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RE: RV easy start A/C

delaying the start of the fan will help if your at the "almost" instead of "barely" adequate stage. For many many AC starting issues with generators your often no where near the "almost" conditions, your at the "won't" condition. The micro air easy start will work for those "won't" and "almost" cases. The posted solution may work for some of the "almost" conditions. A time delay circuit for the fan start is less than $10 worth of parts. I suspect the profit on this solution is quite high. But if it works for you great. I made one for less than $10 with a time delay relay and a resistor to set the time delay. Unforetunetly the time delay relay for this has been discontinued.
ktmrfs 02/05/20 11:24am Travel Trailers
RE: How best to upgrade Microsoft Office 2010?

Thanks to all for your helpful responses. Much appreciated! The file that was sent to me that I am unable to open right now, is an Excel file and has the following suffix after the file name: .nonp.xlsx So I tried removing the x from the end, and the file still won't open in my 2010 M-soft Excel. Any suggestions? Regarding enabling Macros, I searched and found instructions to do that, and I find that Macros are already enabled in my M-soft Office Excel 2010, even though I had never touched those settings before. removing the x is not going to solve the problem. office 2007 and later should open .xlsx and .docx files with no issues. They can also create .docx or .xlsx files. it's possible the .xlsx file is corrupted
ktmrfs 02/05/20 11:15am Technology Corner
RE: Traveling in a group— How do you handle it?

I agree with you. Cell phones will keep you connected as much as you need or want and meeting for lunch breaks or rest stops, etc will keep you fairly close in miles. We often travel as groups of 2-4 and rely on portable radios rather than cell phones. we don't rely on cell phones. we travel to many places without cell coverage for as much as 100+ miles. What has worked well for us is a GOOD set of portable radios. They are good for a few miles range in most cases so we can coordinate rest stops, etc. etc. and keep in touch. Also these are much easier to use than a cell. just push the talk button and your connected. look on ebay for baofeng UV5r radios. they also recieve the weather service channels. for a similar radio that is more rugged, Rugged Radios often has a sale on RH5R radios. a Baofeng made for them that is more rugged. We use them for offroad motorcycle riding and they last a few years with lots of abuse.
ktmrfs 02/04/20 09:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: How best to upgrade Microsoft Office 2010?

I and others have office 2007. I regularly receive office documents made with the current versions of office. I have never had a problem opening the files. There are some features that may not be editable etc. but you should be able to open the documents. Microsoft also claims 2007 and 2010 will open all 2013 and 2016 documents, but may not support all the features. 2003 needs a add in from microsoft to open .docx files. So.... If your having problems opening documents check microsoft website for soutions to your problem. If it won't open .docx files, you may need the docx add in from microsoft. (free)
ktmrfs 02/04/20 09:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Dual Fuel Generators

You are correct that I'm looking strictly for S&B house. I would love to have one for natural gas, unfortunately, we don't have gas lines where I'm at, so it isn't an option. I don't worry as much about gasoline. I use non-ethanol in all my small engines with stabilizer when they aren't going to be used regularly. I don't have an issue with running a genny monthly to keep it running well. I do that with my chainsaw and other less-used small engines now. So stock up on what you want or expect to need for propane and then if something is coming in, make sure your vehicle(s) fuel tanks are full. That should give you 20+ gallons each of gas in a nice storage tank plus what you have in any gas cans. Before I converted my honda to trifuel I figured I normally have 10 gallons of gas in cans for my motorcycles and lawn gear plus two cars with 20 gallon tanks. that and a syphon hose gave me 50 gallons of gas if the need arose.
ktmrfs 02/02/20 10:13am Tech Issues
RE: F350, 10k GVWR differences

the gmc denali trucks ( at least my2015) don't even show 2500 or 3500 on the side. It just says "Denali" Ihave a 2500 Denali, the neighbor a 3500SRW denali. Side by side other than knowing spring pack differences you can't distinguish one from the other. It would take a real "eagle eye" to seperate a 2500 vs 3500 SRW. But then the 2020 GM 2500's are something like and 11,500 GVWR. Within a few lbs of the 2500 SRW. Get a 3500 and buy a set of 2500 stickers! for other vehicles.
ktmrfs 02/02/20 10:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: F350 Super Duty vs 3500 Denali vs The Ike Pulling 30k lbs

todays trucks are all so capable (even over capable) of hauling big loads and high enough reliability such that these differences for me are so minor that my buying decisions have been based on other things like creature comfort, how quite the truck is, and other features long before I get to the "which truck is faster" criteria.
ktmrfs 02/02/20 10:02am Tow Vehicles
RE: I give up..NEW PC

Easy computer sync. it has a usb transfer cable and sw that allows you to transfer and sync mutltiple computers with common files. You can choose to transfer from one to another or only the latest files between them and other options. Default transfer is all the data file locations. you can add other directories as well. I have used it for many years to keep the latest data files between my large laptop and my small travel computer synced. it has never failed me. And if you ever want to go to a larger or different hard drive in your computer with no hassle, use Bounce Back. It comes with an external drive case and makes a duplicate copy of your exisiting drive onto the new drive. then you just put the duplicate larger or different drive in replacement of the existing and it boots up no issue. Including no issues with SW that is keyed to an existing computer.
ktmrfs 02/02/20 09:56am Technology Corner
RE: Dual Fuel Generators

there are honda conversions that are tri-fuel. I have my honda 2000 and honda 2200 converted to run on gasoline or natural gas. I have the jet to switch to propane if needed. Conversion is easy and I have a hose for the generators that plugs into the NG BBQ line outside the house. Conversion kit is from hutch mountain. At least with NG no worry about running out of fuel! Generator runs fine on NG or propane. Coupled it with a transfer switch that lets me run 6 internal circuits in the house. Furnace, Fridge, lights in some rooms and kitchen and living room outlets.
ktmrfs 01/24/20 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: New GFI Outlet Will Not Reset

You have power in as much as the lights on the GFCI are illuminating. A new GFCI wouldn't reset for three possible reasons, provided it does have power: 1. You have a ground fault of some sort downstream. A bit of water in the outdoor outlet would be one quite believable cause for this. 2. You have the line and load connections mixed up (on some models, not all). 3. Very rarely, you got a broken unit from the factory. add (4) ground and neutral shorted downstream of the GFCI. This will also trip a GFCI.
ktmrfs 01/22/20 08:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Medicare ads!!!!!

The ads keep coming partly because there are millions of people who can enroll at any time. An example is if you are covered by your spouse private insurance, and they are still working, when the spouse retires, then you have a certain amount of time to get part B and a supplement plan. It's a window so to speak for folks in that situation. or you reach age 65 outside of the annual renewal period for those already covered. Which is likely 10/12 of people reaching age 65 during the year.
ktmrfs 01/20/20 09:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Disconnect battery when not using?

most likely the reason the battery is discharging so fast is that in most trailers the radio is on "standby" at all times, and will draw enough current to discharge a battery or even a pair in a few weeks. Also their is some much smaller drain from a 12V CO detector and/or 12V powered smoke detector. So.... either disconnect the battery, install a disconnect switch, or pull the fuse for the radio when in storage. Yeah, Though I was thinking that 3 weeks is not very long to completely drain the battery. Your car has a radio and the car will go 3 weeks without the battery going dead. Maybe it would be easier to install a switch in the radios power wire and the propane detector rather then putting a switch on the battery. And, Maybe you have a short somewhere else and should trace it down. actually I did install a switch on the standby power to my trailer radio. we seldom use the radio or tv so it is a nice solution for us. Now car radios are an entirely different breed. Car makers know cars will sit for days/weeks and should start right up. So..... they have a smart power down sequence to minimize battery drain. Part of that sequence is to have a car radio system that doesn't draw constant standby power, but instead will store required radio info in non volitile memory (memory that doesn't require constant power) and then shut down completely. Powered up it reads the memory and knows what it's state and stored stuff was set to. RV radios don't do that, at least the ones I have seen. the memory system needs constant power or it looses it's brains.
ktmrfs 01/18/20 10:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Disconnect battery when not using?

most likely the reason the battery is discharging so fast is that in most trailers the radio is on "standby" at all times, and will draw enough current to discharge a battery or even a pair in a few weeks. Also their is some much smaller drain from a 12V CO detector and/or 12V powered smoke detector. So.... either disconnect the battery, install a disconnect switch, or pull the fuse for the radio when in storage.
ktmrfs 01/17/20 10:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar charge current

under ideal conditions most flooded cell lead acid batteries will have maximum cycle life if the intial charging current is limited to about C/10 C=rated AH. However, you can still get very long life cycle even charging at an initial C/2 to C/4 rate. The charge rate will decrease as the battery bank gets near full charge, starting to taper at when the battery is about 70% charged. So... a initial 50A charge rate isn't excessive for a couple of 12V or pair of 6V golf cart batteries. what controls the current going into a battery is the source voltage, battery voltage, battery internal resistance, the current the source can supply and the charging algorithm. On a deeply discharged battery on initial charge the charging current will be limited by either the source max current or the battery internal resistance. Generally the max source current is the limit.
ktmrfs 01/16/20 08:34pm Tech Issues
RE: 1st trailer... septic hookup questions

If you leave any of the valves open you run the risk of bugs, gas fumes and god knows what else getting into your tank and your RV. Keep the valves shut unless draining. Absolutely!! remember, there are NO p traps in the lines to the dump opening.!!!! More than once someone has left the grey tank valves open and either (a) wonders where the bad smell is coming from or (b) others nearby wonder where the bad smell is coming from. Well, no p trap= sewer gas
ktmrfs 01/15/20 08:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is a good camp stove to buy now days?

for a propane grill, magma for a propane griddle/grill blackstone grill for the traditional camp stove an old coleman white gas stove. pick one up at a garage sale or on ebay, clean it up. For a lantern, again an older coleman dual mantle white gas lantern If you want a brighter light, go with the older mantles that had thorium in them. Still a bunch available from coleman or from other mfg. Yes, thorium is radioactive and releases alpha and beta particles.
ktmrfs 01/15/20 08:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: My Amazing 12-year old battery...

my 2004 duramax first battery lasted to 2015, replacement still in use 97 Mercedes E420 mfg in feb 96 needed a new battery in 2008, that replacement still going strong. battery is under the back seat which helps life 97 mercedes SL500 on it's second battery, battery is in the trunk. now western oregon is probably a good place for long battery life. not to hot in the summer, not to cold in the winter. Although the duramax spent many days in northern idaho at temp between -20F and -40F Todays batteries are much better than batteries of the 60's and 70's
ktmrfs 01/15/20 07:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Goodyear Endurance tires?

I've had the GY Endurance tires on my TT for the past two years. They've worked great and haven't lost a pound of air pressure over that time. I'm going catch a lot of flack for this next comment, but unless you increase the weight of your TT, I wouldn't run the tires at 80 psi. All you will do is wear out the center of the tire sooner. In my experience, my TT feels more stable when the weight is spread out equally across the entire tread width rather the center 1/3rd. Now, some will say OMG you'll have heat build up by running less than maximum air pressure. I bought a heat gun from Harbor Freight and check the TT and TV tire temperatures every time I stop, and have never a problem. Your TT was designed to run with tires inflated at 65psi and that is what I would run.Modern steel radials actually hold the tread flat on the road for a wide range of pressures. Besides that most trailer tires age out long before you have wear issues. OK to run at 65 however I would be at 70/75 maybe 80 with no worry. agree. bias ply tires were very load sensitive vs. tire pressure for even tire wear. Radial ply are very load INsensitive vs. tire pressure for even tire wear. The extra 20lbs is not likely to cause any wear issues. As for the endurance, I replaced my Maxxis with Goodyear endurance when the Maxxis wore out. Endurance from the spec's is IMHO a better tire and was actually less expensive than Maxxis. So far so good with the Endurance, but then I've gone through 5 sets of tires on my two trailers and never had a failure. Tires wore out not aged out.
ktmrfs 01/15/20 11:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Full Hook-ups or no?

hook ups or not is the very last thing on our decision list for a CG. Even available water is low on the list. We seldom end up at a CG with full hookups, more often water/electric. But at many CG we like the spots we want have no hookups and that's fine with us.
ktmrfs 01/14/20 09:44am General RVing Issues
RE: More tire pressure monitor discussion.

I also have been saved a couple of times by a TPMS on my trailer. Unlike a car or truck, you have no clue a tire is slowing loosing pressure on a trailer unless you have a TPMS. Twice I picked up a nail and the TPMS warned me of low pressure. In both cases I was a few hours from home so I stopped and pumped the tire up and kept an eye on the TPMS and aired up in one case at another rest stop on the way based on the pressure drop rate. pressure drop over time was enough that without the TPMS it was highly likely I would have had blowouts in both cases before getting home. Will they stop every failure? no, nor will a TPMS on a car, but it sure can help in many cases.
ktmrfs 01/13/20 10:17am General RVing Issues
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