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RE: Our First “BAD” Winter Experience

Fiberglass batt by itself is a terrible wind barrier. Some sort of rubber bulb seal would work much better. I concur! However, it’s compressed .....a lot! :B The compressed depth is probably 4 to 6 inches in depth, there’s a lot stuffed into that little narrow gap! memtb
memtb 11/05/19 12:49pm General RVing Issues
Our First “BAD” Winter Experience

We’ve lived in a 5er for two Wyoming winters, and have done a lot of winter boondocking, our coldest boondocking a -22 F.....with minimal to no problems. Until a week or so ago. We were in an RV park (full hook-ups).....thank goodness for the power cord. A little winter front came through, with wind gusting to over 35 mph and -10 F (not wind chill). We’ve had this camper for 6 years, with many winter trips, but had never parked with the refrigerator vents facing into the wind! The front came in at about 01:00 hrs. ....and then we found we had issues. The heater could not keep up.....49 in the living area. Standing approximately 18” in front of the refrigerator, you could feel very cold air blowing into the camper. I ended up placing garbage bags over the outside refrigerator vents to help stop the air flow, which helped a good bit. Once home I started a close inspection of the refrigerator area. It was then I discovered that there was no insulation or wind-stop between the outer refrigerator sides and the refrigerator cabinet (housing). It was pretty obvious that the refrigerator was at one time removed, prior to our purchase....and there was nothing installed around the refrigerator, for a wind- break or insulation. There was easily a 1/2” gap, all the way around the refrigerator. After this finding, I stuffed (a bunch) of fiberglass insulation into this gap. I realize that compressed fiberglass is not great insulation but is a darn good wind-break! We will soon be testing my handiwork! Of course, until we get a hard, cold wind directly on the refrigerator side....we still won’t be certain of the “fix”! I share this, not only to “vent” a little, but if someone experiences unusual cold air flow into their camper....this may be something to look at! memtb
memtb 11/05/19 11:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Be careful out there. There are some bad people

I sleep with 3 dogs and carry a heater. Nobody sneaks up on our rig. Good advise. You don't want to get cold while boondocking. :B DaveI only have two dogs, but have two heaters.:B Only two “heaters”! You never know when the weather could turn exceptionally cool! ;) We have different models, should one fail due to prevailing conditions! memtb
memtb 11/04/19 07:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Winterizing Washer

On ours (GE SpaceSaver), I pour about 1/2 gallon antifreeze into the tub and start machine in “spin cycle”. It pumps the water to the drain......effectively winterizing the water pump! memtb
memtb 11/02/19 05:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: What air compressor do you carry?

This is what we have, and seems to be a good unit, It has a much lower profile than a pancake compressor, and has pretty quick recovery, and develops more pressure than you should ever need. memtb
memtb 10/21/19 09:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mice and soap

cavie, we could’ve taken that photo ourselves.....we had exactly the same thing happen. Two years ago, my wife started using little vented, plastic, condiment containers holding cotton balls with “ peppermint essential oils”. We placed these around throughout both our 5th wheel and our little class far we’ve been “mouse free”! I still have “sticky traps” placed around...but , haven’t caught a mouse in quite some time. memtb
memtb 10/19/19 08:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Broken Spring

Jerry, you left out “wannabe” in, wannabe Wyoming rancher/cowboy! ;) memtb
memtb 10/12/19 09:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Broken Spring

In more than 30 yards of rv’ing, we’ve experienced 3 broken springs.....two in the last 3 years. Two of these were on while on the road. The most recent, discovered when making my “walk-around” while doing an afternoon refueling at a truck stop 50+ miles south of Lincoln, Ne. We spent the night in the truck stop while a cold front pushed-through, setting a low temperature record in Lincoln. The next morning we drove into Lincoln (after getting permission to leave the 5er in the lot), and bought 2 springs. I replaced the spring (it was cold work)and we were back on the road by 10:00or so. The second spring has found a semi-permanent home residing in the bed of our truck. We should “never” break we are now prepared. It seems that our repairs always happen during somewhat “extreme” temps. :M The previous spring change was done in an asphalt parking lot in Mesa, August! I did that repair in early morning, while it was a little cooler....but rapidly getting hot. I was very thankful for the large piece of “Astro-turf”, I keep for putting on tire chains ( mud or snow), which helped “insulate” me from the hot asphalt! And then, there was that wheel bearing / brake assembly replacement during the Christmas Holidays, several years ago. Done in a campground, with morning temperatures below 0F. That required more than one cup of “hot chocolate”! Rv’’ing can certainly be an adventure ! We should write a book! memtb
memtb 10/12/19 06:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping around Christmas time

I guess this means that Wyoming is off of your “short list”! ;) The Tetons and Yellowstone are beautiful that time of the year! memtb
memtb 10/10/19 06:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Time to prepare for winter

Soon.....”de-winterize” the camper, and head to the mountains for 2 or 3 weeks of boondocking. Been waiting on this time of year since last December! ;) The truck: chains -check, antifreeze- check, batteries - check, ect.,ect! :) memtb
memtb 10/10/19 06:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Removing small chair by door in class C.

Not sure exactly what to do if bolts or mounting plate can’t be removed. We’re going to remove our chair, but will use the bolts and plate to mount a small chest freezer! memtb
memtb 10/10/19 06:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Hope all you Snowbirds got out ahead of the blizzards!

The best time of year in the Rockies! ;) memtb
memtb 10/10/19 06:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: "We're sorry. An error has Occurred"

Same here....I have more sites I can’t enter, than those I can! memtb
memtb 10/09/19 08:08am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Hankook Dynapro Tires for 2019 Coachman Leprechaun

Most Hankook tires are manufactured in South Korea, a few models are made in China. We’re running Hankook 19.5” tires on our truck and the Dynapros’ on our 4 Runner! Pretty happy! memtb
memtb 10/09/19 08:06am Class C Motorhomes
RE: High Winds on I-80 in WY

I-80 is why we stopped going to visit my husband's family in Rock Springs at Christmas. Too many trips messed up by high winds, road closures, etc. Even in the summer it can be pretty brutal when pulling a trailer. Some of the many reasons that we are the lowest population state. Many of us are hoping for a few record setting’s getting far too crowded here. memtb
memtb 10/02/19 11:02am Roads and Routes
RE: Holster for .44 Ruger Super Blackhawk on fishign trip

Aside from the Canadian issues, I’m merely addressing the carry question. I handgun hunt, and often carry here at home while working outside (snakes, varmints, possible mountain lion). Take a look at and consider a “cross chest “ carry or as some refer to as a “tanker style” holster. The handgun carries in the low, center of chest, and is out of the way for most it work, day pack/ back pack use,, ect. If fishing with waders, places the handgun above the water, while giving quick, easy access. And, if it’s a large, heavy handgun ( as in my X Frame, 8 3/8”, 70+ ounce, 460) it helps keep the long barrel in a more practical , comfortable position, as well as distribute the weight to the shoulders. There are numerous manufactures of these style holsters. I use a Galco Kodak ( leather for quiet when hunting) for my X Frame, and the wife and I both have Gunfitters.Inc . , Kenaii Model (kyodex/ nylon)....for our Ruger Mark series 22 pistols, when just out and about! memtb --------------------- Thanks for the info. It's now time to close this one as the op's question has been answered. We normally don't do gun threads and time to close this one before it goes off topic. (Mod)
memtb 09/29/19 10:14am Around the Campfire
RE: Million-mile battery unveiled by ground-breaking research.

If the batteries are used in a “spacecraft”.......covering a million miles wouldn’t take very long! memtb
memtb 09/29/19 09:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Setting the Trailer Brake Controller

This obviously is just my opinion. I prefer a “slight” tug on the TV. This way I am certain that in slick ( rain, snow, ice) conditions, the trailer brakes will help keep everything in a “straight line”. If the truck is providing more ( even slightly more) braking, under the previously mentioned conditions, the possibility of a “jackknife” is increased. I’d prefer to replace the trailer brakes a little more often, than find myself in a “jackknife” situation. However, I do want to emphasize......a “slight” tug on the TV! memtb
memtb 09/28/19 06:48am Towing
RE: What Size RV is Right for Full-Timing

There are as many answers, as there are RV’s. Everyone has different needs, and comfort desires. Much like folks having different ideas of the perfect place for their home. Some want a New York Penthouse, while others would much prefer a home in rural America with few to no neighbors. Put me in the rural America group, however, we prefer a large, high end 5th wheel. Of course, we try to use it in rural America! ;) memtb
memtb 09/28/19 06:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Beef up (fish plate) “I” beam frame

The manufacturer may spec what the frame needs to accomodate, but LCI does the engineering. The manufacturer has 0 liabilty should the frame fail, unless they choose to assume some of it. LCI warrants the frame. LCI sucks and essentially has a monopoly. They bought out almost every other frame fabricator involved with the RV industry or undercut them out of business systematically. The RV industry sucks as well. Birds of a feather. This! As well as a few other established, reputable RV component manufactures....then outsourced and/or lowered the quality! memtb
memtb 09/27/19 09:30am Fifth-Wheels
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