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RE: Refill small propane cylinder

I need a qcc1 to qcc1 hose so I can fill a 5 pound tank from a 20 pound tank. Would a propane dealer be reasonably expected to make one? As long as your cylinders each have the female POL thread this should work: Propane transfer kit
mobeewan 10/26/22 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Best security cameras for travel trailer?

I don't know of any that uses a satellite link, but a friend has a traditional home secirity system that uses its own cell phone plan at one of his 2 homes. Some of the YouTube nomads are using SimpliSafe in their trailers or RVs using a Jetpack or other cell phone router and cell phone signal boosters that seem to work for them.
mobeewan 07/25/22 10:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Seal around windows, doors, and lights

My experience: OSI QUAD is used around doors and windows on houses and buildings. It is available in colors, but typically only carried in white, black, grey & beige at Home Depot & Lowes. Works good on aluminum sided RV's. Should work good on other RV siding, but can't positively say it does. Also used it to seal around new PVC brick molding around doors and windows on a house and the doors and trim on my new wooden shed. From the mfg: OSI QUAD is composed of elastomeric polymers and high quality synthetic resins. This product offers the superior adhesion characteristics and unmatched elasticity found in high performance sealants. It yields a tough, rubbery seal which resists outdoor weather-related elements. With resistance to UV and extreme temperatures (20°F to 120°F) and proven wet surface application, OSI QUAD is the versatile and durable choice for professional contractors.
mobeewan 05/27/22 04:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cracked Propane fittings

If this issue was as serious as the lawyer on YouTube insists, they would be telling owners of affected RVs not to use their propane systems. Spreading FUD about RV manufacturers is good for his business. I've read that initial article from Ron (referenced in the Youtube video). Yes, this is serious, however... He wrongly states that all 22,000 RVs have cracked/leaking fittings. In fact, he states that twice, in both the first and second paragraphs. Finally, in the 4th paragraph, he admits that these fittings "could" crack when owners torque them down. If they were all cracked/leaking, then the recall would already be under way. Not to downplay the seriousness, but over stating the danger is usually counter productive. The NHTSB is aware and is following the proper protocols; there is no reason to panic. Believe it or not just because the fitting does not show cracks now, if the brass alloy used to manufacture the fitting has been contaminated by another incompatible material, cracks will eventually form due to break down of the brass in the fittings caused by the incompatible material. Over time the brass fitting will become weaker and very well could crack on it's own where threaded together since the threads are still under tension when they were originally screwed tightly together. This break down is similar to what happens when welding stainless steel pipe and fittings, in which you use stainless steel welding rods or filler metal that has been contaminated with copper during the manufacture of the rods & filler metal. The copper will eventually migrate into the grain of the stainless pipe and fittings causing cracks and causing the metal to fail. Just doing a visual inspection of the gas fitting may not detect cracks that have not yet reached the surface of the brass and the RV propane fittings on recall are used in the extremely low pressure part of the system measured in Inches of Mercury and not in pounds per square inch. Besides the RV manufacturers who used the compromised fittings have known about this for months and have been trying to keep it quiet until it has to be announced. They are busy conducting record sales and don't need the embarrassment that any of their RV's are affected.
mobeewan 05/16/22 06:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Plumbing valve configuration

It looks like you have 2, 3 way valves. The bottom valve would be set to allow the water to flow either to the water heater cold water inlet or up the red tubing in order to bypass the water heater when winterizing and flow to the sink and tub faucet hot water valves. The 2nd valve at the top would be set to allow water to flow from the water heater hot water outlet to the sink and tub hot water valves or from the bottom valve (cold water line) to the sink and tub faucet hot water valves when winterizing.
mobeewan 05/02/22 08:18pm Tech Issues
RE: RV'ing couple missing

YouTuber HeavyDSparks and volunteers got together and recovered the RV and car. Video shows the road they were on, how bad they were stuck and getting the vehicles recovered.
mobeewan 04/17/22 08:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fresh water gate valve leak

You might be able to carefully cut away and scrape down the fitting flush with the tank and install a spin weld patch, then drill and spin weld a new fitting near the patch. The fittings and patches are really cheap. The problem is the the tools that hold the patches and fittings are size specific and each one it very expensive. They have 1/4 inch shanks and are to be chucked into a router to spin them at over 20,000 RPMs to melt the plastic fuzing them to the tank. I have some links I can give for sources for the fittings and patches. I might even have sources for the tools. I'll post them later as I need to find them and I need to get some sleep my muscle relaxer is kicking in.
mobeewan 03/08/22 05:09am Tech Issues
RE: What System panel do i have?

Might be able to take the screws out and pull it out far enough to see if there is amfg and moder number. Worse case might need a flashlight and or mirror.
mobeewan 03/03/22 05:42pm Tech Issues
RE: On demand water heater issue

It's not designed to work that way. Under normal operation as designed to work, you set the burner and water flow using the knobs on the water heater to get the water temp to the shower head at the temp you want. If you turn down the flow of water using the water heater knob, the temperature will increase since the burner is still working at the same rate. At a certain temp the temp safety valve will kick in to shut off the burner to keep you from getting scalded. The way you hooked it up causes the flow to the water heater to drop off. With the burner still operating at the same gas flow to the burner, water coming into the water heater starts to becomed super heated to a higher temperature and the temperature safety valve kicks in and stops the flow of gas to the burner. The water heater is still measuring the temperature of the water being output by the water heater to the hot side of the shower valve. It doesn't know that you have cold water coming in on the cold water side of the shower valve to cool the water back down. You're trying to use your shower heater like a regular water heater with a tank full of hot water. The only safe "fix" is to replace your shower heater with a regular on demand heater made for a travel trailer. The dangerous fix is to override or remove the temperature cut off valve, but you very well may melt down and set the water heater and anything else around it on fire. I have one of the water heaters like you have and mounted it to a piece of plywood that I could prop up against something or bungee to a tree. I use it when tent camping and used it at home to wash the dog outside. I may mount it inside a cargo trailer to camper conversion I am getting ready to build. The outlet will have a tee going to the kitchenette sink and to the shower hose with it's own shut off valve.
mobeewan 02/22/22 09:29pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Axle-less trailer suspension: pros and cons?

Is cross-bracing something that can be done when upgrading to the new axles? Or is that something that has to be built in to the original frame? I was looking into them early last year. I was concerned about the possibility that mounting to a thin frame could cause them to rip loose with side to side forces against the tires, but I believe there is a square tube brace that could be added to tie them together to reduce those side to side forces. With the square tube there is still better ground clearance than standard axles. There are square sockets on some them where I believe the square tube fits into. Can't find anything about the sq tubing on the Timbren web site, bit I'm shure I saw it. I like the Timbrens because you can replace the rubber bushings if they wear out. You can't replace the rubber strips on a torsion axle and would have to replace the complete axle if the rubber wears out just on one side. The rubber strips are what makes the torsion suspension work. Rubber does age and wear out over time.
mobeewan 02/03/22 11:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Wifi connection for TV

Nomad Internet is a company that has plans using Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. They did have one for Sprint but I saw something that T-mobile may have purchased Sprint. Anyway, Nomad Internet uses their services and provides true unlimited throttle free service. They also provide hotspots for purchase, or you can buy or use your own hotspot you already have, provided that it works with one of the providers Nomad Internet uses. Verizon did have a data only plan for a jet pack for about $69 per month that may have been unlimited without throttling. I was considering dropping my jet pack from my Verizon cell phone plan and using it to get the jet pack only plan just for data, but a better Verizon plan with data came out that suits my usage and I don't notice any throttling issues. When I go full timing I will incorporate a cell phone signal booster and probably switch to Nomad Internet. At home I got rid of Directv and haven't regretted it. About a year before the only premium service w/ Directv I had was Starz/Encore. I dropped it and was still paying around $125 a month. Then I picked up Netflix which i can use to down load programs to my phone or tablet to watch on the go or when traveling where wifi/cell phone signals may be weak or non existant. Later I completely dropped Directv. I started streaming Sling Tv for $69 a month including all Starz/Encore channels I dropped from Directv. Sling also carries HBO. I have all the channels I usually watched on Directv and more plus Cloud DVR for recording scheduled programming to view later. Watch one program live while recording 1 or more to view later. With Sling you purchase one of 2 base packages and can add ala carte channel clusters. They have 4 particular channel clusters that are $5 each per cluster or you can get all 4 for $10. Sling Tv is owned by Dish Network. There are other streaming services similar to Sling that offer most satellite and cable channels. I also have a Roku device I use for streaming at home. There are many free channels available through the Roku device for streaming free content. There are various local television news stations (2 of mine are available) from around the country available on Roku along with FOX News, SKY News, other news channels, the Weather Channel and other weather related channels are available. There are also channels like Pluto television that have channel lineups that are similar to cable/satellite. Pluto does offer a few of the cable/satellite channels, but have a lot of other not as well known channels. Some of those offer syndicayed television programming. Another way to get your local home town news chanels is watching them on line through your lsp top, phone of tablet. Many stations have free android aps for local news. Last but not least I have a rooftop television antenna for local television stations on the road and a Lava DVR HD Video Recorder Converter Box. It records OTA TV in up to 1080p and uses thumb drives instead of an internal hard drive to record programs and also has RCA connections and an HDMI connection. I can take with me in the trailer for my viewing pleasure.
mobeewan 01/31/22 08:38pm Travel Trailers
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