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RE: Social distancing

Amen. Ready to get our C on the road....we've had 2 camping weekends automatically cancelled by the state of IL...with refund...but I'd rather have gone camping. Oh well.
mleekamp 03/25/20 04:58am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Park & Campground Closures

I posted the IDNR link earlier. What gets me in IL, is that most state parks here are CLOSED ANYWAY until mid-April or later. I mean, some you can drive thru, go hiking, but no camping until mid-April or later. So I tend to agree closing them makes no sense as attendance is low now anyway. And for us, a weekend or long weekend (memorial day / labor day) of camping, we just use our own equipment and not the pit toilets/showers/etc. From my own personal perspective, it hurts that we moved from a perfectly good TT to a new Class C last year, and my girls went to Space Camp in Huntsville AL where we camped that week with them. That was it. 1st and only usage. This year, we have 2 weeks planned for Colorado, in addition to local IL state parks. I get the feeling my usage may be low again. I hope not, but I'm bracing for it. At least it's only camping reservations (made in Jan for Cheyenne Mtn SP) and not airline tix / etc.
mleekamp 03/16/20 11:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Park & Campground Closures

Link to the IDNR (IL dept of natural resources) news article on closures. Sure enough, all IL state parks are closed. No time limit/frame given. I will note on the IDNR website, not much is said, if you can even find it (IDNR website looks like it's from 1995...yet our state spends $billions on this stuff. Ugh). The link below is to the local news. Link
mleekamp 03/16/20 08:41am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Park & Campground Closures

I was wondering about that. Our first outing this year is Johnson Sauk SP north of Kewanee, IL for Memorial Weekend, then off to Colorado to Cheyenne Mtn. I have not seen closures but will post here if I do see them. What states are closing parks?
mleekamp 03/16/20 06:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 5th wheel on chassis body

x2 on eTrailer. They have good experts on hand as them if you don't find exactly what you need.
mleekamp 03/12/20 09:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Jeeps >2012 Flat Towed?

While we tow a 2000 Wrangler, I agree with MDK -- key in the ignition most likely cause. In my case, I have to turn the key to unlock the steering wheel, but dont' turn it to on. Jeeps up to those built a few mins ago can be flat towed. That's their appeal to RVers....that and offroad fun! ;)
mleekamp 03/10/20 07:41am Dinghy Towing
RE: Coronavirus practical issues

Of course we can be concerned about Coronavirus. But, the CDC indicates between Oct and now, the regular flu has killed over 20,000 people. A touch more than the 20 or so in the US killed due to the Coronavirus as of today. Link to CDC below. Agree we should always be prepared -- extra food / water / first aid / flashlights / other items not just for the flu but for any emergency. Tornados are more a threat to my home and family than a virus. 2013 F4 tornado Washington IL as my example (I live in Washington IL). And we have them here all the time. My point is that I really believe the media is hyping this more than it should, and people in general are hyping it too much. Regular updates? Ok. But enough with the constant panic. This feels like SARs and all the other viruses of the last decade or more x10 from a panic/media standpoint. Anyway, my 2 cents. Read the CDC info and get a better feel for where we are at. CDC Flu info - 2020
mleekamp 03/09/20 08:25am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Wall mounted AC units

We had a Starcraft with all mounted AC, like the window AC used in homes. Level the trailer as normal. The unit drains to the outside. No worries. It should be fine. Nothing special to do in setup or usage.
mleekamp 03/09/20 05:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Not your dad's Airstream

Wow. That is nice. Lot o' money though.
mleekamp 03/06/20 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Thoughts on the 'need' factor of a main line surge protector

It's all about insurance. Just like your PC at home that probably has one and is sensitive to power surges/outages, the surge protector should protect from surges in power. Many campgrounds don't have perfect or reliable power. When we camp at some higher end places, my tester (not the surge protector) says all is good. Some of good ole IL state parks are iffy. You'll find comments here on about wrongly wired outlets, etc. It's really all about peace of mind and insurance. To hopefully protect you from disaster. Compare pricing on Camping world, Amazon, and your local RV dealer.
mleekamp 03/04/20 05:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Wall Street journal article on increased RV living

Nope, the new link still takes us to a sign up page. I get the first sentence or 2. Oh well.
mleekamp 02/28/20 10:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chattanooga TN

Sorry for 2nd posting, but forgot to mention Chickamunga Civil War battlefield just a few miles away. Worth a visit.
mleekamp 02/27/20 05:19am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Chattanooga TN

We've used 2 in the area: Raccoon Mtn Campground. Our thoughts: Thought it has a cave, go-carts, and some nice views, it is filled with permanent campers so expect fridges, porches, and general junk around the campground. Not a bad place, but cramped and feels more like a trailer park. Holiday Inn Travel Park -- while Raccoon Mtn is on the north side of Chattanooga, Holiday is on the south side, literally just over the border into Georgia. Don't are still in Chattanooga. We love this place...long wide pull thrus, and next to a civil war cemetery. Costs more, but we liked it more. We stay at this one about once per year on way to Florida. Things to do in area: Rock City, Lookout Mountain. Spend a day's worth it! Ruby Falls, a cave, and more in that one area. Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel downtown. Worth a visit! Train yard in back with historical trains. Lobby is nice, and a nice restaurant inside. There is more, but these to us are the highlights. Have fun!
mleekamp 02/27/20 05:18am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Any Return on Investment?

I know I would. Sure, some buyers won't seem to notice or care. But I'd guess that majority of lookers will see that it does enhance the unit. When we sold our TT with new bearings, brakes, etc, it was this that sold the buyer on the unit. He was looking at other units in the same price range (about $10k) but ours was only one that had new brakes, bearings, newer tires. Other units the owners could not say, or didn't know, or would say "it does not need it" when in reality they didn't know. Do it for peace of mind for your remaining trips and for knowing you did the right thing. You can then sell knowing you have a complete package for the new owner.
mleekamp 02/26/20 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Price to expect if a RV dealer buys my coach

I know the OP profile says they are in MD, but look at Cheyenne Camping Center in Walcott, IA. They buy RV's and even have a form to fill out on their website where you put in your info (incld VIN, detailed info, etc). Would be nice to see what they offer vs. whatever dealer you had in mind.
mleekamp 02/20/20 07:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Showing Off Our Travels

On our 1st TT, we placed stickers on a storage door on the outside. When we were selling it, I took off the door, bought a new one and installed, and that stickered door resides in my garage. ON our next TT, we began collecting simple post cards and displaying them all over the inside...every nook and cranny that could hold a card (think the small gaps between wall trim, the fridge, etc.). When we sold that TT, we have those cards in a cigar box. On our Class C today, we are doing the cards. But, I have stickers too (though I just put them up for some reason and don't use them), and fridge magnets. I put a few thin metal bars, bought from Menards, in the C that the magnets stick to. I think there are many methods...everyone has their own take on it.
mleekamp 02/17/20 09:08am RV Lifestyle
RE: Roof Sealing

I've never heard of it. The last 2 TT's we had, and now our C, the first thing I do is Eternabond the seams on the roof...vents, front cap to roof, etc. Has anyone ever used this crazy seal stuff? At $500 it sure seems expensive.
mleekamp 02/13/20 11:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Any couple fulltime in a class c?

Well, I can't answer your question perfectly, but we upgraded last year to a 33ft Class C so that we can full time in it about 2 years from now. Before that, we had over 20 years of camping in TT and TC...sorry, no 5vr (which is why my answer is not perfect). We bought it now to get it fully paid for in a few years, and to get used to it, get it stocked / outfitted the way we wanted. We like many things about the C, including moving from cockpit to cabin without exiting....this was especially nice when we pulled into a campsite in Alabama last summer, and it was pouring rain. We have a HUGE pass thru storage under the bed (which is in the rear) and many storage options around the coach. We found a unit that had no outside kitchen or TV, things we didn't need because we would rather have the storage. One other thing we like is the onboard genset. Has been nice to leave the two pups inside with AC on while we explore someplace for an hour or 2. If there was one thing we don't like is that with our dinghy attached, we can't really backup. This can be especially challenging with the less than steller turning radius of our Ford chassis. However, I've gotten "good" at predicting those things with a few trips in so far, and we've done okay. I'll say this: Everything is a compromise. With a TT or 5vr, you have great floor plans and layouts, with maximum space and storage (IMHO). You can unhook and use your truck as your getaround vehicle. And, you can drive it when not camping. With a C (or an A), you turn a car into a trailer and then back to a car when at your campsite. And, when not camping, the thing sits on a pad in our drive...just like a 5vr would....but with an engine/trans/drivetrain to maintain. Wish we were ready to FT but got to wait just a bit. And our C will be ready and up to the task!
mleekamp 02/12/20 06:30am Full-time RVing
RE: Bolt on bigfoot levelers on an e450 chasis

We also went to the BigFoot factory in White Pigeo. They had a deal on free installation and discount on the set up. I drove up after work from Peoria, IL area. About 5 hours with traffic...ugh. But, They have 30A hookups in back for overnite stays. I cooked a small meal inside, watched TV, and read a book. Next morning, they had me 100% done within 3.5 hours. I was home before dinner. Call them. See what they can do.
mleekamp 02/11/20 08:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Disney world in July

We've been 9 times since 2005. Usually squeeze in a DW trip a month or so after a major national park expedition. Split between Fort Wilderness or their many resorts. Yes, Hot, Sticky, AND fun. I love and wife love it. Yes, it can be more exhausting than hiking in the mountains. I'd forgo the dinghy unless you want to travel outside DW resort as a whole. There are so many transportation options in the park you don't need the dingy. You can save a bit of fuel not towing it, and one less thing that can go wrong. Pull in the park, relax, enjoy, and have fun. DO won't regret it.
mleekamp 02/10/20 05:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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