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RE: Forever warranty

Pbutler97 hit the nail right on the head ^^^^ - and he didn't even need a hammer.
monkey44 11/24/22 05:04am General RVing Issues
RE: Europe Electrical Adapter

HA, Genie is way ahead of me ... she says she'sonly taking her phone, its charger, and her camera and charger. THanks for info, will buy adapter for those only. Sometimes Monkey44 has a monkey brain. Was trying to find a stocking stuffer ... Daughter and mom are going only to Ireland and Scotland, so same one :)
monkey44 11/17/22 12:24pm Around the Campfire
Europe Electrical Adapter

Wife and daughter planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland. They need an adapter for plugging in electrical stuff ... phones, hair dryer, etc. Can anyone recommend what we should buy. I have never been to Europe and have no idea which adapters are good quality and which not. A link to a good one would be great ... thanks M44 ...
monkey44 11/16/22 10:57am Around the Campfire
RE: Chew on this.

One thing I notice in the article cited ... it talks about built and shipped, but not much about actual sales to consumers. Just because a manufacturer builds one and ships one does not mean a dealer sold one. Sold is the criteria, not when it sits on a dealer lot, waiting for a customer. We are beginning to see a long-term recovery in both RV and truck sales, but that will also depend on interest rate dropping for those that finance and not cash-buyers. I'd expect the market depends more on financed buyers than cash purchases to remain viable to dealers. Dealers get the bucks either way, but the market is probably much less dependent on cash sales, especially with interest up and sale prices high.
monkey44 11/12/22 09:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Four Wheel Campers

Years ago, FWC bought Six-Pac - a small hard side camper based in Texas as I recall. And moved the company to Woodland CA. I thought it was adding HS campers to FWC at that time. It never materialized. Both were mimimal but well build campers ... I have no idea what happend to Six-Pac nor why FWC didn't continue building SP-HS Campers.
monkey44 11/06/22 07:38pm Truck Campers
RE: This net is dying!

I'm pretty tech dumb myself ... my wife set this up. And it seems one click adds the photo to your email, as long as your email is set on your phone. Then you just send yourself email with photo attached. It must be fairly easy to do, because Genie is not a techie either but she uses her phone a lot more than me, and connects with her art groups and the kids and grandkids. Me, I answer it when it rings if I recognize the number, if not, wait for a message. IF no message, no return call. And, I use the phone camera very seldom ... She's not here at the moment. But when she returns, I'll ask her directly, and ask our daughter too ... We have Android, daughter has iPhone ... we'll see if it's different. Stay tuned ?? I'm surprised one of the tech smart guys hasn't jumped in to explain this in better detail.
monkey44 11/06/22 07:12am Around the Campfire
RE: This net is dying!

Email the photo from your phone to your Gmail, or whatever hosts your private email. Go to browswer on your phone, pull up your PC or LT email page on the browser, attach photo to email, send email to yourself. Open email on PC or LT and save attachment to a folder on PC or LT. That's how we do it - we have Android and T- Mobile. You might need an app on or set up your phone to attach photo to email. Maybe a tech on here can tell us.
monkey44 11/05/22 02:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: This net is dying!

C-D, I might be misunderstaning the problem, but Genie just emails her phone photos to herself or to me right from her phone as an attachment and we open the email on our Laptop. Seems too simple?? Or, attach the phone directly to the LT/PC with a cord, and the phone acts like an external storage drive. Transfer the photo or data direct. I'm not a techie, so am not aure how a direct transfer works or if you need a specific cord or app to perfom the transfer.
monkey44 11/04/22 07:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Carpet vs laminate or planking

We have vinyl floor with throw rugs ... works great, easy to keep clean. We have no slides.
monkey44 11/02/22 06:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

Just travelled north on I-75 today... saw several auto-transport trucks heading south ... Two were carrying pickups, one SUV's ... that would be toward Orlando Florida. Same last time out, two weeks ago, same highway, saw several transport trucks heading south. So, some one is getting vehicles. They were traveling ooposite from my direction across the divided highway, so can't tell you brand, but I think at least one today was Ford PU's ??
monkey44 11/01/22 11:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Cargo trailers to tow behind an RV

We pulled an enclosed cargo trailer for years whenever we went dirt-biking for the weekends. It held the bikes, fuel, camping gear etc. Was a lot easier than trying to pack it all in a Truck Camper :) ... Other times, we camped without the trailer depending on the trip. Then we carried tents etc., for the kids. A lot easier with the trailer, but sometimes we didn't need it, so left it home and camped in places we could not go with a trailer.
monkey44 10/30/22 12:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: TV and Internet

BTW: We only got residual wind and rain from Ian, not Hurricane force. Though you only got "Residual wind and rain" Do you now where Comcast's "head end" is (The central distribution center) and how bad they got hit.. And it only takes one lightening bolt in the right place and you get nothing.. Now assuming the cable is all fiber you don't get "Zapped" (But if there are power wires paralleling the cable... Well I( don't know So long as there is anough FIBER ONLY between you and the street should be safe) But the cable is fried, well fried, and the amplifiers/relays as well. OK - wa8yxm ssume you are correct - as you usually are. All of us were getting lost signals and pixelation months BEFORE Hurricane Ian hit anywhere. So, Ian might have 'injured' Comcast, but it had nothing to do with our original installation problems which Comcast continously ignores. Now, it's blaming Ian - a conventient answer to use whenever we call Comcast. We now have a Tech (community member) compiling a formal complaint. A NOTE: Comcast continues to get paid monthly for our community service because it's part of a bulk deal and in our HOA fees. Legally complex, but we cannot refuse to pay our HOA fees, and HOA cannot refuse to pay Comcast unless our BoD takes legal action. Our BoD is unwilling, because - well, it's a relatively typical BoD without knowledge or 'guts'... in cases like this. BoD says it's our individual problem to contact Comcast ... Not true, HOA / BoD has a contract with Comcast, not the individual community homeowner. I know, an HOA, but as I said, it is what it is and we cannot do anything individually. So, it's a struggle, but we're continuing the fight and not lying down for it. I originally opened this thred to gather a bit of tech info, but it seems like it's turned into a Monkey44 complaint thread about HOA and BOD stuff. Not my intent, but M44 certainly appreciates all the input. Will let folks know the outcome, if anyone's interested. :)
monkey44 10/12/22 09:10am Technology Corner
RE: TV and Internet

We all had our coax tested and repaired (in-house) where necessary at the same time as the new equipment was installed. After this discussion here, and with some techs in our community, I'm convinced it's a Comcast system-wide issue in our new installation of the Fiber Optic. Comcast installed Fiber, then had to return numerous times and replace the new underground cable before it would connect a signal to the many of the homes. A mess, and lots of damage to our yards.
monkey44 10/11/22 01:55pm Technology Corner
RE: TV and Internet

Note from Comcast: We have fixed the issue. It was Hurricane Ian. All complants before today will be ignored. If you have issues from today, photo it an include it in your complaint. Altho' our complaints began well before the convience of Hurricane Ian. SO, unless COmcast has a crystal ball to predict the effects of Ian, it's once again full of These issues have been happening BEFORE Ian. Ian is a convenient scapegoat and deflection of responsibility. We have a central email to our HOA community rep that collects our complaints. But that goes nowhere with Comcast. Our in-house community tech rep collects only, did not contact Comcast, just made a record. How absurd is that? We just dismissed the Tech for lack of action, and we now have a new one. We'll see what he does. But, at least we all have a record. AS for the 'dozen homeowners", planty more than that - probably in the hundreds from a community of 1500 homes. We'll win this, but it takes Comcast forever to finally act. HOA will probably have to threaten withholding payment before Comcast acts to repair it. It's a brand new sytem, so it should work. RIght? It's not old and worn out. It's probably not feasible to coordinate "at the same time" between our residents, but we can log individually when it happens. We have a new 'blurb' from our HOA that we should begin logging the time and photo the screen error. It's definitely community wide, not individual. We have a community social forum, so it's discussed frequently. BTW: We only got residual wind and rain from Ian, not Hurricane force.
monkey44 10/11/22 01:45pm Technology Corner
RE: TV and Internet

We new we would get fiber from the street and to each residence. We have that, and new equipment installed via Comcast. 111 DL, 9 UP. BUT, we have oringinal coax cable in our homes and equipment is coax connectable, not Fiber Optic. The "Sales Brag" from Comcast, of course, 'we give you perfect service and perfect TV and Internet.' Agreed, and the price is right, and again, we get what we pay for - which is OK as long as we get it. Loss of signal and pixelation community wide is NOT what we paid for, nor continue to pay for monthly.
monkey44 10/10/22 05:45pm Technology Corner
RE: TV and Internet

My main Q? This is probably a Comcast issue, not an individual unit or internal home cable issue. Not trying to get 'long range' trouble shooting from ya-all, that's not possible. Just a few idea to pursue, but mainly the above Q? ... individual unit or main Comcast problem. IT happens to too many people in this community to be a personal unit problem, and even then, the individual units belong to and were installed by Comcast.
monkey44 10/10/22 03:28pm Technology Corner
RE: TV and Internet

I just ran a speed test now ... 111 mbps DL --- 9 mbps UL So, not the cable, but I don't know how many people are on it now at 4PM ... Our community has the contract ... but our BoD does pretty much nothing, most are worthless - as usual - some try, but are in a minority until next election. Comcast does the same thing each time it comes out ... and says nothing wrong. But something is wrong because we keep getting signal loss and pixelation, and we lose the internet. All is intermittent - no set schedule for it to fail. One minute we're watching a baseball game, next minute, nothing but a Rainbow screen. Five minutes later, it re-connects. Pixelation is random - minute or so at a time. I'm ready to confront the BoD, but need at least some tech info besides "it fails". BoD signed a community contract, so we have it in our HOA fees ... pay no matter if it works or not. Comcast knows that, keep deferring when one person calls ... it needs representation of our community. I Know, I know - HOA, as usual, mostly worthless - but it is what it is and we live here when not on the road.
monkey44 10/10/22 02:22pm Technology Corner
TV and Internet

We just had Fiber Optic cable installed in out community 1500 homes. Since then, a lot of the homes get freeze picture, and pixelation frequently. We also get WIFI on same cable ... and drop the connection for ten or fifteen minutes at a time before it re-connects. The set-up it WIFI TV as well as internet. So we lose everything. Not one or two, but probably all or most homes. Comcast says it's US, our house cable or our TV or our equipment (Their equipment) and mostly will do very little. Occasionaly, will dend out a tech and tell us everything is working properly. IT's NOT ... We are a senior community, and lots of folks online or on TV and much of the day. This install is recently complete - several months. I suspect Comcast installed a lower grade or small size Fiber Optic cable, and it's over-loaded. Any comment from you tech experts?? thx BTW: All boxes in our homes are new, and installed at the same time.
monkey44 10/10/22 01:39pm Technology Corner
RE: EV charging quandry

As a former Californian, I can say this. Watch what California does, then do something else, anything else. We can learn from its mistakes.
monkey44 10/09/22 09:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: TIRES,,,,,need 4

made in America. Which means absolutely nothing where quality of construction and longevity are concerned. There is plenty of made in America junk out there. Yeah, but at least we don't have to leave the country to talk direct. And, it supports local USA economy. And, BFG are not junk. You an pick and choose a product, if it's junk, don't buy it.
monkey44 10/08/22 09:12pm Tow Vehicles
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