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RE: Send photo issue ??

Turns out, someone, definitely NOT me, unchecked a box that said - "View senders photos" Must have happened during the update, because I never, never, never touch any of that stuff without some friend helping, as I'm an un-tech person. Everything worked Wednesday - happened Thursday during an "update" and never worked after it finished. Took me hours to find that one box, because it's really trial -error for me ... I open and look at everything, but touch nothing until I'm sure... Happy, frustrated camper tonight :) Thanks for responses guys !!!
monkey44 01/17/20 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Send photo issue ??

Possibly the size of the photo is too large, but it should tell you that. No, it's every photo I send or receive. In Outlook - the person that I send it to, receives the jpeg. But in my sent folder, it shows the small mountain icon, and a click says I cannot open it, even tho the recipient can open it on his end. If anyone sends me an image, it shows as the same mountain icon, and I cannot open it. I thought at first some kind of malware or virus - did a scan, nothing. Then, tried photo on Gmail and it works fine and normal?
monkey44 01/17/20 10:59am Technology Corner
Send photo issue ??

Yesterday, Win 10 updated ... Now today, I can email jpeg photos to a person, but cannot receive photos/ I receive a icon, looks like the blueish mountain that indicate attach photos in FB etc ... But if I click on it, a window opens that tells me we cannot open this file. It has the same label-tag number but won't open. When I email out a photo, the same icon appears in the sent photo, and I cannot open it there either. When an email comes in with a photo, it shows the same icon, and I can't open it ... When I reply or forward to a person that sends me a photo, the message text goes, but no image? Anyone ever seen this before??? Win 10 Pro on ASUS laptop, w/Outlook
monkey44 01/17/20 10:34am Technology Corner
RE: Need advice

Why am I thinking this is a fake post. New member, no other posts, hasn't returned, no real details... Maybe - but not everyone returns here every day. Maybe he's out learning the difference between fresh water tank and black tank :)
monkey44 01/15/20 08:04am Beginning RVing
RE: Need advice

Some day, when you are very experienced RV-Guru, you will look back at this event and laugh. You will laugh at others that do the same thing ... and nod in an experienced memory. We've ALL done one thing stupid or make simple mistakes!! You will learn the in-outs of your camper over time, and don't be afraid to ask your camping neighbors (bring a beer)- we'll all help or assist as needed, unless you get a curmudgeon, if so, don't pop the top or screw off the cap, just take it back and enjoy it yourself. Would be a good idea to take yourself camping for a weekend, meet a few campers, and invite them to show you the connections and all the chores necessary. It won't take long, and you won't forget, if you do forget, it will a least trigger the 'remember this lesson' part !! Enjoy your camper under the stars, ain't nothing like it in the entire world.
monkey44 01/14/20 04:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Folly of searching for used cargo trailer

Getting ready to put my cargo trailer up for sale on Craig's List, and can't wait for the fun to begin. I've really gotten some bizarre scenarios in the past on other items. Sometimes you can insist on emails only, then a working phone, etc. We'll see how it goes ??
monkey44 01/13/20 06:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: GM to introduce electric Hummer

Like the look, like the E-truck instead of gas. I suspect we might have a few more charging stations around by then - and maybe a Quick-Charge when on the road. But my question would still remain - where do the batteries store, and from what I've seen in other test designs, you lose the bed for all intents and purposes. So, how will Hummer install batteries in an area that allows storage and passengers - will be interesting to see it with that in mind ... :) :)
monkey44 01/12/20 10:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Alone or in a group?

I'm with monkey except we pull a TT with my 4x4. Ha, you're with monkey but he never sees you HAHAHHAAHa ... Funny tho, we lived in Los Angeles - SFV - for lots of years !! Grew up watching the Dodgers play :) Chavez Ravine best ball park in the country !! Camped a lot in those mountains too -- Little Rock, Mojave, Sierras...
monkey44 01/09/20 09:27pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Alone or in a group?

Sometimes alone, most times with wife. We socialize spur of the moment, but do not travel with groups, but sometimes meet up with others at time-place. We are a 4x4 truck camper so often go where many RV's cannot as easily reach, and camp in smaller sites or boon-dock.
monkey44 01/09/20 10:04am RV Lifestyle
RE: 2020 RV SHOW

I've always thought it interesting that dealers at these shows CHARGE a fee to park and then another entry fee that gives dealers a chance to SELL folks a camper. I personally am unwilling to PAY someone to sell me their product.
monkey44 01/05/20 08:55pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Racking up the miles.

Changed oil and lub'd it every 5000 miles, for 214,000 before trading my GMC 2500 in on a 2015 2500 - never needed oil between changes... No regrets, would have kept it longer, but small things began to wear, and we were heading out on a five-month cross-country. Wife felt uncomfortable with that many miles. Love the 2015 too, and the upgrade to six-speed and 4:10. Changed brakes ONCE in all that time, but they were coming due again. That's a lot of comfortable miles. Changed tires about four times in that many miles and a couple batteries. Take care of your vehicle, it will take care of your travels :):)
monkey44 01/05/20 10:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Oil headed for 70 bucks s barrel. Here we go.

OK, how about those NY apartment buildings twenty-thirty stories, a hundred apartments, a hundred families. Put one solar complex over the entire roof, you might get enough power to feed electric to the top ONE floor or even TWO, or THREE, what do the other ninety families do? Well, they bring in power from an external grid?? And that cost as much to build and maintain as any other power source. We do not have perpetual power production anywhere ... It costs use and maintenance fees, and soft labor, and engineers. That's not inexpensive, even if renewable and sustainable. Unless you individually grow your own groceries and create your own power, there will always be a cost equation.
monkey44 01/04/20 07:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Beware Gift Card Scam

We usually wait, and run the card past the final amount by a small amount - then pay the difference with cash and cut up the card. Never lose the pennies - and yes, I heard the same thing - people don't want to bother with the small amounts, just toss the card. IF I was homeless, I'd hang out at a shopping center right before and after Christmas and watch shoppers and trash cans -- a bonanza??? :)
monkey44 01/04/20 10:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Apple tree harvesting / Deer in my yard

Coyotes are scavengers - eat pretty near anything organic. The also hunt, mostly as a pack - especially weak or young or injured wildlife. This female has young pups in Teddy Roosevelt NP - she's out every day looking for prairie dogs ... or anything edible.
monkey44 01/04/20 10:40am Around the Campfire
RE: Oil headed for 70 bucks s barrel. Here we go.

We will always remain "in transit" from horse and buggy, sailing, steam engines, oil and gas power, water generated, battery, wind, solar. We'll always live in a world that contains all or some or a combination of sources until we find 'The One' renewable power source that meets every need, if ever. Look around us and see the variety of old and new power sources we use today, and for different or even the same applications. No source goes away, we just adapt it into a combination or best apply the source to the individual need. We use petroleum and its byproducts in many applications that have nothing to do with power generation, plastics for example. That will remain applicable until we invent something different - wood in building evolved into composites, as did metal into composites - each of a different chemical or structural component, that either makes it rot resistant, or stronger or degradable depending on the industry or personal requirements.
monkey44 01/03/20 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leesburg Florida area

I'll check those out and take a couple photos this weekend ... and look at area and how nice the parks are - will also take boat launch area photos. Yes, tournament is Venetian Gardens ... Rte 44, south side of Leesburg.
monkey44 01/02/20 08:36pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cash Vs. Finance

If you are uncomfortable with dealer having your money - pay an attorney a few hundred bucks to do your transaction. He will make sure you have title and title is legal and all fees are up front in writing so you know. Worth it ... Attorney releases funds to dealer and title to you once you are satisfied with PDI and get the keys.
monkey44 01/02/20 08:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tires question

Been running BFG on my trucks for years (since 1980s) and more years with the KO2 - no issues, plenty of miles - both on and off roads. At the moment, on my Chevy 2500HD, just put a new set of LT 285-17's - ride great, very little road noise. I'd buy them again if I need them again ... They were about half-worn at 28K miles, but I hit a road hazard middle of nowhere and killed one. Don't feel right with only one new and half-tread on others, so bought four new, kept the others as back up in case it happens again. I had only one MFTR tire issue in all these years, and BFG replaced two so they would be even. Only good things to say about BFG.
monkey44 01/02/20 08:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Leesburg Florida area

Lake Griffin SP is great - we stay there often as a final stop on our way home. We live just south of Leesburg. Send me PM with email and we can chat about the area. How big is your rig???
monkey44 01/02/20 09:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: My Picks College Football

Watched two games yesterday Michigan vs Alabama & Oregon vs Wisconsin. With respect to the Mich./Bama game, Michigan was ahead by a few points in the first half, but they just couldn't hang with Alabama in the 2nd. half. Now with respect to Wisconsin/Oregon, Oregon won by 1 point, but the most glaring stat was Wisconsin turned the ball over (4) times by either fumbles or interceptions and when you turn over the ball (4) times in a game, odds are you're going to lose. In spite of that, I felt Wisconsin was the better team that just came out with a L at the end. However, a bright spot for the BIG10 was Minnesota beat Auburn by a TD! Jan 13th. is the BIG GAME between Clemson & LSU and I'm going to be rooting big time for the LSU Tigers! GEAUX LSU TIGERS!!!!! Wisconsin loss attributes a little to those unsportsmanlike conducts as well. Several penalties at critical times. You cannot punch opposing players from behind just because you're pissed at a play or a player - you suck it up and play football. Tho', I have no fox in that hunt this year, I was not unhappy to see Oregon pull out the win just for that reason. I actually believe the Oregon defense added a lot to that win, especially right at the end when it really counts. I'm also thinking LSU next week. Altho, I'd bet a whole pile of money the Tigers will win that one. :)
monkey44 01/02/20 08:24am Around the Campfire
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