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RE: Connecting external speakers to tv

I bought a 32" Toshiba flat screen for outside use in the RV. The speakers were terrible. If there was any external noise at all you could not hear the tv speaker. There was no way to hook external speakers to the tv. My solution was to use the audio outputs from a DirectV receiver to a powered sound bar. I have a couple of tv's at home with optical audio output. I bought an interface to use it, which worked ok except when I was watching an over-the-air signal. With OTA use, I got a terrible roar on all of the tv's I tried it with.
mikestock 05/18/20 06:04pm Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

Easy Peasy! $300 in parts and an hour or 2 of labor and you are good to go! Is this true for the SK-SWM3 Traveler?
mikestock 05/13/20 04:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

I apologize for not reading the 622 previous pages and I'm sure this has been addressed. I hope the motor, transmission and other systems are not overlooked. This reminds me of back when stores used to sell suits with two pairs of pants so it could serve as a sports coat as well as a suit coat. I'll bet not too many of you remember this, but it was a common practice way back when. I got me a nice, brand new, wool, top of the line, suit like this, for almost $100. I smoked, at the time and accidentally burned a large hole in the front of the coat, ruining it beyond repair. I hope you don't do all this work and burn a hole in your coat.
mikestock 05/09/20 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: generator isolators

Damping is the key word and adding mass is the key to calming the damping effect. It would add significant weight but building a concrete form to pour about 2" to 3" thick block just larger than the generator base. You will need to carefully position 4 holes in the block just to keep the genny from dancing around. You still may be able to use the feet you are showing. In my prior life I had 3 large squirrelcage, combustion air, blowers about 50" diameter, driven by 75 hp motors. The shaft bearings were mounted on fabricated steel frames about 4-1/2ft. tall, made of 5/8" welded steel. I could not keep the pedestal bearings from self destruction, no matter how carefully the fans were balanced. I finally had holes burned in the side of the pedestal housings and filled them with concrete. Had lots of non-believers but this magically solved the problem.
mikestock 05/09/20 07:43am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Directv getting channel loss 771 but not really

The standard SWM LNB can only handle 8 tuners. Maybe he installed a SWM16 LNB. He did install a 3D2LNB, which supposedly supports up to 16 lines and we have a 28 volt PI. I still get an occasional 775 on my Genie. As a last resort, I will change one of my DVR's from "dual" to "single" if the 775 continues to be an issue. I would prefer doing this to having another tech come, during our quarantine. My wife has several of the high-risk conditions.
mikestock 04/27/20 08:41am Technology Corner
RE: Directv getting channel loss 771 but not really

The DirecTV tech came yesterday. I had a system that used a legacy LNB, ran all 4 coaxes to a box mounted outside. From this box, the two Coax ran inside to 2-8 way SWM splitters. The system wes powered by a 28 volt PI. At the time, I had a Genie. three DVR's and a receiver, all requiring 12 lines. One of the 103 connectors was badly corroded and barely making up. The tech said that was all outdated. He removed the LNB and replaced it with a SWM LNB. Now I have 9 lines running off one SWM LNB, still powered by the 28 volt PI. which I thought wouldn't work, before, but it is working fine. Don't know what's changed to allow 9 lines to work off one splitter.
mikestock 04/25/20 07:57am Technology Corner
RE: Directv getting channel loss 771 but not really

I still get the 771. I've tried moving my three coax connections around on my two 8 way splitters. I need the two splitters because my three DVR's need 9 lines. Nothing seems to help. My signals are all in the 90's except for 99 Ca which stays in the low 80's. No transponders in the 70's. I've operated, when traveling, with transponders in the 70's but this never caused any problem. I've checked signal strength many times during this 771 situation and never seen anything that would cause this. I finally got through to DirecTV on the phone and have a guy coming tomorrow. I will not be surprised if the LNB is the problem. If I had a spare legacy LNB I would have already tried it.
mikestock 04/23/20 08:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Entrance steps won't go out

After my first trip in the RV, it failed again. I will go ahead and do what I should have done, to begin with.
mikestock 04/21/20 09:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entrance steps won't go out

At last I got the steps working again. As it turned out the only part of the new assembly I was able to use wes the brush holder with brushes. The motor housing, although it looked like it would work, got bound up when I attached it to the ring gear housing. It probably failed originally because a brush wasn't making contact until I tapped on it with a hammer so the brushes may actually solve the problem. At any rate, I may have saved $50 or so. It my travel time and effort are valued at about $10/hr I guess I broke even.
mikestock 04/20/20 06:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entrance steps won't go out

Why go to that trouble when the whole unit bolts in with 3 screws. No need to even open up the worm drive section. Just change the gear on the output shaft and bolt it in. Take a look when the replacement arrives. The output drive gear is much different and the old gear which is larger than the new one. The old output shaft is larger and has two flats to turn the gear. The new shaft is much smaller and totally different. The worm gear which is the driven gear with the output shaft in the center has 360-degree teeth. The worm gear in the old one only has teeth about 1/4 of the circumference. I guess this is where the motor stops and the steps are correctly positioned up or down. This is when I decided to just change out the motor. The motor armature shaft is the worm and the worm spiral is about 1/2" out of position which prevents just swapping out the motor. Now it looks like I will be using the old armature and shaft (worm). The only new parts I will have are the motor housing with permanent magnets and a new brush holder with brushes. Four shiny new screws to hold the motor. If you have KwiKee steps on your motorhome and need to replace the motor and you’re thinking of trying a power window drive from Rockauto…………DON'T.
mikestock 04/19/20 09:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Directv getting channel loss 771 but not really

Satellite AR is not 100% accurate and certainly not something that would indicate if your signal is blocked or not. It's just a general guide. I know it the satellites move about on the phone's screen but I got the limb down anyway. Using a compass and inclinometer I am positive there is no blockage. As I said all of my signals remain constant in the 90's. I have not seen any actual signal loss, just the "771" banner saying "Loss on 1", at the bottom of the screen. Haven't seen it once today, even though we're having thunderstorms.
mikestock 04/19/20 09:02am Technology Corner
RE: Directv getting channel loss 771 but not really

You know the signal comes from about 23° higher than the elevation of the arm...? Yes. 22.5. I used Satellite AR. I cut a limb but still got the 771. There has been no interruption of signal, just the banner along the bottom of the screen. All of my signals are still in the 90's. I thought it might have been the wind blowing the tulip tree limb into the path but I don't think that was the case. Anyway, the limb is gone but the problem is still there. I hope nobody needs service from DirecTV anytime soon. Sounds like, from my phone call, it may be difficult to get help.
mikestock 04/18/20 06:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv getting channel loss 771 but not really

You know the signal comes from about 23° higher than the elevation of the arm...? yes
mikestock 04/18/20 06:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv getting channel loss 771 but not really

Scratch that about trees. It may be a tulip tree with new growth only about 50 ft. away. It may be infringing on the 103 satellite. I think I can trim it from the ground. Wish I could cut down the messy thing but my wife.......
mikestock 04/18/20 09:22am Technology Corner
Directv getting channel loss 771 but not really

I continually get 771 signal loss on 1 at the bottom of my screen. The weather is perfect and CA and CB on signal strength screen all in 90's. No trees in the way. This has been going on for 2 days. The message at the bottom of the screen comes and goes, becoming aggravating. DirecTV help at 800-531-5000 is not available due to COVID99. Recorded message I finally got says press channel up twice followed by channel down twice. It works temporarily.
mikestock 04/18/20 08:46am Technology Corner
RE: Entrance steps won't go out height=300 After removing the old drive unit and opening it up I see that the shaft is in the center of a worm gear. The little silver box on the left is the motor and the armature is a worm. The motor may be the only part I will use. From the picture, the worm gear shaft may be a little different from the one in my old drive.
mikestock 04/17/20 07:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entrance steps won't go out

A search for Dorman 742-206 on RockAuto returns Dorman 742277 as the current replacement. You'll need to cut the wires on both motors and put the old connector on the new motor with some butt splices. The motor itself is held in with 3 bolts. Easy swap. RockAuto Listing for Dorman 742277 Window Lift Motor height=300 Topic: Replacement motor for Kwikee steps Great find. That is less than half the price from eTrailer. Looks like the armature shaft might be different. Sounds like you did the repair yourself. Is the shaft the same as the one you removed or did that issue have to be addressed? If the wiring harness is the only difference that won't be a problem. I took pictures of the labels today. I'll have to go back and get more information and pictures tomorrow before I order it. Looks like I could maybe swap armatures if necessary, but that may mean I'm bringing the old problem along, to the new motor.
mikestock 04/14/20 08:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entrance steps won't go out

Doug, You're probably right. It will likely fail again. I would like to take it apart and see what I can see but don't want to without another one handy. I see what you mean about the difficulty in removing the motor with the steps up. Looks like I can get one for just under $100 with shipping, etc. I'm just about to spend $2800 to repair sun damage to the driver's side where the afternoon sun hits. We really need to sell out. My wife's health is making it difficult to travel far from home but she is determined to hold onto it. Between storage cost, taxes, insurance, and these constant problems it is hardly worth it but it keeps her happy knowing it's there. See PM.
mikestock 04/14/20 07:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entrance steps won't go out

As usual, another conundrum. The motor looks like nothing I've encountered before. I would love to tear into it but that would be looking the gift horse.... I finally ran the front end up onto blocks so I could get under it. I checked the power source, tapped on the motor and it worked. I went ahead and lubricated all the joints. I cycled it over and over but it continued to work perfectly. I'm sure there's a dead spot in the motor but we'll continue, as is until it fails again. Guess we'll keep a step stool handy.
mikestock 04/14/20 01:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Entrance steps won't go out

Again. I'm 99% certain that the problem is not lub related. If it were I would see or hear the steps attempt to move. I do not. A lub problem is not a sudden failure in most cases. It had been only a few days since the steps were working perfectly with no rubbing or grinding associated with a lack of lubricant. When I get time I will roll up onto blocks so I can check all the nasty looking wires and connectors. If this inspection doesn't expose a problem I will see if the motor is getting power when it is supposed to. Once the motor is disconnected I can test the armature and field circuits.
mikestock 04/13/20 08:05pm Class A Motorhomes
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