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RE: 2020 Cougar 368mbi

***UPDATE*** We currently have a travel trailer an went camping yesterday. We loaded the F250 and trailer like we always do, so we were fully loaded. I went to the CAT Scales and pulled on their 3-scale system (front axle on one, rear on another and trailer on the last scale). We all stayed in the truck by the way. Front axle was 3,860, rear was 4,880 and trailer was 7,360. Total axle weight was 16,100. We were able to determine that we carry 698 pounds of "stuff", not including people and pet. Does this have any bearing on anyones comments above? Thanks again...... Nope. Still need less fifth wheel or more truck, IMO. Lyle
laknox 05/18/20 10:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Awning tie downs

Awnings are meant to be rolled up before the wind damages them. With the advent of electric awnings, there is really no reason to NOT roll them up. Ken I left the manual awning on my old Komfort out in some pretty strong winds and felt no real qualms leaving my rig unattended with the awning out. So, I come back and my rig's still cool. With the electric awning on my KZ, if it gets much above a breeze, I roll it up, and I =never= leave it out if we leave. So, when I get back now, rig's 10-15 degrees warmer because of the loss of shade. Even camping at 7,000+ feet, if you're in the sun, it gets =hot=. So, give me manuals any day. Lyle
laknox 05/15/20 09:30am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Awning tie downs

Just not a good idea , things get bent in the wind. I never leave mine when it’s out , and if it starts to get a little windy we bring it in . Seen too many get ruined in the wind . Ju Gimme manual awnings, any day! Lyle
laknox 05/14/20 03:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best way clean 5th wheel

Don't forget a hungry teenager looking for a few bucks. :-) Lyle
laknox 05/13/20 09:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires & DOT

Mods I will let you decide. Simply look at my original post above asking an individual a question. I did get a PM that I will NOT share on my question, don't blame the guy for not wanting to be involved in this. Ron, my point was most on here are very knowledgeable ,especially about tire failures , brand quality etc. We have read over the years about tire failures, and Goodyear has been in that mix. If Goodyear has improved ,that is great. Some of the threads I have read say they are still having issues. Tire experts are great, but real world experience is what really counts. As far as the Endurance, no way on the heavier fifth wheels, they are E rated, and IMO overrated as far as weight rating goes. ALL ST tires are overrated, IMO. Just sayin'... Lyle
laknox 05/12/20 10:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck 4x4 or 4x2 ??

Personally, I won't have another 2wd truck. Having 4wd helps on dirt roads that have washboards (you don't have to be boondocking to appreciate this) Grew up on dirt washboard roads...never had an issue with 2wd. The one thing I will give is low range is nice for backing up if there is a steep grade...but just nice, I've been on some pretty steep sites with 2wd and always got there without smoking the transmission. Makes life a lot more comfortable running in 4wd on washboards. Even towing my FW, the rear can step out a bit. Can also be a lot safer. You come upon some washboards unexpectedly and have to slow down quick, you =can= swap ends when the rear tires decide to bounce. BTDT, at about 20-25 mph. Lyle
laknox 05/11/20 09:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck 4x4 or 4x2 ??

I use the low range box on my 3500 every time the 5’er goes in or out of my property. 10-12% 1/4 mile grade on a private road, and steep rise on my docking pad and slight grade in a turn on gravel road for a turnaround. 4wd not necessary but the low gear box is really nice to have. All considered, it comes down to wants and needs. The extra equipment it a nice to have. Therefore, value is in the eye of the beholder. I'm in the same boat, getting into our normal boondocking site. Road's rough, but doable in a sedan if you're careful; about 200 yards of rocks in a couple spots in a mile. Having the 4LO just allows me to creep over the rocky areas without straining the tranny or causing a lot of rocking. Lyle
laknox 05/11/20 09:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Freedom Hauler (Idaho tote)

it is not considered double towing it is an extension of the fifth wheel not a "trailer". There is no additional stress on the frame as it carries the weight of the trike on the platform. If you get on their website and look at it you will see what it entails. My questions are durability/quality of the product, has anyone used it extensively and if so what can you tell me both good and bad. You and I agree that it's an "extension", but many states don't, and =will= consider it a trailer so, you're "double-towing". As I said, some states will ignore it as it =is= a bit of a grey area, but you never know if someone p!ssed in a given LEO's Wheaties one day and then you're in trouble. Also, just because it's not attached as a trailer is, there =are= forces and weights that act on the FW. I know of at least one person that spent a ton of money on a swivel-wheel, towed it a few times, and hated the way his rig handled because he unweighted the pin so much that it chucked =and= porpoised. Lyle
laknox 05/08/20 12:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Freedom Hauler (Idaho tote)

We have a 2019 Van Leigh Beacon and are looking for a way to bring our trike along. I have been looking at the Freedom Hauler (formerly Idaho Tote) platform. Does anyone have any experience with this company or their product? Any info. will be helpful. Thanks 3 main considerations: 1. Is it legal to add one where you want to go? Many states will allow a swivel-wheel tote, many states don't. Some states don't, but don't enforce it. A total mish-mosh. Basically, if you travel where double-towing is allowed, you're OK. 2. Can the FW's frame handle having it attached? Huge consideration ad you can literally bend the rear-end of the trailer if it's not beefy enough. Some people who have added hitches or totes have beefed up their FW frame all the way forward of the axle attachments to be sure they don't have frame issues. 3. Will you exceed your combined weight rating? A trike is NOT light and a large FW is not, either. Need to be sure that you're at least reasonably close to your GCWR. IMO, either flat-out double tow on a trailer (you could run into length issues) but #1 will still apply, or get a toy hauler. FWIW, I know where there's a really nice TH for sale. PM me for details. :B Lyle
laknox 05/08/20 10:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires & DOT

Guys, I am letting quite a bit of stuff slide that would ordinarily get deleted or edited for being off topic BUT because we are all a bit stir crazy, as long as it remains good natured leg pulling I have no objection. However, once this pandemic is past us, I will again be a stickler for our forum rules just as in the past. Have fun but keep it civil and no profanity. That delete button has not been removed from my computer yet. :) Barney Back in the BBS days, we had the "moderator stick" and the mod would simply post TAP, TAP... as things started heating up. When it ended in TAPPITY WHACK!, you were done for a week, or so. :B If it was a BANG!, you were done, period. Lyle
laknox 05/07/20 11:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires & DOT

Discount has ZERO issue torquing my DRW lugs nuts to 150#. Good to know! Lyle
laknox 05/07/20 11:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Inverter Generator

AFAIK, Yamaha is the only genny with a "burst" capability, where it pulls power from the starting battery for about 10 seconds, to help start the A/C. Would love to see that on a Champion! LyleIndependent inverter to be used with or without the generator. Unique PowerAssist feature The MultiPlus will prevent overload of a limited AC source, such as a generator or shore power connection. First, battery charging will automatically be reduced when otherwise an overload would occur. The second level will boost the output of a generator or shore side supply with power taken from the battery. That's pretty cool! Never seen that one before; thanks for the info. FWIW, my cousin that's building the bus into an RV, is using Victron equipment and loves it. Lyle
laknox 05/06/20 09:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Inverter Generator

I’m looking at a Firman WH02942 dual fuel inverter 3200/2900 watt generator for use with a 50 amp 5er. I’m looking for just enough power to run 1 ac and some lights, yet be light enough to easily move. Anyone have any experience with Firman?Looks good for a reasonably quiet dual fuel generator of this size. However at 90 pounds I would have to pass if I had to lift it. Your call. I would be more inclined to get a pair of portables to parallel for easier lifting. That or just a single and an electronic Easy-Start to help start the A/C. Another option is to get an inverter designed to combine power temporarily to start the A/C. Would also supply power to run a tv etc during quiet hours. AFAIK, Yamaha is the only genny with a "burst" capability, where it pulls power from the starting battery for about 10 seconds, to help start the A/C. Would love to see that on a Champion! Lyle
laknox 05/05/20 03:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Inverter Generator

Hi, The one that lasted longest for me was a Kipor TI 3500. 2800 watts continuous. A total Honda clone and can even use Honda parts. :B Lyle
laknox 05/05/20 02:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires & DOT

Same here, personally prefer to install myself ,and know they are torqued correctly, and not overtightened with a air impact. Discount's air wrenches are set for a pretty weak tighten, maybe 50-60 lb ft, but they always use a torque wrench for final tightening, and I've asked to see the installer's wrench a couple times, just to check. Now, you pull in with something that needs G tires and close to 150 lb ft of torque and you're likely out of luck. Our 30' GN flat bed has G's and, IIRC, the placard says 150 lb ft on those wheels. Going to have go buy a new wrench, or just put a 2' cheater on the wrench and lean on it. :-) Lyle
laknox 05/05/20 11:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires & DOT

…...anyway, back to DOT codes on tires....I will update once they arrive. As the OP I can also UPDATE. My GY 614's arrived from Amazon...great price, free shipping. However, three of the four were a year old and one was 10 months old. I returned them, again no charge for shipping and did receive a full refund in about 10 days. Neither Simple Tire or Tire Rack would guarantee any kind of a reasonable DOT Date of Manufacture. Kind of a "you get what you get" attitude. Anyway, on the recommendation from one of the posters above, I called my local Discount Tire (who I use regularly for our family vehicles) and they are willing to get me the freshest tires in their warehouse with a guarantee of no more than 6 months old. The are a bit more expensive. Tomorrow I will be ordering from Discount Tire. I will never understand the hassle many will go through to get trailer tires, the get them mounted. Three trailers all shod at local Discount Tire, good dot dates. If not in stock have them order, once tires are at store take the trailer in and have them do all the work. Can’t believe those that will try to figure out to jack up the trailer then take one, two, or maybe all four to the tire store to have them mounted then drag them back and reinstall. Never seen a Discount Tire store I couldn’t get a 40’ trailer in. That usually happens when someone wants to put LTs on a trailer that's placarded for STs with a higher weight capacity. I will tell you that the 2 closest Discount Tires to me are sketchy in getting anything > 30' into, though I've seen a couple 3-axle THs in the closest one. Basically, you have to stop on a side street, walk into the store and get several guys to come out and direct traffic so you can back in. Getting my old 29' Komfort in was an adventure, and I'm pretty good. Lyle
laknox 05/05/20 11:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Brake Controller failure

I added a 2nd 7-pin connector in my truck bed and it's a =very= tight fit to get the trailer plug in far enough for the cap to catch the nub on the plug. If I don't get it all the way in, it doesn't take much for the plug to back out and lose connection. The bumper plug isn't quite so bad, but it can also give me problems if I'm not careful. Given that you haven't towed in a while, make sure the contacts on both plugs are clean. Lyle
laknox 05/05/20 11:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: A good problem! 5 people, 5 nights, in a 5er

Invest in the tank. You may get away with outside showers depending on your site and you may not. Hunting Island is a major state park. I do not consider it very remote, it is quite the opposite, it can be a very busy state park. A confrontation with a ranger over grey water discharge may have a negative impact on the greatest trip ever. You should be OK with 56 gallon black and not need the tote. But your 28 gallon grey is not up to the task. My 40 gallon grey can last us a 3 day weekend with no conservation. Get the tote and enjoy yourself without worry. You got OP's tank sized reversed. Black is only 28 and grey is 56, which is the usual, anemic, size for a lot of black tanks. No thought, whatsoever, for boondockers or dry campers. It's the primary reason that the Jayco I was looking at was a firm #2 on my short list. Lyle
laknox 05/01/20 10:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What is this piece called?

Gizmo. Without a picture ???? Could also be a hootchiepecker... :-) Lyle
laknox 05/01/20 10:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bent Kingpin?

Lyle, I've got about 1-1/2" clearance from the bottom of the 5er to the top of the bed. I'm looking into finding a way to get another few inches between the bed and the truck - possibly replacing the king pin assembly in the damaged pinbox. I may have to go that route, but if I do that, I'll probably haul it up to denver (where is where I live). I've met a few guys who know welding and they can 'hook' me up. in a perfect world I find a guy who knows what he's doing and he's in santa fe - but if that doesn't pan out, I'll be looking into a replacement King Pin assembly and dragging it up to denver. Wow! Hadn't realized it was that bad. Forget my suggestion! :B Lyle
laknox 04/30/20 09:46am Fifth-Wheels
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