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RE: What Would Happen If?

We have a central mail building in our community. One trash can at each end of the mailbox panels. The trash can fills quicker than the maiboxes. We collect our mail every three or four days. About twenty pieces go in the trash, one or two go home with us. Same with most other residents ...
monkey44 01/22/22 05:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: pocket knife

Always carried Buck since I was a kid. Just bought a new Buck from Amz - The Buck Store - and it's defective. First one ever. :( So, hit return window, and it says 'Non-returnable item' ... never heard of that on Amz. So will write a note to Buck offices and ask 'why not', with the lifetime warranty it posts. Interesting coincidence - we're just talking about Buck now. Weird. :)
monkey44 01/22/22 10:18am Around the Campfire
RE: pocket knife

I've got a three inch Buck on each keychain, three vehicles. Can't hardly open a package anymore without one. Also have a 'regular' Buck in my truck, in the driver's well, and a K-bar in my camper. They open whatever I need whenever I need it. Plastic packaging has worn out its welcome when you cannot get at its product. Never go anywhere without one to assist my fingernails. :)
monkey44 01/21/22 02:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Is an old fantastic fan worth fixing?

Practically any old part is worth salvaging and repairing today. Compare it to the worthless junk we can buy now that breaks when you look at it. Yes, salvage it if you can.
monkey44 01/18/22 01:52pm Truck Campers
RE: USB C to USB C charging cable

We only own a few devices, but at this point all but our Laptops connect with USB C, so it makes sense to get a couple good ones - one for each vehicle. Like wapiticountry said, everything changes every few years now. By the time these wear out, we'll need some other connection type. Even now, it seems the newest thing is wireless charging. WIFI makes cables obsolete - even our home televisions are now wireless. Next up, a armored E-suit we wear around the house to keep all the E-waves from affecting our bodies and brains. :)
monkey44 01/16/22 03:40pm Technology Corner
RE: USB C to USB C charging cable

I bought the Anker ... not so much 'budget crusher' concern, but quality of the product. Last thing anyone needs is a cable that fails when you're in the back-country or anywhere else enjoying yourself and you can't charge your Laptop, your phone your camera because a cheap cable fails. I get tired of buying things twice because the products are so cheaply made. So many products claim quality when it is not once you buy it and use it. I agree, electronics change, but if my phone will only last three or four years, I'd like the cable to last that long too. Guess I could buy five, keep them in the glove box, and toss one every year. Or toss them all into a landfill when a new version comes out. Seems the phones change the connections so we have to buy all new cables each time as well.
monkey44 01/16/22 02:33pm Technology Corner
RE: USB C to USB C charging cable

Thanks ... :)
monkey44 01/15/22 06:06pm Technology Corner
USB C to USB C charging cable

What is a good brand for short - 12 inch - USB C to USB C charging cable ... My Blazer has a USB C port as does my Android Galaxy phone and the OEM Cable is six feet, way to long. Also need a 90 degree 110v plug charger for Android phone too. Almost every one seems to pop out the top - or horizontal - instead of at 90 degrees. Can be USB A to USB C but also 12 inch cable. I'm looking on Amazon, but reviews are so up and down on the same cords and vendors I can't figure out a good brand. Would rather buy quality then save a buck. Thx M44
monkey44 01/15/22 01:36pm Technology Corner

Not so sure what getting a test means. You don't have the bug at that minute ... Next day that test is irrelevant. Might only make sense if you plan to fly or float somewhere in a crowd. At this point, if you're not sick, stay home or go to work. If you're sick, go to a clinic and get treatment.
monkey44 01/07/22 03:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: Anyone heard of PLAID - a financial company

Yeah - more or less what I thought, but couldn't figure out why a car manufacturer would offer it ... well, it didn't. Turns out it was a popup on an AD popup ... We had no intentions of opening it, but was curious. We're certainly not going to link all our finances together in one place any more than it already is now. We separate accounts, even banks, as much as is possible in the e-world we live in today. Thanks for info -- Have a great 2022, and happy camping, finally :)
monkey44 01/04/22 07:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Laptop Google issue??

1492 is probably right too ... but for now, LT works fine with Google. If it does it again - don't know what I'll do, but will not fight it for long ... MS is getting way to personal and way to controllable of our tech lives ... I see a Macbook in my future. Don't know if that's better, but it cannot be worse. Still haven't figured out why a browser would interfere with MSW and any writing program or app, but it did. I was afraid to open any of my photo work ... so, don't know how it would have treated it, and never want to find out. All backed up of course, but that's another unnecessary hassle if it does glitch some image and designs -- BLAH !!
monkey44 12/27/21 07:22pm Technology Corner
RE: this is why

Those of us living in Florida - that's USA for you Canadian friends - we had to suffer thru +67 degrees today. Shorts, sandals, and T-shirts, rooting for the Lightning for another Stanley Cup. Altho, bet Jerry Gale will root for a different team, much further north!! Hey Jerry, if you're listening :)
monkey44 12/27/21 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Laptop Google issue??

2oldman is mostly right. I figured it out today. Altho, I've been using Google as my main search engine for years with no problems. Somehow, maybe an update? The EDGE shortcut showed up on my laptop, so I deleted it. But, apparently, it stayed 'hidden'. When I clicked on Google, a window warning popped up and said, "Google is not your default, click here to make it your default.' So I clicked it, and apparently again, EDGE will not allow Google to be the default. And the messy and annoying interaction when Google tried to become the default created havoc with all my programs - nothing would type in any programs - MS Word, Google, even here on RvNet. PRogram or app will open, but it will not function. Everything I tried, shutting off stuff, repairing stuff, etc - nothing worked until I opened Google once, did not click the 'make this your default' and it opened and everything was back to normal. Simple answer that eluded me for three days. I deleted that 'warning', and Google and Programs / Apps all function correctly. I imagine I'll find out eventually that some of what I shut off will come back to haunt me - altho, I don't remember every one at the moment. A lesson learned today, for sure. What an adventure!! Thanks to all that tried to assist. :) M44 AND, a great 2022 to y'all ...
monkey44 12/27/21 05:30pm Technology Corner
RE: GMC Ecotech engine

The Date didn't notice that either - tho the newer reviews say good things about it. RIght after I posted this thread, I drove a rental Malibu while my car was getting a recall serviced ... might get good fuel mileage but you could never sell me that engine. Sluggish - was afraid to pass anyone, and stayed in the right lane all the way home (90 miles). We drive a 2.0L turbo that would blow it out of the water. 1.5L just seems like it might power a lawnmower. I imagine the AWD is worse, and I'm thinking longevity of 91 ci pulling that Malibu weight or the Terrain, or the Equinox probably low too. And, no available upgrade to bigger engine. Maybe GM got over those humps, but personally, I'd not trust it at this time, after having just driven one.
monkey44 12/27/21 05:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Laptop Google issue??

Using Avast - free addition. I ran two scans ... all clear. Just tried to download Spybot. Won't take it??? I'm pretty certain it has to do with EDGE, because it only began a couple days ago. And, the EDGE icon appeared on my screen at the same time. Spontaneously - EDGE has never been on my screen in the past, and I did not create the short-cut. If I boot-up my LT, like I just did, it works correctly. It seems once this starts flashing, I can't stop it. But, if I shut down, and open it again a little later, the LT works as it should work, with no interference. Very Weird, extremely weird. Once I click on the Start menu after the LT opens, it begins flashing again and nothing works, but once I shut down, wait, start up, it all works normal until I click on start menu again, and it begins flashing again.
monkey44 12/27/21 11:23am Technology Corner
Laptop Google issue??

Problem with Laptop - ASUS w/Wdw10 Pro ... Samsung SSD. When I open my laptop and open Google, a black window with my app on it opens half-way across my page, then closes, then opens, continuously and I've tried everything to stop it. Restore, uninstall, shut-off etc. I believe it's related to EDGE. It also keep downloading some Whiteboard app, which I delete/uninstall. The next time I open Google, it does the same thing, and Whiteboard pops up on a lower corner again??? I've unchecked boxes, disengaged One-Drive, Just about everything - altho, am not a tech savvy person, I've been around PC and LT for years and know a little ... but this one has me stuck. I try to disengage EDGE but no way I can find will do it. Soon as I boot up again, EDGE appears again as my Default - Google has been my default search ever since I can remember. It does not happen EVERY TIME - as right now the black screen is not popping out. When it begins, it's continuous popping in and out, and when it's doing it, I can't type in anything, MSW or Email. When I try to type, no letters appear, but a random app or program opens and sit but will not operate. I've done nothing new to it - same everything since last week - ran a scan, malware search, etc. All show clean. I'm fairly certain it's something in EDGE, because each time I try 'things' and delete the EDGE icon on startup, it returns on startup and again the app/programs flashes appear. Sometimes it randomly opens Photos, or photo app, or some other app that's on the control panel. Really stuck on this one -- Thx M44
monkey44 12/27/21 09:28am Technology Corner
GMC Ecotech engine

Anyone know about the GMC 3 cyl 1.5 engine?? Seems very small for a Terrain size vehicle, especially the AWD version. That's only 91 ci, seems like it might drive a lawnmower. But am not sure how well Ecotech works. I think Ford has one, and got good power reviews, but was larger and in the Ford 150 - I believe. Thx M44
monkey44 12/26/21 04:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Stop using AIOW please!

Caveman Charlie -- OFF is not an acronym, it's just the OFF position, as in the opposite of ON, which is also not an acronym as in the ON position, the opposite of OFF. Merry Christmas CC, which is not an acronym either ... :)
monkey44 12/25/21 08:04am General RVing Issues
Anyone heard of PLAID - a financial company

We were looking at a new vehicle purchase. On the manufacterer finance part, a notice said if we join 'Plaid', we can get a discount. But, when we looked up PLAID, it wants to consolidate all our accounts under one umbrella ... a PLAID one. Never happen. But I can't find out anything about it and neither the dealer nor the finance company knows anything about it - altho, the window pops open on the manufacturer finance website. Very Weird. We, of course, backed off the site - and gave no info ... Puzzled Monkey ?
monkey44 12/20/21 11:52am Around the Campfire
RE: Stop using AIOW please!

monkey44 12/19/21 02:53pm General RVing Issues
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