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Advantage of dedicated hotspot is doesn't tie up the phone, runs longer on the battery. Last I knew FMCA had a deal 50/month unlimited 4G as I recall. SPRINT was the carrier when I had it (Now merged with T-Mobile) I suggest a hotspot on a DIFFERENT Carrier than your phone. WHY. Well they had not yet merged when I had it and some places one of them was "NO SIGNAL" the other broke the needle on my internet speed-o-meter (Well it's a graphic so it does not break but you get the idea) In other places.. Reverse the results. So a T-mobile hotspot if you have verizon phones or A Verizon hotspot with T-Mobile phones. Two thigns you need to know One. IT DOES NOT TIE UP THE PHONE... phone still makes and receives calls but you may lose internet when call arrives (Depends on phone) Two. Keep the charger hooked up battery life is forever. In the early days the phone did not properly control the battery charge so if you did that bad things happened. But today's phones are smarter.. Much smarter.. Way smarter. yes two carriers is a good idea. Just make sure they don't both use the same system. Verizon/ATT make a good combo and your spot on about often only one or the other working. For a long time we had our cell phones with Verizon and Onstar with ATT phone. good combo. And a cell booster can get you from zippo signal to signal decent enough for phone/messaging/moderate web use. Now, don't expect service well enough to stream video, expect service good enough to do most web based stuff, reasonable speeds for file download/upload maybe youtube, but not video streaming.
ktmrfs 11/27/22 08:24pm Technology Corner
RE: How much of rise on front of truck acceptable when hitched?

seems like every mfg had different advice on how much to bring the front down and they seem to vary year to year. I've always tried to bring mine back to 1/2" or less but NEVER NEVER EVER below the original ride height. Especially important on GM since you can easily run into the rubber bump stops if you go below unloaded height. My opinion is if your at 1/2" see how it handles your likely in the ballpark acceptable range.
ktmrfs 11/27/22 01:32pm Travel Trailers

Personally I don't trust any public wifi, never used it, never will. We use either our phone as a hotspot or our Verizon mifi hotspot. Advantage of dedicated hotspot is doesn't tie up the phone, runs longer on the battery. For remote locations with marginal cell service we have a weboost cell booster. Doesn't cover everywhere but give us coverage in probably 90% of the places we are.
ktmrfs 11/27/22 01:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Truck starts on its own

Probably neighbors have remote start for their vehicles. Like house keys, one key fits many houses....Many devises use the same frequency. pretty much gone are the days where remotes shared frequency and codes. Cars today all use some form of rolling codes with encryption for a specific VIN number to get around random interference. Much less likely to have a remote that opens the doors and starts the car than a physical key that does so. Why the OP had an issue, don't know
ktmrfs 11/24/22 09:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

So how about these....assuming a box can be installed. If box will not fit, where can the higher quality RV specific receptacles be sourced? How will I know they are better than what I have? The ones I have seen appear to require a tool to install wires in rear. They also appear to be of same quality as I have now (stab style). Commercial grade outlet that's what I have used however do NOT install the 20A outlet on a 15A circuit!!!!!! against code, use the 15A outlet, you don't want to be able to try to run something with a 20A plug on a 15A circuit. There is a "shallow" retrofit plastic box that in my trailer was shallow enough to fit in the existing wall.
ktmrfs 11/23/22 09:18am Travel Trailers
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

Baja Man, Please replace the outlet where you intend to connect the electric heater. I replaced all but one of the outlets. Is this appropriate grade? It has side screws as well as push in connections. Is screw connections preferred in RVs? Also, should I expect a receptacle box or will I find those enclosed wirecon type boxes/receptacles? If the latter, perhaps an old work box and receptacle would be best. 15 amp residential receptacle Thanks! I never use "residential grade" switches, outlets etc. the outlets are designed ( and code required) to be used in a box, the RV outlets are designed to not need a box. Problem is that many trailer walls are to thin for most boxes, need a shallow box. use a comercial grade outlet or better. They have much better and higher spring contact on the blades, better material on the blades and better frame and better side lugs.
ktmrfs 11/22/22 11:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Does travel trailer furnace have a filter?

highly unlikely. I've yet to see a RV furnace with a filter. They may exist, but if so are pretty rare.
ktmrfs 11/22/22 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Anode Rod Wear

I agree that those rods are still good for another year. I tried changing to an aluminum rod once. After two years it still looked new. Didn’t seem to be doing its job so I switched back to magnesium. If you have very hard corrosive water that quickly eats magnesium anode rods, then a switch to aluminum is reasonable. If it takes years to do in a magnesium rod, then the magnesium rod is the best choice and provides the best protection.
ktmrfs 11/21/22 10:44pm Tech Issues
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

Baja Man, Please replace the outlet where you intend to connect the electric heater. I replaced all but one of the outlets. the trailer backstab outlets are a bigger issue and more failure prone when used with inductive loads. e.g. microwave, motors, AC units, than they are with a pure resistive load. e.g. heater, toaster, coffee maker. That said I did replace my backstabs in the trailer with high grade outlets. IMHO the el cheapo sticks and bricks outlets even though they aren't backstabs are no better than the trailer backstabs. The springs on the contacts are cheap material and loose tension with any heat from high load current and aren't good under inductive loads either.
ktmrfs 11/21/22 10:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Anode Rod Wear

Ours always erodes quickest nearest the threads, which I believe is the reason: closest connection. But just a guess. Mine too, and same guess. yes, basic chemistry and electrolysis. I will corrode from the end closest to where it is attached to the tank and progress down towards the far end.
ktmrfs 11/21/22 10:39am Tech Issues
RE: Truck starts on its own

Last night was watching tv heard my truck start . Went into my garage truck was running all lights on dashboard was flashing, Has anyone else had this to happen? The key was off 2019 Duramax. 2500 HD 80 thousand miles Does the truck have remote start? If so did you or DW have a fob in a pocket or purse that may have gotten bumped. If no remote start I would replace the ignition switch. at least on my 2015.5 duramax and my 2004 duramax in order to do a remote start with the fob (a) the vehicle must be locked and (b) you must hold the start button long enough for the truck to start. at least 5 seconds, longer when the truck is cold. so, highly unlikely it will be a "pocket start". Same if you use the phone app.
ktmrfs 11/21/22 10:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Imagine 22 mle or Cougar 22 mls

a propane fridge should be an option. At least at the recent RV show, the majority of Cougars, Outbacks, Montana's had a propane fridge, it was listed as a $75 option over the 12V residential fridge. Are the a huge problem w/o hookups? going to depend on how long you camp, how big a battery bank you have, how much if any solar you have and how much sunshine you get. We do lot's of dry camping, often a week or more and have a propane fridge, 4 GC2 batteries and 600W of solar so can't compare other than it's been almost 3 years since we needed to fire up the generator and propane fridges use very very little propane.
ktmrfs 11/20/22 08:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

Furnaces also use a lot of battery power to run the fan. Not everyone uses a generator or has solar to recharge batteries when dry camping. So, for them, bundling up allows them to dry camp for more than 2 nights. that is true. typical current draw for a furnace is between 8 and 12 amps depending on the furnace. On a cold night furnace can run for quite some time if you set the thermostat at "room" temperature.
ktmrfs 11/19/22 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Truck starts on its own

Pop the hood release and see if that doesn’t disable the remote start. I believe most factory remote starts are disabled by the hood switch to protect service techs from dumb customers. that and in every car I've seen/had with remote start ALL the doors must be closed, windows rolled up, trunk closed AND the doors locked before a remote start will work. Along with no CEL. The above is certainly true on my 2015.5 Duramax, along with our Acura, Daughters Ford Escape and DIL mazda 6.
ktmrfs 11/19/22 10:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

1. Will only run propane heater while we are awake. 2. BTW...are electric heaters safe to run while asleep? pianotuna: Is the reason to change the 120V outlet where a space may be used to replace with a house grade or better quality one? There's no reason not to run the propane furnace when sleeping.... I do it all the time when I'm dry camped. Yes, electric heaters are safe to run, any time. If they weren't safe to use, they wouldn't be sold. If you have pets or children, then they may not be the best source of heat at night, because a blanket could fall on them, a pet or child could knock them off a counter, etc. Good heaters have a tip-over shut off mechanism. I installed a dedicate electrical outlet specifically for plugging a heater into. Video of the outlet upgrade project agree on the outlet upgrades well for us there are two reasons for not running the furnace when sleeping: 1) I guess we are light sleepers because the furnace cycling on and off makes enough noise that it wakes us up and we end up not getting a good nights sleep 2) We often dry camp for a week or more in remote places and in the spring and fall running the furnace all night sucks up propane, enough that we would run out of propane before we were done camping even with two 30lb tanks. Now if the noise isn't an issue or you have enough then go ahead and run the furnace at night. no issues.
ktmrfs 11/19/22 09:05am Travel Trailers
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

I made a tank wand that connects to the garden hose and insert it into the black tank when dumping at my home. A foamy mixture of dawn and some bleach does the trick. Meyer's hand soap and cleaners come in some nice fragrances and I spritz the bowl after a flush and I have eliminated all odors from the black tank. There was a video showing how a bag of ice had no effect scrubbing a tank as you drive. My method has been working fine and I quit buying those pods to drop in the bowl. Heater, I use a small electric one and turn on the furnace once I get up. I have found that as you warm up in bed, peel off some of your heavy clothing and keep it with you under the blankets. and when you get up in the morning you have something warm to put on . Wife made some warm bags using flaxseed from the feed store . Heat in micro for 3 minutes. Great for muscle aches and they stay warm for a nice amount of time. Another hint I learned about staying warm at night. Put on a pair of dry heavier socks and if needed a wool hat. Key to staying warm is keeping your head and feet warm,
ktmrfs 11/18/22 10:14am Travel Trailers
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

As for the GEO method. My solution to inaccurate tank gauges is the SeeLevel gauge, and in the tanks I use some of the "probiotic" stuff and then before we head home dump in some HE liquid laundry detergent and some calgon in all the tanks. We have easy access to our sewer cleanout, so I dump at home, and this method seems to be easy to empty the tanks pretty quick.
ktmrfs 11/17/22 07:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

I won't use a propane heater with the combustion chamber INSIDE the RV (eg a portable propane heater). However, the propane furnace built in has its combustion chamber outside, so I consider it totally safe to use at any time. as long as you have a working CO detector in the case of a malfunction allowing combustion air into the trailer. We've camped for some motorcycle rides with lots of folks running generators during the day. With a breeze coming your way, it's suprising how far away a generator can be and still have enough CO in the exhaust to trigger the CO detector in the trailer. We make sure if we are running a generator exhaust is downwind of the trailer and 20ft or more away from the trailer. That said, a propane furnace turning on and off during the night results in a poor sleep for us, it wakes us up. so.... on goes the quilt, thermostat down to it's min temp (45F) and set to come on at 6:30 about the time we wake up. It's the alarm clock and pre heater so it's warm when I get up around 7 put on my robe, start the coffee.
ktmrfs 11/17/22 06:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

Yes, generally they are safe to run while sleeping. Propane heaters, etc, are unsafe because they can create carbon monozide which can kill you while you sleep. All portable heaters have a level of risk of starting a fire by tipping over or something flammable getting too close. It's a personal comfort level that will get strong opinions both ways, but in the end it's your own "feeling" about the risk that decides. For me, it's part of why I like a remote controlled space heater. I can turn it on, get in bed, read for an hour or so as the heater warms things up, then turn it off when I'm ready to sleep. When I wake up, I turn it on and warm things up while I stay toasty in bed. When the RV is warm, I get up. But again, I have dogs and worry about a heater getting knocked over in small space. If I didn't have the dogs, I'd be more inclined to leave it on all night. It's a misconception that CO is only an issue when you are sleeping. CO poisoning can and does get people when they are awake and active, it can hit fast enough that you don't know what is happening and then your gone. We have a friend who is a paramedic. Been to CO poisonng calls, it can hit way to fast and in strong enough concentrations a few minutes is all it takes before you may not be able to get yourself out of harms way. Make sure you have a working CO detector in your trailer, even if your not using a unvented heater. your in a confined space and stove, oven can emit CO.
ktmrfs 11/17/22 10:13am Travel Trailers
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

heat: we set the thermostat to 50F at night, put on a quilt. Catalytic propane heaters are claimed to be safe, many have a low oxygen sensor. It is unvented so you will put about 1 gallon of water into the air for every gallon of propane you burn. So if your in a place with low relative humdity, it helps, if your in a place where RH is already high, expect wet windows. Since we usually winter camp in places with high RH, coupled with use of stove, oven, and wet clothes, we pass on the unvented heaters. There is always the possibility of Carbon monoxide with an unvented heater. CO is deadly, and will give you NO warning if your lucky you survive.
ktmrfs 11/16/22 07:54pm Travel Trailers
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