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RE: Damaged water pump intake strainer cup.

I've never had that happen in 20+ years of having TT's and now a motorhome. Could have cracked over last winter due to residual water, and became worse over the summer's use ? Don't know. But, a cheap and easy fix....I'd just check it on occasion.
mleekamp 09/12/19 11:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Ford Questions

jy is correct...but allow me to add to that. Tow/Haul not only changes the shift points of the transmission, allowing it to hold a gear longer for towing or hilly climbs, it also functions as a "transmission brake" when going downhill. jy mentions this as well. I recommend going to Ford website and you can download a PDF of the chassis owners manual, which should be a must for a chassis you are not familiar with.
mleekamp 09/04/19 08:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life is full of compromise...

... 1. We now have 2 dogs, and the truck was crowded with mom, dad, kid 1, kid 2, dog 1, dog 2. With the C, they are in a kennel, and sit above me in the overhang for "safety", not roaming around rig. ... You made me laugh on that one! That must be quite a site! Mom, kid 1, kid 2, dog 1, dog 2 all in a kennel in the over-head! . ... um 1 kennel up there or 5 of them? :B That's right -- Dad is driving, ya'll keep quiet in your kennel and when we get there, I'll let you out! :W
mleekamp 08/28/19 09:48am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Life is full of compromise...

Compromise is the name of the game. We just switched from our fav setup---a truck and travel trailer to a Class C (see sig). Couple things I'll add to what has been said, from my point of view: 1. We now have 2 dogs, and the truck was crowded with mom, dad, kid 1, kid 2, dog 1, dog 2. With the C, they are in a kennel, and sit above me in the overhang for "safety", not roaming around rig. 2. Generator. Yes, I could have put a small genny in the bed of my truck and run a cable to the TT when we stopped at roadside attractions (wall drug, largest ball of twine, you get the idea). But with the C and it's built in generator, the ENTIRE camper is cooled while driving, AND at a stop along the road to our destination (1 hour, 15 mins, whatever), the dogs are cooled. 3. Leveling. I, too grew tired of manually leveling (boards, lynx, whatever). The C we have came with the brackets from the factory, but not the leveling system installed. For just the cost of the system, I got free installation at the Michigan factory for Big Foot levelers. Now, we have hydraulic leveling at the push of a button (or 2...our system levels front to back. sometimes I need side/side and that's pushing a few more buttons.) Those 3 points are the main reasons we went Class C. Point 2 is the biggie ... the genset. The bottom line to your points: We compromised on "losing" the bunks in our TT to have a genset. However, I love the ease of just "going". I put the towbar to the C, main wire and safety cables, done. My girls are getting bigger and 1 will be off to college soon. We gained a lot and lost some. Some day, i can see the "cheaper" alternative to a small TT / truck vs. the C, when it's just the wife & I. Find a good used C. We have the Ford V10 chassis and love it. Tons of power. I'd have no problem with a Chevy chassis either. Not sure why Dodge stopped RV chassis years ago. We love our C, and it took some getting used to. But at the campsite, all is the same. Good times, good book, away from it all.
mleekamp 08/28/19 07:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bike Rack That Won't Interfere with Dinghy

Thanks everyone. I had Swagman in mind, and the dual receiver adapter is a great option. I'll look into it. Having had several TT's over the past 25 years, I am aware of the bounce, etc. from a bumper mounted bike rack.
mleekamp 08/19/19 12:33pm Class C Motorhomes
Bike Rack That Won't Interfere with Dinghy

Really, this question applies to all A's and C's. Before I buy a bike rack (would like a 4 bike rack but 2 would do) what do you guys use for a rear bumper type rack for your motorhome? I almost bought a spare tire bike carrier -- for use on our Jeep that we use as a dinghy -- but we don't always take the dinghy. Sometimes we just pop in the Class C and stay put for a weekend or more at the campsite. Appreciate some models / types of bike carriers that worked for you. Yes, I've googled / amazon'd / camping world online, etc racks but hoped for real world experience/good luck / bad luck.
mleekamp 08/19/19 08:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fulltiming across the USA.............on your own land?

We actually did this, to a degree. Bought 20 acres in SE Missouri, near Mark Twain Forest. Virgin land, so we cleared about an acre of it. Hard work. In the end, we enjoyed full timing on it for a week or so at a time. I paid around $20k for the property -- yes, 20k. Sold it few years back for around 27k. Never had electricity, utilities of any kind. Was nice. Taxes around $70 per year. No, I didn't forget a zero. We did not do it to the degree you want -- multiple locals around the country. But yes, thought about it. I suggest -- they have tons of property from commercial to open land from lots to acres. This is where we found our 20 acre the end though, about a year and half went by and we had not been to it. IT was fun, and if I could would do it again...desert this time? Go for it.
mleekamp 07/02/19 08:48am Full-time RVing
RE: Do all campers leak ??????

One of the items mentioned throughout the forum to keep your roof from leaking, or to stop it from leaking, is using ETERNABOND tape. The last 2 RV's we bought (TT and then a Class C motorhome), 1st thing I did was eternabond all the seams on the roof....where the vents, etc, come thru the roof and where the cap (front end) meets the roof. Maybe overkill, but I would get leaks at those areas in the past and now...I fix it 1st. Keep in mind, an RV -- be it trailer, motorhome or even a tent -- will leak if not kept up, as stated here in this thread. Even a house roof will leak. Don't worry -- buy it, enjoy it, and have fun.
mleekamp 07/02/19 08:42am Beginning RVing
RE: Carlyle Lake near Centralia and Carlyle Illinois

Look into Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park -- a HUGE and nice state park with lake, cafe, and tons of camping. Only 1 loop reservable, all others walk up but again, very nice park. It is on Rend Lake and yes, it is about 60 miles south of Carlyle lake. Nice Winery just outside the park. There is also Archway RV Park in Mt. Vernon IL. Small, KOA style park -- not my style but closer at 40 miles to Carlyle. Northtown RV park is straight south of Carlyle on 127, about 33 miles. Looks like a parking lot more than "park", but full hookups.
mleekamp 06/28/19 07:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 4th anniversary of fulltiming

Nice. I figured your work had something in that line. Programming, not stripping! We spent about 3 weeks a year on trips....its tiring to "drive hard" to get out west or south or where ever, then drive home. Would like to do more leisurely trips and spend more time. Someday.
mleekamp 06/21/19 07:11am Full-time RVing
RE: 4th anniversary of fulltiming

Wow. I don't like to use the word jealous, but it fits here. I've wanted to FT for years, homeschool the girls, all that. But my work requires I actually be here. What, may I ask, did you do for income?
mleekamp 06/20/19 10:12am Full-time RVing
RE: "Cut" wires under hood of new Class C Ford chassis?

Thanks. Yes, I'm installing as it does say "if wires are run front to back of the motorhome, use that wiring. Otherwise install new wire from rear to front." Everything works (lights, invisibrake) right now...the dash indicator on the motorhome is my last step before a true test drive. I suspected as you said that "probably not connected to anything". Just wondered if anyone knew for sure.
mleekamp 05/31/19 07:29am Class C Motorhomes
"Cut" wires under hood of new Class C Ford chassis?

I have a 34 foot 2019 Jayco 29XK on a 2018 Ford V10 E450 chassis. Under the hood, there are about a dozen wires that look "cut" and are sealed with heat shrink on the end, zip tied to a wire harness. They are not used to my knowledge and I wonder what the heck they are for. *Sorry, I can't post a pic I'm at work and don't have a pic right now. I'm actually installing the Invisibrake on my Jeep dinghy and am ready for the last step -- the dash indicator for the RV. Point is, I'm wondering if those wires would help vs. running more wire...just don't know why they are there. General ideas? A test light helps, I know, but don't even know where they run off to.
mleekamp 05/31/19 07:09am Class C Motorhomes
RE: whoa! I guess it's a truck camper

I think I got dizzy from the shaky camera. Otherwise cool.
mleekamp 05/31/19 06:50am Truck Campers
RE: Taking a vacation from our full time RV life

Well, that can be hard. Couple of suggestions you might have already considered: 1. leave dog with family here in the states ... kids, nephews, cousins, etc. RV in a storage lot (we have used a month-month lot on occasion) and off you go. 2. dog to a highly rated doggie hotel and RV to storage lot. Other than that, I don't know what options there are.
mleekamp 05/22/19 08:05am Beginning RVing
RE: Illinois Hwy's 67 - 125 - 127 - 64 - 14 - 45 - 145

Firefly Grill in Effingham. $$ A bit expensive, but the chef there has a good menu with farm fresh and unique items. Stop at Boos outlet just down the street -- Boos makes butcher blocks, cutting blocks, tables, etc all right there in Effingham IL off 45. Boos are featured in most all the cooking shows. Moonshine IL just SE of Casey IL -- population 2. Featured on CBS Sunday Morning show. The general store (only building in "town") is run by a lovely old couple who cook mean burgers. Get 'em early...they close when out of meat. Will be tons of bikers...but no worry...everyone is there for the burgers! Lincoln Log Cabin state historic site -- 9 miles south of Charleston IL on the Lincoln Highway. This is the home bought by Abe Lincon's father -- yes, the actual cabin (NOT the one lincoln was born in or grew up in) -- bought after Abe became a lawyer. Just down the street is the Moore home, with more ties to the Lincoln and Hanks family. Arcola / Tuscola IL area -- Rockhome Gardens, a unique and fun stop near Arcola created by and run by the Amish. Homes, rocks, blacksmith, more -- foods, canned goods, more. Garden of the Gods park in Southern IL -- WOW Always more to see and do -- but this should get you started!!!!!
mleekamp 05/08/19 01:44pm Roads and Routes
RE: E350 vs E450 chassis pros and cons for a short 24 ft class C

Agree with Chum. Go with the 450. We have it and it is stout. On the Chevy chassis comment, I can't say. I've driven both Ford/Chevy trucks for years and both have positive and negative to them. But both are good, IMHO. It may be the V10 in the 450 Ford is "noisier" but overall we just don't have the issue.
mleekamp 04/22/19 01:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2019 JL wrangler 2 door

We just picked up a 2000 Wrangler to do the same. Contact eTrailer ... they seem to have the goods and the Tech folks to know what you need. I'd expect they are working on 2019 Jeep stuff now....and again, have great tech support before and after you buy. **I only endorse eTrailer as I've used them in the past ... I don't get kickbacks!
mleekamp 04/01/19 10:09am Dinghy Towing
RE: Hot Springs, AR

Timely question. I'm heading there Mar 30 -- in a car to take my grandparents back to their hometown one last time (they are nearly 90). Point is, I'm 47 and have been there 1 sometimes 2 times per year for over half my life. The good: TONS of stuff to do. Hot Springs is a National Park. Bath house row has tours, activities, and yes, baths from the natural hot springs. The mountains nearby offer endless opportunity to explore, hike, etc. Downtown has tons of unique shops. Oaklawn is the major draw for horse racing and gambling. They are building a new casino and track and hotel now. FOOD -- McClard's BBQ is second to none. Opened 1928 and my fav. Lots of unique and local food places. The lake -- boating, fishing, etc. Seriously, Hot Springs and the 1 hour circle around it has enough to do for years.... Tons of history -- Arlington Hotel, Mountain spring water, and the dark history stuff THE BAD: Housing is either super cheap or super expensive. Lake houses are nice but $$$. You can buy land for more than fair price and build or ? There is crime -- but it has went down in recent years. Still, not a bad place to be. My 2 cents: I love the area. Been there so many times it's hard to count. I think if you take a visit, if you've not been, you will see what I mean. We are staying in the Best Court Motel -- a restored 1934 motorcourt where you can park your car in a garage next to your room. I'd give it a good hard look -- I think you could enjoy YEARS there -- slower pace of life -- yet TONS of activities to do.
mleekamp 03/20/19 01:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ride handling of TC's vs Class C's or B plus

I can only answer with my experience in both a TC and a Class C. We've had TT's for even more years than a TC and C combined, but I'll leave that aside. TC = we always felt topheavy with our Lance 800 series on a reg cab 2500 chevy truck. Crosswinds affected us bigtime. CLass C = they ride on an HD truck chassis -- not a 2500 / 250 chasis, but a more HD medium duty truck chassis. So far, our ride is good. Brakes good. and yes, wind does affect us (a long brick in the wind), but we feel even MORE STABLE than we did in our TC. That is, to us, the big difference. We love our C.
mleekamp 03/11/19 10:22am Truck Campers
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