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RE: Concerns about buying from a distant dealer?

When I was looking back in '15, KZ was my #1 choice. I called them at the time and asked about warranty repairs as there was only 1 KZ dealer in AZ. They told me that, should the need arise, they would be happy to approve an independent shop or mobile repair service to complete warranty work. That sold me on that time. It was later that we all heard that Thor was buying KZ (and Jayco) and we were very worried that they would no longer stick to this policy. Fortunately, we only had a couple warranty issues and our selling dealer was about 80 miles away, not a deal breaker for me. Since then, our selling dealer has closed and another dealer in East Mesa picked up KZ, and they are wonderful to work with. None of this "you didn't buy it here" b.s.; they work rigs in in the order in which they're brought in. Still a bit of a hike, but, again, not bad. This being said, when were looking, if I found something at a very attractive price that a local dealer refused to match, I'd've taken a road trip to buy and dealt with warranty issues either on my own or with an independent shop. Lyle
laknox 09/29/23 05:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Changing the vinyl insert along the roof any tips ?

Could also just lay on the roof and work down. Saves you from having to move the ladder every few feet. Lyle
laknox 09/28/23 02:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Extensive Traveling with a 5th Wheel

Friends of ours bought a lightweight Arcadia Fifth Wheel. It came with a 12v fridge and one solar panel. They added a solar suitcase for additional solar. It also came with a tankless water heater. After one trip and wasting two gallons of water before thevwater heated up, he added this add on and they love it. We are just about to start our first dry camping trip with this new camper. While there appear to be few fixes to the water wasting issue with the tankless water heater, if we do anything, I'm currently leaning towards pulling it out and putting a tank heater in its place. The "Showermiser" tee looks like a worthwhile idea. However, I agree getting rid of the tankless altogether is a better idea. Provided you have the space for it. Don't forget that you've got to cut a vent hole in the side of your rig. Do you =really= know what's in the wall where you want/need to locate the vent? For me, a tankless is a non-starter for me. Lyle
laknox 09/28/23 02:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How do you decide how much to spend on an RV

Agreed, we are pretty conservative financially, so this is kinda out of our comfort zone. We could buy what we want cash, and still have a years expenses in cash, and like someone suggested, it would be less than 5% of our net worth. But we are in our mid 50s and working for another 7-8 years, so would only be able to use it for probably 30 nights a year. This made me look at the cost per night over 10 years, and it would probably be $200 a night when you calculate depreciation. I think I just talked myself into a $40k travel trailer :) Why not a $40k fifth wheel? :-) Lyle
laknox 09/28/23 10:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Truck / 5th Wheel Combo - Do the numbers add up?

You're exactly right, Paul. My '02 2500 D'max 4x4 CC, 6.5' bed had less payload than 150/1500s from about 2015, and onward. I towed my old FW, 11,360 GVW, and was about 1,000 over on my combined GW and 600 over on my rear axle, but with 265 tires instead of the OEM 245s, I was =under= by about 800 lbs on the 265 tire rating. Yeah, a gasser F250 would handle a 12k GVW FW OK, but a 350 would handle it great, not just OK. They're the same truck, with a bigger spring package and, maybe, brakes (can't remember). Biggest cost might be in the registration difference, depending on your state. :-) I'm like you, in that I don't want to go much bigger than what I currently have, but I also have a 30' GN trailer and had to think about that, as well. Any future FW upgrade likely won't be more than 13k GVW, from what I'm looking at now, so I =could= have stuck with a 2500, but the price differential just didn't make sense to go with the 2500. Lyle
laknox 09/28/23 10:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Truck / 5th Wheel Combo - Do the numbers add up?

Looking for input on my potential truck/5th wheel combo. A little background first. I have had trailers, but this would be my first 5th wheel. As I am opening this up to the weight police, I am looking for honest opinions and I don’t want to make a costly mistake. With that said, my opinion (as an automotive engineer) is that I’m a rule follower (regarding GVWR, etc) but I have no problem being close to the limit as I know there is a significant safety factor already built into those numbers. With that said – here is what I am looking at: Tow vehicle 2023/4 Ford F250 4x4 7.3l gas short bed well optioned (maybe King Ranch) From what I have found on the internet Rear GAWR 6,340 Front GAWR 5,600 Tow Capacity 16,500 Payload 3,923 GVWR 10,500 Curb Weight 6,480 – 6550 (I see different amounts depending on what site I go to) So – my math says 10,500 GVWR – 7100 Truck (added 550lbs for people/etc) – 200lbs for hitch (may need a slider) leaves 3,200 for pin weight. Assuming a 22% pin weight puts me at 14,500lb max 5th wheel. I’m looking at a Cougar 290RLS Dry Wt 10,124 lbs Hitch 1,805 GVWR 12,200 Length 33’8” I know many will say just get the F350, but the truck will be used 95% as a daily driver and 5% towing. Seems like I have a reasonable margin. ~4,000 lbs on tow capacity, ~500 lbs cargo capacity/GVWR assuming trailer is loaded to GVWR. Does anyone see flaws in my logic before a spend a small fortune on these toys? Is the Curb weight of 6,550 for a short wb 4x4 7.3l crew seem right? I looked up all the specs for this particular truck and it seems consistent in that range, but comments on other posts look like the truck weight could be more. Also – any comments on the Cougar 290RLS? You won't know the actual payload of that =specific= truck until you lay eyes on the sticker on either the door or the B pillar. You may have basic specs for a base truck and you could easily have another couple hundred lbs of options that take off your payload. I'm with those that say to go to a 350 SRW. You're likely to have the truck a lot longer than the FW, so if you want to "move on up" to a larger FW, you won't have to worry about it. I did just that and I can tell you that my '22 3500 rides a =whole= lot better than my old '02 2500 D'max. Ride quality, unloaded, is much better, even though I know I'm still driving a truck. Also, with the newer trucks and FWs, you'll have much less clearance issues and, with a 4x4, the turning radius will be larger than a 2x4, giving you a bit more clearance. Slider is entirely up to you but, IMO, not necessary. On my 3500, I set my B&W Companion to the =rear=, given that my FW only grosses 10.5k, so that gives me even more clearance. Yeah, at nearly 13k GVW, the Cougar will make a 350 squat a bit if the hitch is to the rear, but not badly, IMO. Lyle
laknox 09/27/23 02:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tips on how to hook up at an extreme angle?

I can't tell you how many times in the past 15+ years I've been reading RV fora, that slide hitch owners have said they spent the extra money for a slider, then never used it. More than a few said that the one time they needed it, the slides had rusted up so bad that they couldn't even use it or had to beat hell out of it to get it to move. Just sayin'... Lyle
laknox 09/26/23 11:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shortest 5th wheel with washer/dryer

FWIW, ALL the KZ Half-Ton FWs have W/D prep, which blows my mind. 8 models from 29'1" to 37'5". Lyle
laknox 09/26/23 11:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Radiator style radiant heaters

We have a couple we use at home but have taken one with us in the FW, on occasion. We also have a small decorative fireplace/heater that we use, too. One thing to remember is that you still need to keep the furnace going in really cold temps to keep the basement warm. Also, it helps to keep cabinets open under sinks to keep the pipe under there warm. Using a low-speed fan to circulate the warm air from the heater really helps with this. Over the years, I read about a few people who use an electric heater only, then put a fan on the return air to circulate air into the basement =without= using the furnace. Lyle
laknox 09/25/23 02:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tips on how to hook up at an extreme angle?

FWIW, the B&W Companions can be hooked up at pretty extreme angles, if needed. Just sayin'... Lyle Avowed B&W Fanboi :-)
laknox 09/25/23 11:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Center pin box question

I just ordered a 2024 Rockwood 301RK fifth wheel with a center point pin box. Is the generic wedge that comes with the pin box good to use with my B&W Patriot hitch or do I really need to buy custom wedge made for my hitch? Thanks in advance Steve Last I knew, B&W did NOT want any of the pin boxes that used a wedge used with their hitches. That may be different with the factory mounts. Check with B&W before you do anything. Give them all the details you have about your FW, truck, hitch, etc. B&W are great people to work with and will answer your questions. Lyle
laknox 09/20/23 03:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: lamination on 5th wheel

OP is likely talking about the underside of the front overhang. Almost all of them sag, at least a little bit, after a few years; does't mean they're delaminating. Lyle
laknox 09/20/23 03:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How do you decide how much to spend on an RV

We've been RVing for 16-17 years now, and are looking for a new RV, but are struggling on how much we are willing to spend. We are pretty conservative when it comes to spending money. We really want a Brinkley Z3100, which will end up probably a little over $80k, but it puts a knot in our stomachs thinking about spending that much money on something that is going to depreciate. Should we settle and spend like $40k on another TT? We bought an new F-350 last year not knowing what kind of camper we wanted, so we bought a truck to pull what ever we decided on, so we don't have to worry about a new truck. We could sell some non retirement stock, and pay cash for it, and we would still have an emergency fund of a years expenses. We have no debt other than our mortgage, and it is about a third of our homes value, and financed at 2.4%. It would take us about 2 years to replace the funds if we went with the Brinkley. We are in out mid 50's, and have put 12-15% in our 401k since our early 20's so we should be fine for retirement if the market performs like it has historically. Should we bite the bullet?? I was in the same boat when I replaced my '02 Duramax. I fell into a used '22 3500 Denali that was about $20,000 less than a new Denali and $17,000 less than a new High Country. Still, dropping nearly $78k on the truck, new FW hitch, tool box and some other doo-dads, was a bit puckering...but not nearly as much as $90-95k would have been. :-) I'm also considering replacing my '17 KZ Durango 1500, but I got it for such a good price that I'll make money on it. I'm lucky enough to have the cash to buy a new FW, then put the cash from selling the '17 back in the bank. Lyle
laknox 09/20/23 03:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: hitch questions (update)

Personally, I'd install the B&W Turnover Ball and find a nice, used Companion hitch. The TO Ball requires 1 4" hole and 4 1/2" holes vs the 5 4" holes for the puck / GN system. Gives you the option to use a GN trailer if you need it. I had this in my now-sold '02 D'max. Loved it. Lyle
laknox 09/20/23 03:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Big Truck small Locally made 5ver

Go big or go home! :-) Lyle
laknox 09/18/23 03:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Just Joining The RV Life

My Husband and I are brand new at the RV Life style. At 65 and 67 we sold our dream home and everything we own to climb into our 5th wheel and hit the road for the long haul. Since neither of us have ever done anything like this before we can use all the help we can get. Can you tell me things we will need and things we can do without? Places to see and places to go? Good campgrounds to stay for the money and even places you don't recommend. We plan to head over to the coast of N.C. and travel the coastline all the way to the gulf. Has anyone gone this route before? Can you give us some recommendations? Thank you in advance for all your help. cbdiscover If you haven't already, look into some the full-time RV groups. They can also give you excellent info, both in what you might need for full-timing as well as where to go / what to see. Would also help to post what FW and truck you have. Large rigs can be limiting in where you can go due to length. For instance, I'd love to go camping up on Mt. Lemmon, near Tucson, but my OAL, even with a 32' FW, is too long for the road up the moountain. Lyle
laknox 09/18/23 10:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth wheel step damaging door frame any suggestions

One more reason to ditch the stupid solid steps... Check out the Torklift Uprising folding steps that replace the stuipd solid steps. I have the Glowstep Revolution under mount, and love 'em. I can only imagine that the Uprising steps are along the same quality. Lyle
laknox 09/18/23 10:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Extensive Traveling with a 5th Wheel

As for the steps, I recently came across the Torklift Glowstep Uprising Step. It replaces the stupid solid steps, so you at least can access your rig while in storage. They still fold inside the door, meaning trash and water can get inside, but they at least eliminate one of the major problems with the stupid solid steps. If only the mfrs would offer these as an option... Yeah, not likely. Lyle
laknox 09/15/23 11:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Extensive Traveling with a 5th Wheel

I'm with you on both counts, Jeff. I had the stuipd solid steps and, as boondockers, am not a fan of the tankless water heaters (though I've not had experience with them). I've read about too many people not having hot water when running on the pump =and= people using a =lot= more water. Lyle We've just spent our first 5 nights in the new rig. We have the newer flip style steps that help knock the dirt off of them before you raise them into the doorway. Worse than dirt, if they're wet they bring that water in with them. And so far, we are not a fan of the tankless water heater. It does seem to use a lot more water and we boondock a lot. I'm sure we'll figure out a solution. -Chuck IF ONLY the mfrs would give their customers this thing called OPTIONS! Lyle
laknox 09/14/23 04:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50 amp to 30 amp dogbone

When I had a 30a FW, I got a 50 to 30 dogbone so I could use the 50a plug at campgrounds. They were generally tighter and much less prone to tripping. My current FW is 50a but only had 1 A/C until a couple months ago. I =always= use the 50a plug unless there is't one available. Dogbones are the way to go; don't take up much room and a lot cheaper and easier than futzing about with changing plug ends or buying new cords. Lyle
laknox 09/14/23 01:53pm Fifth-Wheels
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