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RE: Oregon to charge 25% more for out of state RV campers

Would Oregon campers be unhappy at paying extra for out of state camping? They have to in ID.IDAHO, USA — Idaho State Parks will double the price for out-of-state campers and visitors starting Thursday, June 10 to comply with a new state law. House Bill 93 specifies an increase in fees for some of the state's busiest parks, including Bear Lake, Farragut, Hells Gate, Priest Lake and Round Lake. The new price for non-residents to enter the parks jumps to $14. For out of state campers, a basic campsite at those parks will cost $48 a night. And WASHINGTON and MONTANA. and likely quite a few other states. Not sure what all the fuss is about, many states charge more for out of state residents for state park campgrounds. Hasn't stopped us from camping in any of those state parks. We find places we want to go and don't worry about campground fees.
ktmrfs 09/22/21 09:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: DC Conversion and Amp Hours for CPAP

in addition to shutting off/down the humidifier, don't use a heated hose. since this is a bipap not a cpap I "assume" it uses more electricity ????????? bumpy also, most/all of the newer CPAP/BiPAP machines have internet connection as well. I turn mine off when using it in the trailer. Every little bit of power reduction helps. And for the heated hose, Resmed makes a insulated sleeve for the hose. I have one on mine. if you want/need to use the heated hose it will reduce the power draw. another option for the water tray is to fill it with warm water before sleeping. Even w/o the heater on it will offer some humidification and warm water helps for at least part of the night. I can get 3 nights out of my portable battery pack if heater is off, hose heat is off, wif is off. If the water heater is on I can usually get one night, on cold days, not even one night. Big clue on what draws power!
ktmrfs 09/21/21 04:04pm Tech Issues
RE: DC Conversion and Amp Hours for CPAP

I had a 12v plug installed in our bedroom and now I need to try and figure out how much my CPAP machine uses. I bought a Kill A Watt device and measured 8 hours of sleep last night. The device only does KWH and showed a measurement of .36, or 360 watt-hours. The DC converter cable I bought for my machine is rated at 90 watts and has the following input and output values: DC Input: 12/24v DC Output: +24v / 3.75A I take this to mean that when plugged into a 12v battery, the cable converts it to 24v. My question is this: I'm not sure if I should be doing the conversion math based on the 12v battery, or the 24v conversion? When I do the math to convert from Watt Hours to Amp Hours by dividing by 12v, I get a value of 3.75, which also corresponds to the 3.75A rating on the cord. So I'm assuming the correct value would be to use 12v, but just want to confirm. Thanks, Brian I suspect your CPAP is a resmed, they use 24V for the DC input. I have a resmed How much power it needs is HIGHLY DEPENDENT on the setup. Like most CPAP machines if it has and you want to use the humidifier, that alone will be by far the biggest power draw and how much depends on the ambient temperature. And while the converter may say 90W, that does NOT mean it will draw that much. And finally what you observed on the kill a watt for power will be higher than the actual draw on 12V since the brick is a AC-DC converter to supply 24V to the resmed and is more efficient than the brick. (I've verified that on mine) Now all that said, using the DC input only same configuration as in your house I'd expect for 8 hours about 300-325WH draw, or from the 12V battery around 25AH. I suspect based on your readings you have the humidifier running at night. now turn off the humidifier, tube heat, wifi and it should drop to about 10AH, that's about what mine draws in 1 night based on that configuration. Now the resemed DC brick is VERY sensitive to input voltage on startup. if you have to much voltage drop on startup when the CPAP is first turned on, it will kick out. so make sure your wiring to the battery is adequate. If you tapped off another circuit in the trailer, it likely used 14 or 16 ga wire, and may be long enough to have to much initial voltage drop. Especially true if you keep the humidifier on, since it will try to kick on the humidifier heat right away.
ktmrfs 09/21/21 12:55pm Tech Issues
RE: 2021 Outback & Mini Max

Thank you ktmrfs...appreciate the information, lots to digest! The empty weight of the camper I'm interested in (the Mini Max) is actually 1,991 pounds. 2,900 is the gross weight allowed (sorry if I didn't get that right). Does this change anything in your mind, or should I still figure out a way to downsize? Thanks very much again. the empty weight and tongue weight now make more sense. closer to the expected 12-15%. A lot depends on where you go, how often you go and how long the drive is. IMHO your still pushing the limit for the outback, especially if it has a CVT transmission that is common on many outbacks. Short trips on flat ground, may not be much of an issue. Many hills or mountain climbs with a CVT AND a trailer in tow, near the combined weight limit you (and the car) may not do well. do a web search on CVT transmission and you may see what some of the limitations are.
ktmrfs 09/21/21 11:28am Travel Trailers
RE: 2021 Outback & Mini Max

the tongue weight quote is for an EMPTY trailer. put propane in the tank(s) stuff in the trailer, and a battery or 2 on the tongue and you will be over the 350 lbs. Trailer tongue weight is usually closer to 15% of the trailer weight at a minimum. As an example our outback trailer had a quoted empty tongue weight which I verified when we bought the trailer of about 750lbs. I figured once the trailer was loaded up and batteries on the tongue and propane in the tanks and the water tank filled I'd be around 1400lbs. I was low. depending on what we have loaded into the trailer tongue weight varies from 1400 to 1550 lbs. near double the true empty weight. On a 3000 lb LOADED (not empty shipping weight) trailer expect 500lbs on the tongue. One big issue is that trailer mfg design for about 15% tongue weight and vehicle mfg design for a 10% tongue weight. See the problem? Also if the empty weight of the trailer is 2900lbs, my guess is once you put your stuff in the trailer even with an empty fresh water tank you will be over the 3500lbs. And the tow rating usually assumes you have NOTHING else loaded into the car, no passengers, no luggage, just you and a full tank of gas. So, personally I think you will be over the tongue weight and trailer weight by the time your done. we have friends that pull trailers with an outback, but the trailers they have are much lighter, small "pop up" tent trailers, no frontal area, low overall weight. And it works out well for them.
ktmrfs 09/20/21 07:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Question on 5th wheel brakes

at least on my two trailers the drum brakes are a leading shoe design just like cars with drum brakes. The design is such that going forward as the front shoe starts to hit the drum it applies leverage to the pivot point giving "positive feedback" through the leverage to help increase force on the shoes against the drum. going backwards you don't get the leverage due to the rotation direction. so braking action in reverse takes more force for the same shoe force on the drum. Brake will work in reverse but may take more distance to apply force and may not be able to get the same total force. Ever notice on cars with drum brakes for e brake that it is easy to apply the brake to keep the vehicle from going forward, but reverse takes more force or it may roll a short distance before the brakes take hold? BTW lots of vehicles today with 4 wheel disk brakes still use a pair of drum brakes for the e brake.
ktmrfs 09/20/21 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: An upgraded option for the half ton Pickup crowd

nice but we need a crew cab and that only has a 5.5 or 6.5ft box.
ktmrfs 09/20/21 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Navigation options

I have waze and a garmin 890. Truck nav is pretty much useless given the other two options. It does get interesting when they don't agree and I have I have to use that normally dead space between my ears. A couple of times when towing our trailer (65ft combo overall) we hit stopped traffic. Luckily a call to onstar and they were able to download a turn by turn route to the gps around the traffic that was ok with the trailer. The first time it was in an area I was familiar with and new the "typical" route around it was NOT a route for our trailer combo, and onstar downloaded the route I knew was ok with the trailer. Other than that I agree, most vehicle GPS systems aren't as current as stand alone or google.
ktmrfs 09/19/21 10:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Portable Wind Turbine as a power supplement?

e.g. your trying to make a perpetual motion machine. Can't defy the laws of physics, the energy you get from the windmill on top of the trailer etc. will be less than the extra energy required to drive down the road. If what you want is to charge the battery(s) while you are driving the alternator will do that, and if needed a second alternator and alternators are very efficient and will likely have less energy loss that a wind turbine on the roof would. BTW I can easily charge a band of four GC-2 batteries from my single alternator when driving. A days drive 6-8 hours will bring them from about 50% SOC to 80%+ pretty easily.
ktmrfs 09/19/21 10:30am Tech Issues
RE: Navigation options

you need cell service for phone/messages etc. For NAV all that is needed is GPS coverage as long as the map is already loaded into the device, and the cell phone will get that as will the NAV system even with no cell service. Now traffic info etc. needs cell service as well.
ktmrfs 09/19/21 10:26am Technology Corner
RE: Dry Camping Shower Valve Replacement

here is IMHO the perfect RV shower valve solution. Water temp always set at what you want and keeps it that way, other valve controls flow I have the one shown, others like it are on amazon and ebay. A pretty easy replacement for a typical trailer shower faucet.
ktmrfs 09/17/21 10:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Help troubleshooting TT AC airflow

That is because you have increased the static pressure in the system to the point that the blower can no longer move the air. Keep all the registers open. If you have an area that has low airflow; first check that the register there is properly sealed to the main duct. In fact it wouldn't hurt to check all of them. Depending on how the duct work is laid out you may be able to add an additional register in the bedroom area. yup, you need a minimum open area for the vents. and most trailers ONLY have enough vents when open to meet that minimum area. so closing them really seldom increases airflow noticeably.
ktmrfs 09/16/21 10:45am Tech Issues
RE: AT&T no more Wireless Home Phone

If what you want is a cordless phone in your house, the solution is simple. Get the Panasonic DECT phone system, it can pair with two cell phones and will ring when a cell call comes in. That way you don't need to be running around the house to find your cell phone. And it will work w/o a landline. it becomes the "cordless phone" for your cell phones. You can link 2 cell phones to it, We have been using the system for over a decade. We have the base station and then 4 panasonic cordless phones scattered throughout the house.
ktmrfs 09/16/21 10:40am Technology Corner
RE: 2023 GM HD 505hp/1085tq

Personally I would be more excited by a 400hp diesel with a 100hp hybrid electric drive generator combo like Ford is offering in the F150. Just bigger and with a much larger battery so that the electric motor can make a significant difference while pulling a heavy trailer. me also. making the diesel a "mild" hybrid with a big enough battery to capture the energy required to stop from 60 and/or an option to capture the energy from a 1 mile 6% downgrade with a 10,000 lb trailer would likely greatly increase in town fuel economy and boost power. With the low fuel consumption at idle, it wouldn't even need start/stop incorporated,
ktmrfs 09/13/21 07:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Opinions on best anti theft hitch lock type device.

Whatever you get make sure it is not just a hitch pin lock. The lock MUST also cover the ball entrance as well. Why? well with the size of the typical trailer ball, if the hitch pin is locked and the ball socket isn't covered, all that is needed to tow the trailer away is a 1 7/8" or 2" ball. the hitch will drop right down on it and away it goes. yes, the ball isn't locked, but still can be towed, especially with typical tongue weights.
ktmrfs 09/11/21 08:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: 12v dehumidifier

Do they exist? I am sure there are some out there, but.. Most "12V" items like this are nothing more than toys and will only draw 4oz-8oz (1 cup-1 pint)of water per 24hrs. Peltier or solid state cooling devices do exist, apply 12V and one side gets cold and the other side gets hot. The caveat with Peltier devices is they are absolute power hogs and they are quite limited in size and how much cooling (the fins must cool below the ambient air temp without freezing to condense moisture out of the air) you get and are highly dependent on the ambient air temp on how effective they are. Buy the smallest 120V compressor based dehumdifier you can find and use a inverter, they work better than any battery powered dehumidifiers you will find. absolutely. And yes, peltier heaters or coolers are very very very inefficient. That's what's used in the inexpensive 12V coolers you can buy. That's also what is used in our truck for the cooled seats. In that case, they actually do work reasonably well, but the back seat passengers definitely hear the noise from the unit and the fan. Even the smallest 120V dehumidifier will pull 5 gallons or more of water out of the air in less than 24Hours if the humidity is even moderately high and keep windows from fogging, etc.
ktmrfs 09/11/21 07:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: 12v dehumidifier

Do they exist? well, some that are peltier devices do exists, but they really don't do much. If humidity is high enough that you need a dehumidifier, then you need one that has a compressor, basically they are an AC unit, air goes over the cold coil, water condenses, usually they can pull several gallons of water out in a matter of hours. They peltier devices might get a few ounces out in the same time.
ktmrfs 09/11/21 09:51am General RVing Issues
RE: toy hauler ramp

mine has the spring overhead and cables to the ramp. the spring is like a garage door spring, so it can be adjusted pretty easily to increase or decrease the amount of lift. If the door has the row of spring hinges on the bottom, not sure what a solution might be. But maybe you could add more spring hinges on the bottom.
ktmrfs 09/10/21 01:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tonneau covers that don’t leak

my tri fold has a drain tube on each side to catch water that gets through the side edges. But in a heavy rain some water does occasionally get through. Mine seems to seal quite well over the tailgate cover. The tailgate seal does overlap the bed sides. On my previous truck I had a roll up vinyl cover that had velcro on the sides. It rarely leaked. The trifold is a undercover flex. the vinyl roll up was a Acess roll up cover. neither is completely waterproof, but both could sit in the oregon winter rain for a week or more with only a few ounces of water getting into the bed.
ktmrfs 09/06/21 09:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Safety Chains Binding Between Hitch Head & Trunnion Bars

do you have the HD snap up brackets with the extra gussett on them? If not you NEED them with the 1500lb bars or you WILL bend the brackets.
ktmrfs 09/03/21 10:32am Travel Trailers
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