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RE: Any full timers use a roomba style vac?

I've got vinyl flooring in my trailer. All I've ever used is a 1 gallon shop vac and a broom with synthetic bristles in which the tips have been made into a fine bristle for catching dust. Both have worked well. I have a good house vac, but bought an 18V Ryobi stick vacuum for quick cleanups for dry spills and light cleaning. It has 2 filters. One is a washable fine mesh filter for catching most of what is vacuumed and one cleanable paper filter for fine dust. I had planned on trying it in the trailer in the future.
mobeewan 10/11/20 06:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Accidentally winterized the water heater

It won't hurt to leave the antifreeze in the tank. Just flush it good and sanitize the system and water heater before using the trailer next spring.
mobeewan 10/05/20 10:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Would you dissolve water deposits in the tank?

I forgot to mention turning on the water heater after putting in the vinegar and water. Get some more vinegar and finish filling. The tank needs to be completely filled.
mobeewan 10/05/20 10:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Would you dissolve water deposits in the tank?

It won't hurt to try to use vinegar to break up the deposits. White vinegar is used to get rid of the sulfur smell from RV water heaters. The mix is 2 parts vinegar 1 part water. Water heater manual say after draining the water heater to replace the plug and to remove the relief valve and pour the solution in through the relief valve port. You could also use the winterizing connection and pump it into the tank that way without removing the relief valve. All you would need to do is open a sink faucet hot water valve while the pump is running.
mobeewan 10/05/20 03:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Water tank filling mod

My RV has a gravity fill port but when I stick a hose it it to fill it constantly burps and spews water back from around the hose. This mod eliminates all of that. Mine did that too. My tank filler neck hose is visible inside the sink cabinet and connects to the tank top through a hole in the floor. I checked for kinks and everything was a smooth curve. The problem was the water was accumulating in the fill hose. The air in the tank also couldn't escape through the vent tube fast enough so air burped back up through the filler neck hose as the pressure air compressed in the tank. I solved the problem by replacing the clear 1/2 inch vinyl fill tubing i used with a piece long enough to make it all the way into the tank. I no longer had water backing up into the tank filler neck hose. As the tank fills, air in the tank comes out the vent and up the filler neck hose without burping water out the tank fill opening. When the tank is full I hear gurgling just before water runs out the tank fill connection indicating the tank is full.
mobeewan 10/04/20 11:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: New to all this..

Do the interior walls have wood or metal framing. If wood you might look close and find vertical rows of thin gage staples where the paneling is stapled to the studs. An electronic stud finder is also useful. It senses the difference density of the wall with a row of LEDs lighting up to indicate the studs under the paneling. The walls feel soft becuse they are only made using 1 inch thick studs and thin paneling on each side with no filler material between the studs. Depending on the wall location and support needed the studs vary in width. I used an electronic stud finder and spotting the staples to locate the wood studs. The stud finder also allowed me to determine the width of the wall studs. It also helped me to determine there was a piece of plywood between studs where the 2 tv shelves were located that the shelf brackets were attached to. I lowered the shelf on the wall between the dinette and bunk house about 2 to 3 inches allowing me to place a DVD player and satellite receiver on the shelf and still be able to open the cabinet door next to the shelf. I found the edge of the wall had a 1x3 and allowed me to drill through it and mount a narrow based articulating mount using 2 bolts, 2 fender washers and 2 lock nuts. The normal position for the 21 inch flat panel tv was against the wall above the DVD player and satellite receiver. I can swing the tv around the end of the wall to face the bunkhouse and also have full access to the cabinet. I used an identical tv mount, bolts fender washers and nuts for another 21 inch and later a 29 inch flat panel in the bedroom. I drilled through a 2-1/2 inch wide stud I located in the wall and mounted it with the fender washers and lock nuts on the living room side of the wall. I repurposed the bedroom tv shelf since it was too low and in a corner blocking me from scooting around the bed to use as a counter extension in the galley. The formica top was an exact match for the kitchen counter.
mobeewan 10/04/20 10:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Replacing a A-frame Jack, need to enlarge 2" hole to 2-1/4"

No need to weld a plate on to use to center the hole saw. Do like Cummins12V98 says. Clamps will work, but you can also add bolt holes to so it can be bolted down using the bolt holes for the existing Jack. I did something similar when replacing both crummy uncovered gravity and city water fill connections on my trailer with ones that had lockable doors. I needed larger holes to install them. I cut a small square piece of half inch plywood to use as a template. I used a 4 inch hole saw to cut a hole in the template. I then mounted one of the hatches to the template using the screws needed to mount it to the side of the trailer. I then removed the hatch and screwed the template to the side of the trailer over the existing hole. It stabilized the hole saw while I cut the first hole through the side of the trailer. I then removed the template and lined it up over the next hole keeping it in line with the first hole, screwed it to the trailer and cut the second larger hole. Worked great. Drill a 2-1/4" hole in plywood or steel and clamp over existing hole centering the template over existing hole. Drill away, ez-p-ze.
mobeewan 09/29/20 12:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Why Didn't I Think of This Before?

As recommended by SpeakEasy, use the winterizing connection to fill from your jug. Mine is inside under the sink. I used it with a 7 gallon Aquatainer for a couple days when the temps iced up my fresh water tank under the trailer. The pick up tube in the tank wouldn't draw water from the tank. If you put a gravity fill in the counter top it will reduce down to the tubing size going to the tank. It will take forever to transfer the water to the tank as it gets restricted and there is no pressure to move the water. Another issue is when using the city water to fill the tank. You run the risk of blowing water all over the galley when the tank fills and the overflow builds up pressure when water comes in faster than the overflow can handle. The water has to go somewhere. Ever have water come out the overflow for a few seconds, even after shutting off the tank fill valve. Use the winterizing connection to fill from your jug.
mobeewan 09/28/20 10:56am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Why Didn't I Think of This Before?

Are you only able to fill from the city water line and turning on a valve to fill the tank or is your outside tank fill a traditional gravity fill?
mobeewan 09/27/20 11:12pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: blackwater waste valve seal question

Couple of videos: waste valve replacement / maintenance Waste valve replacement / maintenance 2
mobeewan 09/27/20 10:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: fixed skylight dome 1422

The inner dome keeps the outer dome from sweating. If it sweats, the condensation will run down the insides of the opening, collect and run under the ceiling panel, soaking the roof insulation and running inside the ceiling making its way to the inside of the walls and eventually to the floor. Lots and lots of water damage. The same damage rain water will cause if the outer skylight dome leaks.
mobeewan 09/27/20 08:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Flashing rope light

Certainly better than a spinning glass disco ball with very bright colored spot lights throwing sparkles thru the trees in every camp site around. Yeah, saw that at a state park in Arkansas. :S Ooooh, I want one and some of them sparkely rope lights.I think I've got some strobe lights left over from Halloween:W Cool, I think i still have the Saturday Night Fever sound track somewhere.
mobeewan 09/27/20 07:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Flashing rope light

Certainly better than a spinning glass disco ball with very bright colored spot lights throwing sparkles thru the trees in every camp site around. Yeah, saw that at a state park in Arkansas. :S Ooooh, I want one and some of them sparkely rope lights.
mobeewan 09/27/20 02:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gas leak on Atwood 8531-I’ve dclp

On an older trailer I had, my dad said he could smell the propane when the furnace was running. Later I found the furnace shut-off valve was leaking through the valve stem. It was worse when I pushed down on the valve stem. I shut off the propane at the cylinder. Since I was running the generator for his CPAP I plugged in a small ceramic heater to keep us warm the rest of the night.
mobeewan 09/26/20 12:59am Tech Issues
RE: Accident with tow vehicle right before big camping trip?

Might be best to use a U-Haul thruck or van. I've seen U-Haul box trucks towing cars and small trailers when people move. U-Haul does rent pickup trucks and regular vans. Tell the insurance you want a U-Haul rental or reimburse the cost of your trip and reservations. Several years ago someone spun out and hit the right rear tire of my SUV after we had 14 inches of snow, sending me into a guardrail doing $1600 worth of damage to the left front. I was going to pick up my old TT to bring it home since deer season was ending. I told their insurance I needed a truck or an SUV because I had to bring the trailer home. They provided me a rental pickup from Enterprise. When I went to pick it up and sign the papers they told me I couldn't tow with it. So I had a brand new Silverado extended cab to drive around and had to wait over 2 weeks untill i got my SUV back to pick up the trailer. A couple years ago my truck broke down and I needed a vehicle for a couple days to get back and forth to work. I also needed to take a few loads to the dump in my utility trailer while i had someone available to help me. I rented a practically brand new pickup truck from U-Haul for a couple days. I was told there was no problem using it for towing.
mobeewan 09/25/20 03:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Powering multiple low voltage devices in the truck

On my previous truck I purchased an add on fuse block with 8 or 10 flat blade fuse slots. I mounted it high up on the insid right kick panel and ran an 8 gage wire to the battery. I added a 30 or 40 amp fuse in the wire near the battery. That gave me plenty of additional power for adding a CB radio, stereo speaker amplifier, cigarette lighter plug for a spot light and circuits for any other 12V DC toys I added.
mobeewan 09/20/20 06:35pm Tech Issues
RE: lug nut socket

Standard length sockets will fit most lug nuts. I carry (2) 4 way lug wrenches, one in standard and 1 in metric to give more leverage when removing lug nuts. I also carry a torque wrench and (2) 6" extensions for it with the correct size sockets for the truck and the trailer lug nuts on each extension in my truck tool box so I don't have to hunt for everything.
mobeewan 09/16/20 02:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: Solar Cable Tangles

3/4 inch plastic wire loom Extension cord reel
mobeewan 09/11/20 03:22am Tech Issues
RE: Bad Water Smell

If your hot water still smells like rotten eggs even after sanitizing you may have to add some white vinegar to the water heater tank and let it set. It is recommended to remove the relief vale to pour it into the water heater tank, but you could also use the winterizing connection to pump it into the tank by opening the nearest hot water faucet to the water heater. Drain the water heater first before filling it with 2 parts vinegar one part water. So for a 6 gallon water heater tank you'll need 4 gallons of white vinegar. You'll need a little extra if you use the winterizing connection but don't have to mess with removing the valve. This will also help to descale the water heater if it's needed.
mobeewan 09/01/20 05:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Watch That Diamondplate!

I learned about the diamond plate, but it was just a tiny spark. My biggest blunder was when I had a socket wrench that i was using to install 2 new 12v batteries on my trailer. The wrench slipped from my fingers and i accidentally dropped the socket wrench across the contacts of one of my new batteries when tightening a cable. Luckily I had a shovle close by I could use to knock the wrench loose with which was now welded to the lugs. I used a rag to pick the wrench up to look at and man was it hot. Had to drop it and let it lay a while. The there was a melted spot on the handle and I was no longer able to operate the thumb lever to change the direction of the gears. Went back to the autoparts store for another battery. That was about a 100 dollar accident. Now I slip a piece of hose over a wrench when playing with batteries.
mobeewan 09/01/20 04:44pm General RVing Issues
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