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RE: Chevy 8.1 truck with low miles?

There is a reason GM got rid of it! Emissions was the big killer of the 8.1. It was a filthy Large bore engines of that era were filthy as far as emissions went. That's why Ford went to a V-10, smaller bore lower emissions. Technology was not all that great back them compared to today. In its day the 8.1 was a good truck engine. Why didn't the 8.1L have more power and get better gas mileage? 9.1:1 compression. But then once again, I don't think the intention of this thread was to compare to old against the new. Just to reminisce the old 8.1.And why was it a filthy engine? It was because it was not an efficient engine! That's why they killed it. Reading your post, I take it that you really didn’t like that engine or any other BB. Just a note, GM still produces BB engines in the 8 liter size. The 8.1 was discontinued because of the change in emissions. No big deal, it’s really a great engine, has tremendous power and easy to produce more. The GM 6.0 was upgraded along with 6 speeds that took the helm during that time. I’m thinking that GM will release another version of the 8 liter engine soon for larger trucks. I don’t think the duty cycle of any smaller displacement engine last as long. I have 2 friends that own both 8.1 trucks. Both tow regularly and have had zero issues. One of them pulls 15k horse trailer all around the Country. Has a lot of miles on it, last I heard was around 300k.. still runs and does the job. My other buddy has around 100k on his and zero issues. As long as I have personally worked on engines I’m a fan of both SB and BB variants. I even like the Ford Ecoboost series. My Fav are the GM LS series, but Ford has done a good job with the ecoboost so far. Now I’m watching the 1/2 ton Diesel engines. I expect good service from those as well. But if one ever finds a good deal on a low miles 8.1 and cheap... Best Buy it... it will last...
kw/00 01/14/20 05:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Racking up the miles.

Ah the benefits of the GM 6.0.... I spoke to a guy a few weeks ago that has an 08 model. Pulls trailers for his land clearing business all day. Got over 300k so far with nothing but a few batteries, water pump and brakes ... .I hope the new 6.6 last as long.
kw/00 01/05/20 06:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: GAS 6.6 GM

I have to believe that the 10 speed will soon find its way behind the 6.6 gas motor. It seems to baffle the entire automotive industry as to why they didnt release it with the 10 to begin with. At least with Ram, I dont think they yet have a 10 speed. GM has them sitting on the shelf and yet they continue with the 6 speed. My thoughts as well. There’s really no reason not to not use the new 10 speed, unless they want to get rid of some excess 6 speed autos hanging on the benches. Hopefully the new 10 speed series will make up for the 3:73 gear set. Still wish they would have used the 4:10. I have the 6.0 with the 3:73 gear set and 6 speed. Love it, pulls 10k very well. I’m sure the new 10 speed with the 6.6 would be a nice pull dog though.
kw/00 01/02/20 07:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: The TFL guys bought a 7.3L

Not sure why anyone cares about the 7.3L. According to the HD gas owners here, they don't need more power which is why they bought the gas engine instead of the diesel. So why would an engine with more power that you will have to pay more for matter now? Funny but not exactly true. Reasons are pretty simple, gas overall is easier to own and work on verse complexity of Diesel engines and emissions. Just my take in having owned both.
kw/00 01/02/20 07:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: Single Rear Wheel vs Dually - Whats the Best for You

Good job boys, but we're only 3 pages into the hypothetical scenarios and rhetoric! I’m just commenting to help push it to page 5....
kw/00 12/15/19 06:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: Auxillary Fuel Tank ?

Just a thought, when GM offered the long bed, it also came with a 36 gallon tank. This will be a perfect replacement for your current fuel tank. They offered the long bed trucks during that model that you have and still do. Some junk yards have those trucks and or fuel tanks, I’m sure that you could get it cheaper there. It would be factory and basic plug and play to install. That’s what I would do. But if the tank would fit under a short bed would GM go to the expense of making 2 tanks? Not at least offer the big as a extra cost option? I wish they would have offered it as an option to short bed trucks. My cousin had an 01 with the long wheel base for construction. He also had the 4 door so it was a very long truck... lol anyway his came with the larger tank. I can’t recall but the standard for sure was 26 gallons and long bed models came with I think a 36 gallon tank. It might have been a 32.... but I will have to ask him. Oh it that tank does fit the standard bed... so easy swap for those wanting the extra gallons..
kw/00 12/12/19 06:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New suburban and tahoe reveal! Duramax 3.0 is in!!

Who can afford these anymore? I know right! My goal is not to live in debt and so far it’s working... it would take a while for me personally to save up, which I will do for th next truck. I think prices today are just to much, then the initial depreciation hit is not worth it for me. I will just save and pay cash for used in a few years. Daughters in school right now and has plans for college in years to come.... so nothing new coming my
kw/00 12/12/19 05:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Auxillary Fuel Tank ?

Just a thought, when GM offered the long bed, it also came with a 36 gallon tank. This will be a perfect replacement for your current fuel tank. They offered the long bed trucks during that model that you have and still do. Some junk yards have those trucks and or fuel tanks, I’m sure that you could get it cheaper there. It would be factory and basic plug and play to install. That’s what I would do.
kw/00 12/12/19 05:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: New suburban and tahoe reveal! Duramax 3.0 is in!!

Win for the diesel option for sure, otherwise GM stole that grill right from Toyota and Lexus... take a look at those vehicles and you can see the resemblance. Not to excited about the push button controls for a shifter. But I don’t plan to purchase one so not concerned. What I am watching is how that Diesel engine will hold up. Down the road, I see myself getting another 1/2 ton, most likely it will be the GMC version with the diesel. I really prefer the gas LS 6.2, however with the mpgs that diesel is getting, a 4x4, 4 door with that engine will fit the bill.
kw/00 12/11/19 05:22pm Tow Vehicles

I do 90 percent of all my mechanical work on all my vehicles... only a few times to my mechanic since I don’t always have access to a lift. On my families Diesel engines I do some work; but kinda hard if the cab needs lifted for major repair, which I’ve done, just time consuming...On all oil changes, I’ve always done by myself, regardless of vehicle. My neighbor had her oil done at a quick lube place and they completely overfilled the oil... there are several stories of these places messing up customers vehicles, hence I don’t trust them...
kw/00 12/10/19 04:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: The Big Boys have Just Arrived

Going to be great to see how this new 7.3 does...
kw/00 12/10/19 04:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Locked radio on my 2001 Suburban

Interesting responses here today..... so this is typical if the previous owner had a code for the radio. However if you can’t find it written down anywhere then I’m pretty sure u can find a tutorial on you tube on how to gain access and unlock it without the dealer. On those models of years prior 2007 I don’t think that they were VIN coded. The 2007 and up are all VIN coded and require a dealer program... but I had an 01 years ago and was locked out as well. The PO had no idea of the code and I recall you tubing and got it to work. Hope this helps!
kw/00 12/08/19 05:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Goodbye DPF and soot?

Well if u drive a gas job, this would never be an issue.....JK guys... anyway yes sounds good. I’m hoping they do something soon. Some of the trucks we have had a lot of money dumped into the emissions.....
kw/00 12/03/19 04:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: '83 Toyota pickup start trouble in cold, wet weather

Make sure your carb priming pump actually works. You can't assume anything on a vehicle this old. This as well.....
kw/00 12/01/19 06:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: '83 Toyota pickup start trouble in cold, wet weather

Carb issues? If it starts with starting fluid, I would look into the carb. Modern fuel made of ethanol really messes with the carb. I use non ethanol in all my carb equipment, even my 69 C10. Also check the fuel filter and replace.
kw/00 12/01/19 06:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 1500 Duramax 100 Mile MPG Tow Test

I know time will tell on this engine/transmission combo. But GM did a smart thing by going the inline 6 route. I’m sure it will go over the 150k, just the belt needs replaced... overall I’m watching the market on these 1/2 ton diesel trucks. I’m wondering how strong and long the market will be for these trucks. I see the advantage of owing one one day, when we downsize from the large fifth wheel. Chevy should have put a much large Fuel tank in their truck... good grief the tank is about the size of my 69 C10...
kw/00 11/26/19 07:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying a used diesel

Ford 6.4 def run from in my opinion. The only thing replaced on the 07 Ram was the turbo. My mom owns that truck and I th8nk that was 4grand or more. She did have a problem with the DPF being clogged...and a software update, otherwise pretty impressive truck. No transmission problems and I think she’s close to 200k so far on that rig. I have heard that the Bosch fuel pumps on the GMs have been problematic. However I believe there is a kit that can remedy that problem, I could be wrong, someone else chime in on that. I really like the GM series trucks, the Allison Transmission is really good. I don’t like the DEF tank during those years mounted below the passenger side door area with the fill located in the engine compartment, but it works. You can delete these trucks, but good old EPA is stepping in a lot more these days and catching people who do, so check your state and see if you have yearly emissions testing.. if you do then leave that thing stock. If it be me and one day it will be, drive them and see what fits you best. Like anything else maintenance is a huge factor here... so by private with records if possible. Get the truck checked by a certified diesel mechanic if your unsure. Hope this helps, I’m sure those who currently own some of these trucks will chime in soon. It would be a hard toss up between the Ram and GM for me personally. The Ram during some of those years had some interior issues, like stuff breaking and issues with the ac system. But when it comes down to engine, the inline 6 is really hard to beat.... my Aunt has an 11 model and repacked a lot of her Ac and dash... little stuff like door switches and stuff like that just break..l but I can’t say much.. my 09 GMC has a cracked dash... ugh..
kw/00 11/26/19 05:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 1500 Duramax 100 Mile MPG Tow Test

I’m getting more impressed with this engine. Granted I can’t use a 1/2 ton at this time, but if I needed one, this truck would be the first on my list.
kw/00 11/26/19 05:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying a used diesel

I was blessed to have a grandfather that taught me a lot about engines. I like Diesel engines, just not the emissions type. But we have several in the family and I have both pulled with gas and diesel. I own a gas truck, but I can tell u from a design point, the inline 6 is the way to go. Easy to work on, naturally balanced. In our family we have all 3 diesels.... the Fords we have had some bad apples, but never have had the 6.7. The Rams we have had 2, both flawless engine wise, currently we still own the 07 with the 6.7. GM trucks, several, our last Duramax was amazing, pulled 15k plus every time it was driven for the most part. Never an issue till around 300k and lost a few injectors and the head gasket leaked. So each can work for what your looking for them to do. Go with what you budget allows and what feels best for you from the drivers seat.
kw/00 11/26/19 04:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 HD Payload and Max Trailer - How to spot them?

Got a buddy who has one, I do believe that his is a 7 lug. Can’t recall the year for you. Overall great truck and should do what you need it to do. I’m thinking if you can’t find one that you may get a good deal on a close out 2019 model... I wonder if one could order it with a diesel..?
kw/00 11/14/19 04:55pm Tow Vehicles
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