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RE: Auxillary Fuel Tank ?

My understanding was that the auxiliary tanks where you pump the fuel into the aux tank, and then manually pump the fuel from the aux tank into the vehicle tank, *are* legal for gasoline. You pretty much have to stop, get out, and do the pumping while stationary (unless you like to live dangerously). Still beats the heck out of having to pull into a truck stop, or having to juggle your fueling stops because of long stretches without anything resembling civilization + an engine that gets single-digit fuel economy. What's not legal (AFAIK) is the kind you see on diesel TVs, where they have *auto* transfer pumps to ship the fuel from the aux tank to the vehicle tank, while it's running. The impression I got was that the DOT won't sign off on such aftermarket devices for gasoline engines, due to the explosion hazards compared to diesel.
memilanuk 12/12/19 05:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: High mile gas engine trucks

114k on my '12 F250 CCSB 4x4 with 6.2l gas engine, and it's doing just fine. Somewhere over on the ford trucks forums there was a guy who ran one over 400k before it died. Not towing, but daily work truck running around with a flat bed. Think they may have given him a new engine at that point just because ;)
memilanuk 07/18/19 02:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is a converter upgrade necessary anymore?

PD is among the best for off-grid camping. Consider the PD9260-14.8 if you do a lot of charging with the generator. The PD4655 MBA is probably the most direct replacement for the WFCO. Been searching threads looking for info on upgrading the OEM converter in my TT... I was wondering if you (or anyone else) would be willing to answer the following: Functionally, what's the difference between the two PD converters listed (besides the higher voltage on the one for certain types/brands of batteries)? Is the 46xx series just a 'drop-in' version of the 92xx, or is there something fundamentally different about when you'd pick one vs. the other?
memilanuk 07/16/19 12:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Front bedroom height?

'12 F250 CCSB 4wd FX4 6.2l gas
memilanuk 07/15/19 11:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front bedroom height?

I did a little browsing around the Cedar Creek floor plans after that last post. Very interesting layout - I actually like it a lot, at least from what I see online. The wife is kind of fixated on the <30' aspect due to some tight spots we found ourselves in last season with a 31' TT. Personally, being what I like to refer to as a 'full-sized adult', I prefer a little extra room ;) Unfortunately, it looks like the CC models, like the AF 27-5L, would necessitate a new(er) truck - which would in turn push off getting a new trailer a few years. Hence our interest in sticking with the smaller (and generally lighter) 'mid-height' models for now.
memilanuk 07/15/19 06:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front bedroom height?

I am 6'1" and in my Cedar Creek I have about 8 to 10 inches of headroom. What size (length) is your Cedar Creek? Do they make a short (<~30') 'mid height' model?
memilanuk 07/14/19 11:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Bad taste/smell to fresh water

Well, so far, the bleach seems to have done the trick. Probably need to flush it at least one more time to mitigate the chlorine taste, though.
memilanuk 07/13/19 10:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Front bedroom height?

In the video on their web site for the 27-5L the guy doing the walk through says he's 6'2" when he standing in the shower. In the bedroom it looks like 6'4" would just touch right at the front shirt wards. FWIW Anyway are you looking new or used? Ah. Hadn't seen that part. Most likely shopping used, especially if it's a higher-end unit like Artic Fox. Not excited about going truck shopping again any time soon. Got this one last year, after a *lot* of looking, and like pretty much everything about it. If getting a 27-5L means I have to get a new truck... then I'm probably not getting a 27-5L real soon.
memilanuk 07/13/19 10:15pm Fifth-Wheels
Replacing dinette with free-standing table & chairs

We're hitting the point of being pretty sure we want to replace the dinette in our TT... looking at a table and two chairs, for our needs. The various RVs that we've seen that come with that option seem to have purpose-built furniture, that have flip-up seats for a (very small) bit of extra storage, and usually some sort of pull-out leaf on the table, sized more or less accordingly for the space/use. Been browsing a few RV furniture sites... not finding much in the way of these type of items. I'm not even sure that it's really worth it to get the 'RV specific' stuff, TBH, other than some assurance that it'd fit in thru the door ;) Is there anything else of value about the RV style table/chairs vs. stuff we'd find at the local furniture store? Also... how do most people secure these so they don't go bouncing around when (not if) you hit a pot hole?
memilanuk 07/13/19 01:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Bad taste/smell to fresh water

Question on the 'sanitizing' aspect... This was a sudden onset thing. One trip, it was fine. Next trip, few weeks later, nasty smell/taste. Only major changes were a) the new hose (used one time) and b) the new anode (in the tank for every flush and refill). How likely is it that the entire fresh water system got contaminated by that hose, that one time, to this extent? We're definitely going to do the bleach sanitizing routine; sounds like we should have been doing that all along. Live and learn. Probably borrowing trouble here, until we see if that works or not, but I'm a little skeptical that we picked up some sort of bacterial problem that fast unless there is something else at play here.
memilanuk 07/05/19 03:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bad taste/smell to fresh water

FWIW, this is what we put in the tank so far: Camco TastePURE Spring Fresh Water System Cleaner and Deodorizer for RV and Marine - Cleans and Freshens Water Lines, Great for Dewinterizing - 1 Gallon Didn't seem to do much. Probably not related... but we also changed the anode in the WH at the same time as the problem appeared. Though the more I read around the Interweb, it appears that certain kinds of anodes (plain aluminum vs. aluminum-zinc alloy) are more prone to generating that sort of stank... hmmm...
memilanuk 07/05/19 02:43pm General RVing Issues
Bad taste/smell to fresh water

Recently started noticing a nasty taste/smell to our fresh water system. Initially I attributed it to the DW using a 'new' garden hose to reach the one spigot on the house that comes off the domestic water system (vs. the canal/irrigation water that supplies all the other outdoor spigots). The water pretty much smelled/tasted like the black rubber on the inside of that hose... We drained, flushed, refilled (from a completely different water source, at a different location, using our usual white 'potable' water hose) and... it still smelled/tasted bad. Maybe not quite as bad as before, but close. Went and got some de-winterizing solution, and followed the directions - basically drain the system, fill the tank, add the solution, run thru the lines (including water heater), then drain and flush with plain water two more times. That said, the water source *has* been from the same spigot on the house as before, albeit with proper white 'potable' water hoses. The water *still* tastes/smells kinda funky. I have somewhat of a hard time thinking that using that one hose, one time, would have contaminated the *entire* system that badly. Any other ideas/suggestions? We'd discussed adding a small amount of chlorine (bleach) to the tank to try and clean things a bit; I've also seen some discussion elsewhere about build-ups in the water heater causing grief and needing flushed with vinegar solution to remove. Given the fairly sudden onset in this particular instance, I have my doubts about that being the case here, but I'm open to ideas. Thanks, Monte
memilanuk 07/05/19 02:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Front bedroom height?

I'm only 6'3" and have had to duck under most stuff.. My feet hang over most beds.. In my little TT, I have to duck to go out the door or hit my head.. I just barely clear the ceiling as it is.. I can't even fit in the shower, so it's a large storage closet now. Yikes. Our current TT, a Cougar 28RLSWE, is pretty good as far as head room, other than the door going from the walk-thru bathroom to the main living area. Definitely gotta duck to clear that one. As for the feet hanging over the bed... I got used to that back in the Navy, on submarines. At least my feet *can* hang over the end; beats the heck out of having to sleep in the fetal position in a coffin bunk ;) My head hits the ceiling on my folks 5th wheel too, but it's just hitting... ;) The trials and tribulations of being a full-sized adult in a world of midgets ;)
memilanuk 07/03/19 07:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front bedroom height?

Have you looked at the Northwood Grande Rhonde 27-5L? 29'-9" It's on the list... under "I wish"! Sadly, that little porker would put my '12 F250 CCSB 4x4 over the limit on *several* ratings. Kinda crazy to need that much carrying capacity for that small of a trailer. I wasn't aware that they had good headroom as well as everything else that they bring to the table?
memilanuk 07/03/19 07:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Front bedroom height?

Look for rear bedroom 5ers. Note the part where I'm looking at small, as in =< 30 ft. Find me a rear BR floor plan in that size fifth wheel trailer, of *any* make or model.
memilanuk 07/02/19 10:16pm Fifth-Wheels
Front bedroom height?

I was doing some 'research' today on various shorter (< ~30 ft) fifth wheel trailers, kind of compiling a list of likely models, and taking some notes about specific features that sounded interesting. One model/series, the Dutchmen Aerolite/Astoria line, mentions the following in the promo blurb: Tallest Bedroom Height in Mid-Pro Fifth Wheel Segment The Astoria delivers a long list of standard features to elevate your RV travel, including the tallest bedroom height in the mid-pro fifth wheel segment Unfortunately, I can't see where they say what the ceiling height actually *is*. Being 6'4", the usual ~72-74" ceiling height, combined with the raised platforms alongside the bed, of most small to mid size 5'ers has always been something that bugged me. Certainly not a deal breaker, but all things equal, I'd prefer one I don't have to 'remember' to not stand up all the way. Besides the Astoria, anyone know of other models/lines that tend towards taller ceiling heights? Mostly just curious - if we find a model that checks all the other boxes and the ceiling is a fuzz low, well, it is what it is.
memilanuk 07/02/19 07:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2016 F250 6.2L gas mileage

When you say you average 62, does that include stops, or do you actually drive 62 on the interstate? I don’t think I could bring myself to slow down to 62 on the interstate. When I was pulling with a 1/2 ton pickup, the best mpg was around 58-62 - more than that and the RPMs just weren't in the 'sweet spot'. This 6.2L seems to also 'prefer' running around 60 mph +/-, but the hit on fuel economy isn't as severe until closer to 70 - again, depending on terrain. A lot of western states have a separate speed limit posted for trucks - 65, maybe 70 mph vs 70-75 for passenger vehicles. I just park the cruise control @ 65 and tuck in with the semis and cruise along. I end up passing them on the big hills - I ain't gonna dog it at 35-40 mph just to stay with them - but the rest of the time it makes for a pretty decent cruising speed.
memilanuk 05/20/19 02:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 F250 6.2L gas mileage

Last year (almost exactly) we picked up a 2012 F250 CCSB XL (base model) 6.2L gas with 102k on it, as I didn't feel like navigating the (expensive) mine field that appears to be modern diesel trucks. Shortly thereafter, upgraded the trailer from a 2013 Salem T21RB (24' OAL) to a 2018 Cougar 28RLSWE (~31' OAL) with a Husky CenterLine hitch. Truck tows like a dream (compared to the '06 GMC 1500 we had before with the 24'). Mileage is down a fuzz; 8-9 is pretty average, 10+ on a good day on *flat* land - but there ain't much of that around here. Seems like every trip is uphill - both ways ;) MPG dips down into the 7s if trying to do 70+ mph thru hilly country. Did a couple short trips last summer, along with a two-week multi-state trip from central WA to MT, across ND to Bismark, back across and down thru SD into western NE, then up thru WY, MT and ID back to WA again. Earlier this year (February) made a run down to Phoenix and back. For the most part, the truck drives smoother with the extra weight back there, and at first on the flat/straight-aways we kept checking the mirrors to make sure the trailer was still there!
memilanuk 05/11/19 08:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Just curious, what's your phantom load?

I'm sure Bob is talking about a kill switch/disconnect right at the battery. This is the same as removing the battery ground wire, no power to anything. The type typically factory installed does not disconnect everything. Jerry Yes Jerry, I should have been more clear. A switch right at the batteries to completely disconnect all power. I call it a kill switch. Guess I should refer to it as a battery disconnect switch. I recently came back from a road trip to Phoenix with the TT, and due to the piles of snow around here I opted to drop it at a storage yard until things thaw out a bit. After I had the hitch unhooked and the jack down, I rotated the disconnect switch and pulled the 'key' out of it, and locked up the front storage area where the switch is located. As I went to get in the truck, I noticed the light on the power jack was on! Got out, went over, turned it off, back on... then ran the jack up and down a bit. Opened the storage area, yup, switch is still off. Opened up the trailer and went to the main control panel - everything is off, none of the lights work, etc. Apparently the battery disconnect switch kills everything *but* the jack, and the LED light on the front of the jack. That's as wired from the factory...
memilanuk 02/25/19 02:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Central WA to Phoenix

Cool... any pros/cons to I-5 between Redding and Bakersfield, vs. Hwy 99 cutting thru Fresno? I've been told the speed limit for trailers in CA is 55 mph, so does the interstate provide much benefit?
memilanuk 02/06/19 03:43pm Roads and Routes
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