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RE: Mexico Closes Border Until Nov. 21, 2020

As posted in a previous post -the border issue is to keep non-USA citizens from coming into the USA. It has been the same since March. If you are a USA citizen it does not affect you. PERIOD. Tourism has been designated as essential travel in Sonora. However the protocols for anything in public places is very strict here compared to other places up North.
mexicoruss 10/18/20 04:02pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco Mexico

I thought I would just float this out here in internet land. Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco is open for RV tourism. Or Not. A local Arizona physician was charged $300 fine for not wearing a mask in his car with his family a day or two ago. thats a little hard to believe. 300 us or 6000 pesos? I would have heard about that as is so far out of the norms it would have been discussed in our local boards
mexicoruss 10/14/20 08:05am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Robbery South of Penasco

Apparently the USA is advising against any travel in that whole area including the coastal road I live here and I advise against the Caborca area not Caborca itself, its a lovely place, but the outlying area. We have known it is sketchy for a few years. I have to go through sometimes but I would never go at sunset or later. It is no mans land out there. All agricultural and hardly any traffic. Not a great idea to "troll" through that area with 70k worth of goods.
mexicoruss 10/10/20 09:11am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco Mexico

I thought I would just float this out here in internet land. Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco is open for RV tourism. Russ, what are the current driving/mask restrictions? Does the second person in the vehicle still have to be in the back seat with a mask on? What about beach access, is it still restricted entry and exit points? Other mask limitations? Can I load up 6 people in the same vehicle now? Restaurant restrictions? As of August 1st the mask mandate in all public spaces is enforced, once inside a restaurant/bar and seated you can remove the mask, get up to go pee or walk around put it back on. Beaches are open at 7 am and close at 7 pm other than that they are unrestricted no mask needed in your beach shade area but when dealing with a vendor...mask up. Naomi and I drive together all the time again and we have our mask around our neck but not on in the car. As far as I know there is no family restrictions on how many passengers are in the car, I have a 15 passenger van with dark windows and I can't use it yet in my tour business (nor would I want to right now) At Sams club 1 person per card is allowed. At super markets we have no problem shopping together but kids under 12 are still not allowed. Every store no matter what it is is mask mandatory or no entry. I have an outdoor market coming up on the 17th and I had to attend a class on crowd safety and yes it is mask mandatory even though its outside. These guys aren't kidding around when it comes to public safety I like it. We will get through this time and look back on it and either sigh or smile or both.
mexicoruss 10/05/20 08:42am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Quartzsite 2021

The big tent event is happening again in Quartzsite January 16-24. Anybody on this forum planning a trip to the show? If so and why it's in the Mexico forum, Naomi and I are making plans to be there with information on Mexico RV travel..just saying if it all works out please stop by and say HI! Its like 5K RVers dry camping in the desert who drive 2 miles into a an area next to I-10 where you will have a bunch of big and small tents who are selling everything ever made for an RV. Its a place that people either love or hate it. I did it once for a few days and that was all I ever needed. One year they counted more than 500,000 Rv's in the desert served by a town of only about 2000, agreed it's not for everybody but is very fun to experience!
mexicoruss 10/04/20 04:11pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Quartzsite 2021

Ok. Call me stupid. What is the big tent event all about. Never been there at that time of year. I refuse to call you stupid, however good question. For over 30 years Kenny King has put on a huge big tent event in Quartzsite. It is RV lifestyle specific. During the 9 days of the show we have seen more than 50,000 people walk through the doors to get info on almost everything related to Rving. My wife and I used it to launch our RV travel business 25 plus years ago and it introduced us into the amazing RV business. I still have friends that I met there from all those years ago. It is fun especially if you have never done it before here's a link Quartzsite RV
mexicoruss 10/04/20 04:06pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Quartzsite 2021

The big tent event is happening again in Quartzsite January 16-24. Anybody on this forum planning a trip to the show? If so and why it's in the Mexico forum, Naomi and I are making plans to be there with information on Mexico RV travel..just saying if it all works out please stop by and say HI!
mexicoruss 10/04/20 02:29pm RVing in Mexico and South America
Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco Mexico

I thought I would just float this out here in internet land. Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco is open for RV tourism. Tourism has been designated essential travel as it relates to the border crossing at Sonoyta/Lukeville. The main parks are The Reef RV Park with big spaces and nice beach front, then Play Bonita RV Park which is an old favorite for many. It is on the beach but is sure to fill up as it always has in the past and the 3rd beachfront RV Park is Playa de Oro, it is a great park in the up and coming back part of town. I know many of you will be in Arizona again this year so I just wanted to clear up any confusion about the border crossing. Many are telling stories that it is illegal to travel to Mexico right now or you have to lie to cross the border and that just isn't the case. So hopefully we will see you down here this winter! On edit: this is not a complete list of RV parks in Rocky Point but highlights the ones that are on the beach.
mexicoruss 10/04/20 02:07pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rocky Point

I’m under the impression that the border is closed!the border is not closed to US citizens. Labor day was packed so we stayed in our house away from the crowds. Just went to the beach Wed after the wind blew all the germs away
mexicoruss 09/10/20 05:49am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Latest travel warning

Not related to what Canadians can or cannot do, our experience in Penasco is kind of weird. We went into heavy lockdown March 17th. My tour business was ordered closed, my art markets were suspended until further notice, rules about 1 person per car, 10 oclock curfew, no tourist allowed, one person per shopping cart at all stores, temp taken upon entry everywhere, and mask were mandatory starting in March and still are today. However the administration has completed a six phase reopening starting in July with strict protocols at every public location, their attitude is "if you don't like the protocols, we suggest you wait for a while to visit" which is difficult when you live in a town based on a tourist based economy....but they did it anyway. Here we are almost at the end of August and in our typically slow season as it relates to tourism, but we are doing good and the town is alive. I received word from the mayors office that our art markets will be allowed to resume again in October if all safety protocols are adhered to. So my feeling is because we were so locked down to the point where zero tourist were allowed to come in during March April May June (our busiest season) we may have dodged a bullet and we may be coming back pretty strong. Our visitors from the States are welcome as long as they adhere to the protocols 100% and if not they are asked to leave. I am sure things will return to a safer "normal" in the next year or so. Cheers from Mexico! btw we haven't been anywhere else since March 17th, the rules were so strict that if we (as residents) left town..we were not able to get back in until the phase in mid July allowed residents back in.
mexicoruss 08/26/20 07:33am Around the Campfire
RE: Mexican Banks

Other than not liking the fees associated with my accounts, I have never had a problem with my banks here. I have dollar accounts and peso accounts both personal and business and they are handled professionally. I currently bank at BBVA Bancomer and they have made things easier by going to almost a full internet platform except for deposits. I had an account with Banamex for a few years and didn't like them at all - it seemed they were always behind the times. I have a Mexican corporation and I develop properties and never once had my assets seized or ever threatened. I am fully involved in my business and not just leaving it up to a bank manager to handle out of convenience. Nobody has access to my accounts except me.
mexicoruss 07/31/20 10:55am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rocky Point Re-Opening Goofy Plan

Call the plan goofy if you want. We have been on severe lockdown since March 17th. I am talking one person to a car which just changed to two to a car one in front one in back. One person per cart at the grocery store. Mask are mandatory outside of your property, you cannot go into to any business if you don't wear a mask....guess what it has been difficult, it is stressful. To call the reopening plan goofy just shows your lack of knowledge or care in the matter. If the beach is opened up for the tourist....then the vendors come....lots of interaction it has nothing to do with sea water it has to do with crowd control. While cases of Covid are soaring in Arizona cases in Penasco are almost nothing, I believe we have had 12 cumulative cases in the last 3 months and 1 death from Covid. The actions the city took from the beginning were harsh to the extreme and it appears that their decisions have worked so far to contain this never seen before threat. I for one am not ready to allow any visitors in from the North they will certainly bring the disease with them. I personally don't see tourist coming back in any meaningful numbers until September - October and that is fine for this 60 year old tour guide.
mexicoruss 06/14/20 08:18am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Don't believe everything you read

amazing to me that people have to politicize everything.....I don't care if you watch Fox or CNN or what you believe in ---- just don't be stupid.
mexicoruss 04/23/20 10:59am RVing in Mexico and South America
Don't believe everything you read

Greetings friends, just a reminder that a lot of stuff you read on the internet is semi or totally biased to fit whatever the publisher wants you to think, much like this post. I have learned there are many Rvers from Canada that are making their way from Mexico home back to Canada. They read stories about how easy it was to cross all the way to how hard it was and then yesterday someone said they were refused entry into the USA at a Texas Port of Entry. This confuses's the scoop, as of today, if you are from Canada and on your way from Mexico you will be able to cross as long as you are not planning to stay in the USA. You are not considered immigrants, you are passing through. The folks that posted the other day that they were not allowed in even though they were Canadian left out a lot of details. Turns out they have a place in Texas, whether it is rented or owned is not germane to the conversation. They were driving their vehicle which was plated in Texas. From the border patrols point of view they were presenting themselves as residents of Texas. Problem is they didn't have the proof that their USA residency was valid, if they had it at all. Point is in my opinion they tried to start a fire on social media claiming to have been turned down at the USA border because they were Canadians. My advice is do not believe everything you read at first glance, if the story interest you then dig deeper to discover all the little details, it may change your reaction to the story.
mexicoruss 04/21/20 04:00pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Stricter stay at home rules

Living here as we do I will say that I think Mexico is ahead of this. Despite the president not admitting it until just lately, the local authorities are moving forward on several levels. Naomi and I have been in quarantine for 15 days as of today, most everything is shut down in town, beaches have been closed for over 2 weeks, we had to cancel our last 2 Market events, groups over ten not allowed, church meetings not allowed, city offices are open but want you to put off any business until at least April 20th, just Saturday the port captain closed marina for any tourist related activities including fishing. All of this was at great cost as this is our busy season and Semana Santa is just a few days away and normally we would see crowds over 100,000 visit our town for the holiday but it has been cancelled this year. All very strong very expensive actions to take, but I feel they are trying to stay ahead of it. We are doing just as the authorities are asking.
mexicoruss 03/30/20 09:03am Around the Campfire
RE: A great moneymaking idea-Really!

That's a pretty funny and indeed a great idea! Plus it made us smile.
mexicoruss 03/25/20 01:53pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Tequila

This was posted to his Facebook account 10 hours ago so like Monday night the 23rd "Just got home. 8 days of 8 hours driving. Manzanillo to Abbotsford I'm no longer comfortable driving an RV since my accident so it was really stressful. Now 2 weeks quarantine. Already ready to kill my wife, so I'm not looking forward to that ."
mexicoruss 03/24/20 10:06am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Rving in Mexico and South America

Naomi and I have been in isolation (self quarantine) for 7 days now, we have lots of projects so no problem there. We had to cancel an event for the 21st and we just cancelled a 8 day tour of San Miguel, Guadalajara and Guanajuato trip that was scheduled for April-May with 20 guest. Our town of Peñasco has basically shut down..take out food public beaches are is like a ghost town but I believe it is the right response as nobody really knows whats going on right now. We have plans to stay self sheltered for another week or two. We hope this is not the new normal...Stay safe, stay well.
mexicoruss 03/22/20 09:15am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: hate to be a donnie downer...

so far this year we have hosted a group of 13 rigs and a group of 17 rigs - tomorrow I will bring 27 rigs in and next week another 29 rigs, working on several new groups for 2021, definitely see an increase in first time visitors.
mexicoruss 03/02/20 07:51am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Mexicali to tijuana toll road

So just a quick comment. Mexicali to Tijuana on Hwy 2 is in great shape as it should be as it is the only road that commercially connects Baja to Mainland Mexico. Yes it is a toll road but I don't think that should be a problem for you. The Rumurosa is a steep incline for about 6 miles but it is a divided 4 lane highway. Check your maps as you may want to travel Hwy 3 from Tecate down through the wine land of Valle de Guadalupe instead of going all the way over to Hwy 1 at Tijuana. There is substantial traffic in Ensenada so GPS can't give you accurate time distance information. Go slow enjoy the views and have fun!
mexicoruss 11/26/19 06:20pm RVing in Mexico and South America
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