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RE: Need Good Sources for Quality Bulk Solar Cable

Recommend this place for high quality solar materials: AM Solar x2.
ktmrfs 12/06/19 10:19am Tech Issues
RE: Thoughts on studded tires

I've run studded tires in the past but about 10 years ago switched to studless winter tires. The REAL studless winter tires. The ones that you do not want to run in the summer. There are tires around now with the snowflake on the sidewall that are what I'd call a crossover tire. not near as good in snow/ice as a real studless winter tire. My experience is that the studless are just as good as studded tires in hardpacked snow and ice, WAY better on wet surfaces, WAY better on dry roads than studded tires and much quiter and don't chew up the roads. The tread is not as aggresive as some studded tires so they may not be as good as a studded tire in deep snow. What I do is get a set of wheels for each vehicle and have studless tires mounted on them then mount them when the time comes. Treadwear on the studless seems to be comparable to what I'd get out of a studded tire, nowhere near the treadlife of a summer tire. , If studs are allowed where you live, but you intend to travel out of state, check stud restrictions. Some states have outlawed them, other states have restrictions on the dates they can be used.
ktmrfs 12/06/19 10:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best places to park the TT @ Yellowstone

there are several FS campgrounds north of West yellowstone that often have plenty of spaces. No electric but water is available. Nice big spots, close to the river. Red Cliff NFS campground is one we have used.
ktmrfs 12/03/19 09:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Built in vs. Stand-alone GPS?

I have built in GPS in my GMC 2500HD and also carry a Garmin RV760 and then our phones have google maps. All have advantages/disadvantages. google maps is great for knowing how LONG it will take to get somewhere google maps will give rerouting instructions if there is a faster route. Of course that assumes you have cell coverage. and the reroute doesn't know if the route is "trailer friendly" the "map" is the size of display of the phone so I rely on voice directions. Not always the bgest. Garmin RV760 give good turn by turn and does a decent job of finding trailer friendly routes. Garmin doesn't get real time traffic so may not reroute for accidents, closures etc. Directions on which lane to stay in or use are good. The GM built in IMHO has very good turn by turn directions, the best of all often giving exact lanes to be in with advanced warning often even the name of a business/landmark before a turn. It doesn't automatically reroute for obstructions, but on several occasions I've hit the onstar button and the onstar advisor rerouted me on a RV friendly route when I told her I was pulling a 35 ft trailer. On another occasion I was informed that I should stay at the rest stop because all lanes were blocked due to an accident and the backup was approaching 25 miles. They said it was being cleared call back in an hour for an update. So.. we had some coffee, and waited. Onstar will also download custom maps if you request, like keep me on highway 1 as much as possible from LA to cresent city, avoiding 101 if possible. Display in my case is the biggest of all and turns are shown directly on the DIC in the spedo cluster if needed. Maps are not as current as the Garmin or Google, and even the annual update isn't real up to date and updates cost, unlike Garmin and google. Which is best? One that did what all of the above would do combined!
ktmrfs 11/27/19 09:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Adding air bags: can that increase payload capacity?

OK... thank you. I've been hearing and reading conflicting views on this subject. Sounds like I will need to go with a 1 ton. And perhaps add bags for extra stability? don't necessarily need to go to a "1 ton" This year GM finally decided to buck the system and classify the 2500's in the same class (3?) as 1 tons, so the 2500HD Duramax SRW has a GVWR of 11,500ish, very close to the 3500 SRW instead of the old class limit of 10,000. I suspect Ford and Dodge will follow suite in short order.
ktmrfs 11/27/19 08:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wilson Cell Booster?

I have looked at the specs of these different packages sold by Wilson It appears the same amp specs It's the big pole and bigger antenna that produce more gain I would use the old coax. The new equipment with a New multi band trucker antenna while driving , I wouldn't put any worry into the only use while stationary comment, I think that's CYA on case of stupid people Yes, I think that CYA statement was exactly as you say! Even the way Wilson responded to my question indicated in the wording, "it's not designed for this but everyone does it". I kind of got the just of what was being said! yup. I believe that FCC spec's limit the gain on "mobile" units to 50db + any antenna gain. But the limit doesn't apply to "fixed" units, such as in home, stationary RV etc. So...... to comply with FCC limits they state stationary use only and kinda drive it that way with the external pole mount antenna. But again, use a permanent roof mount omni when driving down the road, who would know!
ktmrfs 11/27/19 08:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Stabil or Seafoam for long term gas can storage?

hands down to seafoam over the regular red stabil. Although the marine stabil seems to have much better results than the red stabil. I and a few others have had units plug up with stabil and a good dose of seafoam unplugged them. Since then I've had no troubles using sea foam alone.
ktmrfs 11/27/19 11:29am Tech Issues
RE: Wilson Cell Booster?

I have looked at the specs of these different packages sold by Wilson It appears the same amp specs It's the big pole and bigger antenna that produce more gain I would use the old coax. The new equipment with a New multi band trucker antenna while driving , I wouldn't put any worry into the only use while stationary comment, I think that's CYA on case of stupid people I looked up the spec's again. the RV 65 along with some of the other "RV" amps are 75 ohm output, NOT 50 ohm systems like many of the older amps were. Highly likely older non RV systems were 50 ohm. So highly likely one would need to replace the 50 ohm outside antenna cable and exisiting antenna with a 75 ohm system. IMHO the switch to 75 ohm was a wise idea. Low loss 75 ohm cable is much less expensive and much smaller and easier to work with than an equivalent low loss 50 ohm system. The equiv 50 ohm cable is about 1/2" in diameter and almost a semi rigid cable and very expensive. trucker antenna is 50 ohm. so to avoid impedance mismatch and high VSWR and gain loss you should use a 75 ohm external antenna. I don't think they make a 75 ohm trucker antenna, but the do make a 75 ohm omni with a build in ground plane. Inside antenna system is still 50 ohm so no need to switch that. RV65 amp give 15db more gain than the Drive X RV with 50db max gain, couple that with a taller pole and a directional antenna and overall system could be a winner in very low level signal areas. Drive X RV is also a 75 ohm external impedance system. I have that unit in my RV and it works great. Most of the other systems are 50 ohm.
ktmrfs 11/27/19 11:22am Technology Corner
RE: Wilson Cell Booster?

If I remember correctly the RV65 is a 75 ohm system between the external antenna and the amplifier. The older system is highly likely to be 50 ohm, so you WILL need to run new cable. I suspect the reason Wilson switched to 75 ohm on the RV 65 and a few other RV systems is that low loss 75 ohm cable is much less expensive and easier to handle than low loss 50 ohm cable. The wilson comment on stationary use only is for regulatory compliance. Mobile systems are limited to 50db gain, stationary systems can have more gain. If you want to use it with a fixed antenna you will also need to get a 75 ohm antenna. The antenna from inside the trailer to the amp is still a 50 ohm system.
ktmrfs 11/26/19 09:35am Technology Corner
RE: Extender Gas Cans

It does have a fuel pump.. I purchased a set up from here - Amazon - Bergs Single system BUT I purchased the dual feed system and still have that tucked away in my shed .. Mine was a 5 gallon and was/IS awesome ! I also fueled mine up while the generator was running as the tank was a few feet from the generator.. I know a few folks who tried some of the amazon/ebay no name systems and they were not trouble free or easy to use. I have the dual unit Berg system and while more expensive IMHO it is worth the money. Very well designed, quick and easy to connect, and very good fuel cap for the honda.
ktmrfs 11/25/19 05:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Blow out water lines question

I and many of my camper friends have blown out lines for decades and not had any problems. But, our climate doesn't get real cold and for very long, figure 15F for a few days at most, often less, so even below freezing the inside of the trailer and some of the lines don't get below freezing if it warms up during the day. And we all us pink stuff in the traps. Just take your time and continue blowing out the lines for 30 seconds or so after it starts blowing air. And blow out the black tank rinser as well. And the pex lines in todays trailers are more freeze damage resistant than copper. Pex will exand rather than rupture like copper. However, I know folks in the midwest who blow out lines and don't have problems either. I prefer blowing out the lines rather than the pink stuff since it makes it MUCH easier and quicker to go camping. No flushing, just fill up and go.
ktmrfs 11/24/19 10:56am Travel Trailers
RE: 22" to 24" portable gas griddle

we love the blackstone 22 inch. A friend has the much larger one, great for a crowd but a pain to pack along.
ktmrfs 11/23/19 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Midsize car for towing

there are a large number of small/midsized cars that have a 1000ish plus tow rating. to many to list. Are you sure the toyota has no tow rating and not rated to be "flat towed" many car's can't be flat towed and usually that is called out specifically.
ktmrfs 11/16/19 09:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Space Heater

So what’s the difference in running a heat pump that a lot of rv’s have today and people using a 1500 watt electric heater? I guess people with the heat pumps is not abusing the system and people using a space heater is? at least heat pumps are way more efficient that resistance heating. I don't know about RV heat pumps but home heat pumps/AC units typically get 3x or more the heat than resistance heating, With a SEER of 15, you get 15BTU/watt, or aboutt 4x resistance heating. No this does NOT violate any thermodynamic laws, a heat pump does just that it moves heat from one location to another. (outside to inside or vice versa.)
ktmrfs 11/15/19 09:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Space Heater

We use the oil filled radiator type. Although they're also 1500watts, they produce more heat than our ceramic heater ever did. They have 3 heat settings and a thermostat and the best thing is they're completely quiet except for a click when they turn on/off. We have 2 in a 31ft trailer and they'll keep it very comfortable down into the 30's. it may feel like it makes more heat, and it may be more comfortable but 1500W=5100BTU in an electric resistance element heater. ceramic, oil filled etc. makes no difference.
ktmrfs 11/14/19 07:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rated engine power

as mentioned today engine power is determined with the alternator, water pump, fan etc. all connected and operating along with the factory air intake, air filter, exhaust system installed etc. Often referred to as SAE Net HP. This was instituted sometime in the 1970's for U.S. sold cars and Light trucks. AFAIK there isn't any load added to the alternator to represent what power might be needed for other electric loads in the car, nor do I think the AC is on, but the AC belt and pulley are connected. Before that there was SAE Gross HP which was used by U.S. mfg which was determined without driving water pump, alternator, an open air intake system, and no muffler installed, and in some cases running non factory header pipes. At the Same time many european vehicles coming to the U.S. were advertizing DIN HP which was much closer to the SAE net rating.
ktmrfs 11/14/19 10:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: Glow plug still in warranty

LML duramax is one up on the cummins. It has glow plugs AND a grid heater. I suspect the grid heater doesn't have near as much heat output as the cummins grid heater. Course some of the cummins in Motor homes have neither grid heaters or glow plugs, but do have a ether(sp?) AKA starting fluid injection bottle!
ktmrfs 11/13/19 09:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Microwaves on inverters.

I have a unit with 1500 watt microwave and would like to be able to use it occasionally when dry camping (10 min or less at a time). I plan to use a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. Also plan using it on a 900 watt coffee maker (about 15 min a pot). Anyone have any experience with this setup? Thanks, Doug run our microwave quite often on an inverter. you will need enough battery and big short cables from battery to inverter. Now one thing to consider, which we did was to toss the original microwave in the donate pile and buy a panasonic true inverter microwave. It's operation is much different than traditional microwaves. when in partial power mode it doesn't cycle between 0% and 100%, it actually runs at the % set. So.... if you set it to 50% that's what it runs at continually. Ours is a 1500watt microwave and I run it easily on a 1000W inverter if power is set to 50% or less. At 50% power it does NOT take twice as long to heat something, more like 25% longer. I also have a hotel type keurig that draws 900W and we run it off the 1000W inverter with no problems either. for this type of draw I'd recomend either 4 GC2s or a bank of 12V. GC2's aren't great for large current draw and have high internal resistance compared to a 12V jar. So with only 2 GC2's your inverter may shut down when batteries are below 75%ish SOC. With 4 GC2's it should work down to 50%. I run 4GC2's, with only 2 it only worked with batteries charged above 75% or so. A few others have had similar experiences.
ktmrfs 11/12/19 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: Brake fluid change?

brake Fluid change seems to vary signficantly by mfg. Currently two of my cars state "every two years", while my truck is 10 years or 100K miles. Past vehicles have varied from every year on up. Every vehicle I have owned did have a recomended brake fluid change interval either by years or miles or both.
ktmrfs 11/11/19 12:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Is a fuse a fuse?

Not sure I understand why one would fuse a solar panel. What rating fuse would you use? ...the solar panel is simply incapable of sourcing higher current than its maximum output.....a fuse could never blow. The other end is not a current source assuming it is a charge controller, so nothing that could provide current to blow a fuse there, either..... am I missing something? single panel I agree. Multiple panels another story. Let's assume you have 6 panels in parallel. One panel develops an internal short positive to negative, each panel can supply 15A, Now all the sudden you have 5 panels suppling up to a total of 60A through the wiring on the shorted panel. not a good idea. The fuse serves as a isolation device. Fusing requirements for solar panels are more focused on house grid tie applications where you could have a dozen or more panels in parallel.
ktmrfs 11/10/19 09:59am Tech Issues
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