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RE: High Altitude AC use causing Onan generator to die

The generator is a 4000 watt installed in MH It may require a different "jet" to work at higher altitudes. Not knowing if that can be done with all generators. Mine sent me an 6000 feet main jet if genny being used above that. I had to contact manufacturer to get it.
lostbytes 06/24/21 01:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Looks like electric trucks and RVs may be delayed...

Plus, the after effects for recycling... And the recycling problems associates with EV.
lostbytes 06/20/21 06:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Seeking refrigerator tips... in AZ and heat is hampering...

Actually, by far the BEST location for the muffin fans is at the top of the condenser blowing out the roof/upper vent. Much more linear flow/less turbulence over the condenser. Also insure that your refrigerator manufacturer's installation clearances ARE correct. Many have a space above the refrigerator which leads to both turbulence and the retention of heat. Same for verifying clearance from back of refrigerator to outside wall. Too much is NOT good. It is all in your refrigerator installation manual. I stand corrected on this one.
lostbytes 06/20/21 06:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Seeking refrigerator tips... in AZ and heat is hampering...

Not the safest approach but if youre living inside the unit with your AC running figure out a way to let the cold interior air enter the back section of the fridge. Ive been doing that for awhile. Most people dont really understand the concept. It works pretty good if you are already spending the money to cool the inside of your trailer and stuck with an absorption fridge. You can vent 80F degree air up the back of the fridge instead of 110F. The most important statement is the first one: NOT THE SAFEST APPROACH. Propane can leak when refrigerator is running on propane. It could also start leaking when it is not running from the propane connections and solenoid in the back of the refrigerator. PLEASE don't do this, particularly if the vent is lower on the inside than the location in the back of the refrigerator, as propane is heavier than air and will happily descend into your interior. To add to the above statements. If you use a fan in the back. Make sure propane RUNNING FLAME or pilot flame will not be interfered with. Those computer type fans should be ok but more powerful ones? I used to have my flame door opened on my other RVs. Now I don't.
lostbytes 06/20/21 11:37am Tech Issues
RE: Finished full-timing

We started full timing in 1997 in class C. Working thru temps agencies doing maintenance work. Graduated to class A in 1999. Back to another better yet class C. Finally grounded to a house in 2009. During that time, we also did 48 states truck driving. In all we had 2 class C, 1 class a, and 2 travel trailers to date. My work was maintenance with side works of fixing trailers up. Now? Retired. Wanting to go back to full timing. Just taking trips 3 - 4 times a year now.
lostbytes 06/19/21 07:57pm Full-time RVing
RE: Plastic Liner inside Grey Holding Tank??

Needs snake camera with good light to see if more is in there etc.
lostbytes 06/18/21 05:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Seeking refrigerator tips... in AZ and heat is hampering...

We installed a computer fan near the vent to draw more air. Also, since the freezer works better than the frig we freeze water bottles in the freezer then rotate them throughout the frig. If you start with several frozen bottles they can be cycled between the two. We use blue ice for startups and Same on rotation during day to help cool frig. Usually start early tho. I have seen someone put skinny foam between frig back and pipes of ammonia to keep heat away from frig. I thought about doing that but on my unit there isn't room... Well, there would be but not bending the pipes. Too bad there isn't an 2 inch ducting from a/c to back of frig to help cool it a little back there.
lostbytes 06/18/21 05:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator flame

Thanks guys. Now that I think about it more I realize I was wrong. Barney Next time you get to say that you were testing us! Instead of that W word. Lol.
lostbytes 06/16/21 07:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

Normally, you would think so... Search Google, script for CPAP machine? Get a script in 24 hours without doctor. You can also find CPAP on craigslist for half price. Just make sure they work or no deal. My wife did her sleep clinic at Kaiser. Bought on craigslist. Used it for a year then didn't need it anymore. Lost a lot of weight.
lostbytes 06/14/21 12:09pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

Lol. Yup!
lostbytes 06/13/21 11:10pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

When I was campground host back in 2014 up above Truckee, CA. We were instructed to let generator run past posted hours if violator say they're on CPAP. This rule was dictated by ADA. No exceptions. So, everyone heading to doc to get script for CPAP so they can run their genny.
lostbytes 06/13/21 06:00pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Loose Grab Handle

Salem. That all we can do is give you ideas. Bottom line. You need something solid in wall (beside foam, goop) to grab onto. Or, you'll be revisiting this repair again. 2 other things to consider. Go by a RV repair facility and grab a tech and see how they do it and charge. (Then, do it that way). Or, try watching several you tube repair vids about similar repairs involving RV walls...
lostbytes 06/12/21 02:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Loose Grab Handle

If using those toggle bolts. You might have to snip those expanding ends to get into that narrow wall. Those toggle bolts are made for 2" regular homes where as the RV walls are 1"-1 1/2".
lostbytes 06/10/21 11:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Loose Grab Handle

Need to use the metal types toggle bolts. Providing there isn't any supporting wood in wall. Need deep scanning stud scanner on inside of unit wall to use to find out. Sometimes just knocking will give you a hint of something solid between the outter and inside of wall. If by door. Are you able to get behind frame of door to see?
lostbytes 06/10/21 10:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: 30 to 50 adaptor hot?

Older rv a/c pull more current than newer ones. Like everyone telling you. Either put everything but ac on separate extension cord or on propane. Plus need good contact! Also, need an adapter that is the same or bigger Wires size than the one of the rv has. Some adapters are slightly smaller cord. Those will be hotter then rv cord. How the house breakers? One too hot? What amps size of hot breaker? Is rv plugged in only at house outlet, dedicated wise? Just following the trail from rv to breaker box...
lostbytes 05/31/21 10:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Preparing to Camp Host

Also, make sure it doesn't screw up the medical ins tho!!! If you do go that route of working...
lostbytes 12/16/20 08:47am Workamping Forum
RE: Preparing to Camp Host

Well. I did hosting at logger campground in 2014 for CLM and then, no more paid hosting as it's volunteers now. Could be in Tahoe region only tho. Now, speaking of making money that I just read somewhere that it's called, "ticket back to work" that started in 2019. However, I don't know if it affects the benefits as the regular back to work program did. I believe it's for the disability group.
lostbytes 12/16/20 08:39am Workamping Forum
RE: Overnight stay in California

I thought Admin Mike back in 2009 was the dude. Lol. Everyone gets their panties all bunches up over the riots, election and the virus that they forgot that they humans. Everyone becomes a know it all and turned that civil war clock closer to midnight than the WW3 clock called, Doomsday clock. Even I got bent a little. But, sheep no more! I knew something was wrong when CLM merge with another company and started sending me openings for campground host as I haven't been one since 2014...
lostbytes 12/16/20 07:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Overnight stay in California

Well. I'm going camping this next week for a week. Not saying where. Got my hazmat suit.
lostbytes 12/15/20 11:50pm General RVing Issues
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