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RE: California to Ban the Sale of New Gasoline Cars by 2035

Just what other States like Idaho need.... another reason for Californians to leave Cali to jack up other States.
ksss 08/24/22 09:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New 3.0 Duramax Info

GM has done a good job with this half ton diesel. No real issues on the original 3 .0 and I doubt this one will be any different. The MPG has been impressive. Hopefully all of that continues. There is a fine line between performance and economy and GM seems to have found that line. Also impressive is the price is reasonable for the 3.0 and hopefully that doesn't change either.
ksss 08/20/22 03:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tundra vs. Silverado question

I guess what is the benefit of the reduced rating? Same truck, same power, maybe a slightly reduced price, but it would never be enough to mean much. Yes the Titan had a lot going wrong with it, but it was designed as a heavy half ton. I guess the under 10K would make the lines more defined between 25 and 3500, but other than that it really doesn't add up to much difference.
ksss 08/17/22 08:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tundra vs. Silverado question

Grit You should use the whole quote to get context of what I am saying. Not everyone needs a 12-13k gvwr SW truck, be it a 25 or 35 series badge with 400-500 HP. The OP, fish's neaghbors, myself, need a bit more truck than a typical 15 series at up to 7200 gvw. That's where a modern 8 lug 8600-9200 gvwr rig with 3000+- lbs of payload comes into play. A 250-350hp motor's I mentioned, get decent mileage empty, ride smooth, can pull an ave size RV st 10k 5w and upwards of 15k ball mount.....this truck does not exist anymore. I consider bad, some may consider it good..... If Frod would build more of it 8200?!?! G wr f150's I think many more than does would sell. If I could have found one, that would be better than my GM1500. Reality, with the 1800 lb tear helper I put on my truck, I'm better off. My 02. Marty On the surface, I have always agreed with this thought. However, the reality of it is these trucks when they have been released don't seem to do well enough to stick around. GM had the 1500 HD which didn't last. I think Nissan built their Titan around this principle. The diesel version had power specs identical to the GM LB7. HD undercarriage and so forth. Obviously now, the entire Titan line is going away. There were other issues with the Titan beyond its spec sheet but come to find out, most will just buy more truck, even if they only need a portion of its capacity. The price of the truck and the MPG in these trucks don't justify the reduced capacity. I have coined this before, but it fits here as well. "A lot can always do a little, but a little can never do a lot". When it comes to people actually signing on the line, this seems to ring true.
ksss 08/17/22 06:49pm Tow Vehicles

Are those wheels and tires 17.5's? Just trying to understand how your set up requires 110 psi.
ksss 08/07/22 08:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: MotorTrend F150 Lightning Tow Test

An "Independent opinion" Good luck finding that. If you remember the prior term for "Climate change". It was global cooling due to increase in CO2, until it was determined that term didn't fit the agenda. **** data couldn't support the position. However, we call it climate change, ahh now there is a term that is much more flexible. So now everything from the recent floods in KY, hurricanes, drought in the West and anything else that can possibly be linked to Climate Change is used as fodder to fill the disinformation cannon. Worse thing is some people actual believe it. Only 10K years ago there was severe climate change with zero human influence. The change so abrupt that places that would be considered tropical, became covered in glaciers. If you remember high school earth science class they told you all about it. Point being, human influence on the planet likely has some impact currently, but not nearly enough to justify the extreme position. It was happening way before human influence stepped in. The data to support the climate change agenda is weak at best and purposely deceptive at its worst. So now finding Independent Information not influenced by political opinion and personal bias seems impossible. The result is where we are now..."**** the torpedoes, full speed ahead" toward solving a problem (costing countless Trillions of dollars and untold pain and suffering) that may not exist. The point about changing the column is spot on, wish we had a "like" button.
ksss 08/06/22 10:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: MotorTrend F150 Lightning Tow Test

Actually, most 1/2 tons are used just as a mode of transportation and tow nothing in their lifespan. That is true, but having the ability to tow if want is important. The difference is with these EV's at the distance they can go between charges when towing, you are really limited verse an ICE. Some may see value in their current ability but when weighing what they can and cant do well, I am not sure there is enough justification for one yet.
ksss 08/03/22 09:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: MotorTrend F150 Lightning Tow Test

Technology is not there yet to allow for a towing EV to be used in the way in which most ICE tow rigs are used. The fact that they are sold out, doesn't mean much. The political push is toward EV's regardless how little practical use they have for anyone the tows something (and many light pickups don't tow anything anyway). When EV's are used commercially, the time to recharge is expensive in the sense that it slows down business activity and someone is getting paid to recharge the vehicle during the day. You can handpick specialized applications where 90 miles on a charge may work, but certainly not enough to convince the majority of business owners to get on board yet. Or anyone that needs to tow something in a reasonable time. Someday things may be different, but certainly not today and tomorrow doesn't look real good either. The day that a battery is developed that holds more of a charge, is quick to recharge, lighter and hopefully doesn't use rare earth metals that are only found in China to build, will be a serious game changer. However until then, EV will be a hard row to hoe especially for those that tow. The next issue will be the power companies, right now it is the oil companies that are beat with sticks at every opportunity. Wait until your house and vehicle are all powered by electricity, that in many places can only be provided by one company. The result of no competition will be massive price rises. They will have all their customers by the balls with no choice but to pay.
ksss 08/02/22 08:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 Silverado 3.0 update

The feedback on this motor has really pretty good. They spent enough time on getting it out, it should be pretty dialed in. Did you find the amount of DEF you used to be excessive? Its the only point I have heard from those that I know who own one.
ksss 07/31/22 12:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Selling 2018 F150 to upgrade to 2022 F150 - worth it or not?

Given money is tight, pay off the 7K and be happy for no payment till you get through your "money is tight" issue. Remember your loan rate on the '22 will be considerably higher than what you paid on the truck you have. Money aside, what will the '22 do for you that your existing truck wont do? Other than increase the time it will take to actually own the truck. Seems like bad timing financially, but beyond that, I am not sure what the benefit is other owning a new truck. That new truck smell goes away but the payment wont for a long time.
ksss 07/26/22 08:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping in an EV.... Always charging...

Got to get the first copies built before they are improved. Power is immediately resolved that will crush anything in the half through one-ton market. So instead of power wars as the diesels have been waging for decades it will be range wars with improvements every model remake. Which is all the reason to wait. I have often compared it to buying a computer in the 90's and early 2000's. The model you bought one day which was top of the line, was outdated before you got home with it. The improvements will come, but the low hanging fruit is gone already. It will take substantial future innovation to make a tow worth EV practical for Business and RV use. I predict the value of the early model pickups to quickly dwindle in value as the newer models (at least in theory) improve on their charging and range situation. Another reason to wait this out.
ksss 07/24/22 12:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping in an EV.... Always charging...

And for some people, they want to explore as they go, so they may be quite happy to stop for an hour every couple hours to visit a museum or tourist sight, etc, as their truck charges. Are they putting chargers in at Hooters? They have great wings. I am a Twin Peaks fan. That way I can eat, have a beer and still see some topography at the same time.
ksss 07/23/22 08:42pm Tow Vehicles

Both of those packages are well done. Great idea to offer a lower cost option for a portion of the package instead of all or nothing. Interesting they put out the cost to conduct crash testing on the bumpers so they could offer it OEM. I don't believe they did it that way with the Bison package. They sold every Bison they built, so both parties must feel pretty good about this relationship moving forward.
ksss 07/19/22 07:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford vs. Ram vs. GM Diesel HP/TQ Ratings

YES the Ford does put down what they advertise.Finally! It is about time. Ford has had a history of inflating their numbers, then falling flat on the hillclimb tests. They did well on the only test to date, but it was really cold for that test. I would like to see them do one in the summer to see what it will really do when the temps go up. That is exactly right. Ford historically bumps their numbers on paper to have the best in class ratings. However, they hook up to a trailer and pull the IKE and they historically never perform to their numbers. UNTIIL this time. FORD clearly outperformed both RAM and GM, convincingly so on the last run. Good on them. It will force the other two to dial up their specs. Whenever GM releases the next HD, last I heard it will be 2024, they supposedly are increasing the hp and torque. They need to. Now in real life, I am very happy with my 2020 Dmax, but the exhaust brake could be better, as someone mentinoned. Plenty of real world power, pulling moderate passes that we have here at 35-40K combined, It makes me happy. But more is....well more.
ksss 07/13/22 06:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GMC 3500 DRW

Yep the above is the trick.
ksss 06/27/22 07:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: first trip with new truck

I get 15 mpg with a 2020 3500 with a steel flatbed. Numerous trips from Idaho to North Dakota and all the wind, hills and so forth in the way.
ksss 06/17/22 06:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy 3.0 first tow.

That is impressive! Did it heat up at all climbing the hills?
ksss 05/28/22 08:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Discoverer AT3 XLT

The Falcon Wild Peak AT is a great tire.
ksss 05/20/22 09:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM 6 liter vortec what are you towing with it?

I have had several 6.0 HD's. I had an '11 and a '15. The '15 had 4.10's, the other was 3.73's. I routinely weighed 31K combined with the '15 moving equipment. There of course is little wind resistance verse pulling an RV. The truck though would pull up passes up to 8K, slow and it would rev, but I thought it did very well. I would not have taken it up Teton Pass that heavy but short of that I felt comfortable pulling it at that weight. The diesels are better without question, but the 6.0 is very capable gas engine.
ksss 05/06/22 08:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: '22 Powerstroke seems a little thirstier than the '21 was.

The upside would have been it would have made upgrading to an Indian a little easier... My friend that is going to help rebuild the trailer has a 17 Darkhorse Chieftain that is VERY nice! I will say I am more than impressed with my 09 FLHTCU ElectraClassic UltraGlide. My two best friends came down to SoCal to visit and ride, ride, and ride some more earlier this month!!! Very nice!
ksss 04/24/22 10:33am Tow Vehicles
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