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RE: New Fridge questions

I have 2 Dometic RV fridges turning 19 years old and both work very well. Did some testing 2 years ago, simulating food loads and even in 100F outside, the freezer kept frozen. There is nothing that can wear on them, so beside corrosion, or carboned burner they are indestructible. It is said that if you operate them off level to much or for two long the cooling unit will no longer function. Granted the "fix" is to remove the Fridge and rotate/shake it to remix the fluids inside. - Mark0.
mbloof 07/09/20 01:49pm Truck Campers
RE: 271 Ah upgrade

Which BMS with bluetooth from Amazon are you talking about? And why that one? I think that scanning the thread will yield the OEM name of the BMS ordered. A simple Amazon search will turn up dozens of 4S BMS's (some of them with bluetooth) and the BMS I ordered (arriving next week). I liked that it already had wires attached and the Bluetooth allows adjusting and monitoring the battery. Surely there are less (and more!) expensive options available. Plus another user is using the same BMS in their DIY LiFePo4 pack. - Mark0.
mbloof 07/04/20 09:07am Truck Campers
RE: 271 Ah upgrade

Late to the thread but interested in your project. Please explain your capacity. I get the 4 3.2 batteries have 271AH. but don't two 12V 100Ah Lifelines have 200Ah? So you have a significant improvement, but not 2.5 times. Or am I missing something? A flooded lead acid battery (FLA) can only be discharged %50 otherwise damage to it will occur (namely less charge/discharge cycles or kill it all together). So the reality is that a 100AH FLA battery only has 50AH of usable capacity. LiFePO4 batteries can use %100 of AH capacity. One of the other items to consider is rated cycles. While inexpensive FLA's might be rated at ~300 cycle (or not at all) and expensive ones (like the Lifeline FLA's) rated at ~900 cycles, many LiFePo4 batteries are rated at ~3000+ cycles (otherwise over 3x the usable life) While personally I'll be replacing a perfectly good 100AH Battleborn LiFePo4 battery (I bought a year ago, ~$960) with what seems to be a fun DIY 271AH project, others that have not made the LiFePo4 switch yet might be able to take notes and consider switching the next time they need to replace their FLA batteries. Does that make sense now? - Mark0
mbloof 07/03/20 02:21pm Truck Campers
RE: 271 Ah upgrade

4ea of the 3.2v 271AH batteries (paid with PP and delivered to Oregon) $800. - Mark0. I wish I had seen this deal first. 4 280ah cells for $583 shipped. They're just slightly bigger the 271's. Figures. :) That does look like an even better deal. As time goes on I'm sure others will pop up as well. - Mark0.
mbloof 07/02/20 07:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Reddog1 "Wayne"

RIP Wayne.
mbloof 07/02/20 11:41am Truck Campers
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

Upper stableloads, Bilstein shocks, and load range "E" tires.....4,500lb TC loaded and ready to camp. 12 years and 55K+. I was looking for unmodified trucks my friend. :) - Mark0. stock it was fine but sat dead level.......this is completely stock. So you can be counted as one of the few. I used my new 2017 stock for ~100miles. (that was ENOUGH!) - Mark0.
mbloof 07/01/20 12:40pm Truck Campers
RE: 271 Ah upgrade

I'm sitting in the camper now on our shakedown voyage with the new 271 Ah LifePo4 battery I built from 4 3.2 cells I bought from China. This is working out so well that I'm seriously considering building another 271 Ah pack and getting rid of the generator. When we get home this week we're going to pack for a month of geographic distancing and if I don't need to use the generator once during that trip, it is slated for removal. I went from 2 100Ah Lifeline AGMs to one 271Ah LifePo battery. So ended up with about 2.5 times the energy storage with about 1/3 to 1/4 of the weight and less than half the space. This actually works out very well. While I had already purchased a 100AH Battleborn and I'm currently using that the breakdown on the 'DIY' costs are really good. The BMS (with Bluetooth) on Amazon is $115. 4ea of the 3.2v 271AH batteries (paid with PP and delivered to Oregon) $800. So for a whole whooping $915 (plus some connection wire and connectors) is less expensive than a Battleborn. In a month when everything arrives I'll build and install it. So I'll have a extra LiFePo4 battery. :) - Mark0.
mbloof 07/01/20 11:50am Truck Campers
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

For clarification, do you consider shocks to be a modification or not? They replace a stock part with an equivalent or better but since they are also a wear item you could consider them just replacements. The same question goes for the tires I suppose. As I mentioned above, I did replace the shocks and eventually the tires but with no major notable difference with the shocks and the tires were the same size and load rating as the worn out OEM tires. I'm of the thinking that 'wear items' are just that. If they wore out and you replaced them then you are not modifying your truck. In my case the OEM tires were boarder line at best and underrated at worse. I upgraded them and count that as a modification. - Mark0.
mbloof 06/30/20 06:26am Truck Campers
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

Upper stableloads, Bilstein shocks, and load range "E" tires.....4,500lb TC loaded and ready to camp. 12 years and 55K+. I was looking for unmodified trucks my friend. :) - Mark0.
mbloof 06/29/20 05:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

mbloof, in the context of your question, isn't knowing the weight/size of the truck camper also important? I think it goes without saying, the heavier the truck camper the more likely someone will modify their 1-ton truck to haul it. The lighter the truck camper the less likely someone will modify their 1-ton truck to haul it. There's a massive difference between hauling a 1,500 lb. popup truck camper and a 5,000 lb. double slide truck camper. Actually the size and model of camper is meaningless. As consumer trucks are a engineering compromise of use cases and while we would like to think that camper hauling is a 'large' use case, it is actually one of the smaller ones. It is my theory that just about everybody makes modifications to their truck to carry a camper. (not including the required tie downs and optional extra 7-pin connector) Given the world wide nature of this forum and the dismal responses of folks that don't modify their trucks, I'll claim that it is rare that a truck owner does NOT modify their truck for truck camper hauling duty. - Mark0.
mbloof 06/28/20 12:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Turnbuckle ?

I've used both the HJ and TL 'twist to tighten' turnbuckles. On the HJ it was turn until not loose and then with a finger nail, press against the housing and hook then turn until there was a 1/8" gap between your finger nail and the housing. (compress the spring) On the TL there is a o-ring. When off/loose move the o-ring on the hook so that it is against the housing. Attach and turn until there is a 1/4" gap between the housing and the o-ring. While I rarely (if ever) take my camper off my truck, it seems that ether system has a bunch of turning involved. I do find that the square housings on the TL are easier to tighen by hand and I'd always have to resort to using a wrench on the HJ ones. - Mark0.
mbloof 06/27/20 08:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

Interesting. I was hoping for a greater response. As an example, in the Facebook Northernlite Forum where I was able to poll the same question (with greater granularity) the responses so far are out of 90 users (that responded) 44 are using 1T trucks without any modifications to haul their NL. - Mark0.
mbloof 06/27/20 08:43am Truck Campers
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

To help handle the AF811 I did the following; While all neat and wonderful, I have to ask what does any of that have anything to do with a thread about NOT MODIFYING your truck? (using a STOCK truck) Off topic. - Mark0. (we all already know that there are tons of us that did modifications)
mbloof 06/26/20 09:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

I run a stock 2019 GMC 3500 6.0 Gasser and haul a Nortstar Pop up with a wet weight of 2200 lbs. I have no modifications to the rig and the factory springs do not touch the overload bump-stops (You were probably looking for someone with a heavier load, sorry) - Someone with a TC? Check! - Someone with unmodified truck? Check! Thanks! - Mark0
mbloof 06/26/20 07:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

It's not a TC but my 5th wheel puts 3500 (scaled) pounds on the rear axle - similar to a TC. No mods needed. Sorry but no. I was specifically asking in a TC forum about TC hauling with a stock truck. - Mark0.
mbloof 06/26/20 03:53pm Truck Campers
Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have no modifications?

Poll: How many 1T TC haulers have not modifyed their suspension? Interested in hearing from those that are using their SRW or DRW 1T truck STOCK without any modifications to haul their TC. EDIT: I should add context. After reading this and other TC Forums for years I've come to the conclusion that just about EVERYONE mods their truck to better carry their TC. (even the 450x and 550x folks but for this poll they don't count, I'm only interested in 1T truck owners with TC) This is what lead me to ask: who does NOT modify their truck to carry their TC? Thanks in advance, - Mark0.
mbloof 06/26/20 02:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Generator wattage

I've used a 1000W Yamaha for charging my camper battery for years. Just set the fridge on GAS before hooking it up. - Mark0.
mbloof 06/24/20 06:36am Truck Campers
RE: Tie-down systems performance/safety vs cost

Fast guns do not keep the camper from shifting backwards Fast guns if not set up properly have damaged campers. Question to all... When on a road with ruts etc does the frame twist and if so what happens with Fast Guns hard contact because they are attached to the frame? Happijacks are attached to the bed in the front and are at an angle so they hold the camper forward with very little hold down force. The rears are attached to the bumper which is flexible and are set up to have very little down force. Been using the same Happijack takedowns for 20 years and driven over some hellacious roads. Camper weights 4200lbs... Never had 1 problem with the camper shifting.. Over 200,000 miles on the camper 2 F250's. Would I use Fast Guns? Probably not. Jim Any turnbuckle if setup incorrectly can damage a camper. Keep in mind there are two different systems in play here. The attachment points and the turnbuckles. On my old 1997 truck I had both Happyjack attachment points (front of bed and bumper) and turnbuckles. I believe that the turnbuckles had springs in the chrome tubes. Fast forward to 2018 and a new 2017 Ford with aluminum bed/body. The choice here was to use frame mounted attachment points. Since my old turnbuckles were the incorrect length, I got Torqlift springed turnbuckles to go with the Torqlift frame mount attachment points. In my mind the key is to have something with a spring and when installed have the spring tensioned properly so that the "eyelet" on your camper is not torn out. While it is debatable how much each of the big threes (GM, Dodge, Ford) frames flex, I would not trust any of the metal work (much less Ford) to secure a turnbuckle tied to a camper. - Mark0.
mbloof 06/12/20 12:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Today was my first time......

One thing to keep in mind about lowering the jacks, There have been people distracted and forgetting to raise them when leaving. Not a pretty sight. Also, one thing to note if you have "crappyjacks" they may not come back up! (under power) - Mark0.
mbloof 06/04/20 11:28am Truck Campers
RE: F250 Payload Capacity

Essentially adding the 18" tires and wheels should allow the truck to handle a Rear GAWR of 7000lbs and give the truck an 11000 GVWR. Thoughts on my thoughts? haha Fords SD rear axle is rated for 9,750 lbs so your rear axle weight rating comes down to the ratings of the installed tires at 80PSI times two. (the weakest link) My stock OEM tires on my 2017 F250 were rated at 3450LBS each giving me a rear axle weight rating of 6900. Needless to say, the stock tires and rims were replaced with less than 500 miles on them for higher rated parts. :) - Mark0.
mbloof 06/02/20 12:24pm Truck Campers
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