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RE: Looking for Ceiling/Under cabinet mount speakers for Amerigo

I agree with joerg that the modern bluetooth speakers are superior to most built in speakers these days and provide more flexibility. We take ours everywhere and can use them outside the camper, on day trips and when travelling/camping without our camper. If you get several from the same manufacturer you can link them and create a great experience.
larkyblast 07/15/19 12:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Questions and Opinions on Rigs

texaspiper I posted the same question recently. If you look for my thread on GVWR, there is a lot of discussion on this. The gist is how I couldn't understand how my payload on a 3500 was so low, or how every single camper out there other than pop ups would exceed it. Basically I realise that every single combination I see on the road has to exceed the sticker payload. I was over on pretty much every camper I looked at, and ended up being over on the camper I bought. Only the campers advertised as for half ton trucks were under the GVWR of my 1t (2900lbs on the sticker).
larkyblast 07/09/19 12:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck camper mileage

With our new camper we've average 15 so far, it was about 19 with our old camper. 2012 Ram 3500 diesel cc srw sb Old camper 79 Vanguard camperette, 800 lbs New Camper 2019 Cirrus 820, 3100 lbs
larkyblast 07/04/19 11:31am Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Thanks for the comments. Gritdog gave some great advice for homemade overloads, so I am going to try those with timbrens to start and get the Torklift ones if I like the results with the homemade. I think I prefer the system to airbags, although a lot of shops are recommending airbags. They are twice the money to timbrens with install. I have the weights written down at home, can't remember exactly, camper is 3000 or 3100 lbs with two full propane, battery and partially full water (nothing in black or grey). And yes, without trailer. Looks like I might have to give up on the big trailer for sure. So I'd bet we'll be 3500-3600 fully loaded. Rear tires are 3200 each. I am looking at some 18" and 20" that are 3800, then I should have plenty.
larkyblast 07/03/19 03:13pm Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Update: We bought the cirrus 820. It ended up being about the same price as the northstar but was a 3 hour closer drive and had the Alde heat so we gave up on the cassette toilet. Already I am wondering if I should have held out for a lighter camper, but it drove home ok. We weighed before and after pickup and are 100lbs under the max weight for the rear, but I am definitely going to need to make some suspension upgrades. Now to decide whether it's airbags, timbrens sway bar ect. We love the interior and have slept in it two nights so far on the weekend. Back out this weekend so we can try everything out since those two night were literally just crashing, didn't use the shower or stove or fridge even. Thanks again for all of the advice.
larkyblast 07/02/19 02:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Change to Lithium-ion?

Those chinese batteries sure look interesting.
larkyblast 06/27/19 10:07am Tech Issues
RE: Figuring this power stuff has my head spinning

We never plug in to shore power even at home except battery charging once or twice in winter. No generator. We camp only in Canada, usually fairly far north where air conditioning is not necessary. Some charging from the engine while driving. I tried a single 100 watt solar panel flat on the roof first to see what it could do. I was very pleasantly surprised that it fulfilled all our electricity needs. Since installing the solar panel about 5 years ago I have never seen the batteries below 80% charge. Now we don’t worry about electricity at all - water is the limiting factor in our boondocking. We were just out for a full week in campsites without electricity with the battery monitor indicating 100% all the time. The freshwater tank and two jugs of drinking water just made the week. We use propane for the fridge and making tea or coffee on the stove. Harvey, do you winter camp as well with your unit? What do you get out of your solar then? I don't want to run a generator, but am having trouble making it work (on paper) with less than 400W of solar in winter. We only need the circulation pump for the heat and a few lights.
larkyblast 06/26/19 02:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Which to comprimise on? Toilet or Heat?

A wise choice! Do read the full time forum on winter camping. Where is the winter camping forum? On this site? I can't seem to find it in the topics. Thanks for the tip!
larkyblast 06/25/19 01:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Which to comprimise on? Toilet or Heat?

Thanks everyone! We pick up our camper on saturday. I'll report back once we get settled in. I am really nervous about the weight since it's much heavier than I wanted to go, and in a fantasy land I'd still like to tow my small horse trailer with one horse, but I'll cross that bridge later. The price was just so much less than the lighter campers I was looking at. I'm confident we can still tow our small aluminum flat deck sled trailer that I can move by hand. I am already planning some mods to cut weight like removing the enormously oversized microwave. At least the transfer of stuff from our existing camper is lightweight; a few pillows, a tupperware of plastic dishes and a few lawn chairs, we travel light. For winter flushing of the toilet, you winterize your fresh tank then use the antifreeze/washer fluid to flush by adding it manually? This unit does have heated tanks but I'm very leary to use them since it gets really cold here, I can't imagine how cold the camper could get while driving at highway speeds when the air temp is -20.
larkyblast 06/25/19 12:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Brought Home Our New Truck Camper This Week

I don't know why TC can't figure out the seating?? They are mostly terrible for comfort. Every one I look at I want to modify that.
larkyblast 06/24/19 04:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Which to comprimise on? Toilet or Heat?

Thanks! We've decided to go with the one with the better heating system and make the toilet work. We did look at northern lite but a bit too expensive for us.
larkyblast 06/24/19 03:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for advice

Go with the 720. Cassette toilet is far superior, seating is much more comfortable than 820. Is there a reason you are considering Cirrus? I am going through this now. 720 is my first choice but we can't find one in our budget. We also want it for winter camping. If it weren't for that I would buy a northstar, better layouts much lighter camper and cassette toilet but I really want the Alde heat to save battery. I have a Ram 3500 and think if I buy the 820 I will have to give up towing anything except my small utility trailer. Real world weights are very heavy on the 820, go on the Cirrus truck camper facebook group and see.
larkyblast 06/24/19 01:54pm Truck Campers
Which to comprimise on? Toilet or Heat?

I have narrowed down my search to two campers that fall in budget: Cirrus 820 and Northstar Laredo. You might remember my previous thread where I agonised over this. I had eliminated the 820- but have now found one at an blowout price that is only 3 hours away. The Cirrus 720 has everything we want but is out of budget. We need a camper for winter camping, must have good insulation and thermal windows.The price is almost identical. We do not camp at RV parks, so we will be exclusively without hook ups. I want a cassette toilet for the ease of winter use while the rest of the water is winterized. The 820 has the Alde heat, better styling and more storage and is local-ish to us. It is heavier and has a traditional black tank. The advantage is the efficiency of the heating system, uses far less battery than traditional furnace. Floors are also heated, much more comfortable than forced air. The Northstar has traditional furnace, cassette toilet. I really want cassette. It also has a better dinette layout. It is a 7 hour drive so we are seeing sight unseen. I am waiting to hear back from several RV repair places on pulling out the traditional toilet and putting in a cassette in the 820. It would require cutting an access door in the side of the camper. I've called Alde, the system would be over 3k to buy to retrofit the northstar. I've also looked at Propex, Wave and Truma as options. Propex and Truma are about 1k. Which do you think is better to compromise on (or more difficult to retrofit)? The Heating system or toilet? We are in Canada, solar is very ineffective in winter and temps are very cold. I want to be as independent as possible and try not to have a generator, so battery usage is key.
larkyblast 06/24/19 01:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Batteries

Can someone explain to me the benefit of switching to two 6v batteries? I've heard a lot of people mention this but have never seen them in person. Do you have to do any after market wiring in a unit that previously had one group 27? My current unit has no battery... so just trying to catch up on the tech for our new unit.
larkyblast 06/18/19 10:29am Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Well looks like it will be the northstar for us. The dealer with the 720 was offended by my offer, but given the build quality inside the unit, there is no way I was paying close to list. I already had another dealer willing to order me one for slightly more than I offered the local dealer, but we decided the wait is just too long.
larkyblast 06/13/19 08:44am Truck Campers
RE: SUP / surfboard / gear rack ideas

Good question! I'm curious too
larkyblast 06/12/19 04:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Do you unload when you camp? Really?

We've done both, even with our 1979 camper with manual jacks. I've done it solo quite a few times, but it's a pain. We use our truck for other things, so the camper comes on and off a lot. If we're just camping for the weekend we will leave the camper on, but if staying in one place for more than 3 or 4 nights, then we will take it off, it's nicer to have it lower to the ground.
larkyblast 06/11/19 10:34am Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Wow, this is great discussion, I really appreciate all of the feedback. The Northstar we are looking at is a 2020, they have changed the windows this year or last to a different manufacturer. Also, they finally updated the colour on the cabinets to something a little more progressive. I do think that Cirrus and Bunduvry are the only manufacturers who are innovating in camper design. Along with some of the very high end expedition ones that are way beyond my budget. I guess, for me, since our current camper has no bathroom, anything that means I don't have to get out of the warm camper in the middle of winter in the middle of night to have a pee is a bonus. Going to a dump station with a black hose I've done years ago and it was tolerable but think for us, since we will be camping 99% of the time without hookups, the cassette is a better fit. Often the dumps are closed in winter, and the outlet valve would freeze. I am going to make an offer on the Cirrus 720 and see what happens. Alternatively, there is an 820 that the dealer has already come down on, but I still feel like it's pushing the weight on our truck, and then I am back to the black tank scenario. Stay tuned, I might be in a new camper soon!!
larkyblast 06/11/19 10:13am Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

The Cirrus is a way better built camper than the Northstar. Plus the Cirrus doesn't have a cassette toilet, meaning you can swap the crapper out in the cirrus for a better composting toilet. Why do you say this? One of the attractions to the northstar is the build quality, everything I've seen says that it's very good. We prefer cassette and aren't interested in changing to a composting. We were able to look at the 2020 820 and 720 this weekend. I really wish we could see the Northstar so we could make a decision.... Of the two, we prefered the 720. The layout and seating was much more comfortable, the interior felt roomy. There was a closet with a lower section for shoes right inside the door (shoe storage is one of the strangest problems in a TC I find). The 820 just felt like too much camper for us; huge fridge giant microwave, narrow hallway feel. They have improved the seating for 2020 with the Lagun table rather than the fixed one in the older models. The finishing in the 720 did look significantly cheaper and poorly executed than the 820, especially since the 820 was only 3k more. For the money you get way more camper with the 820 but still with the weight, seating layout, and cassette, the 720 seemed like a better fit for us. If we didn't want to take a trailer, the choice would be tougher. If I could get the price down significantly I would go for the 720, but as priced it's too expensive for what it is. I've also decided to add the NS Laredo into the mix. If we got the 720 we'd have to buy a bigger hitch for the trailer, so if we were willing to do that for the 720, may as well consider the Laredo which gives us more room than the Liberty with similar weight and options. At this rate I might buy a camper for next summer :R
larkyblast 06/10/19 09:54am Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

The tongue weight on my biggest trailer as we load it would be 800-1000lbs. Loaded it will be 4000 - 6000lbs depending on trip(3000 empty). This will be a problem. 1,000 lb tongue weight long hitch extension 8' floor length hardside truck camper srw truck short bed truck I would think long and hard before going down that road. Good Luck, bradw Thanks Brad, I appreciate this. This is the main attraction to me to the northstar liberty, the 7' floor length. The main drawback of course is the 13 hour drive to buy it sight unseen. I thought about it a lot last night and if I get the bigger camper, I will give up on towing my bigger trailer at the same time. I think I'd still be fine towing our smaller trailer since I can move it by hand, tongue weight is probably 50lbs. AS luck would have it though, a dealer in my city just got the Cirrus 820 and 720 in stock!! I can't believe this. Now I can go see both units and decide on the 720 or the Northstar. I was only considering the much heavier 820 because I could not find a 720 closer than Utah. I am leaning to northstar but the dollar just went down again so it's becoming more and more expensive. Brad what do you think about the 8' camper but with a camper that is 1000 lbs lighter? The Cirrus 720 is supposed to be 2600lbs loaded (same weight as the northstar, just a foot longer), so even with my bigger trailer might be ok. Going to look at both Cirrus this weekend!
larkyblast 06/07/19 10:22am Truck Campers
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