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RE: Natchez Trace

TC no problem - we did it a few years ago, and I'm surprised anyone would think it's any kind of challenge. Maybe if you have a double-cab dually towing a forty-foot trailer, you might find it a good idea to take it slow in a few spots. But it's doable and a nice drive with some history stops. TC is piece of cake, with frosting. Enjoy...
monkey44 09/15/23 06:02am Truck Campers
Solar Phone Charger

Will be doing some tent camping this season. Need a solar charger to charge phone and camera batteries. I have a large battery pack to charge any time I have power, and use it at that time. Often don't have power, so need one small enough to charge phone and carry on the trails. I'm not sure what kind of specs it needs. Fast charging would be best. I have no clue about solar charging a phone, so advice appreciated. Thx ... monkey44
monkey44 08/30/23 02:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Air Travel From Seattle SEATAC

We'll second Crowe - you can probably get a limo to drop you off right at the airline and take yo home after you return for what two weeks parking would cost. Plus, not to worry about car and any damage that might occur while you're gone.
monkey44 08/26/23 07:39pm Around the Campfire
RE: Financing Rates These Days

Agree with way2roll ... you'll probably keep the truck longer than the RV, and if not, they are separate so you can split them if you need to change one or the other. Probably get better rate on the truck too, for shorter term. You will also get a better trade on the truck later, if you decide to do it.
monkey44 08/11/23 11:29am General RVing Issues
RE: salvage title

You don't get a title in most states, as mentioned. I bought one camper in Florida and got a Certificate of Origin from Lance. Looks just like a title, including a place to sign off a sale on the back. I also bought one in Delaware, and got the same Certificate of Origin from Lance as well. I do not live in a state that requires Truck Campers to have a Title. I sold one of the campers a couple years ago. The Certificate of Origin was sufficient for the sale. If you do not have CoO, you should speak to the Manufacturer or the dealer where you purchased it originially.
monkey44 07/19/23 03:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Itinerary for southern Oregun and northern Cal

Yeah, I'd wonder about that full-timer comment too??? I've spent years camping in CA state parks - part of that time as a full-timer as well, and never heard of that nor been denied a campsite. MOF, lived in CA thirty years, and never heard or saw anything like that. :(
monkey44 07/08/23 11:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Open Title Purchase

If you really want it, accompany the owner to the title company or registration office in your state. Explain the situation, have owner sign and pay any late fees. IF he can't or won't do that, and get you a new clear title in your name the same day. That's it, start looking again.
monkey44 06/25/23 09:03am General RVing Issues
RE: The buyers market

StonePanther ... Plenty of equity in truck - 2022 GMC, no loan - but our bank keeps wanting to refi or give vehicle loans at what is higher interest rates, and home refi or equity loans too. We kinda laugh when the offer just increases the interest rate, and if anyone does it, all it accomplishes is the bank gets more interest on the same loan it holds now. If we refi the house, for example, our mortgage payment would go up $460 a month, and we would get no cash out and we'd pay all the refi costs n addition. We're just thinking it's the banks and finance companies trying to exclude the low interest rates on homes and vehicles that it funded with the low rates the past few years ... banks don't like getting 'stuck' with home loans at 3.5% for thirty years, nor vehicle loans at five or six years at one or two percent.
monkey44 06/23/23 06:04am General RVing Issues
RE: The buyers market

We agree with dodge guy ... the banks make up the difference in interest rates rising as prices drop. Our bank continuously asks us to refi our home (We have a 3.5% rate) and can give us a new mortgage a 5.5% ... and, wants us to refi our truck for 7%-8%, and we own it, no loan. We say 'No thanks' and smile.
monkey44 06/22/23 08:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: The buyers market

New Cars and Trucks are beginning to follow that trend as well ... but slower. Most Auto Dealers do not want to believe it yet, so it's just happening slower. Those exorbitant prices and added fees are disappearing.
monkey44 06/22/23 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Sorta tells it all, don't it.

"Open box and discard before cooking macaroni inside."
monkey44 06/02/23 09:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Extended-range tank for Chevy 2500HD gas

My 2015 Silverado 2500HD 6.0L SB 4x4 bought new came from factory with a single 36 gallon gas tank.
monkey44 05/24/23 07:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Would You Caulk This Shower Tub?

Second Chance is correct. :)
monkey44 05/23/23 01:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Extended-range tank for Chevy 2500HD gas

We drove a Chevy 2015 2500HD SB gasser for years, hauling our truck camper. Bought new, no added tank. Stock tank - 36 gallons. The GM - 1500's sit too low to the ground for a tank larger than 26 gallons. I drove one for years, and tried to find a A/M larger tank, but nothing for gassers, only larger tanks for diesel fuel and mostly in the truck bed.
monkey44 05/16/23 08:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Florida State Park Reservation window changes

A month lead time is probably the best the state can do, under the circumstances. We locals need a pocket of time for local camping reservation. But, a lot of our revenue to support the parks and part of our economy depends on snowbirds and tourists. We are local too, and when myself or me and wife need/want a day or so in a vacant site in FCG we can usually find it. It's the extended two weeks in a row that's tough. So, we just split up our time when it's available and pop over for a day or two when we can get it. We live here, we don't need two weeks - and we're retired as well, so pretty flexible with dates. I suspect this will make it easier for a family, or working folks to reserve and enjoy sometimes in nature.... Hope it works out for all that want it. :)
monkey44 05/13/23 06:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: carfax for truck campers

CarFax only reports what is submitted to the service anyway. Mostly dealers and high-end repair shops. Joe Mechanic or Johnny Repair will usually not report anything. My wife slid her BMW on golf course grass and bumped a stationary object. I repaired the minimum scratches and dents, straightened the fender, and painted to match. No report. Air bags didn't even release. I know, CarFax is for maintenance, and minor to major damage... but I imagine many do not get reported. Seems to me tho', our Lance has an ID number and a Model number - but it's in storage so I can't look at it. But no wheels or engine would preclude anything reportable, I'd guess. And, it's not practical for a site like CarFax to report water damage, for example, it's not so easy to find even when we want to find it.
monkey44 05/10/23 02:31pm Truck Campers
RE: T-Mobile Gripes

We also have the T-Mobile Seniors plan, for years - travelled all over the country, and at home in Florida. We connected to hotspot often, even when we are home and lose our home internet for periods of time. Never had an issue - two phones - don't know if it's ever been throttled, and probably can't tell anyway :) ... we've never paid more than the monthly fee, and when we got a new phone at the renewal time, did not pay anything for the free phone nor did our monthly bill change.
monkey44 05/08/23 05:42am Technology Corner
RE: Fender Flares

Lund One of the first I looked at ... but last week, Lund had only the Colorado. Now, it shows Canyon as well. Must have released Colorado first, then Canyon ... thanks for the new info link. :)
monkey44 04/29/23 08:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fender Flares

Bushwacker Amazon Yeah, I found those, and the site claims they do not fit the 2022 GMC Canyon ... only the Chevy Colorado. And when I ask it, it says "Does not fit your GMC Canyon. So am stumped. Even called GM dealer / parts, and he said NO Canyon, and would not commit if the Colorado also fits the Canyon. Will call GM direct tomorrow and ask about it. I see Ford, Ram, Jeep, Full-size Chevy, Tahoe, Blazer etc etc. All pop up, but no Canyon. And, Canyon is not new altho', if could have made slight modifications in 2022/2023 and now it's not dual fit like a lot of things between GMC an Chevy. :(
monkey44 04/29/23 04:01pm Tow Vehicles
Fender Flares

Hey Guys ... Am trying to find Fender Flares for a Canyon, Elevation. Seems like every vehicle shows up but the Canyon. Altho, the 2020 shows up and available, that' where it stops at most Suppliers - others go all the way to 2023 ... I according to the supplier it spoke with, the 2020 does not fit the 2022. THey don't look different, but I guess they are ... I've tried most mfgrs I can find, and same 'no fit' on 2022 ... Looking for smooth flares, not the one's the show bolt pattern. Not over large, but some show at 1.5" extended - which would be me. 2022 GMC Canyon Elevation ... IF I had another hair remaining, I'd rip it out :) Not sure if the Colorado flares fit, but no luck there either as they are both similar model from GM.
monkey44 04/29/23 01:20pm Tow Vehicles
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