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RE: Remove/replace onboard generator

East Wenatchee
memilanuk 06/27/21 08:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Bathroom access on the road

I’m not really worried about any factor, I just had questions, for instance is there a manual crank to crank out a slide out if it gets stuck in the out or in position? Yes. Pretty much a standard feature on any camper (or RV in general) with slide(s). Haven't had to use it myself as of yet, but our 910 DB has a switch to disable the motor right above the slide in/out switch. Supposedly trying to move the slide manually without disabling the motor first is quite a bit harder. Also if you’re up in the cab over is there ever a switch option to close the slide from bed? No, not stock out of the box. Two RVs ago we had a TT that had everything (slider, awning, stabilizers) controlled from a touch screen wireless remote. It wasn't the slickest interface, but it worked very well. Our 910 DB has a wireless remote for the Happi-Jac stabilizers, but the controls for the slide and awning are just inside the door under the oven. Basically you open the door, reach in and they are right there. It'd be kind of a cool DIY electronics project to make a remote of some sort... ;) My understanding is this model has a Happi-Jac slide mechanism, which is supposed to be sturdier and/or less fussy than the Schwinntek about partial opening.
memilanuk 06/27/21 12:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Remove/replace onboard generator

I found a metal supply store that was open today, so I went there and bought some plate aluminum stock and fabbed up some mounting brackets. It's a HUGE PITA to make it work because I didn't want to drill into the base pan of the generator liek Northwood did when they mounted the old skool genny, rather than use the threaded inserts and bolts to mount it. I should have it installed and running tomorrow Lookin' forward to the video ;)
memilanuk 06/27/21 11:32am Truck Campers
RE: Remove/replace onboard generator

Well... nuts. I was adding a pigtail for my portable solar panels, since campers don't seem to come with 'solar on the side' ports like trailers. In the process of trying to get the leads back in place on the load side of the Victron shunt... the lug popped off one of the 4 AWG cables for the generator starter :( Finished the rest of the job, taped up the starter leads until I get a crimper and lugs capable of doing that size of wire (planned on getting them, just not right *now*). 95F @ 10 o'clock... I'm done working outside unless something else really needs doin'. Ended up right on the verge between heat exhaustion and heat stroke a number of years back... kinda put the kibosh on my tolerance for heat in general.
memilanuk 06/27/21 11:31am Truck Campers
Remove/replace onboard generator

Recently sold the TT and picked up a TC. Already had a nice Honda EU2200 for the TT, didn't really 'need' a camper with an onboard generator but it came with one (Onan 2500 LP). It seems to run fine... low hours (just about due for it's first 20 hr oil change)... noticeably louder than the Honda, plus the vibration... On the one hand, it *is* awful nice to be able to just fire up the generator with the push of a button, when needed. No setting up the gen set, running out the shore power cable to it, making sure it's secured when we're not around, no worrying about it getting stolen... But on the other hand, we don't (currently) use a ton of AC power while camping. The majority - other than the air conditioner - could easily be handled by adding solar, upgrading the batteries, and an inverter/charger, all of which are already on the 'to-do' list. If it's just for the times/trips where we're planning on being some place warm-ish and anticipate needing A/C... then setting up the generator and shore power cable, and giving it a quick pull to start... isn't a huge deal Honestly, what I'd *like* to have is one of the new Onan 2500/2800 inverter generators - almost as quiet as the Honda, way less vibration than the OEM version, and all the pros of an onboard gen set. I'm guessing those might be a bit spendier than I'm willing to go for, though ;) If I *were* to pull the Onan 2500 LP gen set out... is there any kind of used market for these things? Better to leave the 'generator pre-wire' in place, or yank it at the same time?
memilanuk 06/26/21 02:41am Truck Campers
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

The Victron 15A looks good with separate battery and load outputs. Great for using the unused panel output once the batteries are getting charged up. I'm trying to picture in my head how this would work... I thought most RV setups had the 'loads' and the 'battery' all tied together (over simplified, I realize), whether via terminal connections, bus bars, etc. Or would this be for where there is a 'house' battery bank, and a 'starter' (vehicle) battery? Thanks, Monte
memilanuk 06/17/21 03:02pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

It's pretty simple -- don't come park 30 feet from me in the middle of nowhere, and start up a generator and run it all night long. That's blatantly rude on multiple levels. That part, I'll agree with you on. If there's tons of room to spread out, why cluster together? Must be all that solar... attracts the lookie-lous :B A lot of our 'off-grid' camping to date has been more 'dry' camping, than full-on 'boondocking', which probably accounts for some of the difference in perspective.
memilanuk 06/11/21 12:06am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

...going to be annoyed that you haven't bothered to invest in an appropriate solar setup for your usage. set up cost about the same as a factory installed built 5500 Onan. Being annoyed at other people that they haven't spent a few extra thousand dollars (at least) so *you* don't have to hear a generator... priceless :R ;) Don't get me wrong; I fully intend to work at putting solar on our TC, and hope to limit gen runtime as much as I can. I highly doubt it's going to be as 'over the top' (pardon the pun) as the one shown above. But I'm doing it for my benefit, not yours. And because I already *have* said generator (two, actually, the built-in Onan 2500 and the Honda EU2200), I'm not in any particular hurry when what I have now is a) already paid for and b) works. I imagine there are a lot of people out there in similar situations.
memilanuk 06/10/21 10:47am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Generators!! Yes YOU!

Just out of curiosity... when y'all are pitchin' a fit over people running 'generators'... are you grumping about the folks with the nasty $300 open frame 4000 watt construction site gen sets, or people running something more like a Honda EU2000/2200? In the past, when we've ran our previous generator (Champion 3100, still pretty quiet) we observed the quiet time hours, and tried to limit the amount of run time as much as we could. Because of the crappy OEM charge converter in that trailer (WFCO 8955), sometimes it was a struggle to get enough juice back in the batteries to be able to run the slide and jack to hook up and take off when the time came. Last trip we had a brandy-new Honda EU2200, and I honestly couldn't hear it running 100 ft away during the day, with 'ambient' noises (we were next to a lake, with people at pretty much every site). Now, middle of the night, with nothing but the breeze... I could see the sound carrying a *little* further. We could certainly hear the music from the group on the other side of the lake, 1/4+ mile away. Our new (to us) truck camper has a Onan 2500 generator... that is noticeably louder than the Honda or the Champion. But it's built-in, propane powered and push-button start with an auto transfer switch, which is handy. Debating whether to pull it and use the storage space for the Honda, or to keep it in reserve and just add more solar & batteries. TCs being kind of space-limited, more so than a lot of RVs, it's a balancing act ;)
memilanuk 06/09/21 01:37pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Propane Firepit Restrictions - West Coast

About the only place I've ran into that had a hard spot with a propane fire pit was "Jim & Mary's RV" just north of Wye, MT (which is just east of Missoula on I-90). They did have a sign about no open flames, camp fires, etc. so we thought a propane 'fire pit' should be fine. Camp host came up and started telling us it wasn't allowed. I asked what, exactly, was the difference between this and the propane BBQ the sites on either side of us were visibly using at the time. They didn't care, turn it off / put it away, or leave. Never said a word to the people with the BBQs.
memilanuk 06/02/21 07:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Arctic Fox 1150 is breaking my 2016 Ford 350 dually

All the weight of the camper is on the two side rails. The space on the bottom of the camper in between is not weight bearing. I'm new to all this truck camper stuff, so just for clarification... are you saying the bottom of the camper is not bearing the weight like it *should be*, or that it's not *designed* to be weight bearing? I was under the impression that the 'wings' of the camper weren't supposed to bottom out on the side rails, that the bottom of the camper *was* supposed to be bearing all the weight? I thought I'd read about people putting various spacers - from 3/4" ply to 2x lumber to horse-stall mats to 2" rigid foam - to boost things up so the camper would clear the side rails. And that Ford tended to have higher side rails (deeper bed) than most... Like I said, I'm very new to this, and just trying to make sure I understand.
memilanuk 04/13/21 10:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Android Tablet eReader

Install an e-reader app like Moon+ Reader that handles epub (as well as pdf), and start searching for free epub sites. Not going to have the latest or greatest, but the price is right, if that's what you're looking for. The local library option works as well; that's what we use for my MIL with a Kindle Paperwhite.
memilanuk 04/04/21 05:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebooks?

As someone who actually *has* a Chromebook, I call BS... Note the wifi status down in the lower right corner i.e. disconnected. If you absolutely have to have Office 365, then you have the ability to use it. For most people... I think Google Docs, Sheets, etc. will do just fine, and are well integrated with Google Drive and the whole ChromeOS experience. Almost like someone thought of all this stuff *years* ago... And for the curious... here's a screen grab of the Office 365 entry in the Google Play store... along with me using the built-in ssh app to update my Unifi controller, and my Proxmox virtualization server running in the background:
memilanuk 04/02/21 05:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebooks?

So I assume they wouldn't run windows based software? Is there anything like Word or Excel that would work on them? Ever hear of Google Docs?
memilanuk 04/01/21 09:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebooks?

They do NOT have a hard drive. They don't have a 'hard drive', i.e. traditional spinning drive. They *do* have local onboard solid-state storage. Older and/or less expensive models tend to have not very much room to spare, but it's still there. Newer and/or more expensive models have more. Depending on what all you're trying to store on there, it may be more than enough for casual use. One of the nice things about Chromebooks is that if you break it, lose it, want to upgrade and re-home the one you have... it's very simple to 'power wash' the device, which wipes it and resets to factory defaults. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, 15 minutes later you can have an entirely new one set up just like your old one, with all your bookmarks and settings. Very nice. The downside is... anything stored locally is usually in the 'Downloads' folder... and gets wiped out as part of the 'power wash'. Not really any different than if you wipe and restore any other laptop, but occasionally it catches people off-guard. Most, if not all, have at least one external USB type 'A' port, so plugging in a thumb drive for storing other things is not a big deal. Get one of the slim/flush fit drives that sticks out maybe a 1/4 inch, and just leave it plugged in. Problem solved. We have a nicer one (well, it was a couple years ago anyway) - Asus C434 'Flip'. Metal case, touch screen, works as a laptop, can be folded over in 'tent' mode for watching videos, or folded completely over and used as a big Android tablet (not really it's best feature, in my experience). For traveling, where we want some level of connectivity without bringing the primary home laptops with potentially sensitive information along... works great. I think it's the third one we've had over the years. Used it as a 'daily driver' for a while, including running Linux on it directly (a beta feature). The loooooong battery life is a nice plus. Some of the better Windows laptops nowadays can probably match it in that regard... but they typically cost a lot more.
memilanuk 04/01/21 08:43am Technology Corner
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