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RE: Mileage observations

Don’t get me wrong, the closer to home I get the harder I push it! It takes some self control when nearly everything is passing you not to go faster! For me it really is not about the money - I find 65 to be a very comfortable speed both for me and my truck! Or helps to have a great partner in the seat next to you! She helps pass the time, helps watch what’s a round me and reads a map like a pro! She always knows where we are within 5 -7 miles ! Happy camping and safe travels!
mnaquaman 10/30/19 09:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Mileage observations

Even with the same set-up as I have I know everyone will have a different experience and opinion of what is right for them - this is just my opinions and reflections on what I learned with my set-up. Life is a learning experience - will I continue to experiment? I doubt it. However, I will continue to watch what is happening with my fuel economy. I have been pulling trailers for over forty year and I always knew that I would get 9 - 10mpg. My main purpose was to dial in my "sweet spot". With over 20 fuel stops and many different conditions I was able to find that "sweet spot"! I was looking for fuel efficiency and driver comfort. Sure I was comfortable going at a higher speeds but at what expense? Would the truck hold the speed with the cruise control active without massive throttle response to the conditions? At [email protected] that was possible. If I tried to run in 6th gear the transmission tended shift down to 5th often and the economy suffered. Happy camping & Safe travels!!
mnaquaman 10/30/19 10:20am Tow Vehicles
Mileage observations

We just returned from a 4000 mile road trip. Flatlands, hilly, mountains, wind - everything but rain! Over the coarse of 29 fuel stops and trying many different speeds, gears & rpms. I think I found the sweet spot - 65mph @ 2100rpm in 5th gear. Running a lower RPM in 6th gear caused a de-crease in fuel economy and the engine felt like it was lugging some. Of coarse if I ran at 55mph I think I would see some improvement - just a bit to slow. Over the whole trip I averaged 10.22 MPG - 200-300 miles of these miles I was not towing the trailer. I don't really budget my fuel expenses, however I was hoping for 10mpg and half way expecting it to be in the 9's - so overall I am happy with my results. Worst MPG: 7.62 into a stiff head wind Best MPG: 11.96 in the mountains, lower speed and thinner air. Wind & Speed kill MPG - the old rule of increase your speed by 10mph and watch your mileage drop by 10% holds true! I had one day that I was on dead flat roads with no wind 70mph - 9.79mpg, 65mph - 10.96mpg. 2015 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, 5.3l, 3:42 gears 2017 Jayco 23BHM - weighs in around 6000lbs.
mnaquaman 10/29/19 12:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pulling with 1/2 ton

For what it is worth here are my thought! Getting others feedback on their experiences never hurts. Then again ignore the ones that simply say 3:42 gears are not enough, I wont pull anything with out a diesel and lastly the guy that can pull anything with his Honda! Like others have commented - use the max trailer weight not the dry weight. I run a 1/2 ton Chevy Silverado, 3:42 gears, 5.3L, and all of the towing options pulling a Jayco 23BHM that has a max weight of 6250lbs. I try not to exceed 75% of the vehicle tow capacity. Why 3:42 gears - there are in the middle, not stump pullers and not mileage gears! I can pull the mountains - I might not be able to blast up them at 65MPH but I can get up them! I have towed at max capacity and for me it was not a comfortable experience. Find a capacity calculator on-line. Run your own numbers and make up your own choices. I found a calculator that calculated all of the capacities based on your particular circumstances. It told me that how many lbs I was under or over the manufactures weight limits. Happy Camping 7 Safe travels!
mnaquaman 09/11/19 08:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Have I been doing it wrong all these years?

Sorry - this ones going to be a bit long - there is son many things to consider. There are two schools of thought on figuring fuel economy. One trust the computer or second compute it yourself based on the gas pump! I had a co-worker that studied the pump method and its accuracy. He found if you parked at the same pump in the same position every time your accuracy was right around 10%. know add in different pumps and vehicle positions? When I hit the road I frequently check my MPG using both methods and rarely do they agree with each other! The computer normally tells me that my MPG is slightly higher (.3 mpg) than the pump method. So what do you believe? I believe what one should be asking himself is this: Is my MPG consistent with my prior tank given the conditions? If they are then everything is good. Did my Mileage drop then why? Wind, Hills, Speed or other? If it's not the wind, hills or speed - is there something wrong with my vehicle? Speed & wind are the biggest reason I see for a Mileage drop or gain! driving 10 miles an hour faster is the same as driving into a 10 MPH head wind. For every 10 MPH increase in speed you can expect a 10% decrease in MPG. I keep a log and at the end of the trip I'll figure out my MPG for the complete trip. If I hit my goal of 10 MPG I am happy. Some days are better than other, but I can say that I almost always are within a few tenths. Happy camping and save travels!
mnaquaman 08/23/19 01:00pm Towing
RE: OEM brake controller, where have you been all my life?

I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado with the factory installed brake controller. The controller is proportional not time activated. I have used a Prodigy controller on 4 different vehicles prior to this vehicle. I can tell you that this controller is as good as any Prodigy that I ever installed. Lynmor - I agree that there were good controllers around 20 years ago if you were willing to invest in them. I skimp on something else but not my controller! Easy to adjust, can apply just the trailer brakes if you need to! The truck also tells you that there is a trailer connected to it! It was one of the options that I was specifically looking for when I was shopping for this truck, that and all of the other towing related options! The first controller I ever pulled a trailer with was connected to the vehicle master cylinder when I was 16! I have been pulling trailers now for 42 years - I love my factory installed controller! Happy Camping & Save travels!
mnaquaman 08/23/19 12:36pm Towing
RE: Towing speed

I am pretty much like everyone else out there. I try to run at 65 and will switch in & out of Cruise Control based on the traffic flow and terrain! A good rule of thumb is that for every 10 mph increase in speed you will see a 10% decrease in fuel economy. I have only towed with my current set up around 4000 miles. So believe it or not I am still working on finding the sweet spot. I suspect that it is right around 63 - 66 mph! When you don't run the same route all the time it can be a bit tougher to dial it all in. For those of you that tow at 80 - what the hell is your hurry? If you are in that much of a hurry take a plane! ! Happy Camping & Safe travels!
mnaquaman 08/21/19 12:55pm Towing
RE: Real towing advise please

My guess it had nothing to do with your capacity! Most likely the set-up on your first vehicle was not correct. When you switched vehicles the set-up changed and your towing experience with it! I too believe in the 80% rule. I have towed at max capacity and around the 80% mark - I'll take the 80% experience! Some people are comfortable towing at max capacity while others are not! I personally believe that my driving experience while towing should not be much different then when I am not towing! You are on vacation - why be stressed out because you are towing? Happy Camping & travel Safe!
mnaquaman 08/21/19 12:38pm Towing
RE: Tow vehicles

I have been there. The Trailblazer was a great vehicle and it did a fair job towing my 2005 Jayco 21J. However in heavy winds it was a handful to control! If you have the extended version with the 5.3L I think it might be a pretty decent tow vehicle. I had the short wheelbase and 6cyl engine. I had the opportunity to pull my 21J with an extended cab Dodge Diesel. I did not even know it was back there. I did change to a Chevy Avalanche, which made all the difference in the world. With the Avalanche we pulled that little 21J all over the country and loved it! For me I like a longer wheel base vehicle, they don't rock forwards & back and the longer wheel base helps with sway! I know pull a 26" trailer with a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton Crew Cab. Perfect for a 6000 lbs trailer! Happy Camping & travel safe!
mnaquaman 08/21/19 12:31pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Run the USA is what?

We have a Jayco 23BHM, it has a murphy bed up front and two smaller bunks in the rear that we use for storage. It is 23' on the inside with a slide-out dinette. We like the slide for the additional room that you get. The trailer feels much more open. I have added privacy curtains in the back so we can come out of the shower and change clothes without the world looking at us! I don't think I really need anything bigger! It tows like a well with my 1/2 ton Chevy! My best advise: 1. Shop around, walk & sit in lots of trailer, keep a list of what you like and don't like. 2. Don't feel bad, you might not make the right choice the first time! You can never know how it works until you use it! Happy Camping & Save travels!
mnaquaman 08/21/19 12:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Reference post: Love my combo for towing

I previously towed a Jayco 23b with a 2005 Chevy Avalanche, 5.3L with 3:42 gears and a 4 automatic speed transmission. My new rig is a 2017 Jayco 23BHM towed by a 2015 Chevy Silverado, 5.3L with 3:43 gears and a 6 speed automatic transmission The trailer weights are within 1000 lbs of each other. The frontal area of the 23BHM is larger due to a higher suspension. The 2015 Chevy has a bit more horsepower and torque than the 2005. I can tell you that the 2015 is a far better tow vehicle and I loved my Avalanche! I believe the difference is in the transmission. Those two extra gears make a big difference. I can now tow with the cruise engaged if I want too, it can handle small inclines without hammering the throttle or dropping a gear and I can actual maintain highway speeds going up inclines that was not always possible with the Avalanche. Just my thoughts. Happy Camping
mnaquaman 07/26/19 08:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Which comes first, the trailer or the hitch system?

This time around I bought the trailer and hitch first and then went truck shopping! I don't recommend this path but circumstances just worked out that way! I am an Equalizer guy! I have used the chain hitch in my youth and the Equalizer is just easier! Another person posted this comment - "A complicated hitch is a bandaid for not enough tow vehicle." No disrespect - I just don't agree with the statement. A Weight distribution hitch with sway control does just what the name says it does, It transfers a portion of the trailer weight to the truck and pushed the front end down and helps control sway. The hitch bars in essence make the truck & trailer one. Yes - the right truck is an important part of the equation! But if you don't need a one ton truck why buy one? Then again not having enough truck is a disaster - been there once, never again. I am sure there are those that bought a WDH because the dealer said he should! Then there are those of us that have studied and investigated. There is a reason why the vast majority of us use a WDH hitch. We have better control, less wear and tear on the truck, sway control, ect.. Get the right truck, the right Hitch for the combo and enjoy the ride! Just my thoughts Happy Camping!!
mnaquaman 07/26/19 07:51am Towing
RE: Stoped routine

Thanks everyone for your responses. I had a feeling that I was not alone on this! For the record - my wife will watch the fuel while I run in and do my business (soda, chips, Jerky ....). When I am done she will go in and I will stay with the rig and move it if it is holding someone up. Like others this almost never the case. I generally try to buy fuel where the big boys do - I like a fuel stops that have a lot of extra room to maneuver around. Happy Camping
mnaquaman 07/16/19 11:20am Travel Trailers
Stoped routine

So the question is: What is your routine when you stop for Fuel, Rest, Ect.? Mine is as follows: 1 - I walk around a take a quick look at the hitch, chains, electrical plug. Is everything where it is supposed to be? 2. As I walk around the TT I will touch each axel and tire surface. Are they warmer/hotter than usual? 3. Look at the tires quick - do they appear to be properly inflated? That being said I have yet to discover an issue! I have been doing it for so long that its just a habit. Its the way my father taught me and its how I have trained my son, he will check one side while I check the other.
mnaquaman 07/15/19 02:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power Cable Extension options ??

"By US code they are supposed to be on the left rear of a site". I highly doubt that there is a code that makes this statement? I have been in to many campsites where this is not true! I was just in a County Park and the power post was on the right side of the site! I will say that common sense says they should bee on the left rear or at least the left side of the site. However "common Sense" is awful hard to come by these days. Happy camping
mnaquaman 07/15/19 01:48pm Travel Trailers
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