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RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

I Our Mh we always had a window cracked open. No way at sub freezing temps the heat Pumps could keep it warm so the furnaces kick in. Build up of moisture inside from the furnaces get bad. If you are dry camping a big battery bank powering the blowers on the furnaces is about your only option. When people buy a Fifth Wheel of Trailer they at least on their first unit don't seem to think about cold weather packages and heating. You need the furnaces to also keep the tanks and lines from freezing. Some heat is directed their way. An onboard generator was/is an option on some unites, and tha4t would be the only logical way to power electric heaters. We ran a small heater off inverter and batteries once and it sucked the batteries down real quick. But lead acid should be fully cycled sometimes. As to noise. I would shop the two but possibly more units available for RVs. The Atwood and Suburban fit the same space, I believe, but don't quote me. We never looked at a replacement. Small Squirrel cage blowers in the furnace designed for the space RV Mfgs provide are loud but on ours the furnace combustion is the most of the noise, I think.. On ours with the bedroom door closed the noise exposure is reduced. Your furnace cannot produce even a tiny bit of moisture inside the RV under any circumstances barring a major combustion chamber failure which would be accompanied by significant carbon monoxide in the living space. The moisture comes from people and cooking. exactly!!!!!!! Now the stove/oven will dump water into the trailer, a little less than a gallon for every gallon of propane burned. Likewise for the unvented heaters like Mr. Buddy etc. but NOT the WH or furnace, combustion products are vented outside.
ktmrfs 11/30/20 11:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

we dry camp a lot, our solution is use a heavy quilt, set the thermostat at 50F at night, then either get up in the AM and turn it on, or use a setback thermostat to warm the trailer before you get up. The noise alone is enough to interupt our sleep. And it hard to find a furnace that is low power draw. On the Mr. buddy etc. Any indoor propane heat source is going to dump about 1 gallon of water in the air for every gallon of propane burned, Mr Buddy, stove, oven etc. WH and furnace vent outside. Now in a dry climate that water may be fine and even desireable. In areas with high RH to start with, it can result in condensation problems.
ktmrfs 11/30/20 09:48am General RVing Issues
RE: One way valve on hot water in shower

Per the video when you use the switch on the showerhead to shut off flow, the cold water will back fill into the hot water side since the pressure is greater and thats why when you turn it back on it will be cold for a few seconds. Since both the hot and cold water are pressurized by the self same PUMP that.. it male bovine produced organic fertilizer (AKA BS) What happens is when the water stops the hot cools a bit and "Contracts" sucking cold in. The solution is to use a better valve that does not 100% turn off flow. the Oxygenics "Smart Pulse" valve is like this. it allows a dribble of watter to flow. So does the generic valve I got at Mennards years back (Alas no link it's been 15 years) Either of these solves the issue for about 10 bucks. another possible cause of the cold water problem is WH bypass systems with ONE lever, rather than the TWO lever systems. The one lever systems use a one way check valve that often has highly non linear characteristics. The result is very noticeable water temp changes with flow, very noticeable when water is down to a trickle then back up again. Solution, pull the check valve that is installed and install a WH bypass with two levers. That solved our issue along with two other camper friends complaining about the same problem.
ktmrfs 11/30/20 09:43am Tech Issues
RE: Check water level on new battery! And screw-on lids??

did you fully charge them before checking water level? If not you may have overfilled them. Water level should be checked on a fully charged battery. Water level will go down as the battery discharges.
ktmrfs 11/27/20 07:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Blackstone 22" griddle for $99 at Walmart!!

I have a 17" Blackstone and a Weber-Q. Each have their use. Both fit together, along with my dorm size fridge in an outside compartment. Love the Blackstone for breakfast, philly cheese steak subs etc. Love the Weber Q for steaks, burgers etc... Have not tried the Blackstone for steaks and burgers but have been meaning to. I don't find the single burner a big issue. Not any different than cooking on an electric griddle where everything is the same temp as well. I don't seem to have issues with the corners/edges being significantly colder than anywhere else. Least not enough to notice. Im one who loves the 17" Blackstone, but from the sounds of this thread, Im in the minority. Mike I and several others have the 17" blackstone and really like them. yes, the 22 inch has dual burners, definitely nice, but the 17" does what we need and has an easy storage space in the trailer, the 22" would be a much tougher fit for storage. if you have the room, go for the 22". Also, we have done steaks, burgers, and dogs on the blackstone. They came out great. Our favorite steak are flatiron's, medium rare, and for me some blue cheese sprinkled on the top. They come out great on the blackstone. We have a really nice BBQ grill that doesn't get used much anymore.
ktmrfs 11/26/20 09:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dehumidifier overkill?

Burning LP creates even more condensation. Our sweat problem was so bad the walls would sweat and drip especially when temps went to single digit....wife was cooking especially where heating water for cooking purposes was required....or a quick shower. The really bad part was closet walls stayed wet and I had to keep the bedroom mattress pulled away from the walls or it stayed soaked around the edges. My above reply describes the trailer. I would add it had 12 windows plus the door and was a aluminum framed sidewalls/roof trusses. Two dehumidifiers cured the sweating walls/wet closets. I made inside storm windows from 1/8" Lexan plus installed mobile home skirting. A better insulated model with fewer/smaller size windows would have worked better. yes, the stove/oven will put almost 1 gallon of water in the air for every gallon of propane burned. Add to that the moisture in anything your cooking. Now the HWH and furnace are not an issue for moisture since the combustion products are vented outside.
ktmrfs 11/25/20 01:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: DEF Math

They have it at Costco? Thanks for the heads up on that! Lantley how do you know if you're out of DEF without a gauge? two ways 1) my truck gives an initial warning at 30% which even worst case is at least 1,000 miles. Then it continues to count down and give warnings. If I'm dumb enough to ignore the gauge for 1,000 miles I get what I deserve. 2) DEF usage is about 1 gallon of DEF for 100 gallons of diesel. pretty easy to keep track of in my head. 3) If I'm traveling, before I leave I can have a pretty good idea based on last fill how many miles I can go before the 30% warning comes on. If I think I will be close, easy enough to put a 2.5gallon jug in the bed.
ktmrfs 11/25/20 01:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dehumidifier overkill?

I have a dumb question and I swear I'm not trolling. Coming from the arid west, I don't understand what the issue is. I know from experience that I hate humidity combined with heat (yes, I'm talking to you Florida and Texas), but I don't understand the issue in the winter when it's cold. We have condensation on our windows sometimes in the morning, but it always goes away once we get up and warm the place up. How is the humidity affecting you all so much that you need dehumidifiers? What are the symptoms of heavy humidity in your RVs? first symptom is fogged windows. If you are in an area with moderate relative humidity, the window fogging may not be an issue. It may go away rather quickly once the inside temp rises. But get to a place where outside humidity is near 100% in the winter coupled with what humans add to the atmosphere inside and any use of stove/oven, and it becomes more than fogged windows, heavy fog on the windows, water at the bottom of the window. And it hangs around a long time, even all day without either ventilation or a dehumidifier. That's when our dehumidifier comes out. We have places we go where it can get below freezing at night and no window fogging, very low RH, other places where it's in the 50's at night and we have condensation problems.
ktmrfs 11/25/20 11:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Broken cargo door key

there is a # on the key. any locksmith, the camp or a neighbor wil have one. Ch 545,751 223 will open most baggage doors. yup, the infamous CH751 key. works on many if not the majority of pass through doors, garden tractors, sprinkler locks, and the list goes on.....
ktmrfs 11/24/20 09:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Blackstone 22" griddle for $99 at Walmart!!

Personally I will continue to grill and would certainly not want to cook burgers or other meats on a griddle. I do have a griddle that goes on top of burners and works well for pancakes. Can someone explain why they switched from a grill to a griddle? bacon and eggs, pancakes, hash browns, we do lots of meals on our blackstone. yes, we do use our grill for burgers, steaks etc. but the blackstone grill is big enough to cook up a big batch of bacon and eggs, pancakes etc. at one time so everyone can eat at the same time. yes a cast iron pan can do in a pinch but not for a a dozen pancakes at once, or a few pounds of bacon and a dozen or so eggs.
ktmrfs 11/24/20 08:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dehumidifier overkill?

{snip} Oh yes you can! We have a 30 pint compressor driven dehumidifier in our 30 ft trailer. We have been in humid fall weather coming in and out of the trailer soaking wet from the rain and a 30 pint unit WILL keep humidity levels down to a point the trailer is comfortable and windows are dry. Even with 6 people in the trailer in this type of weather dehumidifier could keep up. MOD'S EDIT: I deleted the rude post that you quoted and then deleted the quote here. (I'm not blaming you for pigman's rude post.)
ktmrfs 11/24/20 08:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dehumidifier overkill?

Hello everyone. We have been traveling from Texas to California over the last 5 days and have hit some cold nights. We have been warm without issue with the furnace during the nights but the condensation had been bad come morning. I purchased a small Peltier dehumidifier before we left which is worthless and am now considering upgrading to a 30 pint real unit, but wondering if it is overkill...I have a Grand Design Imagine XLS 21BHE, but there are 5 of us. This is the unit I'm considering: Many of the suggested units found in the search are discontinued or similar to what I already purchased. Thoughts? not overkill at all. We have a small compressor dehumidifier and use it in cool weather in humid environments. It often will fill the 30 or so pints in 12 hours or less, then taper to filling it every day or so
ktmrfs 11/24/20 08:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Reliable Walkie Talkie?

Of course you could always get a couple of basic marine radios, pick some obscure channel that nobody uses & go at it that way. Range is going to be basically line of sight, the same as ham 2M or the commercial VHF band radios. That's just as illegal as using a non-type rated Baofeng radio on MURS bands -- with probably more chance of getting caught if you're near water and the USCG is listening. If I had to choose between using a non-type rated radio on MURS frequencies or using a type rated Marine radio on land, I'd pick the former. But fortunately, those are not the only two choices, as there are legal options even if you don't want to get a HAM license (which is easier than many people think it is!). You can get a type rated MURS radio like the BTECH MURS-V1 if you want to stick with VHF. Or if you're ok with UHF, get a license and use GMRS radios -- GMRS base stations are pretty cheap, so if you mainly talk RV to handheld, you can get great range with a 15W or 25W base station on the RV with antenna on the roof. You can get high quality GMRS radios if you need something better than the cheap blister pack radios available in stores. I agree, using marine channels on land is a BIG NO NO could be big trouble if you get caught.
ktmrfs 11/24/20 08:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Reliable Walkie Talkie?

Cellphones not in places we often travel to or camp. About all the cell phone is good for is a flashlight.
ktmrfs 11/24/20 10:07am Tech Issues
RE: Oven Going Out / Thermocouple

is the thermocouple in the flame? Is the pilot flame blue and reasonably large? the pilot orifice is small, possible that a spider web or debris is obstructing the flow, which may not provide enough heat for the thermocouple. Or the thermocouple is not aligned well
ktmrfs 11/23/20 06:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Mapping and GPS Recommendations Needed

I use streets and trips 2013 (yes it is OLD) to plan my general route and using it's features figure time etc. And in the truck we have a large print truckers map or more detail. (still not as much detail as old school state maps, but that's what's available) And use our garmin GPS and truck NAV system for gas stations, dining, etc. etc. and on many occasions google maps. I've loaded POI's of our favorite lists of campgrounds, dining, etc. into the truck GPS.
ktmrfs 11/23/20 06:46pm Technology Corner
RE: 2019 Duramax Regen

duramax will also go to high idle in neutral during a cold start on cold days to help warmup. RPM will go to somewhere between 800-1000 IIRC, grid heater stays on, turbo goes to max backpressure and throttle valve is activated. All this to help warm up. Doesn't the high idle only engage if you have the setting turn on in the DIC? On my 2009, elevated idle has to be enabled in the DIC before it engages at the OAT temp that causes it to engage Now that you mention it I think you are correct that it is a DIC setting. And default was not enabled. If so I changed mine. Been 5 years ago....... I know on my 2004.5 there is a high idle on cold temp start setting that was an option that was enabled either through the DIC or if you didn't have the DIC readout through a set of steps you did once on a start. On both trucks depending on how cold it is, the step from normal to high idle may take a minute or so, the colder it is, the longer it takes. Also my 2015.5 came with the optional two stage high idle that can be engaged with the cruise control. but that high idle does not do much to help warmup, just up the idle for charging, plowing etc. when in neutral.
ktmrfs 11/23/20 08:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2019 Duramax Regen

This thread has been interesting and a learning experience for me. My 2020 Duramax and first diesel vehicle was idling high yesterday. I thought it was too warm outside for it to be idling higher than normal. Now I understand why! Thanks for teaching this old guy something :) duramax will also go to high idle in neutral during a cold start on cold days to help warmup. RPM will go to somewhere between 800-1000 IIRC, grid heater stays on, turbo goes to max backpressure and throttle valve is activated. All this to help warm up. My 2015.5 warms up from cold WAY faster than my 2004.5
ktmrfs 11/22/20 08:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Oven ignitor

I just assumed the reason for no igniter in the oven is due to how hot it gets in the oven. I always assumed it’s because having a striker inside a closed compartment that may have built up gas was a bad idea. There are several RV gas ovens with spark ignitors, they just aren't units that are commonly installed by RV mfg.
ktmrfs 11/22/20 10:08am Tech Issues
RE: Reliable Walkie Talkie?

If what you want is something better than the typical box store walkie talkie programmed for GMRS or FRS channels there are a couple of options. Pick up a pair of Baofeng UV 5R 5W programmable units and a programming cable (ebay, amazon) and go to the chirp website to customize the radio. Many ham radio operators use these radios on ham channels as portable units, Then program the radios to use digital keying so you won't need squelch and program them for GMRS and FRS channels along with the 5 MURS channels. For a few more bucks you can get the rugged radios version of the same units that are much more robust, but more expensive. Rugged radios periodically puts their units on sale. Again, you'll need a programming cable and chirp website to program them. We've used baofeng and rugged radio units for year with good luck. Available as accessories for both are larger battery packs, along with a plug in car charger unit and longer whip antennas.
ktmrfs 11/22/20 10:06am Tech Issues
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