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RE: Just an observation and wondering

even in non hybrids electric power steering, and even AC, brake booster, water pump etc. are becoming common. reduces engine drag, only operates when needed, improves fuel economy. No reason to run the power steering when stopped, and less assist is needed at higher speeds, On our acura mdx hybrid everything typically driven off the serpentine belt is GONE, all now electric.
ktmrfs 06/21/21 08:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2200i Experts??

ktmrfs, And I continue to spend my life in the power delivery industry. Our bible is ANSI (American National Standards Institute) C84.1 when it comes to voltage. It spells out two ranges A and B, with A being the range to meet the majority of the time. Each range includes service voltage (what we care about) plus utilization voltage (at the receptacle.) None of this works out to 10%, but can be approximated by 5 at the service. If your electronics meet a wider range, that's good. Maybe an excursion into range B won't kill them. I see you are in Portland. Perhaps you've heard of PGE. The NEMA standard is +/- 10, but starts at 115 nameplate instead of the 120 nominal used by ANSI. probably a case of source tolerance spec vs. equipment tolerance voltage spec. With the ANSI source tolerance A & B and a 10% equipment tolerance pretty much assured equipment will operate with source tolerances at the limit along with unexpected drops in the wiring system, especially when it comes to the low voltage end where most equipment runs into trouble.
ktmrfs 06/21/21 07:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Long Range Two Way Radio

Check out satellite radios, they operate anywhere. not really. most work very poorly inside buildings, cars, etc. And those who use GEOS sat's need a clear view of the southern sky for reception........ Like aiming a TV sat dish. Irridium based systems that don't use geos sats are much better but can suffer reception problems for about 10 minutes every hour depending on terrain. Now if you want to send/recieve text messages the Garmin inreach which uses Iridium sat's. works quite well. Seldom has taken more than a few minutes to lock onto a sat and send a message when I am outside. Inside a building, even a trailer/house much more problematic. Spot uses GEOS sat's and only allows one way communication, send only, no recieve. Sat phones can be rented for short term use.
ktmrfs 06/21/21 06:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Does damp rid have a place in rving in winter/cooler temps

The Buddy heater was more than "part" of the problem. It was likely the majority of the problem. Heating a good size camper in "high teens" ambient temps, is what? 1 or 2 20lb bottles a week? Each 20lb bottle of LP puts about 4 gallons of water into the air. Why one would use a buddy heater more than occasionally if full timing it in anything more than a motorhomeless situation, I don't understand. Ditch the buddy heater, run a dehumidifier if necessary, kick the dog outside! yup, burning any fossil fuel yields CO2 and H2O + heat. In the case of propane, 1 gallon of propane burned dumps slightly less than a gallon of water into the air.
ktmrfs 06/21/21 03:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Honda 2200i Experts??

ANSI puts it closer to +/-5%. spent my life in electronic equipment design. U.S. tolerance on line voltage is +/- 10% that is what we had to design to for U.S based products. 108-132V That takes into account the minimum voltage allowed at the entrance panel as well as voltage drop allowed post meter.
ktmrfs 06/21/21 08:41am Tech Issues
RE: Long Range Two Way Radio

Have to agree about the companies opinionated hope to get past a couple miles at best. I think they did their testing in outer space with absolutely no interference. just about correct. Range for some, maybe all, is listed for the conditions that one radio is on a high elevation and able to look directly downward to the other radio with nothing in the path, zip, nada, not a tree, not a rock outcropping nothing. And as some others have mentioned, 5W gives a limited range, especially with the "rubber ducky" antennas. On mine I have loaded, matched, wavelength matched antennas.
ktmrfs 06/20/21 09:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Long Range Two Way Radio

All, Thanks very much for the feedback! ktmrfs, after my research, I'm like the GRMS together with MURS. What make/model do you have? I'm considering a Tera TR-505. In the cars and for around camp we have rugged radio RH5R, one of the no longer sold units due to FCC crackdown on the non compliant radios. Programmed for MURS, FRS and GRMS for off road riding etc. we have Standard Horizon HX370 or HX400 programmed for MURS channels and FRS channels. Standard horizon is single band only so no GRMS channels. On both I programmed them with tone controlled squelch on the channels as well as the non tone controlled squelch on the same channels.
ktmrfs 06/20/21 08:53am Technology Corner
RE: Long Range Two Way Radio

I've used various handheld radios on GMRS, FRS, MURS frequencies. Unless you are at the top of a hill looking directly downward to the other phone with nothing else in the way for clear line of site, don't expect more than 1/2 mile. figure 1/4 mile in dense trees, buildings etc. We use some high end rugged models for off road motorcycle riding along with push to talk headsets in the helmets. work great, but only for 1/4 to 1/2 mile. Yes, on occasion in flat land we have reached further than that, but don't expect it as anything routine. Nice thing about the high end units is the ability to use tone controlled squelch so you don't have bursts of noise. And we use them constantly when parking the trailer in campgrounds since many of our campgrounds are out of cell service range. Or between vehicles when caravaning to campgrounds. FCC has also cracked down on a bunch of the units that don't meet type qualification and/or were tuneable or able to work on frequencies outside the type spec's.
ktmrfs 06/19/21 09:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Navion 24 trips GFCIs

Thank you for all the great suggestions. Unfortunately, I've tried pretty much all of them and still am unable to locate the problem. I do have it narrowed down to two circuits, one to the converter/charger and the other to the inverter and some receptacles. Also, we recently purchased the motorhome from a private party so I don't have any history on this problem. Anyways, I guess I'll keep looking but just wanted to say thanks for the input. OK, here is one thought given the circuits that seem to be the problem. It's possible that the inverter and/or converter has the ground and neutral tied together. That is a big no no for GFCI breakers. they WILL trip with a ground neutral connection. same with the converter. GFCI are designed to trip under two conditions. (a) current imbalance between hot and neutral (b) ground neutral bond. NEC code does not allow ground and neutral to be bonded anywhere downstream of the main breaker panel. But seems like a common mistake made by RV owners is to tie ground and neutral together somewhere in the trailer. Another possibility is an outside outlet that has moisture present. Bingo, GFCI fault
ktmrfs 06/17/21 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Dehumidifier?

They rate dehumidifiers at 77 F. (25 c). When it is colder than that the collection of moisture is quite poor. The reason for electric heat is to warm air coming into the rv from a window. We need to get the surfaces below the dew point. Ours seems to do well even down to about 60F. below that it drops off pretty quick. and yes, you want surfaces below the dew point, which in a trailer with single pane windows can be quite difficult!
ktmrfs 06/15/21 05:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dehumidifier?

Hello guys, We’re pretty big family, every morning all windows covered with moisture. I saw on Amazon there are a lot of small dehumidifiers, something like that: Dehumidifiers Does anyone have good experience with these small dehumidifiers? This specific model probably not big enough for 28 ft trailer… don't waist your money on those small units. You need one that can remove 5+ GALLONS of water/day. Get a smaller compressor based unit at a big box store, you will find it will fill up in a few hours, empty it and then it may go 12 hours or even a day. next what introduces water into the air 1) people breathing..... more water than you think 2) stove/oven. they will dump about 1 gallon of water into the air for every gallon of propane burned 3) damp clothes 4) NON VENTED heaters, (not a furnace) same as stove or oven. A vented heater (propane furnace) introduces ZERO, NADA, not one drop of moisture into the air, all the combustion air goes outside. Same with the water heater So once you have a dehumidifier running, when you shower or cook crack a roof vent. try to keep wet stuff out of the trailer. We often camp on rainy days in oregon, even with 5 of us in the trailer with the dehumidifier running and reasonable use of oven, stove, showers etc. we can keep the RH down enough that windows stay clear.
ktmrfs 06/15/21 02:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Virginia GCWR rules / commercial / travel trailer

that "26,000lb" number seems to be a common weight for comercial vehicles that must stop at a weigh station. under that weight and comercial and in many states still no need to stop. Nor do you need to register it as comercial if you use it for personal use in most/all states. But AFAIK and hav experienced, if you are not hauling for hire or for a comercial company, most weigh stations will get annoyed to say the least if you stop even if you are over the 26,000 combined weight.
ktmrfs 06/13/21 07:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Reese dual cam… driver side seems to have more tension.

are both side brackets perfectly centered so that the "hump" in the cam is dead center on each bracket? On mine the bars are not identical and I have them labeled DS and PS so they mate perfectly.
ktmrfs 06/13/21 07:03pm Towing
RE: When to change oil

I have a 2005 Duramax as well. It only has 44,000 miles so if I waited for the dash indicator I would have some pretty old oil before I changed it. We have expensive engines, so $35 a year seems like cheap insurance. I change mine at the start of every camping season unless I make a cross country trip and really do a lot of miles.(8000 plus). $35 per year? Ha I don't think so My last duramax oil change: $10 for a AC delco filter, $43 for 10 quarts of Rotella T-6 full synthetic after mail in rebate. $53. Using regular rotella t4 and watching for rebates/sales and I can see getting to down to the $30 range
ktmrfs 06/13/21 07:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Soft start for ac

Best way to install Easy Start when you have a non walkable roof? Can not really reach AC unit from ladder. I'm thinking plywood to spread out my weight. Any other ideas? partial sheet of 1/2" or thicker plywood, laid over some towels or rags to make sure edges don't do any damage would be my approach.
ktmrfs 06/12/21 09:38am Tech Issues
RE: When to change oil

On the recomended change interval or the onboard oil life. I think there are many parts to this. 1) What detailed oil analysis and careful monitoring yields for oil life 2) What consumers will accept for change interval. 3) typical mileage/year for vehicles. IMHO (2) wins out. For decades of "you must change oil every 3K miles" getting people to accept a 5K, 7500, 10K or longer oil change interval is hard. GM solved (3) by having the DIC drop 2%/week to meet the "change the oil at least once/year". Some other mfg still have the once/year interval or DIC, but don't monitor time. I have once such vehicle, with covid we only drove it about 5K miles last year, oil life was down to 50%, but it had hit the one year mark, and no dash indicator to change oil.
ktmrfs 06/12/21 09:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Does damp rid have a place in rving in winter/cooler temps

Leave a roof vent cracked. Use an electric heater rather than propane heaters. Run a dehumidifier. Damp Rid won't hurt, but might not provide enough, in and of itself. no difference between electric heat and propane furnace. both just heat the inside air, nothing else. Now propane oven or stove will add water to the air from combustion, about 1 gallon of water per gallon of propane burned. But furnace will NOT add any water to the air in the trailer, it is all vented outside. Propane unvented heaters, another story, they also dump water into the air. If you have humidity problems, go to a big box store and buy the smallest compressor driven dehumidifier you can find. It will do the trick.
ktmrfs 06/10/21 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Soft start for ac

The soft start may not allow you to run from a single Honda 2000. at sea level our honda 2000 consistently starts our coleman Mach III while in eco mode. The AC has the micro air easy start installed. Above about 4,000ft the 2000 is marginal, but the 2200 is fine all the way up to at least 7,000ft. But make sure any other high loads are off, like make sure batteries are near full charge, etc. With the 2,000 you won't be able to run much else other then the AC
ktmrfs 06/09/21 09:18pm Tech Issues
RE: When to change oil

I have a 2005 Duramax as well. It only has 44,000 miles so if I waited for the dash indicator I would have some pretty old oil before I changed it. We have expensive engines, so $35 a year seems like cheap insurance. I change mine at the start of every camping season unless I make a cross country trip and really do a lot of miles.(8000 plus). actually the GM system will time out at 0% after 50 weeks. it will go down either by the monitoring of the oil or 2% wk. Since GM says change the oil based on the DIC but at least once/year. My 2015 often sits for a few weeks between drives, and yup oil life goes down the 2%/wk. During this last year with not much camping mine went to 0% in about 4,000 miles, actually 12 months of limited use.
ktmrfs 06/09/21 09:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is “TankTechsRX as good...

we've used tank rx, happy camper, and a bunch of other stuff. So far I like tank RX the best. In all cases I also add a 1/4 cup of calgon powder water softener and a cap of liquid HE laundry detergent.
ktmrfs 06/03/21 08:33pm General RVing Issues
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