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RE: Spare Tire question- doesnt match our new TT tires

The main concern I would have is the Endurance and the Carlisle the same physical size tire. They are both 205/75/R14, but sometimes different brand tires are sized slightly different. I'm not a tire expert, but I don't think different load range tires is a concern. -Michael
mgirardo 08/18/19 08:27am Travel Trailers
A tire blowout with a twist....

We own a 1999 Ford Taurus, it is a second vehicle and doesn't get used too often. It runs great and really hasn't given us any trouble. I rotated the tires back in November and used the doughnut spare to assist me in rotating them. The spare was fine then. The spare is stored in the trunk of the car. My wife was driving it on I-95 about 85 miles away from home and had a blowout. She called AAA to put the spare on. When the mobile service arrived, he found a large hole in the spare that wasn't there back in November. I did have to put air in the spare at the time since it hadn't been used since the last time I rotated the tires. She had a soccer ball that had been left in the car explode once and she thought she had a blow out. I can't imagine what a tire exploding in the trunk would sound like. Anyone else ever had a blowout from a tire not in use? -Michael
mgirardo 08/16/19 08:38am Around the Campfire
RE: Rvers beware

He was interpreting the ordinance as not allowing someone to have a sleeping bag in their car when driving around. I don't see that at all in the ordinance. He seems to be really stretching the "storage" part. I agree. I don't believe it means you can't have a sleeping bag in your car. I think it means you can't leave your tent and other camping gear in a heap in a public park to use later on. I hope our town never NEEDS to adopt this type of ordinance. I would not be happy with people setting up camp throughout town especially since we have about 5 campgrounds in the county. -Michael
mgirardo 08/16/19 08:07am General RVing Issues
RE: A question about wifi amps and receivers

You are better off trying to use a smartphone as a WiFi hotspot. If there is cell service in the area, you can get boosters for a better signal. If you are miles away from a WiFi source, you won't have much luck bringing it into your RV. -Michael
mgirardo 08/16/19 07:54am Beginning RVing
RE: Best fit for family of six?

My wife and I moved our family from North to South (about 800 road miles) about 13 years ago. All of our family was still up north. At the time, we owned a Hybrid. We towed back and forth for about 2 years and decided we needed a Motorhome. At the time, our kids were young, 3 and 5. They handled the road trip just fine, but towing wasn't much fun. We were stopping more frequently when towing than not. We had to stop for fuel, food and potty breaks. In 2009 we bought a 32' Class C with bunks. It had a queen bed in the rear, 2 bunks next to that, a larger than king size bed over the cab, plus the dinette and couch converted to a bed for lots of sleeping options. Traveling back to see family with the Motorhome was so much more enjoyable. We didn't have to stop anymore for potty breaks. We didn't have to stop for food either if we brought food along. My wife could make meals while I drove. If we ended up stopping for the night, it was usually a short 4 to 6 hour stop to get some rest. We'd stop at a Wal-mart and get some sleep. We were completely self contained. If we were to do it again, the only option for us would be Option #3. My wife has floated the idea of buying a house up north as we spend almost 6 months of the year up north, with the thought of AirBnBing the rest of the year. Problem is, there isn't much demand for short term rentals where our family is. Several times we have wanted to just do the AirBnB for ourselves and couldn't find anything rentalable near by. You need to make sure there is a demand for short term rentals in the area you plan to buy. Also make sure the city/town it would be in will allow it, not all do. -Michael
mgirardo 08/16/19 07:43am Beginning RVing
RE: Using an automotive battery charger when onboard fails

We used one short term when the Converter/Charger failed to charge. We were on a 6 week trip in our Class C and had about 4 other issues before the Converter stopped charging. I didn't want to be bothered with it, so I just used a 12 amp/2 amp/75 amp charger. We were at the same campground for the remainder of the trip, so I charged the battery overnight the first night on 12 amp setting until full, then kept it on 2 amps the remainder of the trip. It kept the battery charged enough. Our battery compartment was under a slide, so the charger stayed under the slide as well, safe from rain. We ran the fridge and hot water heater on electric the whole trip, so it was really just lights and vent fans using battery. After we got home, I replaced the Converter/Charger. -Michael
mgirardo 08/15/19 07:44am Tech Issues
RE: camera

Did I read your information correctly. You have a security camera that does not need Wi-Fi? Reason I am asking is we have a RV on a lot and leave it for 6 months out of the year. We DO NOT have Wi-Fi. It would be great if there was something we could hook up to see our rig via Cell Phone. Sorry for any confusion, all of my Cameras are IP cameras. They are hard wired with Cat 5e cable to the router, they don't use WiFi. However, since they are connected to my router, I can view them from anywhere. If you don't have WiFi, REO Link does make a camera that can use 3G/4G Broadband for connectivity. That camera is about $250. If you can find a cheap data plan for it, it would probably work well for you. My cameras don't use a lot of bandwidth if I don't constantly monitor them. My cameras all send me emails with images when there is motion. If I need to investigate, then I will pull the camera up on my phone or on the laptop and review the stored video for the time frame. -Michael
mgirardo 08/14/19 08:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Largest TT out there

Wow! you must be one LONG train when you're hitched. What's your total length, tow vehicle and trailer combined? It stays at our seasonal site year 'round. Our Honda CRV is borderline towing it and we haven't tried :) When the dealer delivered it, they were using a RAM 3500 Dually Long bed. Our site is just about 60' long and the combo just fit in the site. I would love to put enough weight in the bunk house to reduce the tongue enough so I could drop it on the ball of the CRV, take a picture and ask if my setup looks doable. The CRV can handle a tongue weight of 100 lbs, I wonder how much weight I would need in the bunk house to lower the tongue weight that low :) -Michael
mgirardo 08/14/19 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: camera

I have been using REO Link cameras for years. All the cameras I have installed (10 in total, 8 at one location, 2 at another) are IP Cameras, not wireless. However, their Argus 2 is wireless and battery operated. You can also purchase the solar panel to charge the batteries, so you only need wireless. Installation is simple and does not require a computer or Network Video Recorder if you have a Smart Phone (you can use a computer or NVR if you want). Download the app, scan the qr code of the camera, give it a password and you are done. It is viewable from anywhere. You can also use a micro sd card to store video on, so you can review what was going on while you aren't watching. You can review video through the app. I have all 10 cameras connected to my app. If you have access to the wi-fi router, you can setup Port Forwarding to view the cameras in a web browser to get a larger view. REO Link does not require a monthly subscription. -Michael
mgirardo 08/13/19 08:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Southern destination w kids week of New years? Where to go?

You did not mention how old your kids are, but our kids got bored with St. Augustine pretty quick. Now when we visit, the kids stay at home. It's a city rich with history, but not all that entertaining for kids. If your kids like Forts, then visit the Castillo de San Marcos. If they like animals, don't miss the Alligator Farm. You can probably keep them entertained for 1 day in downtown St. Augustine. There is also the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum. We go for a few hours on the free national park day. The view from the top is incredible. On a clear day you can see north all the way to Jacksonville. We live about 90 miles north of St. Augustine and our kids go in the Ocean year 'round. For the locals, anything below 80 degrees is too cold to swim in. Our kids swim even when it is in the 60s (everyone thinks we are tourists). Being from Ohio, your kids will probably be fine with the Ocean water temps in January. We like North Beaching Campground. It is directly across from the beach on A1A in St. Augustine Beach. You can walk to the beach from your site. There is lots to do in Jacksonville, which is a short drive from St. Augustine. Cape Canaveral and Space Center are not a far drive either. If you are a Golfer, be sure to check out Ponte Vedra just north of St. Augustine. -Michael
mgirardo 08/13/19 07:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Charleston SC

We normally stay at Oak Plantation just west of Charleston and an easy drive into town. We can usually get in to it when James Island has no room. It has a variety of sites, most of them a little larger than the normal RV Park and right on US 17 so easy in and out. We've stayed at Oak Plantation a few times. It is a nice campground and good alternative if you can't get into James Island. It is also the closest to Downtown Charleston. For those that aren't aware, there is RV parking in Downtown Charleston, in the parking garage by the visitor center, it's on the ground level. The last time we were in Charleston it was free. Not sure if it is still. The last time we went we knew we'd only be going into Charleston on our way out, so it worked out nice. We only live 3 hours from Charleston and didn't want to bother with bringing the car. -Michael
mgirardo 08/13/19 07:26am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: True bunkhouse (4 teenager sized bunks)

Our Jayco Jayflight Bungalow has a bunkhouse with opposing slides, 4 bunks and 2 trundles. The bottom bunks are 2 inches narrower than a single bed, but we replaced the mattresses with twin memory foam mattresses. They hang over a couple inches, but no big deal. The top bunks are narrower bunks, but we've had 15 and 16 year old nieces and nephews sleep on them without complaint. Our bunkhouse also has a half bath. -Michael
mgirardo 08/13/19 06:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Largest TT out there

Our Jayco Jayflight Bungalow is 40' long with 4 Slides. -Michael
mgirardo 08/13/19 06:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Poor mods

I stopped having the Service Unavailable issue several weeks ago too. I use RV.NET. -Michael
mgirardo 08/10/19 08:37am Around the Campfire
RE: Stabilizing a Class C

Our 32' Class C had 2 slides, one of which had the kids' bunks. Our Greyhawk did not come with levelers and it would have side to side movement when the kids moved around in the bunk or when someone stepped into or out of the Motorhome. We purchased a set of stabilizers made by Camco. I first used them on the frame of the Motorhome and they had no effect. I then moved them to the corners of the body of the Motorhome and that made a huge difference. I think with our Motorhome, it was the slides on opposite sides that caused most of the rocking. We really only had side to side rocking. I don't think auto-levelers would have helped much in our case. -Michael
mgirardo 08/08/19 07:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: November Honeymoon trip suggestions

OK so if we head EAST instead, I am thinking the following. Option 1: Chicago IL Kentucky Bourbon areas KY Nashville TN Charleston SC Jacksonville FL Tallahassee FL New Orleans LA Memphis TN St Louis MO Chicago IL That is 7 stops @ 2800 miles. Average 300 miles a day traveling. Not sure if NO is our thing when camping? I imagine this is the warmest route. This sounds like a good option, except I'd hit Jekyll Island, GA instead of Jacksonville, FL. It will only add about 75 miles to your Tallahassee leg. There's a lot more nature and history on Jekyll Island than there is in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is a nice city and there are some nice campgrounds nearby, but scenery wise, Jekyll Island wins hands down. That time of year it will be pretty quiet. -Michael
mgirardo 08/06/19 08:40am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Do you contribute ?

Of all the ones mentioned by the OP, the only one I have used is I have left a review of every campground we have stayed at in recent years except for Skidaway Island State Park, not sure how I missed that one and Fort Wilderness (what's the point). -Michael
mgirardo 08/05/19 07:07am General RVing Issues
RE: Need help with a Exterior problem

Keep in mind, the insurance company deemed it too expensive to repair properly and totaled it. -Michael
mgirardo 08/05/19 06:41am Travel Trailers
RE: How Sad

Egads!! It wasn't the debit card or credit card!! Read and understand: "But things went awry when she tried to pay for the booking with her ex-husband's credit card. A staff person informed her that the card had to be in the name of the person who made the booking." I did read and understand: She called the campground ahead of time to book a site and learned that her Visa debit card would not be accepted, but that she could pay on location with a credit card when she got there. If I was told my debit card wouldn't be accepted, but I could pay with a Credit Card and the only credit card I had access to was an ex that was willing to help, I wouldn't think anything of it. It is great the owner tried to make things right. I see that lots of times, "we are sorry we messed up, here's a coupon". What counts is what is done then and there. No way would I go back to a campground that ruined my vacation. If the owner really wants to do something nice to make up for it, the owner could book her and her daughter an all expenses paid vacation at a campground that won't try to humiliate her. -Michael
mgirardo 08/04/19 07:50am RV Lifestyle
RE: How Sad

Or she could have purchased a VISA Debit card (pre paid) in her name. Actually she couldn't. She has a debit card, but they wouldn't let her use it. They required a Credit Card in her name. The last time I rented a car, they wouldn't let me use a debit card, had to be a credit card. -Michael
mgirardo 08/03/19 07:28am RV Lifestyle
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