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RE: Are Butyl Tapes Equal?

I will be ordering/purchasing some metal roofing panels and trim pieces in the morning for a couple sheds along with screws & Butyl tape. When purchased from someone who sells commercial metal roofing for homes you can get butyl tape in widths of 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" on 45 to 60 ft rolls. I don't know the price yet but I'm going to be purchasing 2 rolls in 3/8" width. The roofing i am buying is from Marco Metals purchased through the local 84 Lumber store. I think that Marco Metals is a distributor because the same exact roofing products are also provided from Best Buy Metals.
mobeewan 09/23/21 10:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable Wind Turbine as a power supplement?

I was thinking about building something like a ram air turbine using a high output alternator turned by a fan blade with everything mounted inside of a ducted shroud. I could either mount it on my truck rack or mount it on a bracket installed on the trailer tongue. Mounting it on the trailer tongue may create the least amount of drag since the front wall of the trailer creates a massive amount of drag anyway. It would be used to charge a battery bank while towing. This would however depend on how big the fan has to be and how many rpms it could produce at highway speeds.
mobeewan 09/19/21 12:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Sediment in Freshwater System - Need Help!

Could also be from rusty campground pipes.
mobeewan 09/18/21 09:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: [SOLVED] Replacement plug head for NEMA 15A 10 AWG extension

Could be numbered in accordance with an agreed upon standard or they are all purchasing them from the same source and reselling them.
mobeewan 09/10/21 07:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Suburban 10 Gallon Hot water heater

Tractor supply in Taunton has 3/4 npt taps in stock for $10.99. SKU: 118040799
mobeewan 09/08/21 11:48am Tech Issues
RE: Lounge Chair / Recliner for a relaxing nap

I have one of the 0 gravity chairs that I bought from Bass Pro a few years ago. I also have 4 hard armed Northwest territories bag chairs chairs I bought from K-mart before the one from Bass Pro that I bought for only $17 each. They too are great chairs but were discontinued by K-mart before they bankrupted. I bought the bag chairs because you can grip the arms when getting in an out of them to sit and push to stand up. I had 2 chairs before that similar to the ones with the attached table but they did not have a table. My dad kept falling over backwards in them. He could only sit in them if he a tree to his back. The bag chairs were very stable. He never fell over again. I also use one of the bag chairs at home when I sit outside and grill. The hard arm bag chairs are similar to this one, but have a taller back. Hard arm bag chair.
mobeewan 08/30/21 08:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fresh water tank

The spigots and caps on the aquatainer's have an NPT thread. Long ago I screwed a plastic hose barb with matching NPT thread and left it permanently connected to an extra cap that I had. I use the cap with a piece of tubing connected to it when I sanitize. I have different size aquatainers that all used the same size threaded caps. When I sanitize I use my 2-1/2 gallon aquatainer with the cap and hose to add 1 cup of bleach and 2 gallons of water to the FW tank, then top off the tank with water. I can also use that cap and hose on a 7 gallon container to add water to the FW tank or in freezing weather I can bring the 7 gallon tank inside and connect it to the winterizing hose using the hose barb on the cap. Then I can lay the container on its side. I can then open the vent cap when I 1st start running the pump. After enough water has run from the container I can leave the vent cap open. I have used the trailer in cold enough weather the lightly insulated FW tank intake started freezing up. I was able to get by for a couple of days using a 7 gallon container. Then it warmed up enough the FW tank started flowing again.
mobeewan 08/30/21 07:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fresh water tank

mobeewan 08/24/21 10:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fresh water tank

I also took a spare pump and added garden hose connections. Can someone point me towards the adapter I need to connect 'garden hose' to the inlet/outlet of the typical RV pump (sure flow or similar)? Something like this? Anderson Metals 57480-1208 Brass Garden Hose Fitting, Connector, read ¾” Male GHT x ½” Female NPT Since I have the (old, but working) pump still in my 'wet box' in teh trailer, may as well put the correct adapters on, cut up an old garden hose (one end syphon hose, one and to stick into the fresh water fill port) and run some 12V to the area. I used 2 of these Shurflo adapters and 1 brass male garden hose adapter and 1 female garden hose adapter both with 1/2" NPT female threads on them. The threads on a Sureflo pump are actually 1/2" NPT, but I preferred to be able to swivel the fittings if I needed to since you can loosen and tighten the Sureflo fittings by hand. I also didn't want to connect metal threads directly to the plastic threads on the pump in case I had to swap out the trailer pump if it went bad. I also added a plastic male garden hose quick connects to the inlet and a female garden hose quick connect with built in ball valve to the outlet. I use plastic garden hose quick connects on all my garden hoses.
mobeewan 08/24/21 10:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fresh water tank

mobeewan 08/24/21 10:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fresh water tank

My boondocking water kit. Throw the tote in the truck and go. Has everything except the hoses, that live in the TT anyway. The blue thing is the 45 gallon potable water bladder. The pump, showing hose connections (both male), switch, and fuse. I have an SAE connector on there because I have an SAE supply on the trailer, and battery cables with an SAE connector. I can power the pump either way. Neither large, nor heavy. To me, at least the 45 gallon bladder is certainly a good solution if it's easy to fill at the campground, less space and easier to do than jugs, but Many campgrounds we go to the fresh water source (a) isn't really accesible with a truck with a bladder in it, and (b) no threads on the water spigot so you need a "water thief" and a LONG hose. So that' why we use the 7 gallon jugs. This is also nearly exactly what I do. I got tired of the 6 1/2 gallon jugs. The one of the differences is my pump hoses fit in the tote also. The other difference is my hose fittings fit standard garden hoses, female in male out. Edited to add: Also my water bladder is a 60 gallon version. I also took a spare pump and added garden hose connections. I mounted mine to a small plastic cutting board. It is kept in a small plastic bin with extra fittings and a water pressure gage. I can connect it at the truck 7 pin plug or trailer battery for power.
mobeewan 08/23/21 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Label Your Hoses!!

I left a 3/4 inch 50 foot long black rubber hose laying in the woods rolled out right where I parked my 28 ft TT when we hunted on my dad's property. I specifically bought the black rubber hose because it remained relatively flexible in cold weather. It was the one that I connected to the 3/4 inch outlet connection on the 3 inch discharge connection cap for the stinky slinky. When I connected it would leave the grey water valve open and let the water flow downhill from the grey water tank when we were camped for a week at a time. Someone, probably from one of the hunt clubs that had previously cut the lock off our gate to pull in and park in our driveway, stole it, a 6 x 8 tarp and some firewood I left laying under the tarp sometime between our Thanksgiving week and Christmas week hunting trips. I was really hoping that they would connect it to a water faucet somewhere and drink out of it.
mobeewan 08/19/21 01:56am General RVing Issues

Anti Rat Pro Spray is good for keeping rats and mice away and keeps them from chewing up wiring and hoses. It is a hot pepper based product that spices up rodents lives and keeps them away. Some bird seed products have ground red pepper added to it to keep squirrels from getting into it. Birds are immune to the spicy heat of hot peppers so it doesn't bother them. The spray can be used on vehicle hoses and wires to keep rodents from chewing them up. It is also sprayed around under the rig and in the engine compartment to ward off the unwanted wanted guests. I know of a couple full time RV nomads that have had mice chewing on their wiring and getting up into their engine compartments that swear by the spray. They also raise their hoods and place a light under the engine compartment at night.
mobeewan 08/07/21 12:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Newbie: it appears tank hoses don't come with new trailer

For the dump hoses I made 3 hose carriers out of 5x5 pvc fence post. I also got 2 pieces of PVC gutter and cut one into 5 foot lengths. I stack the gutters inside the fence posts with the hoses laying in them. I rigged a chain to the long gutter at the end to hook over the 3 inch dump outlet on the trailer. I can use it like a trough to hold the dump hose and can add blocks of wood under the gutter to help support it. One of these days I'll get around to making some metal rods i can stick in the ground that I can hook into holes along the top of the gutter to support it. If I need to I can use the 2 shorter sections stuck under the main 10' section of gutter to lengthen the trough if needed for more hose.
mobeewan 08/07/21 12:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Wastewater Tote & Fresh Water Containers - Do you use them?

If I was going to need it I carried a 25 gallon black water tote in the truck bed when I had an 18 foot TT, the black tank was only 20 gallons. My current TT is 28 feet and I have never needed it. The black holding tank is 40 gallons. I have used the 25 gallon for grey water with a portable sink at events I have attended and did some cooking for my group. For extra fresh water I have several square Reliance Aqua Tainers in 4 and 7 gallon, 3 - 15 gal white poly drums and a 50 gallon white poly tank. Carried the 50 gallon tank or 15 gallon barrels in the truck bed and Aqua Tainers in the truck bed or inside the TT's. If I tent camped I would take which ever containers I would need in the truck bed or 5x8 utility trailer I took along, including gas cans, including an 11 gallon black tote and porta potty. All depended on what I needed or thought I might need.
mobeewan 08/03/21 11:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: 8 people killed in Utah sand storm

Me too. I thought maybe the wind flipped their trailers.
mobeewan 07/27/21 12:54am General RVing Issues
RE: New 5er, fresh water

Use the winterizing connection. Connect a hose to it. Drop the hose in a jug or bucket of water and pump it into the FW tank. When sanitizing add bleach to the jug or bucket. Make sure to set the valves in the wet bay to the proper positions.
mobeewan 07/23/21 02:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Shower hose fittings problem

Some npt fittings are made to seal on the rim of the tapered threads, just like shower hoses using a flat rubber washer does. One example is Flair-it fittings that use a swivel nut fitting for connecting to male npt threads. They use a seal called a santoprene seal. When the nut is tightened it compresses the seal against the end of the male npt threads and against the fitting. There are about 6 or 7 of them in my TT. 4 of which I added when adapting my npt threaded captive air tank to the plumbing and a sink sprayer with shut off valve for rinsing skid marks in the toilet.
mobeewan 07/19/21 07:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Shower hose fittings problem

Sounds like you are connecting the knurled fitting which appears to have deeper longer threads to the diverter and the hex nut fitting to the shower wand. Try swapping them.
mobeewan 07/19/21 02:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Cooling fan running?

mobeewan 06/30/21 02:49am Tech Issues
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