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RE: Cold-ish weather camping

Just pile on he blankets at night and leave the heater off. I agree. This works for me too. Doesn’t water start getting hard somewhere below 32 F ? memtb
memtb 09/16/20 10:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

JAC1982, Most importantly.....did you enjoy yourselves? :@ memtb
memtb 09/15/20 05:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are the campgrounds full in your area?

I read lots of complaints about campgrounds being full to where one can't even make a reservation and I'm wondering if that is a national problem or just one west of the Mississippi. We don't count because we cancelled everything for this summer due to the virus and the RV has sat under cover since last October. Things are improving here....west of the Mississippi! With temperatures dropping into the 20’s last week, some spots are becoming available. There should be more available come November....unless there is a large, local construction job in process or we get another oil field boom.....which isn’t likely! ;) Fishing is soon to be at it’s best, the fall colors are getting beautiful in the mountains, if you hurry you can catch the elk in full rut, and local museums and our “world recognized “ Wyoming Dinosaur Center” is open. Though, the Dinosaur Center May close later in the season. About the only things that have stopped are the hot days and the local rodeos! Oh.....we also have noticeably less RV’er’s and Harley riders! memtb
memtb 09/13/20 07:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Class C Specifications

We started searching for a new class C as it seems we have outgrown our old one. It seems that manufacturers have started to significantly limit the amount of information that they provide in the specifications. I can find the max gross vehicle weight and max gross combined vehicle weight for the toad, but can not find the dry vehicle weight. I am trying to find out how much payload capacity I end up with after fuel, water, people, etc. I want to make sure I have enough payload capacity remaining to put food in the refrigerator. I have downloaded whatever information is available on the manufacturer's websites without success. Is there some place that I can find this information? For much the same reason that persons arrested are given their “Miranda Rights”! :B memtb
memtb 09/13/20 07:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: More room in the Refrigerator for the important stuff.

IAMICHABOD, Great idea....embarrassed that we didn’t think of that! II’ll take measurements, and when we make our “quarterly” Wal-Mart trip, we’ll get something that fits .....”just right” ;) memtb
memtb 09/09/20 09:32am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

No campground is going to have water turned on in those temps. I would suggest bottles of water for drinking and using campground facilities for everything else. I've camped in the teens before, we just didn't use our water system. You will burn through a lot of propane... a LOT of propane in those temps. I would suggest a good efficient electric heater and heated sheets/blanket for sleeping. It won't be super comfortable, but you should be able to get by for a couple day ski trip. Enjoy! soon059, I guess that depends upon the campground.....I can think of several. They were designed for use in sub-zero temperatures. A couple were built as RV campgrounds, and at least one a mobile home park converted to an RV park! We have many campgrounds in our region, where people live in their RV’s all winter.....some for pleasure and some working construction or in the oil patch! memtb
memtb 09/09/20 09:20am Beginning RVing
RE: My luck ran out,, Hail Storm.

CavemanCharlie, sorry to hear about of my biggest fears! memtb
memtb 09/08/20 07:01am General RVing Issues
Jackson, Wyoming Fires

Not a good time to be RV’ing in the Jackson/Yellowstone region. Mandatory evacuation of several subdivisions in Jackson area. Rv’ers in California have already had a bad situation! Several hurt, many being airlifted from a campground in the Shaver Lake area! This had been a bad year for fires and storms....hoping that everyone can stay safe! memtb
memtb 09/07/20 07:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

It takes a pretty good RV to live comfortably in those temps. It does, and it's not just the temperature, it's the WIND! My rig, I found out the hard way, is really drafty, especially around the front door. Even the door latch leaks. There's nothing quite as uncomfortable for me to be in the 20s with a nice 15-20mph wind trying to force its way inside. No thanks. We discovered the truth in that statement last November. We were in a campground (believe it or not), parked with the refrigerator side to the east. A winter storm came through, hard winds from the east, with morning temperatures @-10 F. This was the first experience of this nature in this new ( to us) camper! The wind was blowing into the camper around the refrigerator.....low 40’s in the camper. I think that the wind was coming through bad enough to blow out a candle if put close to the refrigerator. We ended-up completely blocking the refrigerator vent with a plastic garbage bag. This unit was supposed to be good (warranted) to a minus 20F ....but, that didn’t take into consideration a massive leak! When we got home and the weather was a bit warmer, I found that the gap between the refrigerator and the space built for it had a gap of approximately 1 to 1 1/2” all the way around. Apparently, the previous owner had the refrigerator removed for repair and no insulation/wind block was put into the gap. This has since been remedied.....we’re looking forward to a test this winter! Though, we’re not looking forward to a “repeat performance” last November! memtb
memtb 09/05/20 12:58pm Beginning RVing
RE: Camping in sub freezing weather

Speaking as someone that lived in our 5th wheel through 2 winters I seeing many below zero nights with a few -30’s thrown in..... and did very good. And, we didn’t use supplemental heat....merely the forced air! iIt takes a pretty good RV to live comfortably in those temps. Ours was a 1990 Teton with a -20 or -30 F guarantee....I’ve forgotten the exact value. There are few if any of today’s rv’s that will do well in those temps......and only one, to my knowledge, that guarantees their 5th wheel to a -10 F. Claiming to be a 4-season unit and actually putting a temperature value a vast difference! No matter what unit you have.....good skirting will help immensely! Unless your campground has a water supply that is heat traced from the spigot foot valve to the handle/ will not be able to leave the spigot turned on! Our water line was at a 6 foot depth, and the spigot was heat traced from main line to handle assembly. If it’s “NOT” heat traced and insulated top to will need to fill your fresh tank, then disconnect and store your hose for the next fill. As stated by will used lots of propane. We do a bit of late fall/ winter boondocking,, with daytime highs in low 20’s and nights from single digits to a little below zero F .....we use about 45 gallons of propane on a 3 week outing. We keep our inside temperatures a little lower than most would be comfortable with to save on propane consumption....but, our camper is fairly large (40 ft.). The use of supplemental heat ( electric or gas) will help keep you more comfortable , but, will not help your basement and inclosed underbelly. These are just things to consider, but, not to scare you away from winter camping. We do it every year, and look forward to it. If we were in a campground, it would be a “cakewalk”! When boondocking, it’s a challenge keeping the batteries charged ...and then there’s the challenge of keeping our 55 gallon drum of water thawed-out, and then transferring it into the camper. With a motivated mindset....most anything can be done! There’s nothing quite as satisfying as standing in the yard filling you water tanks for your next boondocking trip in single temperatures.....while most others have stopped RVing for the winter or “bugged-out” to the south! Winter offers some of the best RVing.....but, it’s not without challenges! memtb
memtb 09/05/20 10:54am Beginning RVing
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

We are supposed to be in Estes Park, Co next Tuesday. The Weather Channel says a high of 31 and a low of 23 with 70% chance of snow. I may push it back a day. Estes Park should be getting beautiful, and as a plus, the elk should be going into full rut soon! A great time to be in the Rockies! memtb
memtb 09/04/20 07:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

I'm moving to Wyoming. lol I tried that in 1987. Town was 7,200 feet. YOu can plant tomatoes in late June. The aspens start to turn in the third week in August. You have to like winter, since it is most of the year. It was minus 38 degrees F in my driveway. Not the wind chill, the temperature. It is the windiest state. It is much colder in the nearby mountains. We like it this way!! Helps keep the population under control. We need a few good, cold winters to drive out a couple hundred thousand’s getting too crowded! memtb How about the opposite ... heat... like from open flames? Maybe CA's recent fires will drive out a few here, too. We did move our RV, temporarily, to another place in case we had to evac, but thankfully it wasn't necessary. My favorite Native American chant is now "stay away iona"! ;) P.S.:,_South_Dakota pnichols, Heat, that’s a real problem! I can put on more clothes for the cold.....but, to remain legal......I can only remove part of my clothing! memtb
memtb 09/04/20 07:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

I'm moving to Wyoming. lol I tried that in 1987. Town was 7,200 feet. YOu can plant tomatoes in late June. The aspens start to turn in the third week in August. You have to like winter, since it is most of the year. It was minus 38 degrees F in my driveway. Not the wind chill, the temperature. It is the windiest state. It is much colder in the nearby mountains. We like it this way!! Helps keep the population under control. We need a few good, cold winters to drive out a couple hundred thousand’s getting too crowded! memtb
memtb 08/31/20 01:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

I'm moving to Wyoming. lol Just don’t bring any “administrators” or “moderators” with you! ;) :B memtb
memtb 08/31/20 08:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

JAC1982, It’s 32 F in Pinedale right now, probably a little cooler up at the lakes. So, for those not familiar with our temperatures.....we can and often do go below freezing any month of the year! It only got down to 44 at our home this morning.....but, it was a very welcome, nice, cool morning! I don’t see us getting in the pool today! ;) memtb
memtb 08/31/20 07:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I've Rediscovered Butter

mr. ed, We don’t refrigerate our butter (only one stick in butter dish, remainder of the pound is in refrigerator) but we go through a lot of butter....spreads very easy! memtb
memtb 08/30/20 02:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: BLM Land near Glacier

We spent several days camped near Hungry Horse Reservoir, which has both campgrounds ( boondocking) and BLM areas available which is just west and south of Glacier. Good road around the reservoir and very scenic! I think that we accessed it through the little town of Martin. memtb
memtb 08/30/20 02:31pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

JIMNLIN, Wind can certainly have an effect! We were in Kemmerer,Wy last November, when a good little storm came through! Night time lows below 0 F with winds in 20 to 30 mph range! We were parked with the refrigerator side facing into the wind. This is when we discovered that our refrigerator , which had been removed years earlier, had “NOT” been insulated properly around the refrigerator perimeter. The wind was coming through had enough, that it would have probably blown a candle out! The heater couldn’t keep-up, got a little cool inside......40’s inside the camper! “IF”, we’d been facing the opposite direction.....we’d have been fine! We’ve been out at -20’s before.....but, with no wind! Wind can certainly add a degree of difficulty to your camping trip! First project once home.....waited for a warm day, and insulated the space around the refrigerator. You just never know where those “unforeseen” problems will occur! Now, I think we’re ready for those cool weather trips. memtb
memtb 08/27/20 06:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

If it only gets down to 30ish, you should be fine! Can I assume you have heated, insulated basement/tank area? If so, you will certainly be OK.....if the forced air runs at all at night. In Wyoming higher country....not uncommon to see below freezing temperatures in September. Early October camping in a pop-up in single digits is memorable! Down here in the low country, I’m tired of seeing the upper 90’s with a 100 or two thrown in......ready to see some snow and cooler temperatures! Enjoy your time boondocking! I know that we’ looking forward to a few weeks boondocking in November/early December! memtb
memtb 08/26/20 08:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are all new RVs built this bad or is it just mine?

I’m sorry that all of you go through this! Sadly, this is a very common theme. There are very few posts, with folks proclaiming how great their rv’s are. I am so thankful that we discovered quality rv’s almost 30 years ago, and have stayed with that manufacturer since 1993.....sadly they, along with several other quality RV manufacturers went under in the late 2000’s. I hope that our 2004 will carry us through to the end of our RVing days! There are a few good RV’s out there, all are used and older models.....except for the 1 or 2 very expensive independent brands. If more people would shop for “used” high end rv’s......there would be less “unhappy campers”! An educated, careful buyer of a used high-end RV will spend about the same as what was spent on a “new” unit.....and have a far superior RV! JMO. memtb
memtb 08/23/20 09:38pm General RVing Issues
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