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RE: To buy a generator or not...

When the AC is running the generator will be roaring no matter what you buy. Even the vaunted Honda is only quiet at idle.
mkirsch 07/26/21 01:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Tag axle for truck camper rigs

Being quick to condemn something "new" is not unusual. The "nay-sayers" overlook those who will find the tag axle is an answer to their problems. Being unable to afford a new truck to handle a heavy camper, or being in the position of owning an over-weight camper might well find the tag axle is a safety solution to their problem. Roy Pack has been at this a long time. I first saw his tag axle about five years ago at campground. It works. If they can't afford a new truck to handle a heavy camper, who is holding a gun to their head telling them that they HAVE to buy a heavy camper? How about NOT buying a heavy camper? How about buying a lighter camper? How about saving up for the dream truck to go with the dream camper?
mkirsch 07/26/21 01:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Still Having Problems With TC and Truck

This is one of the only forums I know where people make up their own ideas about what happened even when the issues were already stated. Happens all the time here, but the best knowledge of RVs is you guys so this is where I post questions. You gotta nip that stuff weird stuff in the bud to keep the thread on track. Your problem IS the "weird stuff." Never heard of a non-rusty, non-abused truck bed collapsing under the weight of a TC. There are a lot of people hauling much heavier TCs than yours over more miles, not having this problem.
mkirsch 07/26/21 01:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Tag axle for truck camper rigs

Something else I noticed, he is advertising it for towing. Does it count as a towing double trailers? If so, not legal in NY. He calls it a trailer. Does that mean it needs to be licensed and registered in states that require it?
mkirsch 07/23/21 06:18am Truck Campers
RE: Tag axle for truck camper rigs

Turn right and the tag wheels go left. No way to roll left, so they scrape left. Replace tires after every trip? Millions of tandem axle trucks on the road every day. Do they replace the tires with every trip? The only thing I see wrong with the tires is they appear to be snowmobile trailer tires. Too small, turning at about light speed when you're doing 65. If you're going to be doing anything after every trip, it will be repacking wheel bearings.
mkirsch 07/23/21 06:15am Truck Campers
RE: 1/2 ton towing a 5th wheel

Sure you can buy stouter tires and jam sections of well casing between the frame and axle to keep the truck from squatting, but you may never get things to where you will be happy with the results. It's a very expensive guess. The whole point of looking at things on paper is so you can get an idea of what you're in for BEFORE you spend the money. I'm glad these guys who are just telling you to go for it and prop up the truck have infinite money and can just keep throwing cash at the problem, but most people don't. Not everyone is made of money. Some of us have one shot to get this right. Right now, 1660 payload vs. 1375 EMPTY pin weight, it's not looking good. I don't consider GVWR a stone wall not to be breached, but F150s don't have the "hidden" payload capacity of an F250 or F350. It's more like 400lbs vs. 1000lbs+ on an F250 and a ton or more on an F350. You're going to be into your "hidden" capacity just towing the empty trailer home from the dealer with the family in the cab of the truck.
mkirsch 07/23/21 06:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Custom truck camper tie down mounts?

We don't have access to the "blueprints" for any of these campers, so even if we had an engineer with the expertise to look at those drawings and say, "Yeah, you can attach here and not rip the camper apart," there is nothing for that engineer to look at. That's what it would take: An engineer. The plans/drawings/blueprints for the camper. Without those things the only truly "safe" thing to conclude is that the camper should be secured at the provided tiedown points, and ONLY the provided tiedown points. In fact that is probably part of the documentation that comes with any new camper. Most likely, the camper is designed around those tiedown points. Attach anywhere but the provided tiedown points, you're on your own. Rip the camper apart, not "our" (the manufacturer's) problem.
mkirsch 07/21/21 07:38am Truck Campers
RE: Speed limits

I understand every cop can justify breaking the traffic laws to do his job better, but where do you draw the line? If a salesman runs a few over, maybe he can make a extra demo today. What is his limit? If I crowd the traffic lights, maybe I can dump 6 loads today instead of 5. Should I get a pass for that red? Something that is overlooked is while your drunk, me or my salesman also face civil penalty for our actions. Our insurance will pay to the limit, then it is on us to pay. Until laws change, the cop has no money on the table. Because salesmen and dump truck drivers have extensive pursuit driver training.
mkirsch 07/19/21 12:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: alarm

"Checked" how? Visual inspections are rarely useful.
mkirsch 07/19/21 12:30pm Towing
RE: Bathroom dispensers

I use the normal size bottles of wash and shampoo. Takes 3 seconds to stow them in the bathroom cabinet. Not worth the hassle of dealing with finding, buying, filling, and maintaining "special" bottles just so I can save those few seconds.
mkirsch 07/19/21 12:27pm Truck Campers
RE: I refuse to double tow.

Seems like a toy hauler would have been an easier solution. For hauling the RZR yes. For living in, probably not. Sure you can set up chairs and beds in the garage area once the RZR has been offloaded, but it's a hassle to set it all up and tear it all down every time. The whole point of an RV for some people is to open the door to a ready-to-use house on wheels, not to have to spend half a day setting up furniture.
mkirsch 07/16/21 11:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: [SOLVED] Work truck with service bed to tow a fifth wheel?

Solved? What's your "solution?" There is a reason old service trucks are less expensive. It's not because of the service body. Those are in demand. People get in fist fights over a good used service body for sale. The reason is they are rode hard, put away wet, abused, beaten. When they go up for sale, all the useful life has been squeezed from them. Those service bodies are nowhere near as resistant to rust as a conventional body. They're usually rotten inside, hinges seized. A good service truck that is going to be the reliable tow vehicle that you need will end up costing as much or more than a conventional pickup. Even without the technical issues of dealing with clearance over the service body, I would not recommend an old service truck as a tow vehicle unless you find that once-in-a-lifetime deal on a fairly new one, but you're going to have the same odds finding the same deal on a conventional pickup.
mkirsch 07/14/21 06:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Reviewing results from CAT scale weigh in

OP's 8.1L Sub is a GMT800, not the GMT900 with the welded in receiver that also serves crumple zone duties But...the OP has that, IMHO, dumb receiver design and suggest, if it hasn't been already, replace it with a traditional receiver You are correct. GMT800
mkirsch 07/14/21 06:28am Towing
RE: License plates

For the amount of time it takes to transfer the plate from truck to camper it’s worth it to avoid any situations. Just remember to move it before loading the camper so you don’t have to crawl underneath. Did that more than once. Except where it's illegal to do so... That's what started this whole thread, or maybe I've got my threads crossed, but IIRC it was something to the effect of asking a law enforcement officer about it and: 1. Attaching the plate to anything but the vehicle is something that would get you pulled over. 2. Not having the plate visible is something that would get you pulled over. 3. Making a copy of the plate to display on the camper is something that would get you pulled over.
mkirsch 07/14/21 06:07am Truck Campers
RE: Truck - family of 5 and 65lb dog

Yeah, youtube comments are a GREAT place to learn things... NOT.
mkirsch 07/13/21 12:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Reviewing results from CAT scale weigh in

- Am I exceeding the hitch receiver capacity? TV still has OEM receiver. It is very difficult for me to find class rating of receiver GM puts on 3/4 ton suburbans. Does anyone know? Should be a sticker right on the receiver with the capacities. The factory receiver on my 2002 3500 DRW had a 750/7500 weight carrying capacity, and a 1250/12500 weight distributing capacity. At BEST that is what yours is rated for, and you are most certainly exceeding the receiver capacity. Also look into GMT800 (corrected) OEM receiver failures. BTW, "Class" is meaningless. There is officially only Class I - IV, and it doesn't cover anything over 1000/10000 weight distributing capacity. That "V-5" sticker does NOT mean "Class V." There is no such thing as Class 5 or Class V.
mkirsch 07/13/21 12:48pm Towing
RE: License plates

A little common sense goes a long way. What cop in their right mind or what Prosecutor is going to pursue legal action for a duplicate plate that matches the registration for the vehicle? Actually, I'll role with that ^^^^ They won't. No different than they're not going to track down and waste time on family vacationing in TC with no plate/can't see the plate/etc, on the truck. The things people fret about. Now, if you're rolling down the road in a 30yoa rot infested TC hanging off a beat up p/u, looking the part of a meth head, yea, I'd worry. It's as useful of a stop as a broken tail light. It's called a fishing expedition. They work, they're great tools, and you want the cops to work them. Seriously, comical thread. You can't cry "money grab" out one side of your mouth and then say that they're not going to pull you over for a fake license plate or an obscured license plate out the other. If they are out to get you for "money grab" purposes, they are out to get you for ANY infraction. We've had plenty of first-hand accounts of TCers being hassled about their license plates here on this forum.
mkirsch 07/13/21 12:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Reviewing results from CAT scale weigh in

Just like your truck's curb weight, trailer "spec" weights are of the lightest possible configuration under ideal conditions. No water, no propane (or tanks), no batteries, nothing in the cabinets, no optional equipment on the trailer. When you put all the heavy stuff up front and have nothing but empty space behind the axles the trailer is going to have a high tongue weight. Anything is possible with moving the tanks. It's just going to cost money, but you don't want to move them behind the axle as that may adversely affect the stability of the trailer.
mkirsch 07/12/21 12:34pm Towing
RE: Mystery Damage to my truck. From the camper??

It's just dumb luck that the damage isn't even on both sides and that it isn't worse. Just leave it long enough and you'll end up with a matching rub mark on the other side of the cab, and probably dents.
mkirsch 07/12/21 10:50am Truck Campers
RE: Question: too much camper - too little truck

So I measured how much the rear sags when I load the camper onto the truck. Measured at the centerline of the rea axle, it drops 4.5 inches. Is that something airbags or Sumo Springs can fix? Or is that a level that would require a more drastic mod? TIA You just want to LEVEL the truck, not bring it back to unloaded ride height.
mkirsch 07/09/21 08:20am Truck Campers
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