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RE: 2008 Northstar Arrow 8.5

Fuses don't blow for no reason. Probably will again. Just keep an eye on it and do not under any circumstances replace the fuses with anything rated higher.
mkirsch 06/20/22 08:46am Truck Campers
RE: DRW vs SRW safety, tire blowout

Just an FYI on the dually side. We have an SRW but I found out that with a CAA RV membership and you call them regarding an issue with an inside rear tire they will not touch it. You would have to find someone else. I am not sure if AAA has the same policy or not but If I had a dually I would be checking with them. Any explanation as to why they allegedly have this policy?
mkirsch 06/20/22 08:43am Truck Campers
RE: That settles that.

"no time in history has that ended well" What do you mean? Literally EVERY time in history it has ended well. Market goes down, market comes back up even higher.
mkirsch 06/17/22 07:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Point to ponder, hornets nest stir

Stopped by our old RV dealer today to speak w/ a person there and off course off today. So struck up a conversation w/ a sales lady about their take on today's SRW trucks and what the mfr's of them are saying about towing and what the RV dealer recommends. Well it seems the RV dealer is saying that you really don't need a DRW for 5ers unless your doing a lot of cross country driving. Being a lil surprised, I asked even tho the GVW of the 5er is pushing 15,5 and up, pin weights of 3500 and up? Reply back was, "depends on weight capacity of the truck". Sigh. Okay, I'm a little confused. Nothing she said was technically wrong. Vague but not technically wrong unless I'm missing something. What were you expecting to hear? Frankly I'm not surprised she didn't tell you that a new half ton could pull anything on the lot.
mkirsch 06/17/22 07:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Insurance and RAM 5500

Thanks for the time and comments, guys. Grit Dog, I am up the road from you in Brier. Anyway, having owned dump trucks, the rate seemed normal to me as it is a "commercial" truck. Only $1300 was for collision, $1800 was liability. Clean driving record, credit, homeowner, veteran. I do insure myself well but since I have a $3mil umbrella I can probably lower that quite a bit. I meant no connection between the cost of the truck and liability. I should have written it cleaer. Great thoughts. Thanks. Mkirsch I will head to Geico tonight and check it out. What might be unnecessarily complicated to some just means I want to make sure they are hearing what I am saying. I don't want to leave loopholes for them to deny a claim. All too often if they are trying to shoehorn my descriptions into their drop down menus and if it does not fit, they don't know what to so. Optomistic Paranoid (great name!) that company never bothered responding to me. Will update this as I get more info. If you make it unnecessarily complicated, they can't hear what you are saying. Unnecessary means not needed.
mkirsch 06/17/22 07:18am Truck Campers
RE: Insurance and RAM 5500

I think I was dealing with new hires who were not spun up on their jobs. Hit the nail on the head. My agent (71 years old) complains about the loss of knowledge with the new generation of agents. I think shopping for a good agent is more important than shopping for "rates". The knowledge isn't "lost" if it was never "gained" in the first place. The knowledge can't be gained if it isn't taught or at least shared. Old agents just expect new hires to know what they're doing on day one, and rather than help the new agents get up to speed, sit around and grouse about it to their customers.
mkirsch 06/17/22 07:15am Truck Campers
RE: A Little Help With Weights

We all have our own attitudes as to what is "safe" for ourselves. It might mean going over what GM says is safe if it is just you in the GM truck. No way am I going to take "some guy on the internet" 's advice as to what is safe, if it is different from what GM says is safe, for my wife and kids in the GM truck! I will make up my own mind about what is "safe" for my own wife and kids, thank you very much! :( I gather the OP is like-minded. Then why did he ask the question?
mkirsch 06/17/22 06:57am Truck Campers
RE: Insurance and RAM 5500

"I really think it is just people not well trained thrust out into the call center but I should not have to train them." Even experienced agents don't come across rigs like yours on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. You have a VERY specialized rig, and can't reasonably expect everyone, or anyone in the car/minivan/suv department to know what you're talking about, especially when you make it unnecessarily complicated. I'm positive I could have that truck insured to your satisfaction on my Geico policy in <5 minutes using their online interface.
mkirsch 06/16/22 06:04am Truck Campers
RE: F150 Lightning Road Trip & Ike Gauntlet Pull

I gotta see what the criteria for the "fail" is. On the surface 1225 miles with only 5 hours of charge time during the trip seems like a success to me. They must be doing something right with those batteries.
mkirsch 06/15/22 06:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

The "difference" is some people posses a greater knowledge and the ability to use it to make educated decisions. Don't sugar coat it. What you mean is, some people ignored the weight ratings, and nothing bad happened, so are now self-proclaimed "experts" on pickup truck design.
mkirsch 06/14/22 07:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: A Little Help With Weights

Just curious, could you use tow mode for going down a steep grade or exhaust brakes? I use it with an EMPTY truck! With nothing pushing the truck I just get it to the speed I want and let it coast. Unless the hill is EXTREME, the truck cruises right down the hill at whatever speed I chose at the top. Never have to touch the brakes. It always makes me giggle, watching the folks in front of me stab on their brakes every 2 seconds.
mkirsch 06/14/22 07:00am Truck Campers
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

But if the numbers don't matter, then why do the numbers on the tires matter? Asking for a friend.
mkirsch 06/13/22 01:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: A Little Help With Weights

ABS is anti-lock braking system. It only applies when it senses wheel lockup, aka skid. Otherwise the brakes work like brakes. IF you are holding the brakes while descending a long grade, they will get hot and fade, just like non-ABS brakes. DRW trucks still don't have 4 rotors and calipers on the rear axles.
mkirsch 06/13/22 01:45pm Truck Campers
RE: A Little Help With Weights

Not sure what you mean by “1 wheel”. Rear axle is just like a srw once you pop the wheels off. Aside from unrelated differences like different width. Afaik, most 2500/3500/duallies if they have the same axle, they have the same brakes. Wheel = tire and rim. Dually has 4 tires and rims on the rear, so it seems like BFL13 seems to think there should be 4 rotors and calipers on the rear. Also, BFL13, you don't "stomp" the brakes going down hill. You "brake firmly" which can be achieved without "stomping." ABS should not have a thing to do with normal braking even on grades. You might activate it if you do "stomp" the pedal and it's the least bit slippery.
mkirsch 06/13/22 07:29am Truck Campers
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

Only in the RVnet forum would we boast about our favorite brand’s 3500 DRW being rated to tow more than 4 times its weight yet freak out when someone asks about an 8k lb HD 2500 truck towing 1.75 times its weight. DUDE, don't you know the HIPS make all the difference??????? No other class of truck is rated to tow more than 4 times it's weight even those with double "hips" like the 25k lb class 8 semi that is maxed out towing 55k lbs (GCW 80k). That is only 2.2 times it's weight. Those must be some super special "hips" to allow it to tow more than 4 times it's weight yet a 2500 not able to tow less than 2 times it's weight or a class 8 truck only able to tow less than 2.5 times it's weight. Show me a truck that IS rated to tow 4 times its own weight. Any DRW 3500 that's rated to tow 30k+ is pushing 10k empty these days. I'm talking about the bare truck fresh off the dealer lot. Puts you down in the mid 3's. Now I'm going to blow your point clean out of the water: The only thing limiting a Class 8 truck is THE LAW. 80K is a legal limit. The truck is capable of far more. You can get overweight permits and tow at 102K gross easy. That gets you solidly into the "3's" with your Class 8 truck strawman. Far more is possible, all you need to do is pull the permit and have enough axles on the ground. The Class 8 truck will do 4-5 times its own weight all day every day with a smile. A DRW 3500 at 4 times is going to start showing fatigue and wear quite early in its life.
mkirsch 06/10/22 09:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: A Little Help With Weights

You got my point. OP got the runs and ran away from the thread... Edit, sorry OP, I confused you with the guy above who posted his weights from a different setup for whatever reason. I usually do. Don't always agree with it. For those that question the contributor's reason for posting his weight, it is to demonstrate that these campers can come out significantly heavier than factory advertised weight. Ultimately the OP is fine. What he is doing is something commonly done. Might need some suspension helpers to make it not look so saggy, but otherwise, load up and hit the road.
mkirsch 06/10/22 08:44am Truck Campers
RE: A Little Help With Weights

Load it up and weight it. My af says 4240, full fuel and water tips 13300, 8800 on the rear. Your empty truck has 4500lbs on the rear axle? Full service bed or bad math? 4240 is the "dry weight" listed on the placard. "Full fuel and water" meaning the camper is loaded and ready to camp, not "dry." So it's heavier. Truck's not 4500lbs empty. Maybe 3500. Camper is around 5200 loaded and ready to camp.
mkirsch 06/09/22 06:52am Truck Campers
RE: First hand F150 hybrid experience anyone?

None that would publicly admit it, I'm sure. Can you imagine the vivisection that would ensue?
mkirsch 06/08/22 08:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will a 3/4 ton do

25% of 14000 is 3500. So on a theoretical max weight of 14000 you're looking at a theoretical max pin weight of 3500lbs. That doesn't even count the weight of the 5th wheel hitch. Your average everyday 2500 series truck is not rated to handle that even ignoring GVWR and just going on rear axle and tire ratings. They still tend to have 3000-3200lbs of payload before you hit the limits of the rear tires. The truck will need to have suspension and tires for a 14000lb trailer. Simple fact of the matter is, you're not going to find a 3500 SRW on dealer lots right now. You can barely find 1500s and most dealer lots tend to have 25 1500's for every 2500, and 25 2500s for every 3500 SRW.
mkirsch 06/08/22 08:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: 3.42 gears for TC

Ok, I get it - there’s no way to justify a 4:10 rear end (even with 2-3 OD tranny ratios…), and no reason for a manufacture to offer one on their order list - I truly had no idea that increasing the GVWR and the towing capacity was just a marketing thingy (heck, who knew!!), obviously I blew it (dummy me - lol), ‘one ratio for all’ is now starting to make more sense than ever, and who knows, maybe even the manufactures might read this, recognize their goof and rethink the ‘perceived magic’ of costly 10 speed trannys with OD?? 3 tons - While I recognize your sarcasm here, let me add some food for thought: It's stronger and easier to gear down than gear up. That's why the 10 speed offers 7 underdrive gears and only 3 overdrives, instead of 3 underdrive and 7 overdrives. The 3.42 gearset in the axle is also stronger than the 4.10 by virtue of the larger, deeper teeth of the gears. What I love about this conversation is how many "converts" there are now to the new way of thinking. For YEARS, I tried to get people to abandon the church of "Our Lady of the 4.10 Gearset" by virtue of the then-common 6-speed transmission and was called all kinds of names for it.
mkirsch 06/08/22 08:30am Truck Campers
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