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RE: Want a new truck?

My opinion--maybe not yours: Surprised that no one has said "Are the salesman/manager lips moving..." Absolutely can't believe that Ford has stopped building 22s as stated by the OP's sales manager. Yes, they stop for a week or two when they run out of parts, but they're still building out orders. However, cutting off orders in April and not starting again until October pretty much confirms that they are 6 months behind. Media says Ford F series 2022 Q1 sales were down 31% year to year which says it's getting worse, not better. As for price I've had 3 different dealers say they'll order for MSRP with no premium so I doubt that it would be hard to find such a dealer anywhere.
lenr 06/28/22 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electrical question

If the EMS is a Progressive Industries brand, they have a built in time delay on turn on. So, if there was a long enough power outage, maybe that started the time delay. In an RV it's sometimes hard to recognize a power failure flash because only the 120 volt devices react. I don't have experience with a power flash of a few seconds but I see the time delay every time a turn the pedestal breaker on. As stated a ground fault is only dangerous if there is a short somewhere. I would have no problem going without the EMS for a 30 amp connection upon a ground fault. However, 50 amp 240 is different deal. A ground fault there would have me worrying about the wiring integrity. A bad neutral on 50 amp can cause voltage swings enough to damage things. Note: neutral is different than ground. As stated above, using a dog bone to connect 30 amp into the 50 amp side would be good idea for most any kind of trouble with the 30 amp outlet.
lenr 06/22/22 10:20am General RVing Issues
RE: How to increase payload?

Suggestions for OP based on my story below: Definitely get new, whole, 6000 springs as stated above. Consider upgrading the axle tube wall thickness as RV industry uses the lightest, cheapest, wall thickness (3” tube comes in 3 thicknesses from Dexter.) If the hub is actually the same for 6000 lb consider using 7000 lb backing plate if you are having any lack of trailer brake effort. X2 on wet bolts and heavy links. If the trailer uses 10” I beams in the frame, I would not worry about carrying more weight. You might compare your trailer to the closest current model to see what the current GVWR is. My story: We ordered a Coachman Chaparral 336TSIK in the spring of 2019. At that time the 2020 models used 5100 lb axles for the 4 “Lite” models and the two shortest “mid-profile” models (including our 336TSIK.) The 6 heavier, longer, trailers all used 7000 lb axles. Of the 12 models ours was rated the lowest of cargo capacity at 1480 (12,000 gross – 10,520 unloaded.) I asked the dealer to see if the factory would put on 6,000 lb axles. The answer was they can’t because all trailers must be manufactured standard per NHTSA. I took the trailer straight from the dealer to the axle shop via a CAT scale. The CAT showed empty weight of 10,780 leaving 1,220 for cargo, which is totally ridiculous for a 37’ fifth wheel trailer. So, I had the axle shop install Dexter 6,000 lb axles with Kodiak 6,000 lb disk brakes. For the 2022 model year Coachmen started putting 7,000 lb axles on the 336TSIK increasing GVWR to 13,500. Curious, I contacted engineering with my VIN to ask if they also upgraded the frame from mine—answer was no change to frame, just the axles. I also upgraded the tires from stock 235/80R16 to 235/85R16 to get the additional weight rating. We load pretty heavy—on last check we were a little over 13,500.
lenr 03/28/22 05:56pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: In 2 years time I can no longer afford to buy a camper

Historically the RV industry changed model years in March. I've read a rumor that the industry is trying to standardize all manufacturers in changing on July 1. Either way, 2022 models of RVs on the dealer lot next fall will be a model year behind, should carry a dramatic discount, and could have been sitting there for quite a while.
lenr 03/24/22 11:47am Truck Campers
RE: In 2 years time I can no longer afford to buy a camper

My opinion, some of which has been covered above-- Price = Demand - Supply (Econ 101). I went into my favorite wholesale price dealer in Shipshewana, IN in March of 2020. While there I asked how sales were going. Answer: a little slow. When I went back in May they were wiped out of inventory. This dealer has a close relationship with the factories in the next county. By 2021 he was reporting factories suspending production for lack of parts (China being a big part of the problem.) So, crazy demand combined with parts shortages ran the prices up. Now, I believe that the myth of a shortage is being perpetuated by dealers and manufacturers such as Thor bragging about its backlog of orders to keep prices high. As we traveled from Indiana to Florida and part way back this winter, the RV lots are all full. There is plenty of supply. This supply will work to the OP's advantage as he waits to Fall. This also gives time to research. I believe that there still is the typical 35% profit margin in RVs at the dealer level. As aptly described earlier, saying NO is the best way to drop the price. Also, IMHO, buying used is not a guarantee that everything is fixed--it totally depends on the prior owner.
lenr 03/24/22 10:37am Truck Campers
RE: Replacement Fridge

My opinion--yours may vary: If one gets either a 12 or 120 volt only fridge the small batteries typically used OEM may not be enough for your camping style (depending on disconnected time.) Additional batteries may be necessary even for the 12 volt only. Adding a 120 volt residential does require adding an inverter--that is what we got OEM in our fifth wheel and we love it. The Everchill brand of 12 volt compressor fridge is being used frequently now by Forest River brands (saves the cost of the inverter.) However, 2 folks with brand new trailers where we camped in January were having trouble with them. One noisy as all get out and the other tripping out so as unusable. I wouldn't touch an Everchill, myself.
lenr 03/22/22 01:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: agm battery charge issue

My opinion and experience--yours may vary: From the discussion it does sound like there is possible voltage drop between the converter and the battery. As mentioned, don't forget the negative connection. My last 2 trailers used the frame for the return negative path (which also "grounds" the frame) with a whole bunch of negative wires lugged under two, too small, self-taping screw on the frame. Quite a bit of potential voltage drop as those connections would age. I added a solid negative wire in both cases. However: why all the concern about getting to 14.4 on AGMs? While that will finish the charge faster, my Trojan T-105 AGM batteries spec a 2 hour limit at that voltage to avoid gassing. In addition, PD is real proud of their periodic 14.4 to prevent stratifying the electrolyte. But AGMs don't stratify so the period voltage blast is not needed. The PD rep that I last spoke with indicated that their research has shown that 14.4 will not hurt, but also is not needed. The Trojan T-105 AGMs like to float at 13.5 and will get to 100% charge in a few hours with my charger set at 13.5 continuous. I verify this with a battery monitor. The last static test that I ran came up with .1 voltage higher than Trojan's full charge spec voltage (battery disconnected from load or charger sitting over night for 18 hours.)
lenr 03/18/22 11:18am Tech Issues
RE: Dexter Axle Replacement

Check with Dexter for authorized trailer dealer and/or repair shop. Stay away from RV dealers.
lenr 01/25/22 05:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trunnion Weight Distribution Spring

My opinion—yours may vary: X2 with BarneyS with some elaboration. Pickup trucks are designed to come down significantly in the rear under load, so a 4” drop in the rear is not generally a problem if the truck looks level. However, some of us believe that returning weight to the front axle is advantageous to good handling with the side benefit of moving weight off the rear axle. Note that if the weight distribution is set up perfectly the front bumper would move up at least 3/16th inch as the truck pivots around the front axle. So, my setup goal has been to raise the front bumper as close to 3/16th inch as possible while making sure that it is no less (which would be more weight added to the front.) As BarneyS hinted Ford often recommends a 50% difference in the height increase of the front. So, if the unhitched height is 16” and the hitched height without WD is 17”, then the goal after WD is setup would be 16.5” according to Ford while my goal has always been to get closer to 16.25”. While the hitch manufacturers suggest measuring the wheel wells to tires, it is WAY easier to measure the center of the front bumper to ground to the nearest 1/16” without moving the truck. If the trailer is not level, the only fix is to reposition the ball mount on the shank purchasing a different length shank if necessary. As the head tilt is adjusted always be sure that the chain slack is adequate for turns. Reese/Drawtite recommends as least 5 chain links. Back in the day I was able to set up our F-150 pulling a 6500 lb. trailer with a 650 lb. ATV in the bed using 800 lb. WD bars.
lenr 01/24/22 11:12am Beginning RVing
RE: I Winterized ............. but then this happened.

I don't recall where I read that Vasoline was suggested by Dometic--it was on a prior trailer. It could have been in the installation instructions for the replacement seal. It's just an easy thing to try, and readily available.
lenr 12/29/21 06:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: I Winterized ............. but then this happened.

Put on plastic gloves and wipe Vasoline all over the seal. This is approved and recommended by Dometic. Dometic is also an easy seal change.
lenr 12/28/21 04:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are chips coming available?

Ford and Toyota in particular were also hit by a fire at the chip factory that they depended on (Japan I think). That factory did come back on line this last summer, but the sales backlog will take a while to work out. The whole "just in time" auto assembly business is based on parts constantly arriving on time. Ya, it's inexpensive. Ford revenues are only down 5%--amazing. Remember GM's Saturn startup? The original concept was that customers would go into the dealer and order the exact car that they wanted receiving it a few weeks later. Well, that's now how Ford Super Duty purchasing works, except that it's more than a few weeks.
lenr 12/15/21 07:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The RV Demand Continues

So, it's clear that the RV dealer demand continues. Our Camping World dealer is plugged to over-flowing with units. My favorite dealer who is a zero hassle, wholesale price, dealer can't keep more than 10 units on the lot. He usually has 200 at this time. So, I agree with the above that dealers are reacting to the 2020 demand in their factory orders. It's capitalism--they get to take a guess at being right or wrong. One more year may show a little settling out in the RV industry. As said, not only Thor's competitors are thrilled at the Airxcel acquisition, but as a satisfied Coleman customer, and a dissatisfied Dometic (prior) customer, I'm a little jaded as well.
lenr 12/14/21 09:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Additional fuel carrying capacity on pickup

Re-reading my 2012 Super Duty brochure, only the the long bed Super cab and crew cab diesel trucks got 37.5 gallon tanks; all other diesel combinations got 26 gallons; and, all the gas trucks got 35 gallon tanks. I believe those were the configurations from 2011 through 2017 when all the diesel tanks got larger. On a long day we would end up stopping for fuel 2 to 3 times at the one fourth point of 18 to 19 gallons. After switching up to a larger fifth wheel and getting tired of stopping that many times a day, we had a Ford dealer replace the OEM tank with a Titan 50 gallon tank. Already having a short bed we didn't want to give up the bed space. We love it! We only stop once a day (or not at all) with the big tank. The Ford dealer changed the truck programing so the fuel gauge and the miles to empty work correctly. It's a hoot to see 689 miles to empty when we're not towing and the mpg are higher.
lenr 12/05/21 04:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford Gas 6.2 vs 7.3

Hate when I make a mistake: above post should have said "TorqueShift-G transmission which is a beefed up F-150 6 speed", not 10 speed. Thanks for not flaming me. Yes, as stated in the 3/15/21 Super Duty Order Guide, all 6.2 6 speed combinations, even in a 350 dually, use the -G transmission. While that's all you can get in a 250, a 6.2 in a 350 (SRW or DRW) comes with the choice of 6 speed -G or 10 speed. The 7.3 only comes with 10 speed. If I were the OP towing 13K twice a year, I would absolutely get the F-350, 10 speed, 3.73 since it is rated for about 4,000 lb. more towing than the 6.2. The 7.3 with 10 speed would likely get close to the same mileage as a 6.2 6 speed (and there are reports as such on line.)
lenr 11/28/21 12:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Gas 6.2 vs 7.3

For exact axle availability download the Ford Super Duty Order Guide and Tow Ratings. As I read it the 3.55 axle is available only in an F-250 7.3 10 speed. All other gas engine combinations are 3.73/4.30. In an F-350 the 6.2 is available with 6 or 10 speed, but in the F-250, only the 6 speed is offered. Also, noteworthy is that the all the 6 speed combinations are the TorqueShift-G transmission which is a beefed up F-150 10 speed; not the 6R140 used behind the larger engines in earlier years. If it were my money I would definitely get the 7.3 (only comes with a 10 speed) with its great, flat, torque curve and a 3.73 axle (tow rating of 16,000 lb.) in an F-350 (for a VIN sticker and springs rated for the higher weight.)
lenr 11/27/21 07:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: MorRyde IS is finally happening

Air in the lines certainly can be a problem but it wasn't mine. My problem was that the Dexter actuator installed with the disc brakes didn't even turn on until greater than 3 volts. That made for no light or light- medium braking with a sudden application when it did finally turn on. Hydrastar and BrakeRite are popular in the RV world and there may be little difference between them. But when I was researching a replacement actuator, Hydrastar technical could not tell me what their minimum turn on voltage was which spooked me. BrakeRite said their voltage was 1.0 volts and my unit actually starts at .9 volts. With the P3 I get good balanced braking at all speeds, light or heavy.
lenr 11/22/21 12:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: MorRyde IS is finally happening

Agree that disk brakes take a little getting used to. In my experience there are two issues: The first problem is that all disc brake actuators have some delay while they build pressure. Secondly, I have found that the braking response isn’t linear. As said above, they work great (for me) on hard breaking or high speed braking. It’s the light, slow, braking that drove me crazy. Depending on the controller and/or actuator a light push on the brake petal may not send out enough voltage to even start up the actuator--thus no trailer braking. While Hydrastar is supposed to be one of the quickest, my biggest concern was a low startup voltage. I found with BrakeRite (now owned by Dexter) to have good, low, startup voltage. Not sure what MORRyde is currently using for an actuator—they used to use BrakeRite. One solution if using a 2015 or later Ford is to set up the brake “Aggressiveness” to Med or High. Since my older Ford doesn’t offer this setting, the only other option that I found was to install a Prodigy P3 set to Boost level B3. At that boost, a light touch on the petal gets the BrakeRite pumping with slight slowing. Once pumping it is very responsive to more aggressive deceleration. As with any controller it is important to set gain at a point where the wheels do not lock up. The B3 setting will show you right quick if you have too much gain. Full discussion of my experience: Google for my thread "Disappointed in Disc Brakes."
lenr 11/21/21 05:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: MorRyde IS is finally happening

When we were at MORRyde in 2018 they had a bunch of DRV fifth wheels sitting around. DRV installed the IS at the factory then sent them to MORRyde for aligment.
lenr 11/17/21 08:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: MorRyde IS is finally happening

In 2018 I inquired about IS on our small fifth wheel. MORRyde service said they didn't recommend IS on less than 7K axles and suggested the SRE4000 rubberized equalizer. We had riser tubes, the SRE4000, and an X-Factor brace installed. It worked so well with the MORRyde rubber pin box that I had previously installed that chucking was all but gone. We noticed that the microwave plate started staying in place. In conversation at that time, they mentioned that they had to lay off half of their staff during the 2008 Great Recession. Perhaps they are now concerned about increasing the size of their service department so that they don't get caught having to layoff again. In late winter 2019 we ordered a trailer that came with totally inadequate axles (5100 on a trailer that weighed 10750 empty with a 12000 GVWR.) Knowing that the situation would be inadequate I called MORRyde to inquire about improvements thinking I would beat the summer rush. They were backed up 3 months (and they don't do axle work other than IS.) I found an axle shop and had them install Kodiak disk brakes, an SRE4000, 6000 lb axles, and 3 X-Factor braces. I ended up rebuilding my MORRyde pin box myself because I didn't want to wait 3 months. Results are great.
lenr 11/17/21 01:19pm Fifth-Wheels
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