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RE: How do you pay your bills on the road on extended trips?

I have the latest I phone and it has all the options to do this stuff. The problem is I need to teach myself how to use it. Renters, send checks and money orders or cash, oil & gas royalties come in checks, SS is direct deposit. Then as it stands now I have to have the bills (mail) in order to pay them. Somehow years ago I worked all over the world and got them paid. Now I am limiting my trips to 15 days or less just for this problem. you should be able to have the oil/gas royalties direct deposit. That's what are done with ours.
ktmrfs 09/18/20 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you pay your bills on the road on extended trips?

I see everything covered here EXCEPT how the money got into your account to cover the payments----for those of us without unlimited money in the bank and no direct deposit. SS and pension are direct deposits to our checking account. If I need to move money from my investment account I do that online using MY hotspot and MY computer with two factor authentication. Normally before we leave I make sure there will be enough in checking to cover all expense and online payments.
ktmrfs 09/17/20 08:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

We were camping on the central Oregon coast the weekend before Labor day. The open flame ban started then. Propane grills and stoves were okay at that time, but not propane fire pits. Based on how dry the vegetation is I am not surprised by the grill ban also. The entire west coast is at a high risk for fires at the moment. the total ban was in effect from Sept 7-10. That was during the high winds throughout Western Oregon. SOME places have relaxed the total ban to allow outdoor cooking with propane if you have a quick turn shutoff. Still no propane/gas lanterns, firepits etc. Last thing we need is more fires, already to many people have died or had property damage from the ongoing fires, along with fires in some very scenic areas.
ktmrfs 09/11/20 09:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

Well according to the article the OP was incorrect. Propane BBQ's are allowed. So it looks like I can still cook my steak on my BBQ! Campfire Restrictions Extreme fire danger has prompted a statewide campfire ban at all state parks, including campgrounds, day-use areas and beaches. The ban includes wood, charcoal briquettes, candles, tiki torches and other devices that emit flames or embers. Propane stoves and other cooking devices that have a shutoff valve are allowed for cooking only. Our son works for Oregon State Parks. What the OP posted was correct on Sept 7 through last evening (10th) the restrictions were changed late yesterday afternoon (Sept 10th) to allow cooking with propane if the device has an immediate shutoff valve. From the 7th till the 10th, even propane stoves were prohibited. Now that winds have died down I can see allowing propane for cooking. And the total prohibition is still in effect at many FS and county campgrounds. That said, it's a moot point since many of the campgrounds are closed.
ktmrfs 09/11/20 03:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Norcold N300.3 Refrigerator: Not Cooling On LP

remove the propane orifice (jet) and make sure it is clean. It is so small that even a bit of dust or spider web will reduce flow and result in poor cooling. It may still have a blue flame, but just not big enough. Thanks. I blew carb cleaner through it and then compressed air, both directions. The flame appears to be the same size as it had been when working properly. However, I am willing to pull it back out and clean it again. look at the orifice with a magnifying glass. make sure the hole is clean. But it looks like you have gone through the obvious things. One more thing to verify. Are you POSITIVE the OPD valve on the propane tank isn't tripped? Turn on a burner on the stove, make sure you have a full flame. If not, the tank opd valve may have been tripped when you turned on the propane. turn off the valve, take off the pigtail, reinstall and SLOWLY turn gas back on.
ktmrfs 09/11/20 10:49am Tech Issues
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

How many of the fires in Or were caused by BBQ's they just banned? with the winds we've had even a BBQ could easily start a fire either from coal sparks or the wind tipping over a BBQ, a lamp, anything with a flame. IMHO banning any flame source and prohibiting forest use is a very prudent thing to do under these fire conditions. and by banning any open flame it minimizes the likelyhood of yet another fire to fight when there aren't even enough resources to tackle the fires that are burning. There around 4 million acres burned. The Big burn in 1910 was 3 million. Air quality in our area is now around 350+, dangerous. sun is not visible, smoke and ash in the air.
ktmrfs 09/11/20 10:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Norcold N300.3 Refrigerator: Not Cooling On LP

remove the propane orifice (jet) and make sure it is clean. It is so small that even a bit of dust or spider web will reduce flow and result in poor cooling. It may still have a blue flame, but just not big enough.
ktmrfs 09/11/20 10:00am Tech Issues
RE: Verizon cell signal lost at night

It should be noted -80 db is a stronger signal than -100 db Seems weird until you understand that Zero would mean optimum max signal saturation And the measurement is how weak/far away The signal is from optimum -60 db is practically setting on the cell tower exactly. Another note, in order to maximize the data capacity and number of users, usually the cell tower and phone will adjust power levels and/or channel so that the best signal level you get will be around -80db. Many times I've seen a channel or tower with a -60db signal level but it's never been the one the phone connects to, it's one in the -80db or so. Kinda like a room full of people. If one person is shouting with a bullhorn, you can't hear anyone else, let alone carry on a conversation. If everyone is talking in a normal voice many many conversations can go on. So to maximize channel capacity they adjust power levels for a desireable S/N ratio and error rate and do error correction in the phone or cell tower. And again, those "bars" on the phone are NOT a reliable indicator of signal quality or signal level.
ktmrfs 09/10/20 06:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Verizon cell signal lost at night

many things can affect cell signal quality. Some are: 1) number of users/cell site- large number of users with high BW use can affect signal quality 2) Landscape, buildings, humidity, all can affect cell signal strength 3) indoors or outdoors? signal strength can drop noticeably going inside a building or home 4) phone orientation 5) which cell site and channel you are connected to. Phone doesn't automatically switch to strongest signal if it is getting what it and the tower think is adequate. Going to airplane mode and back will cause a new search possbily to a stronger cell or stronger channel. And finally the "bars" are a terrible indicator of signal quality. A better indication is to use either the cell phone signal strength indication in db. (usually through settings and phone info) or an app that gives recieved strength. Signal strength of -90db or better is good, -100db usually adequate for voice/texting -120db is about the limit for service. And there are conditions where the channel is good for straight text but not adequate for voice calls. Recently we were camping and with my cell amp signal was near -100db, had LTE channel, and we could get and send straight text (no pictures), but phone calls failed about 90% of the time. I've also had times when we could recieve calls fine, but trouble making calls.
ktmrfs 09/10/20 12:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Tips for people with back pain

Get to a neurosurgeon. Have MRI. Then discuss your condition and treatment options. You don't have to do anything that you don't want to do after that. Pain pills are not the answer. good advice. that's what I did, see my post above. I went from pretty much constant pain affecting what I could do, to something that I noticed on occasion and back to normal activities. No surgery, no pills, just physical theraphy to mitigate the cause and keep it under control.
ktmrfs 09/10/20 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Tips for people with back pain

My wife uses a tapered seat cushion. My advice: I started having some back pain along with leg pain in my right leg. Then my hip. Had trouble sleeping, driving, sitting. Thinking I was due for a hip replacement I went to a well known hip Dr. After exam, xrays, and MRI the consistent conclusion from all was no, hip was fine. BUT problem was spinal stynosis (sp?) in my lower back. He did not recomend surgery but insisted on physical therapy. I went to the same physical therapist I had for my rotator cuff therapy. She looked at the data, showed me where the problem was, explained what caused it, and what therapy could do. her first excerise I started on started the road to recovery. Did therapy twice/wk for a few months and the pain is basically gone. I get occasional "twinges" but as long as I do some excercises each week and pay attention to what the therapist said, I'm back to normal. So, my advice get a checkup from a orthopedist and see what they have to say.
ktmrfs 09/10/20 09:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

Ktmrfs, looking at my weather app, wind shift should be coming Thursday evening here in the Columbia Gorge. I hope that brings relief in the city, but also blow the fires back on to burnt fuel to help firefighters to get a handle on things. We have lost part of Collier Memorial SP, while word has it that the Logging Museum was saved, one campground burned. It is unknown the condition of Detroit Lake, seeing the loss of entire towns on Hwy 22 it may also be damaged. Stay safe! Glad to here they saved the logging Museum. We've spent hours there looking through all the equipment on display. Campgrounds can be rebuilt.
ktmrfs 09/10/20 09:18am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you pay your bills on the road on extended trips?

we have all our regular bills on autopay. that includes credit cards, utilities etc. Use quicken with our hotspot when we have cell service to look at the accounts.
ktmrfs 09/09/20 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Total outdoor flame device ban Oregon SP

not just state parks. Many County parks also have the same restrictions, Also many or maybe ALL the federal land has the same restrictions put in place yesterday or today. Several have also banned ALL entry to the federal forest land. Also no smoking allowed except in vehicles with an ashtray. It's ugly. strong east winds (60+mph) downed power lines all over along with spreading existing fires. PGE cut power up around mt. hood to eliminate potential fires in that area, but it wasn't possible to cut power everywhere in fire prone areas. We were at the coast yesterday at Kilchis river park. Downed trees along the road. We and one other camper and the host had the park to ourselves. Power was out, would have been a perfect night for digging out the telescope if it wasn't for the thick smoke layer. This morning sherriff came through about 9am, a nearby fire had jumped the fire line and was roaring towards the only exit road. 30 minutes to get loaded up and out. There are probably 100+ homes along the road that are in danger. The winds were initally expected only monday afternoon till tues noon. Now they are expected to continue through friday. It's NOT looking good at all. Several smaller cities along highway 22 between salem and Bend have been virtually wiped of the map. We were lucky, only a few of us in the campground. Silver falls campground near Salem was full, 100+ sites and they came in at 5am today telling everyone to pack up and leave immediately. It's 6:30 west of portland and almost dark from all the smoke. Streetlights came on about an hour ago.
ktmrfs 09/09/20 07:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hooking up 30A at home

Ktmrfs: you do agree that dryers are 120/240 and not straight 220 volts AC? Proper installation of a device is critical? yes, Dryer outlet has two 120V legs, neutral and ground. In fact parts of the dryer typically run on 120V, like the motor and controller board. Usually only the heating element is 220V. for years NEC code allowed dryers, ovens, cooktops outlets to share neutral and ground. No longer. Now they must be a 4 wire with seperate neutral and ground. If you buy a new dryer, cooktop, stove, etc. they now come with instructions on how to connect the ground for both systems, common ground/neutral and seperate ground/neutral
ktmrfs 09/08/20 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: Hooking up 30A at home

Dryers are 120/240! NEC revised code numerous years ago to require four wire circuit. Early dryers used the ground as neutral. there are likely a LARGE number of houses with the old 3 wire combined ground/neutral hookup. (dryer, range, cooktop etc.) That code didn't change till the late 80's or maybe even the 90's. And that is perfectly fine to keep using until you do a upgrade to the dedicated circuit.
ktmrfs 09/07/20 09:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Hooking up 30A at home

A NEMA 14-30 is a 30 amp 120/240 device. A standard 50 amp cord body style adapter will not plug into it as the neutral pin is not long enough. This configuration is used for a dryer. It is four wire, two hots, neutral and ground. I would suggest if not being used any longer would be to change it out to a fifty amp NEMA 14-50 receptacle, then use a standard 50 amp to 30 amp RV adapter. If receptacle is needed for some other device, add another box and install a standard 30 TT receptacle. Connect one led of the circuit, neutral and ground. Insure it is wired 120 volts. Is this a scenario where an electrician could add a box running the wiring off my dryer receptacle? Am I correct in thinking the dryer should not be running while the RV is plugged in, or the circuit breaker could trip? it is possible the breaker will trip from overcurrent depending on the AC draw. However I suspect it may also be against NEC or local code, the dryer is a dedicated circuit and may only allow one outlet. The RV outlet would likely be onsidered a dedicated device as well and breaker would need to be sized to cover both loads at once. Total load is limited to something like 80% of breaker rating. Best advice if you want to do this is to get an electrician who is knowlegeable about the RV-30 outlet as well so he doesn't wire it as a 220V circuit!
ktmrfs 09/06/20 04:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

we ski up at Schwitzer in northern Idaho. The lower parking lot is usually filled with a dozen or so trailers/motorhomes. Temps get down around 0F at night, seldom above freezing in the daytime. There are NO hookups at any kind in the parking lots, just dry camping. We often are there for a week or more, and the trailers seem to stay quite a while, often as long as we are their. Based on my experience camping near freezing or below which we have done: 1) expect to use lots of propane 2) bring plenty of gas for the generator to power stuff in the trailer in case you can't hook to electric 3) make sure you can duct some hot air into the underbelly to keep tanks from freezing. 4) If you don't have thermopane windows, get some of the heat shrink film that adheres to the windows to make them somewhat thermopane. You WILL be adding lots of moisture into the trailer with the ski clothing etc. no matter how carefull you are. 5) if you have electric hookup, get a portable dehumidifier and run it to keep the humidity down with all the extra water you'll likely be dragging into the trailer.
ktmrfs 09/05/20 02:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: Max length definition

I'm convinced that many people who "design" campgrounds have never ever driven or used a trailer/motorhome or camper. We recently were at a state park that had been redone and all the handicap spots were a right angle back in on the right side with bushes on each side obstructing the view when backing. About the hardest way for someone handicapped to back in. And the way the layout was it would have been very very easy to at least make the spots a shallow angle back in and no shrubs/bushes obstructing the view.
ktmrfs 09/02/20 10:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

Kind of weird that some can run a 15k off of a eu2000i and some not. not really weird. a lot depends on the AC, temperature, and density altitude. AC inrush and running current can vary enough to overload a honda 2000 or be just fine. And then there is the outside temperature which affects AC running current and density altitude which takes into account temperature and RH and affects the engine output and hence generator max current output for the honda 2000. High temp and high RH at sea level can have the same effect as running at a lower temp and lower RH at 3,000 ft or higher. And thus a 2000VA generator bounces between "almost adequate" and "barely adequate" depending on the above variables.
ktmrfs 09/02/20 04:14pm Tech Issues
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