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Spare Tire question- doesnt match our new TT tires

Hi All, So I ordered 5 new tires online from Americas Tire ( Discount Tires) Carlisle ST205/75/R14 100M BSB load C - Had them shipped to the store and made an appt for yesterday to have all 5 mounted/balanced and put on our trailer before our trip next weekend. Somehow I guess they put our 5th tire on someones elses rig the day before so they did not have the tire to put on the spare. They ended up putting on a goodyear endurance which is the same size tire but a D rating. They didnt charge us for the upgraded tire nor did they charge us for the mounting/balance installation. My question is should I request that they order the tire I purchased and have the goodyear replaced with that? They offered to do this for us if we like. My concern is that it is a different rated tire and if we need to use it we would have a hard time finding a like for like tire for the Carlisle ST205/75/R14 100M BSB in the future. I am not nuts about having a different brand/load rated tire for our spare even if it is a better tire. Am I worrying over nothing?
melloftus 08/18/19 08:10am Travel Trailers
RE: 1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work

Glad to hear you got it working. I would say if it acts up when camping the I would turn the charger off and see what happens. As far as your key, hopefully you were able to get the broken part of the key out? Look at the key, if it's a standard CH751 it is a very common key and you can get one cut at any locksmith. Yeah it seemed once I got the compressor to kick over we are golden and if I dont keep it on auto we should be fine.. as for the key it is the standard CH751 sadly half the key is in the lock.. hubby is going to drill it out and I ordered a replacement off amazon. Just thankful it happened at home and not at the dump station last weekend cause its the same place we keep our stinky slinky... It may have been the last straw for the A/C didnt work, I broke a drawer the last day we have to to fix now, had trouble putting the awning back in and breaking the key off on the way home may have pushed him over the edge. Oh the joys of owning a TT/RV.
melloftus 08/05/19 08:22am General RVing Issues
RE: 1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work

before anyone pays 300.00 + for one of these check out this guy on eBay. APPLIANCEANDAIR sellers name. I have one of these it works fine. I asked an industrial electrician were I worked about these. he said sure I can build one, the parts will come to less than 20.00. its just a couple relays and a timer delay. it starts the fan then a few seconds the compre comes on, timer is adjustable. Jay D. You put a replacement capacitor on your AC system and will run off a 2200 watt generator? No just changed how I started the AC- I know the batteries were not full when I was attempting to use the AC when camping. I had the switch to on and I suspect that the batteries were trying to charge... we also had a RV extension cord connected when we were up there but I couldn’t connect it today cause I broke the key off to the storage it is kept in.. the real test will be when we are up that high camping again
melloftus 08/04/19 07:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: 1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work

Success.. Or so I think.. 1)Genny on for about 5 min - Plug in direct to trailer 2) Turn battery connect to off 3) A/C on ( Fan either low or High) NOT auto so the compressor doesn't cycle 4) Turn battery connect back on - not a blip on the genney when I did this Tried this multiple times .. AC always kicks on..Ran it for about 45 min, nice and cool I was going to try to run it with the extension cable that looks like our TT cord just longer to see if that aided to our issues when we were camping but alas I broke my key off in the lock to that storage compartment..opps perhaps another time Thanks all for all your wisdom and advice
melloftus 08/04/19 03:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: 1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work

It's not a CARB issue, but rather it's an air fuel ratio issue and will affect all engines. Our vehicles have sensors and computers to adjust for changes in altitude, a simple carburetor does not. Your carburetor was jetted at the factory to mix air and fuel in a certain ratio to run at sea level. As you go up in altitude the air is thinner and therefore the ratio gets out of whack (too much fuel not enough air) and robs the engine of power. Running the engine this way doesn't necessarily damage it, but it will have less power. By removing the sea level jet and replacing it with the appropriate high altitude jet you bring the ratio back into balance and restore the power. On the flip side, when you come back down to sea level the mixture will be too lean (too much air not enough fuel). Running lean is very bad, especially in an air cooled engine like a generator. You need to swap the jet out with the sea level jet or you will burn up the engine. If I could only ever run one jet in my generator it would be the sea level jet as installed by the factory. I can deal with diminished power in the rare times I'm at altitude. But I don't ever want to take a chance on putting a high altitude jet in and then forgetting about it and running the generator back at sea level. Well that is good to know.. I will take the hit on the power when we are up in the hills camping .. Since we are in N.CA and it is "fire season" we have been already advised that we could be without power for several days this season at a moments noticed, I would much rather have the generator configured for our home emergency use at all times.
melloftus 08/04/19 01:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: need new tires

Just checked Discount Tire, and realized that the Endurance in 225 15" are only available in an E rating. My KZ is placarded for D tires, which gives me a tire load capacity only 360 lbs below my GVW. So, that brings up the question of do I stick with a D rated tire or spend more and go to an E rated tire, which would give me 1,332 lbs OVER my GVW tire capacity (at full psi)? Do I spend $120 more (plus tax) on the Endurance and =deflate= to 65 psi to get the same load rating as a D tire or just buy a D tire, which, IMO is plenty for my fairly light FW? FWIW, I've had good luck with 2 different sets of Carlisles, so that would be my D rated choice. Lyle. Get the “E” and use the weight/inflation chart and add 5 psi to chart. I will bet that will be 65psi. Ok so I have spent the a good part of this weekend researching tires.. being that the nearest Americas Tire is 25 miles away I want to make sure I order the correct tires, went and looked at the tires we have and they are in scary shape (cracks in the sidewalls showing on more than one tire) and we have one more trip for the summer planned at the end of this month. I am going to order 5 tires and have the spare replaced too. Here are my options for my current 205/75R14 - current tires rating C Taskmaster Tire Contender TTT868 ST205 /75 R14 100M C1 RBL $46 Each- By far the cheapest which scares me Hartland ST Radial ST205 /75 R14 100N C1 BSW $77 each- I dont believe I have seen anyone mention this tire as of yet but pricing would indicate it maybe a quality tire? Carlisle Radial Trail HD ST205 /75 R14 100M C1 BSB- $82 each - I am leaning toward this tire based on others comments but it has a sidewall option that states "Broken Serrated Band" According to goggle this is just the sidewall lettering correct? They also have Carlisle Radial Trail HD ST205 /75 R14 105M D1 BSB about the same price.. but thinking I may stick to C's since my rims are rated for C's Last are the Goodyear Endurance ST205 /75 R14 105N D1 BSW @ $116 each Still on the fence about going up to a D rated tire plus now that we are adding a 5th tire...pricey and I wasn't anticipating buying tires until next season so the expense is not budgeted for but I also dont want to cheap out.. We are not full timers, our longest trips typically are 200 miles round trip maybe 3-4 times a year if we are lucky.. Thoughts or recommendations...
melloftus 08/04/19 09:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: need new tires

Just checked Discount Tire, and realized that the Endurance in 225 15" are only available in an E rating. My KZ is placarded for D tires, which gives me a tire load capacity only 360 lbs below my GVW. So, that brings up the question of do I stick with a D rated tire or spend more and go to an E rated tire, which would give me 1,332 lbs OVER my GVW tire capacity (at full psi)? Do I spend $120 more (plus tax) on the Endurance and =deflate= to 65 psi to get the same load rating as a D tire or just buy a D tire, which, IMO is plenty for my fairly light FW? FWIW, I've had good luck with 2 different sets of Carlisles, so that would be my D rated choice. Lyle. Get the “E” and use the weight/inflation chart and add 5 psi to chart. I will bet that will be 65psi. Ok Discount Tire (AKA americas tire here in CA) has ST205 /75 R15 107N D1 BSW- also what does the 107N stand for? If I currently have a C rating- Trailer does recommend this size in a C is there any reason I cant go to a D? GVWR 6400/GAWR 3500- DRY Weight 4,198
melloftus 08/02/19 05:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work

Above 5000' my Champion, which is carbureted, has issues. Called Champion and they sent me a new jet that is needed for use at altitude. Installed it this year and no problems so far even at 7000'. RichH Yes I am in CA so this maybe something I may have to do as everything sold has to be CARB
melloftus 08/02/19 04:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: 1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work Hi All, Thank you so much for all your replies! Ok so I posted a link above to show you all what I am working with.. I hope it works as I tried to follow some of the directions and my laptop keeps flagging the links as "naughty sites" shhssh I am at work :@) 1 Picture is of said "extension cord" just wanted to clarify its not a regular extension cord but one for 30 Amp- I will say we had issues with the A/C kicking on just connected from the TT to to the Genny 2- The orange dial is the battery on off switch- I think some people mentioned trying to start the AC with it off cause maybe it was trying to charge my batteries as well? 3 - I took a picture of the controls I have for water pump/hot water heater and fridge/ AC. From what I know about our TT- Hot water is 100% propane- even when we camped with 100% hook up we still had to flip the switch to get the hot water heater to turn on.. The fridge I wanna say I am fairly certain I had it on propane and not auto.. man I read and re read that manual before we left.. even had my husband read it..from what I gathered if the light next to the Auto was lite it would chose its preferred power - I had this off.. Someone mentioned not having the A/C fan on auto.. I actually took a pick when we were camping- I had it set to cool low.. kid kindof worked till I touched the thermostat Last I have added pictures of my convertor/fuse box.. someone mentioned cutting the breakers off.. all but the A/C? Looks like I have MAIN - A/C - Gen purpose - gen purpose - microwave when we tried to run this up on the hill I had all lights off,but the battery switch on... I am going to try some combos of things this weekend.. boy I hope you all can see the pics on my link
melloftus 08/02/19 03:57pm General RVing Issues
1st time boondocking and could not get our AC to work

We did our 1st time boondocking trip this last weekend with our 2008 fleetwood mallard and sadly we could not get our A/C to work. My husband is now convinced we need a new generator where as I think maybe there may be some other options. We have a 13,500 BTU A/C. and a Champion 3400 starting watts/3100 running watts. We tested the unit at home after doing the generator break in, on the 1st attempt we overloaded the generator, I did some reading and took a different approach, 1st just turning on the fan for about 15 min then switching over to the AC on the thermostat. This seemed to do the trick and I was confident we had nailed it..not so much. I am hoping you good folks could maybe give some guidance maybe some suggestions. We were able to get it to come on once this weekend and it seemed that when the compressor kicked in this was when the overload would happen.or if it didnt overload it sure dogged out.. If I started out with the fan on only sometimes when I kicked it to AC the generator would overload,fan would stop, If I could get the system to take the change over to the A/C with the thermostat set higher if I lowered the thermostat most times it overloaded the generator. Here is where I think we may have made some mistakes.. 1) we did have our battery disconnect switched to ON- do you think it was directing power to try to charge the deep cells- I was under the impression this should be set to ON even when connected to shore power/gen power. Our the deep cells were reading full(ish) hard to tell as our meter only goes in quarter settings not % but I just watched a youtube stating this may have pulled power from the generator lowering the available wattage?? 2) I was running fridge on 100% propane so I don't think that would have pulled a draw 3) we were using an 30 amp extension cord direct from our TT cord- when we tried at home we were connected direct into the TT/Gen and still got a overload 4) we were at 5,000 plus feet... I know this lowers a generators output(i am guessing about 15%) .. however we are at sea level at home and still had overload issues. I am thinking we may need to install some sort of Hard Start Capacitor.. Thoughts??
melloftus 07/30/19 02:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: need new tires

Hi all, Question.. our TT needs new tires, do you all just take your TT down to the tire shop to have this done and leave the vehicle you tow it with attached? I am just curious how you all do this.. also if we are going to have our tires replaced is there other service you would recommend having done? we currently have ST205/75R14 Load C but i want to get the best tires we can as a blow out is a big fear Thanks Melanie
melloftus 07/30/19 12:42pm Fifth-Wheels
ordered a Flojet 18555 MACERATOR and I have some questions

I recently came across a great thread here called "Dump Rage" and in it people were talking about a Macerator and dumping at home. Due to a recent unfortunate event in our home sewer we have located our outside sewer clean out. This amazing discovery only cost me an entire Saturday,emergency visit from the city,then a plumber and a $375 lighter checkbook so I am trying to find the silver lining in it. Its only about 10 feet from where we park the TT however there is a slight pitch there and the clean out is a bit on a upward slope (maybe about a foot) I had trouble in the past getting all the water out of my fresh tank where it sits when I did the fresh water sanitation. I would hate to get it parked into its spot only to find out I cant get the black/gray tanks empty. So the next option is to park it on the street which is level and dump from there using the Flojet. Now its about a 50-70 foot distance and about a 5-6 foot slope uphill to our clean out. From what I have read the flowjet should be able to handle this. Here are my questions: 1) will this work 2) if yes, what recommended hose size- I am thinking 3/4 inch and either a 25 +50 foot or a single 75 foot 3) I understand it just comes with 2 short wires to power the pump. Our battery bank is all the way in the front of the trailer, waste valves in the back... My generator (Champion 3400-Watt Inverter) has a 12-Volt DC automotive-style outlet and the flowjet manual states it needs a 12 VDC, 20 amp power source. The generator came with what looks like jumper cables to fit into this outlet but I was thinking of getting something like these off amazon However now that I look at my Circuit diagram for the generator the fuse is 8 Amps there so I am not sure that will work, I just dont want to have to purchase a separate battery for this alone or run it all the way to my battery banks up front. (I can hear my husband complain already about what a PITA my "poo-blender" has become when really I am doing this for him. ) Could I make a plug to use to go into the wall or the outlets on my generator? The amp on my circuit on my generator is 20 there? If I could do that that would be the best option as I could use the generator while out camping into a vault toilet if there was no dump station and then plug into shore power when home. If none of the above would work recommendations for a power source for this would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. M
melloftus 07/06/19 09:47am Beginning RVing
RE: Travel Trailer dolly?

Thanks All, Thanks for the advice... eventually we will go with the hitch on the front of the truck but glad I didn’t waste any money on the dolly as it sounds like it wouldn’t work for us
melloftus 06/23/19 05:58pm Beginning RVing
Travel Trailer dolly?

Hi All, So I have read the couple of Post here RE:this subject and really couldn't find an answer to what I need. So last year I booked a camping site that we have only tent camped at years prior. When you are tent camping you have a different perspective then when you own a TT. Unsure if we could get our new to us TT down there we went up last month before the site opened to the public to check out the road going in and spacing to see if we could get the TT down there, where we wanted to park it etc. However there was still some snow on the ground so it made it a bit tough, Needless to say getting the trailer in/parked and out of the site might pose a challenge, my husband ever the optimistic thinks its going to be "fine" me the realist has some major concerns. We have a couple of options- Option A: back it down the road- there is a tight turn coming down and it is questionable if we can swing it into the spot hitched or B: drive it in and try to turn it around to get it to the spot we picked. The catch is I am not sure if we have enough room to get all the way turned around at the bottom, so one thought was to buy some sort of wheels to attach to the trailer hitch, disconnect the truck attach tow straps swing the trailer around then hitch back up to bring it to the spot. I was looking at the Trailer Valet however we will not be on a concrete surface but rather dirt so I am not sure if that will work also with our hitch weight I think we will have to go with the more $$ XL version and we would never use this item at home to park the unit so I might be wasting money on a pricey gadget ... the wheel idea becomes a tough also as I unsure what I could buy that could handle our TT weight... suggestions much appreciated as I refuse to return to a tent! Here are our TT specs: 2008 Fleetwood - Mallard 21CKS Length:24.67 ft Dry Weight 4,198 lbs. Hitch Weight 636 lbs. Fresh Water Tank Capacity 50.0 gal.(we will have a full tank) 416lbs May another 300-400Lbs of stuff inside Total weight appx 5000 +/- lb
melloftus 06/19/19 07:25pm Beginning RVing
Leveling and turning on your refrigerator?

So naively when we began to look at TT's I commented to my husband" this is going to be so great! No more worrying about Ice chests, water logged butter etc.." Well since acquiring our TT I have come to terms with the fact that Ice chests will always still be part of our camping experience and I am okay with that because who doesnt like pulling out a ice cold adult beverage from a cooler!" However I would like to limit my Ice chests to said adult beverages and maybe a few sodas too :@) Here is my dilemma. We took our new to us trailer out the first time about a month ago. We had not attempted to turn the fridge on at all because I have read so many things that having your fridge on and the trailer not being level is a big no-no. The prior owner stressed this as well and mentioned that the fridge has had the thermostat replaced. Everything worked and it took about 2 hours( probably less had I read the manual 1st on how to turn it on) Ultimately what I would like to do is turn the fridge on either the night before or the morning before we leave, so I would assume 12-24 hours max to get it cold so I can place some items in it on our way up to our spots usually no more that 2 hours away. I tested the units ability to hold temp on our way home last time in a 98 degree day with it off and everything was still nice and cold. the problem is street in front of our home is slightly sloped enough so that we cant get the trailer level without unhitching it which defeats the purpose of having it out front to we can load and go.. I have read short periods are ok.. i have read never do this.. I have read its ok to have your fridge on when driving ( We wont be doing this as I run ours on propane and I highly doubt that is legal to do in CA and sounds super dangerous) Any advice would be appreciated Thank you Melanie
melloftus 05/21/19 11:42am Beginning RVing
RE: Looking for Honda EU2200 for my RV.

We ended up with the Champion 3400-Watt gas Inverter Generator (3100 running watts) I looked at the smaller Champions in hopes to parallel them to make them easier to carry but could not find the required "paralink" system for their new generators for sale anywhere to make them 30 amp for our RV. We opted to not get the remote start version as it added about a good amount of weight to the unit( around 20lbs if the specs are correct) ours is 78lb vs the 95-98 the remote unit had listed. Someday we will invest in the Honda's but I am sure we will be happy with our purchase.. Thanks all for the advice as it was enough to talk to husband into being a little more open to other options..
melloftus 05/21/19 10:30am Beginning RVing
RE: Looking for Honda EU2200 for my RV.

Thanks All fo rthe replys.. my husband is open to further negotiations in our generator debate.. I was originally drawn to the Champions when we started looking and I think we are circling back to them.. think I might try to talk him into the 3400-Watt Dual Fuel (Gasoline/Propane) unit... wish me luck :@)
melloftus 05/17/19 05:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Looking for Honda EU2200 for my RV.

Right there with this poster.. after months of agonizing about what generator and how much to spend we finally got ready to pull the trigger on 2 EU2200i's they showed in stock on the Camping World(CW) site but had my husband call the local store yesterday to see if we could purchase there and were notified of the recall. I find it odd that it said they were in stock online though. So now we are back to square one.. CW says they have the EU3000i in stock for $2300 but it is 78 lb and only 2600 running wattage or I can get a EU3000is that weights in a 131 lbs but has a 2800 running wattage for around $2000... I really wish I could talk my husband into a Champion model as I can get a 3150-Watt(2850 running watts) with remote start for about $800 but he really isn't budging on it as he has heard the champions are not as quite and he is also worried about reliability but they have really good reviews.. I am just not sure what to do at this point but know I need to pull the trigger on something soon..
melloftus 05/17/19 08:29am Beginning RVing
RE: Battery Disconnect switch/charging - ON OR OFF?

the only time you want to use the battery disconnect is when it's in storage with no power to the TT. I have to remove my batteries while in storage because they seem to grow legs and walk away, so I take them out of the TT even between trips and the dang thing is parked on the side of my house! I have security cams and lights now, but that was only AFTER the legs grew.. Good luck! Mitch I actually have our batteries and propane tanks locked down like Fort Knox as we are no strangers to thievery in our area. The person we bought the trailer from had a metal bar with master locks over the batteries but took it,had I known how expensive it was to replace I would have probably requested it stayed as part of the sale. I was able to find one on amazon called a Batteryshackle for about $130 which I figure is much less than having to replace 2 batteries that learn how to walk overnight.On our first trip the people next were full timers and actually mentioned how we seemed to have everything locked down and was stealing an issue in these parts to which we replied "I dont know but I also dont want to find out." :@)
melloftus 05/13/19 07:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Disconnect switch/charging - ON OR OFF?

Thank you all for your replies! We are lucky enough to be able to park her next to our house so I will connect her up a few days before the trip but we are planning to buy 2 Honda Honda EU2200i Portable inverters to run in parallel if needed as my biggest fear is running out of battery and not having enough juice to get the slide out back in when we are ready to leave.The lady we bought it from said the batteries were new and according to the sensor in the trailer it says it is fully charged but I am not quite ready to trust it yet. I am converting all the interior lights to LED this week so I am hoping this will help with the battery life a bit. I did buy a Camco 30 AMP Power Defender Voltage Protector With Integrated Surge Protection for when we are connected to power at a campsite and boy am I glad because the site we went to the plug was dang near falling out of the receptacle.From what I can tell this however would not be needed to run on generator power correct? Thanks again! We will be pros at this in no time!
melloftus 05/13/19 06:49am Travel Trailers
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