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RE: Microwaves on inverters.

I have a unit with 1500 watt microwave and would like to be able to use it occasionally when dry camping (10 min or less at a time). I plan to use a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. Also plan using it on a 900 watt coffee maker (about 15 min a pot). Anyone have any experience with this setup? Thanks, Doug run our microwave quite often on an inverter. you will need enough battery and big short cables from battery to inverter. Now one thing to consider, which we did was to toss the original microwave in the donate pile and buy a panasonic true inverter microwave. It's operation is much different than traditional microwaves. when in partial power mode it doesn't cycle between 0% and 100%, it actually runs at the % set. So.... if you set it to 50% that's what it runs at continually. Ours is a 1500watt microwave and I run it easily on a 1000W inverter if power is set to 50% or less. At 50% power it does NOT take twice as long to heat something, more like 25% longer. I also have a hotel type keurig that draws 900W and we run it off the 1000W inverter with no problems either. for this type of draw I'd recomend either 4 GC2s or a bank of 12V. GC2's aren't great for large current draw and have high internal resistance compared to a 12V jar. So with only 2 GC2's your inverter may shut down when batteries are below 75%ish SOC. With 4 GC2's it should work down to 50%. I run 4GC2's, with only 2 it only worked with batteries charged above 75% or so. A few others have had similar experiences. Same here....ditched the OEM microwave and got an inverter microwave. Cooks more evenly at 40-50% and uses less peak power with no cycling from 100% to 0 to 100 and irritating my psw inverter, even though with 3 AGM deep cycle 100 ah batteries and 360 watts of solar it never made a peep anyway. Would work with two 6 volts also at level 5 without the low voltage alarms.
marcsbigfoot20b27 11/12/19 10:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing 12-volt batteries with 6-volt

Yup kinda and I hated it. Had one 12 volt from the factory. Added two 6 volt GC2 batteries to power my inverter. . Maybe you should have removed the 12v. 2 -6v batteries are not enough for any big draw inverters. 4 minimum, 6 is better, but incredibly heavy. At the time (years ago) I had added the two 6 volt stand alone portable sitting under the trailer hooked to the inverter, recharging with 100 watts portable solar. Now it’s 3 AGM group 31 Dekka deep cycle in parallel powering everything Including inverter with 360 watts of mounted solar with MPPT. With the solar I am recharged full every afternoon all 10 days in a row boondocking. This year I finally junked the small microwave and got an inverter microwave. For you guys with two 6 volts it would work well cooking at 30-50% power or whatever you want and only drawing that much.......cooks more even and your inverter won’t complain.
marcsbigfoot20b27 11/04/19 08:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacing 12-volt batteries with 6-volt

Yup kinda and I hated it. Had one 12 volt from the factory. Added two 6 volt GC2 batteries to power my inverter. . They constantly needed water and could not handle the draw from my 2000 watt psw inverter. Swapped the whole thing to 3 AGM 12 volt deep cycle batteries in parallel and couldn’t be happier. My solar charges them faster also.
marcsbigfoot20b27 11/03/19 09:56pm Tech Issues
RE: New TV reception

Turn off all LED lights, solar controllers or other electrical devices and see if it changes. The first two affect my channel scans and reception.
marcsbigfoot20b27 09/09/19 07:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Multiple Tire Blowouts

What was the max pressure stamp on the side of the original D tires? What PSI did you run those tires at? I only ask because I saw a thread somewhere a guy was running 35 lbs in his D tires because the sticker said so.
marcsbigfoot20b27 08/24/19 04:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Generator Shutdown - Weid Event

Running 2 AC units and more on a 4K gen sounds like you have overloaded it.
marcsbigfoot20b27 08/22/19 08:46am Tech Issues
RE: 2006 Grayhawk Ford e450 v-10: Power increase

Got the 5star tune on my dads 2006 31 ft motorhome, made a big difference. Pulls the hills better, better shifting and better throttle response. According to them, many of the V10 in motorhomes never go into open loop fuel enrichment at WOT, this means there is more unused power left......argue away.
marcsbigfoot20b27 08/22/19 08:36am Tech Issues
RE: Cabin filte

My 13 Tahoe LTZ has the spot on the air box where you cut, then install the filter and cap. Google it.
marcsbigfoot20b27 08/14/19 10:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Voltage drop on inverter

Put a DVOM on the battery and where the wires go into the inverter and report back. I ended up replacing the old little microwave with an LG inverter microwave. You can cook at a true solid 50% or whatever % and you only use that much power.......not cycling 100%-0%-100%-0% etc. it also cooks more evenly while sucking less amps when using at less than 100% power setting.
marcsbigfoot20b27 08/10/19 07:26pm Tech Issues
RE: 2013 GMC 1500 longevity?

We did just have a 5.3 go down in a 2012 pickup at under 100k miles. Dropped a valve or something, haven't seen the diagnosis, but noone could swear one way or another how the truck was used or maintained, since it's had about 5 different primary drivers at least and who knows how many others. I think it's an anomaly though. Most likely due to AFM Active Fuel Management aka cylinder deactivation. Many of us have this disabled in a tune.
marcsbigfoot20b27 08/10/19 01:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Car and Driver octane test

When you are sitting on the couch watching tv it doesn’t matter if you are at sea level 20.9% oxygen or at 9000 ft and only 16% O2. You aren’t doing much work so it won’t matter. Your vehicle will run on 87 octane under minimal load just fine. Now try and play tennis, basketball, push start a motorcycle etc with low O2 and this is how your vehicle will feel with 87 octane when under a load, the lower the altitude the worse. It will re tard (wow got censored for re-tard) the timing and you make less torque/power/fuel mileage. This is an RV forum and most are towing or pushing motor homes so the vehicle is working hard, I would use premium unleaded On a turbo vehicle for sure.
marcsbigfoot20b27 08/05/19 09:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Trailer Feels Heavier After Hauling for Period of Time

Towing 6000 lbs realistic weight with an 02 chevy 5.3 and 4 speed transmission....hopefully with 3.73 gears, I cant imagine what the trans temps are getting up to, pretty hot for sure. Brake light stuck on could keep the trailer brakes active and keep the torque converter from locking up, both = HEAT. Any CEL or codes? Maybe it was in limp mode from high trans temps, I assume no trans temp gauge?
marcsbigfoot20b27 08/02/19 07:39am Travel Trailers
RE: questions about antennas

Before everyone laughs, I use an external antenna that gets me 83 channels about 90 miles from Phoenix as the crow flies, up on the Mogollon rim. Line of sight you just see mountains but this cheap $35 amplified directional motorized antenna works awesome. I mount it on a 9 foot pole attached to my ladder. My GF has one in her house for free tv. Vilso TV Antenna Outdoor Amplified - Motorized 360 Degree Rotation - Digital HDTV Antenna - 150 Miles Range - Wireless Infrared Remote with Mount Pole
marcsbigfoot20b27 07/30/19 02:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Vehicle Size Issues at Border Crossings

Exiting Lukeville into the USA is a very tight turn for large campers. I can make it through but I am patient and take my time. I have friends that have done quite a bit of damage to their coaches there. A couple of months ago a friend with a 45' 5th wheel followed us and was unable to make the turn. CBP moved some barriers and allowed him to bypass that turn. If you go through secondary inspection it is even more difficult. Once again, patience is your friend, no one cares how long it takes you but they will think you are crazy to rush and do damage. Everyone has to go through the secondary inspection lane, it’s like a snake turn, right then hard left.....totally dumb. I’m assuming they did that for a reason, like no quick entrance to the USA for a border runner?
marcsbigfoot20b27 07/23/19 08:27pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Dometic Penguin II - cools, but compressor cuts on and off

Wait, 68-69 on the intake vents?????? How cold are you wanting the inside of your rig? What is the thermostat set at?
marcsbigfoot20b27 07/23/19 07:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Penguin II - cools, but compressor cuts on and off

I would bet it is freezing up/freeze sensor. Is the fan on high? How much humidity?
marcsbigfoot20b27 07/23/19 02:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Please Help 03, Bigfoot 25B25RQ

I've owned one of those, I'd bet that the water is condensation from the cheap window. ours did. the trailer is a thin glass shell with glued in stereo-foam sheets, colder than hell in the winter, furnace would never shut down. all windows condensed water and had streaks under them. the wood wasn't real wood, just chip board covered with wood colored sheet. which peeled when wet. worst trailer we have ever owned. Thats strange....I have never ever heard anyone complain that a Bigfoot is colder than hell in the winter, actually the opposite. Most Bigfoot's come with dual pane windows, maybe yours didnt. Condenstation is not a trailers fault, its operators fault for not venting. Also it depends on your location and usage. In AZ/NV/UT not a problem with condensation, in the swamps of LA/AL or coastal FL then you have to manage it.
marcsbigfoot20b27 07/20/19 01:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Signal strength for phone meter

Maybe it depends on carrier, or what's going on at the tower. Just this past week I was camping in a remote spot on Lake Superior. No bars of service without a booster. Plug in the booster, 4 bars. But the Internet was not working. Phone showed 4G connection, had an IP address, would make and receive phone calls and SMS messages, but no Internet. Maybe the booster was blocking Internet traffic somehow, or the tower just didn't provide Internet? Do you by any chance have Sprint?
marcsbigfoot20b27 07/10/19 01:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Wireless Fridge Thermometer - Are they accurate?

I use the accurate and recently upgraded to SensorPush for logging purposes. I made a thread about a few months back.
marcsbigfoot20b27 07/05/19 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter in repurposed generator locatoin with agm batteries

The best part of MPPT and series panels is that 3 100 watt panels in series will be around ~57volts. In parallel around ~18 volts. Now throw in major overcast skies. MPPT maybe half panel output......let’s say 27 volts. PWM parallel half output .... maybe 9 volts. MPPT will at least charge some amps. PWM at 9 volts = nothing. Even 3 amps is better than nothing for X hours.
marcsbigfoot20b27 06/28/19 09:31pm Tech Issues
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