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RE: Molecular test for Canadians going home

Molecular Test: a diagnostic test that detects genetic material from the virus
mobeewan 01/24/22 12:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Icemaker quit --- any ideas ?

I took mine out of the one at home to get more freezer space. For ice I freeze water in either a Ziploc bag or glad of Ziploc food storage container and break it up or use small cube or water bottle ice trays.
mobeewan 01/23/22 12:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Carhauler to RV

An advantage of building your own out of an enclosed car hauler or an enclosed utility trailer is that you can build it the way you want it. You can use better materials and better building methods than the cheesy cheap materials and construction methods used on most small trailers. You also don't have to worry about shaking and bouncing it apart when going down rough roads to camp in isolated areas. If your truck is adequate you can get it there in one piece. I plan on living in mine for the rest of my life once it's built and don't want something that I'm constantly doing maintenance on because it's falling apart. I've got a 28 ft travel trailer and can live in it, but I won't be able to take it where I want to and I don't want to worry about it falling apart on me pulling it down bumpy roads trying to go where I can't get to. Yeah, it's going to cost me more to build than to buy something ready made, but it will be better and I did mention I'll be living in it the rest of my life.
mobeewan 01/23/22 11:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Carhauler to RV

you dont want an "cargo trailer" you want an "enclosed car hauler" you may be calling them the same thing but there is a difference. the cargo trailer will be built a loght lighter and have a lower GVWR , the enclose car hauler will have a better heavier build and will be able to carry more weight. I have seen a few of thease kinds of builds and if done right they can look pretty nice. Steve The enclosed utility trailer/cargo trailer, not toy hauler, not enclosed toy hauler, that I'll be building, has a 7,000 lb or 10,000 lb gross vehicle weight rating depending on axles ordered with it. It is 7 ft x 16 ft and I will be building it out to live in the rest of my life. Black tank, grey tank, 40 gallon fresh water tank under the bed, 800 - 1000w rooftop solar panels, d.c. compressor refrigerator & shower.
mobeewan 01/23/22 11:29am Travel Trailers
RE: CD player hookup

You might try one of these CD players. Video
mobeewan 01/22/22 03:49am Tech Issues
RE: Walmart has new auto battery maker

As Retired JSO indicated, same company, new name. Maybe but the case is completely different and is sealed vs capped. So what does sealed vs cap have to do with the company being the same with the new owner. Two people asked what company Wal-Mart was using now. I was addressing them not you. As stated same co new name.
mobeewan 01/09/22 12:41am Tech Issues
RE: Walmart has new auto battery maker

As Retired JSO indicated, same company, new name.
mobeewan 01/08/22 11:38am Tech Issues
RE: Raised toilet, what’s underneath

Looks like 4 screws holding on the metal trim. I'd start by removing those and see if the front panel is stapled. The panel might also be glued to any support numbers so you might be able to pull the staples and then carefully peel the panel using a putty knife to find out, WHAT'S IN THE BOX?
mobeewan 01/04/22 09:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Sliding shelf for Blackstone

mobeewan 12/26/21 01:32pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Tandem axle vs single

Tandem axle has less bounce, less sway.
mobeewan 12/26/21 01:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gas won't flow? Maybe this....

The propane cylinder valve has a built in spring loaded in-line check valve in the outlet of the valve where the POL fitting or acme nut with internal POL screws into the valve. That check valve feature was added in the 1980s to gas valves on propane cylinders. People would forget to shut off the cylinder valve before unscrewing a hose and gas would come shooting out of the cylinder. The check valve keeps propane from coming out of the cylinder when the hose is disconnected. Keeping the valve hand wheel open and inserting a screwdriver into valve outlet and shoving the check valve poppet will cause freezing cold gas and maybe even liquid propane to blast your hand as you noted. It can also create a spark causing the gas to ignite and freezing cold gas or liquid will be the last thing to worry about after severely burning yourself by igniting your brand new homemade flame thrower. It is possible something has come loose or gotten in the way that is keeping the in-line check valve poppet from depressing when the POL fitting / Acme nut is connected and not allowing gas to flow. It is possible that the threaded retaining ring for the check valve has backed out and needs to be retightened. Some have a small hex in the center and some have slots 180 degrees apart. An Allen wrench might be able to be used to tighten the retaining ring with the hex. I have one with the slots. And used a small piece of flat bar to retighten it. Can't remember if it was left or right hand threaded. Found out it was loose when liquid propane was squirting past the threads when i took it to get refilled. Tightened it up and all was fine to get it refilled. Make sure the tank valve is completely shut off before playing with the retaining ring.
mobeewan 12/16/21 03:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Can you install a SW6D water heater instead if SW6D-E?

You could repurpose the circuit for another dedicated high watt 120v appliance. The existing water heater specs show it rated at 120v/1400 watts. You could rerun the 120v wire for maybe a new outlet for an electric heater. If you get another gas/electric water later you can always change it back.
mobeewan 12/14/21 07:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

Update: Below is a pic of the whole grey tank run- just as JBarca said- 2 elbows, and then out into the drain valve. The grey tank itself is bolted into the frame- 3 bolts on each side, for a total of 6. I didn't really feel any movement in the tank itself. Felt pretty solidly attached to the frame. The more I thought on it, I do think the dips in the road on the last trip caused excessive bouncing of the trailer at 60mph speeds, and- what did the pipe in. Where the crack is (to the right in the below pic, almost against the "collar"), there is no hub to which the pipe is going into. The "collar" is physically part of the pipe. This leaves out the option of using a boring tool to clean out any pipe in the hub (I did order the tool though. Good to have in the arsenal). While I'm fairly certain that the Fernco coupling (hub one end, pipe the other) will fit over the "collar", once I cut the pipe, if the Fernco coupling doesn't fit, then I'm screwed. And hence...going with the "fiber screen mesh with abs cement, 3 layers" solution from JBarca 1st. I'll drill a small hole at each end of the crack, and then go from there. Will also add a Fernco coupling (pipe one end, pipe the other) in the middle of that run to give flexibility. In another post, saw Gdetrailer also suggested cutting an abs pipe lengthwise for a 1/2 moon, and applying that over the patch (abs cement on the 1/2 moon and the pipe, and then slipping the abs 1/2 moon onto current pipe, thus forming a bond). Potentially a next step down the road if needed. "border=0" The "collar" is not physically part of the 1-1/2 inch pipe. The tank has a 3 inch female connection bonded to it. There is a 3 inch male x 1-1/2 inch female eccentric reducer glued into the 3 inch female fitting bonded to the tank. The 1-1/2 inch pipe is then glued into the 1-1/2 inch female socket end of the reducer. You can cut the pipe off and bore the socket out as I recommended with the tool you bought that I recommended. This is the fitting the 1-1/2 pipe is glued into. 3 inch male x 1-1/2 female eccentric reducer
mobeewan 12/13/21 01:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

Cut the pipe off between the crack and the fitting. Use a 1-1/2 inch socket saver to rebore the fitting to accept a new piece of ABS pipe. Cut away a short section of the existing piece of 1-1/2 inch ABS pipe to allow installation of the pipe into the rebored fitting and using a new ABS coupling between the 2 sections of ABS pipe. Worst case the cut off pipe section might be too short. If so you will need a piece of ABS pipe to cut to length. Home depot has the socket saver available on line. 1-1/2 inch socket saver I checked online and the Lowe's in East Plano has 1-1/2 ABS couplings and 1-1/2 ABS pipe in stock. It appears none of the Lowe's in your area have the socket saver and it is not available from Lowe's online.
mobeewan 12/06/21 01:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Best exterior tape

Plastic wire harness clips Plastic wire loom & Plastic wire loom clips Plastic wire p clamps/clips Rubber insulated metal clamps Plastic wireways Eternabond Small PVC or plastic tubing
mobeewan 12/03/21 09:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Champion Generator

The one in the OP's link is dual fuel 2000W starting/1700W running on gasoline and 2000W starting/1530W running on propane.
mobeewan 11/28/21 06:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fraserway RV Abbotsford - Massive fire, 100's of RVs

Private helicopters taking food to people running out of food near Hope, bringing people back. Helicopter pilot & YouTuber's Aerial footage.
mobeewan 11/20/21 05:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone use a battery operated blower?

I have a Ryobi 40v blower that works great. I have also purchased other Ryobi 40v tools, an expand-it weed trimmer that uses all my Ryobi gas powered attachments, a chain saw that works great and a couple lawn mowers.
mobeewan 11/19/21 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: Tub Drain

My tub drain was cocked, warping the tub floor at the drain when it was built. There was always a puddle of water that would not drain from the tub. The drain piping under the tub was installed incorrectly causing pressure on the tub drain fitting making it warp the tub floor. The dealer did an improper warranty fix by cutting away the piece of wood paneling on the side of the tub and adding a pipe strap to pull the drain straighter. He then restapled and glued the paneling back to the wood framing supporting the tub. It was better but water still puddled in the tub. They also put the piece of paneling back but there was no support at the edge where they cut it to remove it. You could actually push it in and stick your fingers under the tub. I removed the paneling again and replaced the fittings under the tub with the correct length pieces so that the drain would not warp the tub. I had to remove the tub drain and reseal it because it was pushed out of alignment with the hole in the tub and I was afraid the pushing back-and-forth to get it straight again would cause it to leak. There was an access panel that could be removed in the bottom of the closet that allowed access to the back of the electrical panel under the closet door, access to the drain plumbing for the tub and connections to the grey water and black water tank vent pipes. I could only reach the drain piping with my right hand. I was able to get a neighbor to help hold the drain in place and keep it from spinning by using a pair of needle nose pliers while I tightened the drain fitting nut and again when I tightened the p-trap to the drain fitting. I also used fresh plumbers putty on the drain fitting. I reinstalled the piece of paneling on the side of the tub by adding a piece of 2x2 to support the edge of the paneling and reattached the paneling using painted screws to keep it removable in case I had to go back in. Every once in a while I would check in through the bottom of the closet to make sure the drain piping wasn't leaking.
mobeewan 11/15/21 09:43pm Tech Issues
RE: 20# propane tank

This thread reminds me of a 'Red Green' skit years ago where he loosely bolted down an empty 20lb propane tank on the rear roof of his class C so it would wobble and bounce around just to keep people from tailgating him :) Red Green was the purveyor of back-woods Canadian logic, kind of like a northern hillbilly... A friend from our canoeing and camping group used to hang his 11 pound propane cylinder from the rear of his wooden truck rack he carried his canoe on so it would swing while going down the road. I commented on it and he said it was to keep the tailgators away.
mobeewan 11/15/21 08:38pm General RVing Issues
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