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RE: Battery replacement

You can save some money buying DEKA GC2 6 volt batteries from places like Batteries Plus and others. The DEKA and the Interstate are both made by East Penn Battery Corp.
lryrob9301 10/06/21 03:43pm Tech Issues
RE: blowing a 20a and 30a fuse instantly

Check your wiring, I think you have something wrong.
lryrob9301 10/06/21 08:40am Tech Issues
RE: Motor home side yard cover

In other words, he would be constructing it without a building permit. As long as the neighbors don't complain the city will not say anything. However on the first complaint he would get slapped with a tear down order and possible daily fine till it came down.
lryrob9301 10/05/21 06:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish Upgrade

I've had my Pathway X2 since 2011 and used it from Halifax NS to San Diego CA. It's been through many thunder storms, a few snow storms, a hail storm in Del Rio TX, and still works like new. Yes it's bigger to store but worth every bit of space. There is no better portable antenna for DISH Network. Yes you can mount it on plywood. The King Tailgater is not even close in durability and the ability to receive the full DISH Eastern Arc AND Western Arc satellite groups.
lryrob9301 10/03/21 08:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Charging a towed vehicle's battery

I can not get my RVI battery charger to work towing my 2020 Chev Equinox. Is there another/better system out there for charging a towed vehicle behind an RV? Are you pulling the fuse for the rear windshield wiper as per instructions? "NOTE: Towed Battery Charger Plus is compatible with all 12 volt batteries including trailers. 2019-present Chevy Equinox must pull rear windshield wiper fuse."
lryrob9301 09/25/21 06:33pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Tires: Date Code approaching 10 yrs. Toyo or Yokohama?

Toyo or Yokohama is six of one, half a dozen of the other. They are both high quality, long lasting, heavy duty tires.
lryrob9301 09/22/21 07:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help! Heater core

Guess I need to get it pulled out. Looks like a bit to much for my 80 year old self. Looks like the easiest way is to take out the head light and go in through there. Thanks everyone If you think $276 was high for the heater core wait till you get the bill for labor to replace it !!!
lryrob9301 09/16/21 11:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help! Heater core

Hate to tell you this BUT, That's not a bad price. If you think that is high go price one for your car from your friendly dealer. By the way, your lucky you even found one for a 23 year old unit.
lryrob9301 09/15/21 09:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: LOCAST Receives Unfavorable Court Rulling

Update LOCAST has ceased operations. Locast Nation As a non-profit, Locast was designed from the very beginning to operate in accordance with the strict letter of the law, but in response to the court’s recent rulings, with which we respectfully disagree, we are hereby suspending operations, effective immediately. Thank you.
lryrob9301 09/02/21 11:38am Technology Corner
LOCAST Receives Unfavorable Court Rulling

Locast TV was given an unfavorable court ruling today for future re-broadcast: Locast Nation In the big media companies' lawsuit against Locast, the court just issued a disappointing ruling. We are evaluating our options and will keep you posted as the situation develops. Here is what our legal team had to say: Electronic Frontier Foundation: "We are disappointed that the court ruled against Locast on its copyright defense. The court interpreted the law in an artificially narrow way. Congress wrote copyright’s nonprofit retransmission exception to make sure that every American has access to their local broadcast stations, and expanding access is exactly what Locast does. This ruling that nonprofit retransmitters can’t use viewer contributions to expand access will do the opposite of what Congress intended. Over 3 million people use Locast to access local TV, including many who can’t afford cable and can’t pick up their local stations with an antenna. This ruling threatens their access to local news and vital information during a global pandemic and a season of unprecedented natural disasters. And it treats copyright law not as an engine of progress but a moat protecting the privileged position of the four giant broadcasting networks." R. David Hosp, Partner Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe: "We are disappointed in the ruling today and disagree with its conclusions and reasoning. Our client is in the process of evaluating the decision and formulating next steps. Locast provides a valuable service to its over 3 million users who are otherwise unable to access the over-the-air broadcasts to which they are entitled by virtue of their location or economic circumstances. Our client remains committed to its mission of delivering free, local broadcast TV service to all Americans, and particularly for those consumers who can’t afford pay-TV services like cable, satellite, or streaming, or who can’t get their local broadcast channels using an over-the-air antenna."
lryrob9301 08/31/21 09:12pm Technology Corner
RE: biobar jf

I have been using BIOBOR JF for 8 years in my Cummins ISC 8.3 without any problems. Like it says, 1oz for every 80gal fillup has prevented any microbe growth problems and my coach sets for months at a time in hot, humid weather. Thanks for your reply. I've had a motorhome sitting for 2 years with a half-tank of fuel and no treatment. Going to take it out in early October. When would you suggest adding the Biobar... and how do you make sense of the label cautions? Add the BIOBOR JF NOW and use the shock treatment amount, then take the coach and fill the tank with fresh fuel. This will get things well mixed. Living in north it's unlikely you have much microbe growth, but this is cheap insurance. As to the labels, I don't have an answer I never saw that. Probably C Y A lawyer speak.
lryrob9301 08/29/21 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: biobar jf

I have been using BIOBOR JF for 8 years in my Cummins ISC 8.3 without any problems. Like it says, 1oz for every 80gal fillup has prevented any microbe growth problems and my coach sets for months at a time in hot, humid weather.
lryrob9301 08/29/21 12:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 22.5 wheels

Most all motorhomes with Alcoa wheel options are built that way. Also the front wheels are a different offset than the rear wheels.
lryrob9301 08/23/21 06:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Samsung Phone

Go to the "settings" app and open. Come down to "General Management" and open. Come down to "Reset" and open. Come down to "Reset all settings" open and click on "Reset Settings". As a last resort if the above doesn't work come down to the "Reset" and open again. This time go to "Factory data reset" open and come down to the "RESET" button. CAUTION THIS WILL RESET YOUR PHONE TO FACTORY NEW CONDITION, you will loose all downloaded settings and apps.
lryrob9301 08/17/21 03:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Loss of power when driving

Replace your fuel filter !!!
lryrob9301 07/29/21 09:25pm Tech Issues
RE: AT&T anounces truly unlimited wireless data plan

Sure, in Arlington VA next to the nations capitol your going to have blazing speeds to impress the politicians. Try it in Podunk Iowa and see what your 5G speeds are, if you can even get a signal.
lryrob9301 07/13/21 10:56am Technology Corner
AT&T anounces truly unlimited wireless data plan

AT&T must be feeling some pressure from T-Mobile. Unlimited, un-throttled, data on their top wireless plan at no increase in price. AT&T Unlimited Wireless Plan just got better.
lryrob9301 07/12/21 09:11pm Technology Corner
RE: 255 30m 22.5 tires

Simple tire Here are some choices for tires in a compatible size to what you have now. By the way, if you haven't noticed tire prices have increased greatly in the last 12 months for all brands of tires.
lryrob9301 07/11/21 10:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: AT&T Mobley has Died. Need replacement Router

Yes that router should work with the AT&T sim card.
lryrob9301 06/23/21 08:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Just an observation and wondering

The same battery that motorvates you from point A to point B, but in the summer, they better be closer together, with fewer traffic standstills. Correct, in hot or cold weather your mileage between recharges will decrease by about 50%. Just one of the things they don't tell you in the advertising, like for every 10mph you drive over 35mph your recharge mileage decreases by 8%. So when you drive 65mph your recharge mileage is decreased by 24% from the advertised optimum mileage between recharges.
lryrob9301 06/21/21 02:58pm Tech Issues
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