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RE: Opinion on Resort fees

What's your take on a RV park that charges over $100/night, has only a pool for an amenity (nothing else other than an empty clubhouse and a couple corn hole games) , has no activities or entertainment and now wants to add a resort fee on top of the rate ? it's brazen, but if they can get away with it, supply & demand. We had one similar rebooking for next year where they had a premium site fee and added a site lock fee on top of peak season prices, this will push my fee well over $100 per night, clean campground, gorgeous views they will still get the business, including me. years ago remember staying at one "resort" campground, had a beach, pond for amenities and that was it, not even a dump station LOL Mike
mdcamping 01/20/21 07:44am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Help me plan my trip please! RI, DE and MD

Try booking in RI Fishermen's Memorial State Park and Campground, down the road is the beaches in Narragansett. If you bring bikes, you can bike down the road to the ferry and take it over to scenic Block Island and bike the island, lots of touristy shops and restaurants to get a bite to eat. Day trips to Newport Mansions and Mystic Seaport CT, about 40 minutes away. Check out USS NAUTILUS museum in New London, CT Assateague State Park in MD, mostly dry camping but does have 2 small electric loops... tough to get a site if you can but well worth it!! Wild horses everywhere, beaches, biking, walking trails and kayaking (rentals) Mike
mdcamping 01/18/21 08:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Watkins Glen ny

Looking for campground in or around Watkins Glen around July 2021 Check out Havana Glen Park about 10 minutes from Watkins Glen Gorge, small clean park Mike
mdcamping 01/16/21 11:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: What do you do?

Few adult drinks, sometimes music (not loud) generally we will hang around the fire pit for about an hour before packing it in. yeah there has been a few trips where the bugs have chased us in. Mike
mdcamping 01/09/21 08:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: A shout-out to a deserving School..

Thank you for sharing such a positive experience! Congrats to your Grandson for a great season of football! Mike
mdcamping 01/09/21 08:12am Around the Campfire
RE: August cammping

Or found out it is more work than they thought and the DW still has to cook, so it's no vacation for her at all and reminds you that you should have never bought that [email protected] thing! Our destination trip, for next Aug we have booked a return trip to Association Island KOA, NY we generally go with 2 other families. Because of covid we had to book forward 1 week as everything was taken up. Next few weeks I will be booking my long weekend trips, I don't think I will have a problem booking as I am familiar with the parks. I do hope there is a large inventory by the end of next year. 2021 will probably be my last year with my Tacoma & TT as we plan to go in deep with a new setup. :C Mike
mdcamping 01/04/21 06:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Moving on up... to the mountains!

Desert Captain Late to thread, congrats to your new home and closing out on your old one. Sweet looking piece of property you have there, love the looks of that Gazebo and the future plans you have for it! :C Mike
mdcamping 01/03/21 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Merry Christmas to all from Uncle Bob!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Bob and everyone on! Mike
mdcamping 12/26/20 06:30pm General RVing Issues

Vaccination news: Our granddaughter got her COVID vaccination last weekend - no reactions at all. She is a health care worker (laboratory tech) at Christ Advocate hospital in the Chicago area. Reassuring news. last week I along with 4 other trade guys got the Covid vaccination. We are employed by Health Care. The only things to report was some mild lightheadedness for the first 1 HR. (you must sit for 15 minutes after recieving the shot) Some of the guys had some muscle aches the first night but nothing over the top and was gone the next day.(I had none) Mike
mdcamping 12/23/20 04:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dump Station Observations

Permit a bit of thread drift... I have seen a guy lay his sewer hoses on the picnic table in their site. When I politely pointed out the issue to this clown he just did not get it or more likely care....grrrr!. Just another reason I NEVER eat at the site tables unless it gets thoroughly cleaned first. :S DW always stocks those Vinyl Tablecloths :C Mike
mdcamping 12/11/20 05:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dump Station Observations

A few years ago I was setting in line a few campers back from the dump station. One guy gets close to the dump port and just opens the valve and lets it flow in that general direction. (The dump port was cemented in but, most of the area around the area was gravel) So, now the whole area around the dump station was wet. A couple of campers later a couple and their (approximately) 13 year old son pull up and start to dump and the kid is running around in the wet gravel barefoot !!!!! :E I'm not squeamish and I mind my own buisness but, in this case I did walk up to the women and politely tell her about why the gravel was wet and I suggested that maybe her son should be wearing shoes. She told him to go put shoes on and he goes into the camper and comes back out wearing flip flops. :B Oh well. Similar case a few years ago, behind a guy with no hose, got near the dump port and let it rip. He used a stick he found of all things to help corral everything into the hole. He was wearing flip flops too. I left and dumped at home. Same here ,other then it was one of those portable tanks , he rolls it over to the cement ,and opens it up, what a mess . one more here Was at a 2 way Island dump station at a state campground, I was starting to finish up when guy in new class C pulls up on opposite side, he was kind of nervous and then lets it rip with NO sewer hose. Lucky the ground was all cemented and pitched somewhat to the sewer hole, as I was leaving fast I did see him trying to wash the stuff with the station non potable water to the sewer hole. Mike
mdcamping 12/11/20 05:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dump Station Observations

4. The last guy in front of us I predicted would have his act together, he just had the look. I was so wrong. No gloves, OK, guess he is a real man. No elbow piece either. HMM. So he attempts to hold the drain hose, elbowless, in the pipe and reach over to open his drain valves. It was a LONG reach and he lost control, major environmental spillage now taking place and he had to now grab his hose in this nasty water with out gloves to get it back in the pipe. Not everyone uses gloves, doesn't take much to get something underneath the gloves. I use the disinfectant wipes after finishing up at the dump station. use wipes to clean the bathroom, etc also. now I have one less thing to stock for trips. Mike
mdcamping 12/06/20 06:55am General RVing Issues

Hey everyone! I'm curious if anyone has ever gone from a TT to a HTT and want to know your thoughts. Here's my short-version scenario: After spending lots of years in a large TT with our three kids, we sold it a while back because our kids were at an age where we just didn't have time to use it. Now our two oldest are in college and our youngest, a middle schooler, wants really badly to go camping. And DW and I miss it terribly. The long term plan has always been to get back into it when our youngest goes off to college, with a rig built for two. But that's not for another 6 years. And we're not in the position to spend lots of money on a new rig/storage/insurance, etc. My suggestion was a used pop up (I grew up in one) but DW says it has to have a potty and place to change clothes. So I started looking at used HTT's that wouldn't break the bank and that I could park in my driveway. Then I read on here about people who made the switch to TT's and the things they wouldn't miss about their HTT (noise, leaks, maintenance, etc) so it got me thinking there must be people with experience in this area. Anyone want to share their stories of HTT's or maybe even differences of opinions on them vs. TT's? Not sure if I'm just dreaming at this point, but I've got a serious itch to get back outside among the trees, campfires, and the good people who love nature like I do. Thanks for all your comments!! As mentioned, You can close them up in bad weather or maybe for noise issues. Sometimes the unexpected happens, thats where we miss the hard side. Mike
mdcamping 11/29/20 03:41pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: and just like that...*poof*....gone

someone is having a good laugh :B Mike
mdcamping 11/29/20 03:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Lowes has a great price on 20V Dewalt 1/2 drill

The deal looks good, guess I'll stay behind in the times as I will hang onto my 14V :C Mike
mdcamping 11/29/20 09:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Opinion on a campground?

OP here. I can clear up a few things. Yes we did receive an email with the quiet times prior to arrival. I just missed that line. Nothing was mentioned when we arrived about a group. The other rules were the usual stuff about pets, no loud music, two vehicles, four campers per site and the basics. The campground only has about 28 sites which are not much more than a gravel parking lot. FHU and clean but all the sites are side by side in two rows. I feel they should have warned us upon arrival. The owners were very nice and accommodating the first two days but have totally ignored us since. Like they knew what was coming. No thoughts of calling the cops. My post was not so much about getting a refund or just complaining about a misadventure. It was to ask what others thought of the quiet time hours being between 12:30 am and 6 am. We are half-timers I suppose so we are off today on a new adventure. This will be in the rear view mirror soon. 'Lantley' - I agree but why have a set of rules if they will not be enforced? I would have no problem with a group. We have traveled in a group at times. My problem is with 50 people together drinking, loud until after midnight, music all day and most of the night, cars and trucks everywhere clogging up the roads and every corner of the campground. This is one of my biggest pet peeves when Campgrounds/rvparks ignore their own posted rules & security I have never heard of a quiet time starting at 12:30AM?? you mentioned you recieved it by email, maybe because of a special event? Guess it really doesn't matter because the 50 people violated a zillion other rules. as mentioned, I would post a review on Campgrounds (Just a suggestion if you want your review to be noticed more I would make the incident part of the review an not the focus of the review) As with other posters, we have had to deal with something similar many yrs ago, sorry you went through this, hopefully it will be the last. Mike
mdcamping 11/10/20 06:15pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

Do you guys do your own route planning or use a service such as AAA? I do my own route planning, past 10 years or so I use the state & local maps on campground, I like it as it's easy going back and forth between the maps and reviews. Sometimes I will use my Google earth pro to get a better earth view or figuring out mileage which I like to keep my trips under 300 MI. Because I tow a small TT most of the time for the main highways I will have an old fashion map for reference and use my phone GPS for the secondary roads approaching the campgrounds/Rvparks or sometimes a combination of both Mike
mdcamping 11/08/20 07:17pm Family Camping
RE: How wide do mirrors need to be for a TT? Mike Is that a HORSE I see standing behind the truck??? Does it ride in the back seat??? LOL Charles No horseplay! :B :B LOL Assateague state park, MD The horses own the Island, we were just guest. :C Mike
mdcamping 10/31/20 05:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: How wide do mirrors need to be for a TT? Late to the thread, I have been using the McKesh Mirrors for 13 yrs. once they are set up, they come off super easy and fast, no adjusting again. My tt is 8' wide and I see square down the sides of my trailer while towing. Lots of extension left on the mirrows if I were to need to use it. I have never noticed any vibration while towing. Mike Those are similar to what my Dad used on his trailer back in the 60s. Similar mirrors have been blamed for paint damage where they attach to the door. Thanks With mine, the only thing I have noticed is a slight shadow from the straps when removed, when I take the truck through the car wash, 99% improvement, would not notice anything unless I look for it. Every few yrs I treat the truck to a detailing. no shadows, no nothing, everything looks factory new. Mike
mdcamping 10/31/20 05:31pm Beginning RVing
RE: How wide do mirrors need to be for a TT? Late to the thread, I have been using the McKesh Mirrors for 13 yrs. once they are set up, they come off super easy and fast, no adjusting again. My tt is 8' wide and I see square down the sides of my trailer while towing. Lots of extension left on the mirrows if I were to need to use it. I have never noticed any vibration while towing. Mike
mdcamping 10/29/20 05:29pm Beginning RVing
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