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RE: Don't come to Massachusetts

Kids need social interaction as well, and don't forget sports and Phys ED.................... Yup. Not trying to debate any of those points. Just saying COVID is providing a unique case-study opportunity on a wide scale. The results of which could break either way. -Eric Yes - I agree, the idea of core-video learning at home is a good one. My point is, other activities that need social components can still be done, while CORE can be done at home, and increase both efficiency and budget for our schools. I believe schools and the education system can learn from this tragic event, and improve both budgeting strategies, AND at-home video learning strategies.
monkey44 03/16/20 05:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Don't come to Massachusetts

...Many schools already have some form of online learning..... Setting the virus aside for just a moment... This could turn in to a big experiment for our education system. Kids do class from home. Do kids learn just as well as they did in the classroom? If so, post-virus the question comes up...Why do we need to send kids to a physical school? (Not trying to debate the validity of our current school system, just saying this virus is providing an all-hands-on-deck case study for remote learning.) -Eric Kids need social interaction as well, and don't forget sports and Phys ED. But, I thought the same thing as you regarding home learning. However, it could be core-subjects that need less interaction - math, history, English, etc. Then place certain days aside for the social and physical competition. We'd need less teachers - not so good - or smaller classes per teacher - better, BETTER. I see that kind of learning base in our future ... plus, our kids are safer at home, than in some schools - as some recent history has taught us ... Close some older schools and rotate same grade kids into newer schools on alternate days, with better internal security as well. Less schools, less cops required in schools, better use of newer school facilities. More cops on the streets where they better serve the community.
monkey44 03/16/20 12:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Website issue ?

The link to your website can be put in your signature IIRC. Yes, true most here can post or put website in signature. Mod told me it's a commercial site (It's not, I sell nothing on my site, but see plenty of posts that are commercial??) Website's been removed from my profile. Majority of the site is wildlife photos and information, habitat and species protection. ME when so many commercial sites can get a reference on this forum. BTW: got some tech help and the initial problem is fixed ... Thanks ...
monkey44 03/14/20 11:52am Technology Corner
RE: Building a house, need long term RV site

In other words -- GO FOR IT ... Its an adventure.
monkey44 03/08/20 12:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Building a house, need long term RV site

Between marriages, lived alone in a truck camper for three years. Course, I was traveling all over the country at the time. I set up a 6x6 tent for reading, Laptop and other space needs when I was static for a week or two at at time. Otherwise, I worked in the camper for shorter stops. Then a few years later, my wife and I spent five months in our truck camper on our first cross-country trip, and made several two-three month trips as well. We're planning another this fall. Truck Campers to us, are mini-homes, and as long as you can get done what you need done, such as travel OR work -- What's also nice about the truck camper, easy to move and fill water or dump waste - just get a campsite for the night. Otherwise, boon-dock or stay on your property like was suggested above.
monkey44 03/07/20 03:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Who's the shortsighted one here

Was Curves a strip bar? Curves = A membership gym/workout studio for women ...
monkey44 03/01/20 07:43am Around the Campfire
RE: Who's the shortsighted one here

We always park as far away from the entrance as possible... We can always use that little extra walk, and we get open space on both sides so no one carelessly hits my truck opening a car door. Altho, sometimes we get back to the truck and see folks parked on both sides in the middle of many open parking spaces on each side in back rows. Weird.
monkey44 02/29/20 04:44am Around the Campfire
RE: First Timers

Enjoying the good and accommodating the problems is always an adventure when anyone takes the road for the first time. Stick around, and ask other RV'ers on the road while you learn your own limits and figure out what works for you and what doesn't. Don't be afraid to ask questions. We've ALL been there, DONE that ... tap into that experience and embrace that lifestyle. IT's big fun, small headaches. Good Luck
monkey44 02/25/20 08:11am Beginning RVing
RE: Has anyone been to S. Africa?

I know this is a bit of a long shot, but has anyone on here gone on safari in S. Africa? We are at the beginning stages of planning a trip next year for our 60th birthdays. Before we make any type of commitment we would love to hear from anyone who has gone-what to do, what not to do, where to go, etc., so if anyone has gone I'd love to hear from you. Please no "if I can't take my RV there I won't go" types of comments. Thanks! Just sent you a PM - let me know if it works out. :)
monkey44 02/16/20 07:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Land Between the Lakes

We've been several times - we enjoy that whole area. SOME campsites are a little tight, but most will fit anything. The roads throughout are well maintained. We have not been to every CG there, so I'd ask the rangers when you get there, but mostly you will find plenty of space.
monkey44 02/05/20 08:15am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Old Campers

HAHAHAHa - and here I thought I was gonna open this and see/hear a buncha OLD CAMPERS sitting around a fire telling jokes.
monkey44 02/03/20 05:47pm Truck Campers
RE: I give up..NEW PC

Buy an SSD External Drive - Copy all data to it, then transfer to New PC, then disconnect SSD. You NOW have a safe backup drive as well. Once a month or so, back up your new data onto the SSD and you stay current. And if you ever need another PC, you already have all your date and photos on the backup - so, easy transfer. I'd do a complete scan for virus and malware before transferring data to new external SSD ...
monkey44 02/02/20 08:10am Technology Corner
RE: How much do dealers pay for the RV's they sell

I agree with above. Unless you have owned a business (we have) you have no idea of the costs to run one. Salaries, employment taxes, utilities, mortgage or lease payments, maintenance, supplies, upkeep, insurance, workman’s comp, etc, etc. Those add up to huge dollar numbers, all overhead and to be paid before anything goes in your pocket. Running a business - you coulda said the above twice, and still be right. :)
monkey44 02/01/20 12:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: !

Next generation will probably watch an RV start its engine, travel down the highway and thru the forests on their phone. No sense buying an RV when they can observe the travels in living color on a 3x5 screen. Life in a box. Monkey predicts sales over the next year or two will drop significantly. Less people camping, less people retiring, more phones and I-pads ... Fine with me, leaves more camp space for us old fogies!! :)
monkey44 01/29/20 05:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon coast in Sept

Just for info -In end Sept>>>thru October we've traveled the Oregon Coast several times, stayed in State Parks the entire time, and never had a reservation, nor a full campground. We began in Washington traveled all the way to California. We have a 4x4 w/Truck Camper ... but saw plenty of spaces for larger rigs. In fact, we stayed in many campgrounds that were only half full. Just watch out for the weekends. Get a site mid-week, stay until at least Sunday. Oregon Coast drive is incredible --- make a detour up to Crater Lake if you have time. If you stop at the Tillamook Cheese factory, buy a chunk, but buy a chunk of the Fudge tooooooo ... worth it !! Not cheap.
monkey44 01/26/20 08:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Send photo issue ??

Turns out, someone, definitely NOT me, unchecked a box that said - "View senders photos" Must have happened during the update, because I never, never, never touch any of that stuff without some friend helping, as I'm an un-tech person. Everything worked Wednesday - happened Thursday during an "update" and never worked after it finished. Took me hours to find that one box, because it's really trial -error for me ... I open and look at everything, but touch nothing until I'm sure... Happy, frustrated camper tonight :) Thanks for responses guys !!!
monkey44 01/17/20 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Send photo issue ??

Possibly the size of the photo is too large, but it should tell you that. No, it's every photo I send or receive. In Outlook - the person that I send it to, receives the jpeg. But in my sent folder, it shows the small mountain icon, and a click says I cannot open it, even tho the recipient can open it on his end. If anyone sends me an image, it shows as the same mountain icon, and I cannot open it. I thought at first some kind of malware or virus - did a scan, nothing. Then, tried photo on Gmail and it works fine and normal?
monkey44 01/17/20 10:59am Technology Corner
Send photo issue ??

Yesterday, Win 10 updated ... Now today, I can email jpeg photos to a person, but cannot receive photos/ I receive a icon, looks like the blueish mountain that indicate attach photos in FB etc ... But if I click on it, a window opens that tells me we cannot open this file. It has the same label-tag number but won't open. When I email out a photo, the same icon appears in the sent photo, and I cannot open it there either. When an email comes in with a photo, it shows the same icon, and I can't open it ... When I reply or forward to a person that sends me a photo, the message text goes, but no image? Anyone ever seen this before??? Win 10 Pro on ASUS laptop, w/Outlook
monkey44 01/17/20 10:34am Technology Corner
RE: Need advice

Why am I thinking this is a fake post. New member, no other posts, hasn't returned, no real details... Maybe - but not everyone returns here every day. Maybe he's out learning the difference between fresh water tank and black tank :)
monkey44 01/15/20 08:04am Beginning RVing
RE: Need advice

Some day, when you are very experienced RV-Guru, you will look back at this event and laugh. You will laugh at others that do the same thing ... and nod in an experienced memory. We've ALL done one thing stupid or make simple mistakes!! You will learn the in-outs of your camper over time, and don't be afraid to ask your camping neighbors (bring a beer)- we'll all help or assist as needed, unless you get a curmudgeon, if so, don't pop the top or screw off the cap, just take it back and enjoy it yourself. Would be a good idea to take yourself camping for a weekend, meet a few campers, and invite them to show you the connections and all the chores necessary. It won't take long, and you won't forget, if you do forget, it will a least trigger the 'remember this lesson' part !! Enjoy your camper under the stars, ain't nothing like it in the entire world.
monkey44 01/14/20 04:41pm Beginning RVing
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