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RE: Blocking "Restricted" Calls on Smartphone

One problem trying to block all "restricted" numbers is you may end up blocking calls from your Dr., Pharmacy, Hospital, emergency services etc. To comply with HIPA or privacy concerns in many cases the phone number and caller can't be shown. It has caused occasional problems with both our landlines and cell phones on prep calls prior to surgery. I make a point to tell the office to use a non restricted number, which they usually have available.
ktmrfs 12/21/20 08:26pm Technology Corner
RE: How to listen to MY own music on my phone?

Get all your music on your phone. Then get the Omnia Music Player app. Best app for playing your music. easier said than done. I have about 750MB of music in MP3 format, hardly easy to put on a phone. While that may be a lot of music files, no excuse for taking the lazy approach with the cloud junk.. You CAN get a portable Hard drives with builtin wifi hotspot and it will act like your own personal PRIVATE cloud.. 1TB NAS Wifi external HD and I highly doubt you would really need access to 100% of ALL of your music files, do what any other person would do, just copy SOME of the music that you are interested in listening to to your phone.. Then when you get bored, replace with other music from your library.. I keep only 2-4 gig of music on a 32gig USB stick for my vehicle, 2,000 or so songs.. Takes months to get through.. I find it much easier to have uploaded all my music to google play, course now it is on utube, but it's all there and accesible. And in the car I have all my music on the HD in the car audio system or on an ipod via usb to the car.
ktmrfs 12/21/20 12:16pm Technology Corner
RE: GFCI at shore power tripping

on the trailer power cord make sure that there is NO continuity between the neutral and ground. If there is continuity (<10Kohm or so) GFCI will trip because in addition to looking for hot neutral imbalance they check for ground neutral short. either will trip the GFCI
ktmrfs 12/21/20 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: How to listen to MY own music on my phone?

Get all your music on your phone. Then get the Omnia Music Player app. Best app for playing your music. easier said than done. I have about 750MBV of music in MP3 format, hardly easy to put on a phone.
ktmrfs 12/21/20 09:49am Technology Corner
RE: Is there a more accurate way to measure fluid levels?

there are better sensor systems, but they aren't inexpensive. Seelevel system is what I have and it is very reliable. Garnet systems. There is another external sensor system similar to the Seelevel as well. Seelevel is easy to install and uses the existing wiring system, but can't be completely calibrated to acount for odd tank shapes. the other system can be calibrated for odd tank shapes but is harder to install and IIRC doesn't use the existing tank sensor wiring.
ktmrfs 12/21/20 09:47am Technology Corner
RE: Flojet macerator: is it reliable? Maintenance issues?

I have a portable (Which by the way I no longer have a use for. but that's a topic for elsewhere) over the 15 years I've used it. It always got the job done when I needed it. NOW understand I prefer the 3" stinky Slinky (Got one of those brand new as well) The ONLY problems I had with it are mostly SUE problems (SUE is "Stupid User Error") 1: on the portable there is a fuse in the bottom of the handle. .Yup. did not know it was there. Took me a while to discover it. Two. the motor shaft extends all the way out what I call the "Bottom" of the motor (Pump is the top part) and there is a slot. If you have not used it for a few days take a flat tool. Like a quarter or a washer. And give the shaft a "Twist" in the direction suggested by the outlet. The impeller may (otherwise) stick, which is Why I had to find the fuse. Once I figured out the "Twist the shaft" long long time no problems.. OH feed it well.. I ran 10Ga wire from teh fuse panel about 5 feet to a compartment where I terminated with Anderson power Poles (40 amp size) and plugged the Macerator line in there... Why Anderson Power poles.. I use a lot of them on my Radio gear and have 10Ga Extension cables and so on. So I had them. Are they better than other options? Very good question. but for me yes. Due to the fact I have a lot of stuff that pluggs into that port. yup, right on for the fuse and avoiding the "stuck impeller" and wiring. I dump at home, but have about a 1ft rise. Have used one for about 8 years, 20-30 times/year and it has been flawless.
ktmrfs 12/20/20 08:31pm Tech Issues
RE: How will my new F350 behave in cold temps?

not sure how easy the fords are to start at low temps, but several times I've started my duramax at -30F after sitting out overnight with no block heater. just turned the key waited for the glow plug light to go out, turned the key to off, repeated and when the glow plug light went off, turned key to start. started right up, noisy as all getout, some smoke, after about 45 seconds went into the high idle max backpressure mode to warm up quicker. Even at these low temps didn't have any fuel additive, just made sure I had filled up nearby at a local station so I knew I had blended fuel for the expected low temps.
ktmrfs 12/20/20 03:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How to listen to MY own music on my phone?

The music was in Googel Play and now it won't let me access them. I will try and see if they are stored somewhere else on the phone. Our son was instrumental in getting the CDs we recorded onto our computer, and then moved to the phone years ago. He has since passed away and this is so frustrating .. google play went away, a real disapointment to many. but getting the google play library to youtube to play for free no interuptions is easy peasy. ALL the music that was uploaded to google play can easily be transferred to youtube to play for free. log onto the google account and go to google play and it will ask if you want all your music transferred to youtube. Now the bad part, youtube isn't near as easy to play your own music. you need to select it from the phone instead of just asking google to play the music you want.
ktmrfs 12/20/20 03:45pm Technology Corner
RE: Running CPAP Without Utilities

a hint for humidifer. on many units you can turn off the humidifier but leave the water chamber attached. so..... fill the water chamber with warm/hot water before going to bed and turn off the humidifier heat. you will still get some humidification from airflow over the water chamber. And my CPAP has an optional insulating wrap for the hose, using that helps when the hose heat is not used and reduces power draw when the hose heat is used.
ktmrfs 12/20/20 09:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Wireless thermostat for Dometic LP furnace?

here is one option. not inexpensive, but it really does work well, at least with our coleman, and it is designed to work with dometic as well. nice features include the ability to choose or switch heat source from gas furnace to heatpump/heating coil, easy to change between high/low fan, setback etc.
ktmrfs 12/20/20 09:53am Tech Issues
RE: Running CPAP Without Utilities

As mentioned some CPAP machines are 12 volt and are much more efficient than those that require an inverter and 120 volts. There is also a big variation in power consumption for the humidifer module. Typically the humidifer will consume as much or more than the blower. Some CPAPs even come with heated tubing. I cannot imagine how much power that would take. Getting accurate data on your specific unit can be difficult. Typically the Respironics manuals show maximum power needs. An efficient 12 v unit can use as little as 25 AH/night, maybe 50 with the humidify on a relatively low setting. Plan on draining a typical car sized battery to 50% or less every night or at most every 2 nights. my resmed unit if I turn off the humidifer and tube heater and run it from 12V draws less than 1A DC. 6-8AH/night. Now turn on the humidifer, another story, easily hit 25-30AH in one night.
ktmrfs 12/19/20 09:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Running CPAP Without Utilities

don't run the humidifier (or get a passover type) and don't use the heated hose and it will run a long time. bumpy x2. and virtually all CPAP/BiPAP machines sold in the U.S. today run on either 12V or 24V ALL the time. the wall cord either has a converter built in, or there is a internal 120VAC to DC converter. So..... there is in virtually all cases an DC input as well. Most will run directly on 12V, many resmed units run on 24VDC. In either case the mfg or aftermarket sell adapters for 12V to run the unit. Resmed adapters are a 12v-24V converter. so..... if you have a 12V cig lighter port in the trailer your set. Also there are lithium battery packs for CPAP units that will run most units for 2 nights as long as the humidifier and tube heater are off. One night otherwise.
ktmrfs 12/19/20 09:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ultra Sound wireless LP tank sensor , Bluetooth to phone app

I have been using them as well. Great Idea, but I've found them to be pretty finicky. Proper placement is critical along with using some dielectric grease on the contact patch, So far on the trailer they have been reasonably reliable, along with the remote readout they offer. The newest remote display can be calibrated for 30lb tanks. I've had less luck with them on portable 20 and 5 lb tanks for the grill and firepit and heater. I guess moving the tanks around can misadjust the sensor position. Also they are sensitive to water not waterproof.
ktmrfs 12/18/20 09:25am Tech Issues
RE: Quiet heater that doesn’t drain batteries ?

Because we dont like the constant noisy cycling on and off of the furnace while sleeping i lower the thermostat to 50 ish at bed time. This way the furnace usually doesnt come on until early morning depending on the outside temp. Then in the morning i bump it up to 70 ish and go back to bed for an hour. ditto, but we have a setback thermostat set to come on at 7am. Furnace coming on is our "alarm", wakes us up, then wait a while to get up, trailers warm.
ktmrfs 12/13/20 09:49am General RVing Issues
RE: water pressure regulators

watts adjustable regulator.
ktmrfs 12/12/20 07:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Remembrances of vacuum tube days

Started at a very young age by helping my grandfather and then my father repair electronics (TVs, radios and early HiFi rigs. I liked to build Dynaco stereos and loved my McIntosh stereo equipment. I still think the old tube type equipment has a better sound. I worked for many different electronics shops and went into teaching electronics after closing my own shop. I was always sought out by the local hobbyists to fix their Heathkits when they messed up. Eventually I got into computers and networking. When the students quit taking electronics classes(math was too hard :B), I changed to computers and networking classes. Retired from teaching at the Community college after teaching high school for many years. Yes, I've heard the same thing about tube amplifiers having a "cleaner" sound. I doubt most people, except true audiophiles, could notice the difference compared to solid state. You mentioned Heathkits. I've built several in my youth along with many Knight kits. Included were ham radio receiver and xmitter, stereo amps and tuners, plus various test equipment (VTVM, oscilloscope, capacitor checker, tube checker, etc.) Common misconception that tube amps are "cleaner", in reality they are not. What you do get is a slightly DIFFERENT sound sonically, some would say a "warmer" or "fuller" sound that what transistors give. Hard to describe.. Some folks say transistor outputs as being "sterile" compared to tube outputs. Back to the "cleaner sound" for a second, tubes by nature inject considerable amount of noise into the audio signal. This happens as the filament heater gives off electrons, some of those electrons affect/interact the plates and grids electrons in the process. Additionally, most tube amps the filament heaters are powered with a AC voltage which if you listen with a good set of headphones you will be able to hear a slight AC 60hz hum in the background with no signal. With good headphones you can also literally hear the electrons hitting the grids and plates in a form of white noise in the background with no signal. Add that background noise to your music and it gives the 1950's "HiFi" sound that you and your parents grew up with. There are simulators you can add to your system that can add in a simulation of a tube amp if you like.. They also make tube preamps if you like.. tube amps tend to go into limit on max signal more gradually than solid state amps, and the harmonics generated are IIRC even order vs. odd order for solid state. Even order harmonics are less intrusive to the ear. And lots of the early transistor amps would not only hard limit, but oscillate and do really wierd things when overdriven, all of which gave rather anoying sound, I had an early Scott transistor amp, when driven to near output limit it would start oscillating in the audio range and coming out of limits had real bad transient recovery problems. Listening to music it was vey easy to hear when it was being overdriven. Todays transistor stuff is much much better.
ktmrfs 12/12/20 07:14pm Technology Corner
RE: Remembrances of vacuum tube days

I sure don't miss the electrical shock you can get from those tubes if you didn't ground them (yes, with the TV unplugged). I got it several times. JK Actually shocks were not just a "tube" problem it was very common in a lot of solid state equipment, that was caused by manufacturers being cheap skates and not using a transformer in the power supply and tying one side to the 120V line DIRECTLY to the chassis.. :E It is called a "HOT" chassis and if not careful when servicing would end up biting you or worse yet becoming a pretty good arc welder when attaching serving equipment like oscilloscope ground to the chassis.. With most older equipment having non polarized line cords you can imagine the havoc that can cause when the HOT side of the line ended up on the chassis. Spent a lot of my younger yrs servicing 1970s-1990s consumer stuff with one hand stuck in my pocket for safety. And for the record, CRT TVs, the 2nd anode connection to the tube is to be respected.. CRTs can hold a second anode 20KV+ charge for YRS with out power, was taught to take a long flat blade screw driver and a clip lead from it to chassis ground before ever touching that connection.. yup, the bakelite or phenolic knobs on the front are all that protected you from a potential shock on those old sets. First thing I did and do if I come across one of those old units that I want to keep is to switch to a polarized plug, with the neutral side tied to the chassis, especially those with no transformer.
ktmrfs 12/12/20 07:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Remembrances of vacuum tube days

nice thing about the AM tube radios is that the "all american 5" design (5 tubes for battery power, 6 with AC) covered probably 99% of the AM radios and all mfg were so similar once you understood how one worked, you knew how all worked, and could fix any of them. today I have a philco portable, A Zenith transoceanic portable AM & SW (portable in that they run on batteries or AC power) and philco AC powered radio. All use the same tubes, basically the same design. Even the battery packs for the Zenith and philco are almost identical. With todays batteries they will run about 500-700 hours on a home made battery pack of 6 D cells and 60 AA's (Or 10 9V but those only last maybe 100 hours). And not needing a rectifier they come on almost instantly with the fast heaters on the filaments. The earliest "farm" AM radios had the 1.5V filaments in parallel rather than series and ran on a 1.5V "A" battery, those 1.5V batteries bigger than a beer can and a "B" battery of 90V. about the size of a 6 pack. Grandfather had a nice "farm radio" they didn't get electric power till the 50's and he kept it around for winter storm power outages. A eventually went away and the AA, AAA, C, D replaced them, B disapeared need to make those from either 9V or AA's.
ktmrfs 12/11/20 09:29pm Technology Corner
RE: Blackstone 22" griddle for $99 at Walmart!!

Hello blackstone owners. How would you describe the curve of your griddle? Mine puts oil towards the corners. Wondering if i warped it. Been slowly reading through the manual. Today i got to the part that says "do not add water to the entire surface as it can cause warping". I notice the supports welded to the bottom of the griddle. They sure could do a better job at that. Each piece of metal has 3 tiny welds. Each side and the center. The bar sits a good sixteenth away from the surface. At first i thought it was to help create an even temp. If that was the case it would be nice if the metal supports had contact with the griddle surface. Thinking now its just to prevent warping.  I dont remember the oil falling to the corners so quickly. Thinking i might have slightly warped mine. Have cleaned it twice. Full blast hot and then dumped water on the entire surface. Should have known better. Every pan i have ever own says to avoid adding cold water to a hot surface to avoid warping.  I guess while cooking you can deglaze. But the volume of liquid is little. So warping is less likely to happen.  The blackstone manual i have says only do 6" sections at a time. Using something like 1 or 2 teaspoons or tablespoons. Dont remember exactly but you get the idea.  I have a squirt bottle to put water on the grill to clean it. I probably put a couple of tablespoons on at a time, doesn't take much to clean it, then use a paper towel to clean. Haven't seen any sign of warping.
ktmrfs 12/09/20 09:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solar on a cloudy winter day?

I have 480W of portable solar. Cloud cover cuts output considerably, and very dense heavy cloud cover even with the panels aimed well has cut the output from 30A the controller limits to down to 5A or less. How much it affects output is very dependent on how dense the cloud layer is. But expect at least a 50% decrease in output.
ktmrfs 12/09/20 01:46pm Tech Issues
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