know or see how these trucks manage other than normal driving conditions.
ksss 02/11/21 07:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It might begin very soon

I would be curious how automation would deal with icy roads and heavy snow fall when the edges of the road cant be identified or sensors packed with snow and ice. I am sure they have a solution for this, but at times when you cant see the road and gps may not have road exactly laid out the way that it physically is, not sure how they automate that.
ksss 02/11/21 08:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: It might begin very soon

No more Trucker bombs? What are the inmates going to pickup along the road?
ksss 02/09/21 08:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Car and Driver pickup pull

I am glad to see the lack of dead pedal in the new GM trucks even in 4 lo. Running my '18 on that test would not have looked near as good as the 20 did. Pulling heavy trailers in 4 lo happens in many real world applications. Maybe not in most RV applications, but certainly in moving equipment on jobsites. I am not saying that buying based on this alone is appropriate, but knowing that you have access to the full power that the truck is capable of can be important.
ksss 02/08/21 04:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.6 gas with ten speed?

Yea I think that would be great addition to the 6.6 gas. Not sure what has taken so long to increase production of the ten speed, but at least they are doing it I guess.
ksss 02/06/21 10:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anybody still tow with an old GM?

@hornet28 Now if that squarebody had the LBZ and Alli in it......Ha Nice haulers! I had found an 84 1 Ton SRW that I almost bought to put a D/A in. I had a similar truck years ago and missed it. Took it for a spin and realized while I missed those trucks, it wasn't enough to dump that kind of money into. It would be a cool truck though.
ksss 01/31/21 03:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anybody still tow with an old GM?

Now in many pieces... Since you have the front grill out, those square bodies look really good with the grills from the 9o and 91 square bodies (suburban and Blazers had them. The lights are on top in the grill. Pretty cool if you can find one in a bone yard.
ksss 01/28/21 01:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: replacing Brake Pads

I had the Hawk Super Duty on a 06 3500 DRW. Mine never made noise when hot. Really good pads and we much better than the OEM pads were.
ksss 01/28/21 07:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Build my TV

Is the trailer a toy hauler?
ksss 01/21/21 06:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Making Oil

Or we can just speculate... Dude... this is the tow vehicle section of If it wasn't for wild speculation, there wouldn't be a need for this section. Wins best laugh of the morning award.
ksss 01/17/21 12:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer too long for truck?

I`m waiting for the 4500/5500 guys to show up and say how dangerous it is to tow anything with the puny 3500 dually! LOL a properly equipped 1500 at ???? % of max capacity is just as safe as a 2500/3500 at the same ???? % of max capacity. That may be true, but it sure doesn't "feel" that way. I haven't ridden or driven in a lot of 1500's loaded heavy, but when I have, it sure feels less "secure" than a HD pickup loaded heavy. All that is really subjective, but given the choice of running a 1500 at 90% of capacity or a 3500 at 90% capacity, no question which one I would prefer to be in.
ksss 01/17/21 11:05am Tow Vehicles
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