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RE: Counteracting bioDiesel

Don’t sweat it. Mercedes-Benz recommends only B5 in ours to maintain the warranty but then, because in many states only B20 is available, they released a document saying to change the oil more frequently if you must use above B5. As others suggested, keep topping off with USLD or B5 and you’ll be fine. Dave
magicbus 02/25/20 12:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reserve America *##*?s

If I recall correctly there is now a box you need to uncheck and then, after your reservation is finished, click NO to the add-on service. It’s a PITB but a sign of the times. Dave PS... “The Russians are coming everyone from street”. What a great movie.
magicbus 02/22/20 12:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: dealer advertising

“Actually the lender should be more concerned about this than the borrower because the RV is the security for the loan.” Primary security for the loan, Dave. Finance company will come after other assets if they can’t get enough from selling the RV. Thanks for the educational point, but by editing out a portion of my post you make me look a bit ignorant. And now for the rest of the story edited out of my post... “ As long as the borrower has the funds to make up the difference should they decide to sell their RV they are fine.” Dave
magicbus 02/15/20 02:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: dealer advertising

... you always want the outstanding balance on the loan to be less than the current value of the RV. Actually the lender should be more concerned about this than the borrower because the RV is the security for the losn. As long as the borrower has the funds to make up the difference should they decide to sell their RV they are fine. Dave
magicbus 02/15/20 05:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air Brake - Auto Parking Brake for Wheelchair Lift

Depending on what chassis or options you have the mechanism may already exist. When I had my DP there was a lockout for the slide and auto-leveling system. I remember having to bypass it once when it went bad. Maybe you can use that existing feature. Dave
magicbus 02/13/20 04:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newbies RVers

I’m surprised PATABAGO is asking about a Thor. You all know what I think, but please, someone help the newbie and maybe suggest where he can spend the night between campgrounds in his new-to-him RV. :B Dave
magicbus 02/08/20 05:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Where to park on 2 day travel from park to park

Hello, you’re all being conned by s once-and-done newbie poster with a ridiculous question bound to elicit lots of opinions. Dave
magicbus 02/05/20 06:01pm Beginning RVing
RE: Alternative stove

The upside is I can cook outside those meals I would never do insideLike those involving the wok I would expect! :B I think my wife would kill me if I tried to put my wok in one of the cupboards. Dave
magicbus 01/31/20 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Got a Amazon fire TV stick

I think you missed that the OP does that but uses the Firestick to mirror his phone to his TV. Dave
magicbus 01/30/20 06:29am Technology Corner
RE: Need help... can I 4 down tow a Mazda Miata???

I once checked on the Miata for towing, and IIRC, the six speed gearbox uses pressurized oil in the gearbox, so I'd do some serious checking before I towed it. Where does the pressure come from ? Not the engine. I recall that if the output shaft (that will be turned by the wheels) relies on oil circulated by the turning of the input shaft (turned by the running engine), the car can't be towed 4-down because the output shaft will not be lubricated. Dave
magicbus 01/29/20 09:45am General RVing Issues
RE: !

Just because you don't care does not mean other people on the board do not care. Why not just dump it in the ho-hum bucket when you first read the thread, and not even comment to begin with if you don't care?Maybe you need to stop posting just to defend your original post and accept that other people have differing opinions. Until your last post (and now mine of course) the discussion was not personal, it was about RV sales. Dave
magicbus 01/29/20 09:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Medicare ads!!!!!

If you have a medical disaster, they take everything.You make a valid point but with a small exception. The Massachusetts Homestead Act protects up to $500,000 of the value of your Massachusetts primary home from bankruptcy proceedings. You do have to have filed a declaration to be covered while still financially secure. I was a Mass. resident for 3 years before I learned of this. Dave
magicbus 01/29/20 03:52am Technology Corner
RE: Alternative stove

Nobody is saying work shouldn’t conform to codes, but nowhere in the codes you have cited is RVIA certification called for. You keep making that part up! Dave
magicbus 01/27/20 12:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Alternative stove

Well this is going nowhere. There is a not so subtle difference between proof of compliance and certification. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Dave
magicbus 01/27/20 11:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Alternative stove

unless the vehicle owner provides reasonable proof of compliance with ANSI Standard No. A119.2... unless the vehicle complies with which ever applies... Compliance is required, certification is not. No surprise there. Dave
magicbus 01/27/20 10:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Alternative stove

... If you register with a “2018 Winnebago” they won’t bat an eye. Try registering to camp there with a “2018 DIY MagicBus” and see if they have questions. I don't know where you visit, but I have 20 years and well over 100k miles traveling all over North America and not once did I register in a CG as "2018 Winnebago". 100% of the time is was 32' no slide with 30 amp, or 36' with slide and 50 amp, or now, 24 foot no slide with 30 amp. Not one single CG in the US or CA ever asked the make of my RV or if it had an RVIA sticker. Dave
magicbus 01/27/20 08:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Alternative stove

Last time I looked, it is still illegal to pump your own gasoline in Oregon and Rhode Island. Actually I think you will find it it Oregon and New Jersey where you can’t pump your own gas. Rhode Island trusts you not to set yourself on fire. Dave
magicbus 01/27/20 03:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Alternative stove

Nobody at a campground ever asked me if my stove or heat system was “certified”. Except for the fact that you are planning on using propane for heat, I was going to suggest an alcohol cooktop. They now come as dual fuel units, 120v and alcohol. Popular in boats where nobody wants leaking propane seeping to a bilge where there are ignition sources. Dave
magicbus 01/26/20 06:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Forwarding Mail

OP is gone.When I first saw a topic by a brand new member that had been discussed a hundred times I was wondering if it is yet another idiot having their own special kind of fun. Dave
magicbus 01/25/20 12:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Forwarding Mail

. I recently received a letter from (IRS) them saying I owed money because of a mistake they made in their instructions on some form I used for 2018. If you filed by mail, I could understand that, but if you filed electronically, that "letter" should go to the email of the person who filed.No. I E-filed and the letter and subsequent bill were only snail-mailed to the address on my tax form. I think part of the reason is to also notify my wife (joint filers) in case she was unaware (which she was but so was I!) :) Dave
magicbus 01/23/20 04:11pm Beginning RVing
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