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I agree with keeping an adequate supply of water in the fresh tank and using the demand pump full time. This keeps water circulating through your self contained system and not letting it become stale. I let the tank run out or almost out often to make sure it remains fresh. Just requires a little attention to be sure I don't run out at 2 AM. I keep the RV in a storage lot and having onboard water allows me to wash up occasionally.
mikestock 07/18/20 02:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Air conditioner noise reduction

Try these
mikestock 07/06/20 09:29am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Older MH mpg with diesel

Seems that everyone always gets better mileage than me, no matter what I'm driving. I'm an easy driver too, with easy starts off the line and for cruising at 57mph and just enough to prevent downshifting into 5th going over grades. I'm at 16tons and over a 13yr period, among three owners, my average is 6.2 on the OEM digital dash readout. I tow as well and was only able to increase this average by 0.1 over four years. Not even sure, if this is counting the genset, since I don't know where sensors for this is. I've also noticed that some of these big rigs, get as much as our toad, all by itself. Ummmmmmm! Glad to hear from an honest owner. My Cat350 in a 40 footer and towing a CR-V gets 6.6 to 6.7. I thought mine was worse than anybody's. But, I have to agree with the guy who said that mileage was way down the list in importance. Once you pay for insurance, taxes, storage (in my case) and other maintenance expenses involved, you'll see. Kind of like buying an airplane and worrying about MPG.
mikestock 07/02/20 02:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disappointing test drive

After driving my used Tiffin Phaeton for a year and dealing with the all-over-the-road problem I added a Roadmaster stabilizer and found that it made a world of difference. I only do about half the steering I did before and am not pushed all over the road by bumps and road imperfections. My MH is a diesel pusher and I can say the problem is not unique to gas models. Most of the high end motor homes today come with a stabilizer system.
mikestock 07/02/20 02:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: OTR Indoor Antenna

I use old rabbit ears and get many channels. I am within 10-20 miles of the stations. As I remember, the rabbit ears were best for VHF signals. Most stations, at least in my area, are broadcasting UHF, which works better with one of the antennas made for UHF. They come in a variety of configurations. The multiple bow ties are pretty good but any you try should be amplified. If there's any way I would try an outdoor variety or, at least, an attic mounted.
mikestock 06/29/20 07:18am Technology Corner
RE: Directv access card

They (2 DTV representatives) continue to say that the card will convert the receiver to HD when I asked the question will the card covert to HD with the old receiver and they said yes. Go Figure. Considering some of the many conversations I've had with the representatives I wouldn't doubt anything you say they tell you. I can't understand much of what they say and don't put much stock in the validity of what I do understand.
mikestock 06/28/20 01:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

No thanks. No users, no pushers. No pushers, no users. Chickens and eggs.
mikestock 06/26/20 05:52pm Technology Corner
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

I would not say that all of China's laws are bad. The death penalty for drug trafficking, as mentioned in the linked article, may not be all that bad an idea. Lives ruined and deaths that would be attributed to a life of trafficking would, IMO, warrant a death penalty. My family supports a rehab center, managed by my son , so we've seen our share of personal destruction. I know I am wandering way off topic and would understand killing this thread. This is hitting close to home.
mikestock 06/25/20 06:17pm Technology Corner
Wear the mask

Many people are complaining that masks are uncomfortable. Do you know whats uncomfortable to me? PANTS. I still wear them in public. Not for me but for others. #PLEASE WEAR THE **** MASK.
mikestock 06/25/20 09:44am Around the Campfire
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials remaining in.... You're welcome.
mikestock 06/24/20 12:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Dish Travler 1000 had trouble aiming

I'm a DirecTV user and I've been setting up manually for 20 years but I have been fooled more than once, thinking the trees were not in play when they were. Usually I get one or two sats, barely and try everything before I finally move the dish.
mikestock 06/23/20 08:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

China is a government controlled country, and has complete say of what their citizens can read, say, do. If Apple or any other company wants to do business in China they have to play by their rules, or take theIr toys and go home. Google and Facebook have to play by China’s rules also. I support Apple in not creating a “back door” into their products which can be exploited by not so nice people. There has been several instances where police / FBI have gained access to locked down iPhones using third party software and services. Millions of people keep their very private information on iPhones, iPads, iCloud storage. I want it near impossible for anyone other than me to get that data. Paragraph one is exactly the point. Apple believes in security but they believe more in profit. Principles are important, but dollars are more so. You would have to assume that Chinese have learned not to keep "very private" information on the phone. Since they have this back door I guess they can hack your phone, as well. I have assumed, from the day Al Gore invented the internet that anything I put on an electronic device connected to the internet is vulnerable. By the way, the FBI is still able to, eventually get to the information they need to keep us safe. They just have to spend a lot more of our resources than China does to get there.
mikestock 06/23/20 04:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

So is "Appple" (sic) No kidding? I thought it had 3p's. Still happy to have another spell checker on the forrrum. Gives me a warm, fuzzzy feeeling to know so many are watching for these devilllish errrors.
mikestock 06/23/20 02:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

I really don't know what it's about, but Chinese is misspelled. Thank you. I knew better but guess I had "cheese" on the mind. I'm glad you are around to correct mistakes. Misspelling has long been a critical problem on these forums. I would also like to see you point out grammatical errors. One of my pet peeves is writers confusing subjective and objective pronouns. Subjective pronouns are most often used improperly after "and, or". Just keep an eye out and don't let anything get by you. This post should be removed. It has nothing to do with the RV Life and is certainly way too political and inflammatory. Always wondered what happened to Jack and Diane. Haven't heard from you since the little ditty by John Cougar Mellencamp. I grew up in a country where being pro-American, pro-FBI or flying the Stars and Stripes would not be considered political. If this is not the reality any longer, I'm not willing to accept it. Notice that my last line indicated that I was unsure if this should be Around the Campfire.
mikestock 06/23/20 10:02am Technology Corner
Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

Quote from LA Times: "Since the iPhone was officially introduced in China seven years ago, Apple has overcome a national security backlash there and has censored apps that wouldn’t pass muster with Chinese authorities. It has moved local user data onto servers operated by the state-owned China Telecom and submits to security audits by Chinese authorities. The approach contrasts with Apple’s defiant stance against the FBI, which is heaping pressure on the company to decrypt an iPhone that belonged to San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook. This confirms that money talks. It even trumps the privacy standards that Appple applies to the rest of the world. I hope this is OK under this thread. I debated as to whether it should be "Around the Campfire." If I was wrong, please feel free to move.
mikestock 06/23/20 08:59am Technology Corner
RE: ongoing generator issue

If you have a 240 volt generator it is only sending half the power to a single 30 amp receptacle, unless it has a switch to allow all power to go to one side. Even with that, it should start the ac. Since you have installed the hard start capacitor I would think the problem is with the ac unit. I think you said the ac trips on shore power occasionally. I ran into a similar problem with a fellow tailgater. I can't remember the ac brand but it was a 13,500 BTU on a brand new trailer and tripped his EU3000IS generator. We tried my EU3000IS and same thing. My generator easily ran my 15,000 unit with lights and tv running. He ended up having the air conditioner replaced and all was solved.
mikestock 06/23/20 07:47am Tech Issues
RE: gps which one is best,second best

I didn't necessarily use my GPS on my cell phone when I'm well aware of the route I will be taking. My last trip through Knoxville, TN, I learned my lesson. I noticed that about 70% of the traffic exited the interstate, toward Maryville, just south of Knoxville. I didn't think much about it and kept going. The traffic came to a sudden halt and the trip through Knoxville took about 2-1/2 hours. There was a major accident during early rush hour and the traffic that had exited went through Maryville probably saved at least 1-1/2 hour. I now use the Google or Waze mapping, even when I know the route like the back of my hand.
mikestock 06/16/20 06:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Atwood water heater burnt 110v wire

If you have any doubt about the heater element I would go ahead and replace it. I just bought one (1500 Watts) from Lowes for $6 and change. I found my original problem was a bad breaker and couldn't find a replacement. Just replaced it with a 15 amp in-line fuse. I agree that the likely, initial, problem you had was a bad connection.
mikestock 06/16/20 05:06pm Tech Issues
RE: 2005 Thor Mandalay slide won't retract

HWH Bedroom slide. Press button in coach, hear solonoid next to pump motor click. 15v going to solonoid. Jump terminals on solonoid, pump runs, slide doesn't retract. Don't know what to check next. Could manually retract but hydraulic reservoir has 4 valves(thandles) and don't know which one is for that slide. Any help greatly appreciated. I had this system on a fiver I once owned. There were times when I needed to control which one to open or close and leave the others.You could close 3 of them at a time and deduce which one is supposed to control the one you are looking for. It will probably be a good idea to mark them, once you can identify them.
mikestock 06/15/20 03:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Connecting external speakers to tv

I bought a 32" Toshiba flat screen for outside use in the RV. The speakers were terrible. If there was any external noise at all you could not hear the tv speaker. There was no way to hook external speakers to the tv. My solution was to use the audio outputs from a DirectV receiver to a powered sound bar. I have a couple of tv's at home with optical audio output. I bought an interface to use it, which worked ok except when I was watching an over-the-air signal. With OTA use, I got a terrible roar on all of the tv's I tried it with.
mikestock 05/18/20 06:04pm Technology Corner
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