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RE: Class C vs Trailer for Cross country with family? Help

I think traveling in a C will be much more comfortable, but when it comes to camping, the trailer will probably be more comfortable. In a class C, you either need a bunkhouse or you'll be converting the couch and/or dinette so everyone can comfortably sleep. We had a bunkhouse C and it was great when the kids were young, but once they hit their teen years and started growing, they out grew the narrow bunks. They complained that if they moved around, they'd usually hit the wall or the blinds on the window. Something like Jayco's 28BHBE, 26BH or the 26BHS with its Double Bed bunks would probably be a lot more comfortable. Other manufacturers also make models with double bed bunks, so you aren't limited to just Jayco. -Michael
mgirardo 07/03/20 06:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Which Code Reader to Buy ?

On my smart phone I have Torque (The Pro version) and I have a box that is an OBDII to Blue Tooth.. (NOTE THIS RIG IS A GASSER) have second adapter for my car This is what I do too. I bought a $15 bluetooth ODBII adapter from Amazon and spent $5 for the Torque Pro app. It reads and clears codes as well as the real time vehicle data it reports. The Torque app provides links to find out more about the code(s) that are read. -Michael
mgirardo 06/29/20 08:14am Tech Issues
RE: Should I connect my sewer line when camping?

It's really a personal choice, whatever works best for you. If we are camping more than one overnight, we'd hook up sewer at the same time as water and electric. If we were just doing a quick overnight and didn't expect to fill the tanks, then we would not hook up sewer. There is no right or wrong way. For me, I like to get all the hookup out of the way at the same time. If we get setup and need to leave quickly, then I might skip the sewer connection, but that's unusual. Other than animals possibly getting at it (which I've never had happen or know anyone that it has happened to), there is no harm in hooking up the sewer hose when you first setup. -Michael
mgirardo 06/29/20 08:03am Beginning RVing
RE: Preference for one night camping

If it is a quick stop, we just stop at a Walmart. Easy in, easy out. Security drives around all night long and if we need anything, just walk in to the store. -Michael
mgirardo 06/28/20 06:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Help finding this DC Outlet

Perhaps try a RV salvage yard. Both our Jayco Pop-up and our Rockwood Hybrid TT used those type of 12 volt connectors for bunk-end fans/lights. I'm sure there is a camper or 2 in a RV salvage yard somewhere that have some. -Michael
mgirardo 06/27/20 07:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Cribbing a trailer

Our seasonal TT is 40 feet long. I jacked the trailer up, one side at a time and placed cinder block columns just in front of the axles and just behind the axles. Then I put another column of cinder blocks about 8 feet from the columns near the axles. Lastly, I used the stabilizer jacks with cinder blocks underneath them at each corner. So there were 4 columns of cinder blocks per side relatively evenly spaced plus the stabilizer jacks. If you look at a mobile home, the cinder block columns are usually spaced a few feet from each other, usually no more than 3 feet. Our TT is rock solid. The only time we feel movement is when our teenaged son bounces around on his bunk which was on a slide. -Michael
mgirardo 06/25/20 08:03am Tech Issues
RE: Okay How many RV'ers here use CB-Radio's?

well put as I have said before here, when approaching a city and want to ask a trucker which is best route to get thru, north side, south side or straight thru, exactly who do I call using my "advanced technology" magic phone? bumpy Google Maps or Waze is best, no need to call anyone. Just zoom out and look for where the traffic is worse. Or better yet, just let the app choose the best route. I've been let down by my Garmin a bunch of times with bad directions, but Google Maps has yet to let me down. -Michael
mgirardo 06/21/20 07:30am RV Lifestyle
RE: Have you broken a post fore a crown?

It depends on the tooth. Teeth that do a lot of work may get a post, especially if the remaining tooth isn't in great shape. I had a root canal on a molar that got a cavity while I had braces and had to have a post and crown. My daughter fractured a front tooth as a young child. Now 18, she had a root canal done and then a crown, no post. Glad to hear your post didn't break. I couldn't imagine the force needed to break a post. -Michael
mgirardo 06/06/20 07:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Why are people not opening new campgrounds/RV parks?

We love the Brunswick, Saint Marys, Kingsland area. In recent years getting into a park has been increasingly difficult. Would you be so kind as to provide the names of the new parks or links to their websites? The first is Coastal GA RV Resort in Brunswick. It opened less than 10 years ago and the addition was just recently completed. The other is Cathead Creek RV Park in Darien. -Michael
mgirardo 06/05/20 07:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: E-450 Spare Tire carriers

When we owned our Class C, it did come with a spare, mounted on a rear bumper spare tire mount. With the spare tire mount and the roof ladder, we couldn't use all 4 bikes on our hitch mounted 4 bike rack. So we moved the spare tire under the queen bed. There was a lot of space under the bed. Even with the tire there, we had plenty of room for other stuff. -Michael
mgirardo 06/05/20 06:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Why are people not opening new campgrounds/RV parks?

There have been several new campgrounds within 20 minutes of me. One of them, just a few miles away, recently expanded. -Michael
mgirardo 06/04/20 07:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

On a gas grill, since the wood isn't in direct contact with the heat source, how long does it take for the gas flame to get the chips smoking, prior to putting the meat on the gas grill? Do you experienced folks soak the wood chips, or not? That would depend on how far from the flame the foil packet is. My previous gas grill, a Charbroil brand grill had the burners covered by flavorizer tents, then the grate was a few inches above that. With a foil packet on the grate it would take a few minutes to start smoking. I haven't smoked on a gas grill in a long time, but it is effective. I've smoked ribs and boston butts on a gas grill. Not a flavorful as when cooked on a smoker, but still good. -Michael
mgirardo 05/30/20 06:30am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: setting up a deer trail camera/reformatting 64 GB card

If I'm not mistaken, without special software, you can't format a 64GB SD Card to FAT32. There are applications that can do it, not sure if any are free. If you do get it formatted with a third party APP, it is possible that the Camera just will not recognize the larger card. If you right click your 64GB SD Card in Windows Explorer and select Format, FAT32 will not be an option. The Command Line and Diskpart will give you an error if you try it there. -Michael
mgirardo 05/28/20 07:01am Around the Campfire
RE: Still no Stimulus Payment

Downhome who finally gave you the answer on why you had not received it? I'm still waiting for mine and wondering if it will ever show up. Have you visited the Get My Payment page to find out what the status of your payment is? We have not gotten a refund in a while, so the IRS did not have our bank info. We did file 2019 taxes and we are getting a refund and we did provide direct deposit info, but our 2019 return hadn't been processed in time. To add insult to injury, we moved early March. The IRS released the Get My Payment system on March 15th and it took about 2 weeks of checking each day to find out when we were getting our payment. For about a week, it just said they didn't have any info. Then finally the web site stated we were eligible (which we knew) and gave us the option to enter our banking info. Then about a week later, it finally reported the date we would get it and we did indeed get a direct deposit on the date the web site stated. It's too late to provide banking info for direct deposit any more, so you will have to wait for it in the mail. About the only way to find out where your payment is, is through the Get My Payment web site. -Michael
mgirardo 05/21/20 07:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Tybee Island, GA. Rivers End Campground./Info Appreciated

Since you have 10 days, you can easily do everything multiple times. There's not a whole lot to do on Tybee Island, except the beach. There is the light house and museum. It's your typical light house, not the tallest that I've climbed, but still offers great views from the top. If you can get a complete tour of the museum, it is worth it. They may only do that for small groups, not sure. There's enough to do in Savannah for a day or two. If you like trains, there is the Railroad Museum. There is also Old Fort Jackson. I'd recommend purchasing one of the trolley tours that will allow you to cover a lot of the city. There is ample parking on River Street, but I wouldn't take a RV into the city. Fort Pulaski is about 20 minutes or so south and worth half a day or more. Skidaway Island State Park is a nice half day visit as well, if you are into hiking and nature. This is where I'd prefer to camp over River's End. Jekyll Island is about an hour south and is a very nice island. Only 35% developed where you can watch deer grazing in open fields, watch Alligators watch you and lots of other wildlife. The historic downtown district is a nice tour, the trolley tour is a little over priced as the area is easily walked. Hilton Head is a short drive north from Savannah and worth a day's visit. If you don't mind road trips, I'd recommend heading north to Charleston if you've never been. We prefer Charleston over Savannah. For us, it is a 1 hour drive to Savannah and a 3 hour drive to Charleston. We'd pick Charleston every time and have done day trips to Charleston many times. -Michael
mgirardo 05/21/20 07:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New Seasonal

The first year we rented a seasonal site, we asked some of our fellow campers the same question, for #1. Only one other seasonal camper was using surge protection and that was because they had been using the 5th wheel full time before settling down in the seasonal site. We did not bother with it. Our campground is very well maintained and where we are the sites are newer than the rest of the campground. If we were in one of the older sections, we'd probably have surge protection. #2, using PVC instead of the stinky slinky is definitely the way to go if you plan to leave the RV there long term. Our site could get windy and before we switched, the stinky slinky would sometimes get pushed off it's stand and I always worried about the lawn guys hitting it with the string trimmer and putting a hole in it. I would talk to your neighbors about #3 as well. The water at our seasonal site is well water. The wells are tested monthly. About 1/3 of the campers don't use any water filter, most use the Camco blue inline filter and that's also what we use. We use 2 through the course of the 5 month season - a new one when we got there and then a new one sometime around late June, usually around the start of summer. -Michael
mgirardo 05/18/20 07:17am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: I Have One Chance

I always dreamed of snowboarding in retirement, someplace warm. Keep dreaming, it's pretty hard to snowboard where it is warm, since snowboarding requires SNOW. Oh, wait, were you talking about snowbirding? :) I agree with ItsyRV, make the trial run trip revolve around her likes. For folks that have never RVed before, it is a big change. Keep her interested. She's willing to try it again after a bad first run, so that's a good sign. Make her happy she chose to try it again. I also agree with Me Again, renting a Park Model will be less of a shock, sorta like renting a nice cabin somewhere. It's not as big a jump from a Park Model to a TT or Motorhome as it is from a house to a RV. If she likes the Park Model, offer her the option to rent a Park Model for a few seasons with the ultimate goal being going to your own RV. -Michael
mgirardo 05/13/20 06:29am Snowbirds
RE: Saving money !

I was thinking Chik Fila and a big tip for the person that takes my order to make it a $50 lunch. She doesn't like Cheerios. Ha! About the only things open around here. Chick Fil A isn't open on Sunday :) -Michael
mgirardo 05/10/20 07:18am Around the Campfire
RE: Tabletop LPG Barbecue Grilles Anything To Be Wary About?

I have found that with portable grills, you definitely get what you pay for. Our Hybrid HTT came with a Sidekick Grill, similar to the RVQ. We really liked it and it lasted about 5 years. When we went to replace it, we say the $200+ price tag and decided to just get a $40 tabletop grill from Walmart. It didn't last much more than 2 years, it rusted out pretty quick. When the same Sidekick in our Motorhome finally failed, we decided to spend the money and get the highly recommended Weber Q series. We bought the Weber Q 1200 and couldn't be happier. When we bought it we were camping seasonally and used it almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. We brought it home after leaving for the season and used it at home the rest of the year (we spend our summers up north and live down south). This year is the 6th year we have owned the Weber Q and it still looks and works like new. We did have to replace the $30 burner tube once. It was actually still under warranty, but I figured it'd be less hassle to just buy a new one. If you want it to last more than a couple years, don't cheap out. Spend the money and get a good quality grill. -Michael
mgirardo 05/05/20 06:50am Tech Issues
RE: Still no Stimulus Payment

I was finally able to get the IRS my bank account info about a week ago. It took them about a week to get me a date for the stimulus payment. It should be in my bank account on May 6th, then transferred to savings :) -Michael
mgirardo 05/02/20 05:33pm Around the Campfire
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