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RE: Who all makes aluminum sided aluminum framed TT’s?

Would have been cheaper for FR to replace their coach than do the repairs... Replacing a wall would be >$15,000 repair including labor.
lane hog 10/07/20 10:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Water lines

Oh, I'm sure the lines will handle higher pressure, but it's simply not necessary just to drain the lines. With properly functioning low point drains, simply opening the faucets and shower head does most the work for you. Running air will disrupt whatever air pockets might have formed and stopped gravity from doing its job.
lane hog 10/07/20 12:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Water lines

I try to keep it below 30 PSI which is lower than most city water connections. You don't need that much pressure to blow them out, and a few remaining droplets won't hurt the fittings.
lane hog 10/06/20 03:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Who all makes aluminum sided aluminum framed TT’s?

We went thru a trailer selection process a few months back, and after dealing with delamination on our motorhome, I wanted either "stick and tin" or Azdel. If you're really looking at fiberglass, look for Azdel construction. Most trailers that experience delamination have a wall construction of filon (fiberglass) that's glued to luan, which is glued to an inch or so of styrofoam that straddles/fills the aluminum frame, and then another sheet of luan glued to that to form the interior wall. Luan wicks water like crazy and pretty much dissolves wood when it dries out, and that's where your delamination becomes visible. By the time you can see it, you can't fix it. All you can do is inject lots of adhesive or epoxy to try and fill the void and rebond the filon with the foam, and what you use has to be able to bond to the foam without dissolving it (contact cements will eat it away...). The bigger problem is you've compromised the structural strength of the exterior walls when part of the sandwich fails. Azdel construction uses a Filon/plastic/foam/luan sandwich. By taking luan out of the exterior layer, there's no wicking of the moisture, and no disintegration of the structure. There's always the chance of the adhesive giving away between layers, but you can re-glue filon to Azdel without worrying about what type of adhesive you're using. The brands using Azdel are growing. Had Grand Design offered it, we would have looked at their laminated trailers. Instead, I went with stick and tin knowing that I could repair any water damage with the tools in my woodshop.
lane hog 10/06/20 02:43am Travel Trailers
RE: New to all this..

If you have a wood framed trailer, the wall panels aren't that difficult to remove. Find the seams, and you can probably get a flat 90* pry bar underneath the panel and pop the staples loose. Same thing should go for interior walls on a lightweight trailer. With the wall open, you have other options and could put in a cripple stud or a plywood sheet to help carry the weight of the TV mount. If it's aluminum framed, 99% chance the wall panels are laminated around the actual frame so don't even think of removing... An infrared camera might help show where the studs are because there won't be any styrofoam insulation on the studs.
lane hog 10/06/20 02:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Fed up with tire blow outs!!!

All 3 tires did not blow at the same time. The first to go was the driver side rear. This weekend the passenger side rear blew on my way to the campground. On my way home the passenger side front went. Each time I heard the tire pop I pulled over immediately. Yep, and when the drivers rear went out, you immediately overloaded the other three tires. Repeat for the other two losses -- the remaining tire on that side Doesn't matter how quickly you reacted -- they still had to carry extra weight, and suddenly at speed.
lane hog 09/08/20 07:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fed up with tire blow outs!!!

I wouldn't use Load Range C tires to move my trailer around in a parking lot, let alone tow with it on the road... Get E's if you can, D's at a minimum. Reason you lost the third tire is because you overloaded it when the first two blew out.
lane hog 09/07/20 11:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Did I ruin my water heater, please help!

I would not suggest doing either of those unless you have a guaranteed way to remember it's disconnected. Well, since most of us have a power tongue jack, it would be really obvious when you can't hook up your tow vehicle...
lane hog 09/07/20 11:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: BEWARE Keystone Hideout

I was a three time Jayco owner, and now that Thor bought them, it's unrecognizable... I've been happy with my 2019 Grand Design, even knowing that the founders came out of Keystone. But even there, I'm finding small issues that you'd think would have been picked up at the factory. Anything made in the last six months I'd be really leery of because of how the factories were working overtime to catch up from their shutdowns...
lane hog 09/07/20 11:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is it possible to finance a $23K trailer for 180 months?

Nah, not just my world. Checks still make up about 20% of total banking activity these days, but a lot of that is checks being mailed to consumers for refunds, rebates, etc. vs. payments being sent in. According to Social Security, over 99% of their payments are going out electronically. They only mail out about 550,000 checks a month, so you're definitely in the minority.
lane hog 08/20/20 04:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Is it possible to finance a $23K trailer for 180 months?

Who still writes a check for their payments?.... Maybe a few people who started loans 13 years ago, but I'd say the majority of payments being made on RV's right now are electronic.
lane hog 08/19/20 12:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Yellowstone and 30ft Motorhomes

31' Class C and a towed van. We had no problems in Grant Village with reservations, and there are usually spaces available you can fit into if you can get there early in the day. I suspect the published depth on a lot of these sites doesn't take into account overhang for trailers or Class C's.
lane hog 08/18/20 05:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: House/chassis battery issue

On our Winnebago, I ran a positive wire from the house battery compartment to the engine compartment... Only connected it when in storage so it could benefit from the solar panel. The proper way would have been to put diodes in-line to prevent pulling the coach batteries down to whatever the starter battery was at... we scrapped the Winnebago before I got around to that.
lane hog 08/18/20 05:36am Tech Issues
RE: Is it possible to finance a $23K trailer for 180 months?

The only RV's I've ever seen with a 15 year note are motorhomes, and they also offer 20 year notes on the bigger units. Bad idea given how quickly depreciation hits and how long you'll be underwater.
lane hog 08/16/20 06:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Honda EU2000i electric start?? Anyone used one?

That takes "some assembly required" to a new level... I love my Honda twins, but I think I'd just buy something with an electric start before embarking on that adventure.
lane hog 08/14/20 02:14am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Trash

Yeah, a dumpster would be optimal, but around us, they're locked up and an employee would have to come out to unlock it.
lane hog 08/14/20 02:03am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Trash

If you're buying fuel, I'd say a gas station. They usually have cans out by the pumps, and at the rate we buy fuel, I don't feel at all guilty.
lane hog 08/13/20 12:17am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Roadside Food stops?

Fear of Covid is amazing... you're probably at greater risk dumping your tanks or refueling. Did quite of out-of-state travel this year, and had no problems with sit-down eating in every state *except* for Illinois and Indiana. Businesses are hurting everywhere, so every chance we have to help keep restaurant workers employed, we do.
lane hog 08/13/20 12:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Solar research

There are different flavors of solar... if you're like us, you can do well for under $1000 and have a setup that simply recharges the batteries you already have. We don't currently use an inverter right now, and only need about 100-300W of panel power to top off our dual deep cycle batteries from running the 12V side of the house.
lane hog 08/12/20 11:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Will my trailer fit in this space?

If your garage is attached to the main house I would recommend checking with zoning. I can't imagine a situation where I'd ever willingly invite the government to give me advice on where my trailer can go... Odds look good that you'll clip one of the buildings eventually. If moving or replacing the shed is an option, you might want to consider that. Building a new shed will be cheaper than replacing the side of a laminated wall trailer.
lane hog 08/12/20 11:44pm Travel Trailers
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