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RE: Wireless Fridge Thermometer - Are they accurate?

I use the accurate and recently upgraded to SensorPush for logging purposes. I made a thread about a few months back.
marcsbigfoot20b27 07/05/19 08:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Inverter in repurposed generator locatoin with agm batteries

The best part of MPPT and series panels is that 3 100 watt panels in series will be around ~57volts. In parallel around ~18 volts. Now throw in major overcast skies. MPPT maybe half panel output......let’s say 27 volts. PWM parallel half output .... maybe 9 volts. MPPT will at least charge some amps. PWM at 9 volts = nothing. Even 3 amps is better than nothing for X hours.
marcsbigfoot20b27 06/28/19 09:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Attaching solar to roof

All you naysayers of double sided 3M VHB tape have no clue. They use that stuff to attach panels on the sides of some very tall buildings and all kinds of other stuff. I have 2 180 watt panels attached with tape for a few years now. I tow up to 85 mph sometimes at the bottom of a hill to get momentum. I’ve driven 65 with a 40 mph headwind (that’s as fast as it would do), I have never had any problem.
marcsbigfoot20b27 06/21/19 09:11pm Tech Issues
RE: GM Yukon XL Denali Transmission Temps

Tru-cool 40K. Google or amazon it.
marcsbigfoot20b27 06/17/19 03:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Replacement Microwave

I have a MR4381G similar dimensions and I’m going to switch to a small .8 cf inverter microwave since I boondock a lot. Only Panasonic and LG have small enough models to fit.
marcsbigfoot20b27 06/17/19 03:45pm Tech Issues
RE: 04 Chev 1500 as a tow vehicle 8000lb camper

Up until this year we have had our camper setup on a seasonal site (Outback 312BH), and do to other commitments we decided to pull out of the seasonal site so we could travel with the kids sports. I spent many hours on camper forums to see if we need to trade our rig for a 2500 or if you could get by with our truck. almost every forum I read said it is a bad idea and way too much camper for our truck, and would be a very unpleasant experience. We were ready to trade for an older 2500, but decided not to. This past weekend was our 2nd trip out and we were very impressed with how well our truck did. we had no problem at all with the hills, maintained a decent speed on the hardest hills, and very little swaying. The Z71 in this year has larger disk brakes front and back than the normal 1500 so braking was no problem at all either. I really dont find towing this camper any worse than our old coachman 230bh (4500lbs). I must say that so far we really like this combination TV and camper. Thought I would share in case anyone else is in the same situation Truck: 2004 Chev Silverado 1500 Z71 Crew cab 5.3 auto, 3.73 gears 285/75/17 10 ply tires extra leaf, CIA and throtle body spacer Camper: 2014 Keystone Outback 312bH 36 feet from hitch back aprox 8000lbs loaded The Z71 has bigger brakes? Do tell.
marcsbigfoot20b27 06/17/19 03:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: $100 per night

I choose boondocking for free with silent solar, no people and still have full 4g LTE to post pics :B On the rim in AZ btw. height=600 width=800
marcsbigfoot20b27 05/29/19 03:32pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What tools to take on 2 month trip?

People drive 1000 miles to work and back every month without tools but can't go 1000 miles in a straight line without worrying about a breakdown. If it is road worthy and maintained you should need nothing. Take some plastic and have fun. If you're prepared(even new stuff breaks), then not as much "plastic" is needed. And who wants to wait several hours for someone to rescue you on the side of the road? Being prepared also allows me to help others. Ya my old Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared it really works Yeah former boy scout and auto mechanic......if someone hss blown an engine on the side of the road and has a spare set of pistons and rods in the trunk, I probably have the tools to rebuild it right there, lol. Cant be over-prepared.
marcsbigfoot20b27 05/25/19 03:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Very slow propane leak: how to find it?

marcsbigfoot, that sure is a discouraging photo. But it is entirely possible that this is exactly what is happening to me. The only bright side is that DW smells nothing when we are inside, leading me to believe that this is not behind a cabinet or otherwise inaccessible. But I have got a lot more tracing to do, and I am running out of unexamined places. Just goes to show, you never know. Gotta check every inch of every line, every connection. At first I thought it was a black tank/sewer issue because it smelled the rotten potatoes.
marcsbigfoot20b27 05/20/19 09:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Very slow propane leak: how to find it?

Flame and LP gas.Oh boy that’s smart.yea,just an ole master Plumber here Put it in context A leak that small in the open outside? Where it does not collect to an explosive amount A torch flame hitting that leak will flare and show you where the leak is Same context reverse method as spraying wd40 around a carburetor and intake looking for vacuum leaks Well, a little different but point made. You hit a propane leak with a torch and there is the unknown of how big the leak, is it mixed with O2, is there anything flammable affected, possible consequences......and there will be a flame when found. A carburetor or fuel injected intake manifold is sucking, and isolated by camshaft opening and closing the combustion chamber. So you will see rpm change but no open flame in your face. Now try the carb thing with oxy acetylene mix and there might be a bang when you find a leak.
marcsbigfoot20b27 05/20/19 03:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Very slow propane leak: how to find it?

I had a small tiny leak years ago that took me weeks to find. I had to buy a propane sniffer also. The problem was the leak was in a spot with no access, very small leak and seemingly impossible to be in that spot. Long story short a screw holding the heater down to a board was poking through and tapping on the copper line for 15 years before it developed a pinhole. You just have to be methodical. height=600 width=800 height=600 width=800
marcsbigfoot20b27 05/20/19 11:37am Tech Issues
RE: Does humidity affect refrig. cooling?

I would be more worried about introducing warm moist air into the fridge by frequent opening of the door than the ambient humidity affecting anything on the outside. Interesting read. Cas study of humidity on refrigerator case.
marcsbigfoot20b27 05/16/19 08:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable air compressor advice is needed

I have a ton of Ryobi stuff (impact gun, lights, drills/tools, stick vacuum, etc) that comes along on trips with 6 four amp hour batteries, made sense for me to get the Ryobi air compressor. It works well and compact.
marcsbigfoot20b27 05/14/19 03:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Temperature Data Logging, fridge, freezer, coach, etc..

As long as we're talking about data logging in RVs... I use a wireless monitor system that logs data every 5 minutes with multiple wireless temperature sensors (fridge, freezer, Indoor, Outdoor, Wet bay) and also battery volts, amps, watts and state of charge. I can see my RV temperatures and battery data over the internet and get email alerts if I want. RV Whisper monitor system pricing They are working on adding wireless propane sensors. shore power monitoring and door open/close sensors. All kinds of cool stuff I don't need, but can't resist. Actually, I really like knowing my dog is not overheating when I have to leaver her behind for a few hours. And when I camp without electricity for a week it is nice to be able to see how my solar system recharged my batteries (or not) every day. Yeah, i cant resist either... Sensor push dataloggers, Mopeka tank check wireless propane tank sensors Battery tender WiFi battery monitor LevelMatePRO wireless level Tire minder wireless tire pressure monitor Wireless backup camera That’s just the wireless stuff, lol. I guess I’m just a super geek.
marcsbigfoot20b27 04/18/19 08:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Temperature Data Logging, fridge, freezer, coach, etc..

Sorry guys I’m a tech junkie, I fix the machines that make microchips for a living so I like this kind of stuff. I have accurite temp sensors but they only show highs and lows, no data logging to see what happened all the time. I tested the cool down time on empty fridge, then filled it up with food, FYI. I also use them in my house and outside, the Bluetooth range is really good. Uses are limited to your imagination. You can also set alarms for the temp to alert if let’s say the flame blows out on your fridge while traveling and the temps get over 40. I’m in Phoenix so when traveling in 115 temps it’s good to know what’s happening.
marcsbigfoot20b27 04/17/19 07:45pm Tech Issues
Temperature Data Logging, fridge, freezer, coach, etc..

Always wanted to see what my dometic fridge was doing. Got two Sensor Push units to test. They are small 1.5” x 1.5” x .7” squares. I think they can hold 2 weeks of data before they overwrite , so I just connect to my iPhone or iPad and it auto uploads by Bluetooth or WiFi and adds the data, BT range is impressive. They do both temp and humidity. A few pics of testing. Looks like at ambient of 83 outside and 79 in the fridge, it took exactly 3 hours to get to 40 on propane with Amish cooling unit and internal and external fans. The long test was Mexico trip. height=600 width=800 height=600 width=800 height=600 width=800 height=600 width=800
marcsbigfoot20b27 04/16/19 11:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Yet another water pump issue.

I just had this problem in mexico a few weeks ago. City water worked fine, all 5 days......unhook and pump runs but no flow. Turns out the one way spring loaded check valve in the pump was pressed in so hard by the city water pressure that it was stuck, I had to pull it out with pliers.......oring was kinda smashed. Put it back together and no problem. Worst part was removing the pump to access the bottom diaphragm area.
marcsbigfoot20b27 04/12/19 08:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Crimp connections

On my battery setup I used the hammer crimp tool then torch and solder followed by heat shrink.
marcsbigfoot20b27 04/03/19 05:24pm Tech Issues
RE: New Yamaha EF2200IS

I just went to the Honda dealer to sign up for the recall part today, a fuel shut off switch that “may” leak. Could be 3-4 weeks to get the part and have replaced for free. I have owned the 2000i previously and can attest that the 2200i is WAY more powerful which really matters at altitude. I have done testing with 13,500 AC that would not run on the 2000 but will run on the 2200i on eco mode. From my Honda letter the affected serial numbers are EAJT-1000001 to EAJT-1005474 EAMT-1000001 to EAMT-1260796
marcsbigfoot20b27 04/03/19 05:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda EU2000 Northerners FYI

A few weeks ago the power went out in my neighborhood for about 4 hours. Not a 2000 but I have a 2200i and it ran simultaneously: Samsung 28 cf fridge 16 cf fridge Large chest freezer 75” Samsung tv Sony receiver Cable box Cable modem Router 4K Security camera system Also charging the 2 ups’s for the electronics All on extension cords and power strips in eco mode. I’m truly impressed with this gen. Looking to add transfer switch for next time, just one connection and no cords.
marcsbigfoot20b27 04/02/19 10:17pm Tech Issues
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