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RE: White Cap company

Maybe not such a great place to do business ... How safe is Temecula CA? The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Temecula is 1 in 41. Based on FBI crime data, Temecula is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to California, Temecula has a crime rate that is higher than 67% of the state's cities and towns of all sizes.
monkey44 03/08/21 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Internet speed

Just out of curiosity now - how would Android phone WIFI compare to the 100/5Mbp speed ... we have T-Mobile and Verizon on the road and both with hotspots. Some campers talk about streaming thru phones, so what speed does that take? Is it different than regular hotspot? We've used our hotspots all over the country and had good service, generally. But just for email and web surfing, not streaming.
monkey44 02/28/21 05:17am Technology Corner
RE: No Pain, No Gain!

Glad to hear VA is doing you well. Some VA clinics are good, some not so good. Some staff good, some not so good. Stick with the good ones. Good Luck mr. ed...
monkey44 02/26/21 02:27pm Around the Campfire
RE: Internet speed

Our underground cable has been under ground for 23 years. :( That's not unusual. Probably not, but we have a lot of service problems now. Interrupted signals, movies dropping off right in the middle, sound stops movie keeps running, sound runs, screen turns black. And no way to catch up, you need to start it over. Internet is OK, but we lose that periodically too, then it restarts in an hour or so. It's time ...
monkey44 02/26/21 02:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet speed

Our community is contracting Comcast for internet - it says we will get service at 100/5Mbs -- that's exactly how it's written ... So I wondered what it actually means - especially with 4K videos etc. I'm not a fan of Comcast, not very good customer service ... But I only have one vote, just want to make sure it's fast enough for every one that wants HS service. I'll be outvoted, but it's the best pricing, and we have 1500 homes. We will also get it in the Rec areas, and in our RV park. Our underground cable has been under ground for 23 years. :( Comcast says it will install new Fiber Optic cable to every home and our rec areas ... and tells us 100/5Mbs our ISP speed. Sounds like it will do it ... Thx guys M44
monkey44 02/26/21 12:40pm Technology Corner
Internet speed

Can any one clarify what this means ... I see it as 100 divided by 5, which would be 20Mbs ??? But monkey mostly clueless about tech. And it generally takes 25Mbs or higher for 4K Streaming, unless I'm truly out to lunch here ... probably a fact :) Thanks M44 Comcast ISP: Performance Currently at 100/5Mbs
monkey44 02/26/21 05:49am Technology Corner
RE: Locked Out!

If you can get it open ... Sometimes, when you install new key locks, you need to install it with the latch bolt and deadbolt extended. I have no clue why, maybe pressure on the assembly when you tighten screws. Key both extended, 'locked' tongues out. Install it, then retract both, and shut door - keys should work properly. Try locking and unlocking several times before you shut the door and lock it.
monkey44 02/25/21 09:24am Tech Issues
RE: What are good outdoor camping lights?

We kinda like moonlight, with a good flashlight when we need to find something :)
monkey44 02/24/21 06:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

I assume these laws are written by young urbanites who never venture far from pavement. It's amazing how someone can think their way of life needs to imposed on everyone else even though they don't understand other people's way of life. I know plenty of people who drive their trucks to their off grid hunting camp, ride around in the mountains all week, etc. Where exactly are they going to recharge? Logging companies, farmers, ranchers, excavators, etc. all regularly operate motor vehicles, particularly 1500 trucks, in very remote areas with no electrical infrastructure for long periods of time. This will likely drive 1500 truck buyers to 2500 and larger trucks making them even more expensive for us working stiffs who need them to make a living, not just cruise around town looking cool. What do you mean no charging station- All those outlying vehicles will have a built in gas generator to charge batteries, and a build in gas tank to run it. No problem :) :) Just find a gas station to fill your generator tank so you can charge your EV and drive it. Fun aside, as we work towards that technology, we also need to understand it's not an over night shift. And we must first perfect the charging ability and more importantly, the root source of that energy. Otherwise, we're just spinning our wheels, literally.
monkey44 02/23/21 08:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Moderna vaccine (Personal experiences)

I'd be concerned about length of protection with Pfizer or Moderna with only one shot. The mRNA it seems would require dual shots for 'distance running' rather than one dose rated at ninety percent permanent - for how long does that last. Because we are still in the beginning stages of this vaccine, I'd sooner take two and feel more comfortable than wait and say, 'well, should have gotten two.' Too late, says the doctor. We can't have that. I had second shot of Moderna today, and so far, no side effects, same with first shot, no side effects during the thirty days between. I'm certain cost is one factor, but knowledge is another. Sometimes cost over-rides safety of patients, and that's backwards. Safety of patients, even in a new medical frontier, should always come first.
monkey44 02/19/21 01:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: Again Texas Fails Its Citizens

Here's how Sweden does it ...
monkey44 02/17/21 07:10am Around the Campfire
RE: New Television

Was surprised to see/know about the Organic components... when I read that, I envisioned some future TV screens with a buncha rainbow fireflies behind a flat glass screen shooting off the correct color in sequence. The firefly dance :) Imagine that, we could grow our own TV's ... Altho, I understand computers have been developing the organic components for awhile, particularly in military applications, I had no clue it's adaptable to consumer motion and TV screens.
monkey44 02/15/21 12:28pm Technology Corner
RE: New Television

Actually, I said 'relatively' new? OLED is still in its early generation. There are questions of OLED longevity as it uses organic based LED which reportedly degrades unevenly over time, part of the problem. Some manufacturer released firmware have also resulted in known loss of brightness by users in some display modes? The next generation of OLED is coming as early as this year, and should address some these issues with earlier models. That's kinda what I read about the OLED, and why we decided on the QLED. We're not big TV watchers ... and not gamers or in need of the most refined and newest gadgets.
monkey44 02/14/21 03:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

Wish I knew how to post a photo here. We were traveling in Texas, rolled past a pasture filled with cattle - right next to a windmill farm. The cattle were facing away from the windmills, pointing the rear ends at it. We cracked up ...
monkey44 02/13/21 04:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: New Television

We read lots of reviews, read about the technology, listened to folks ... and finally decided and ordered the Samsung QN55Q80TA 55" w-HW800T sound bar. Comes as a package ... We have several Samsung TV's in the home now, and both Samsung phones and have always had good luck with that brand. We looked seriously at the LG setup also - tough decision. Thanks once again for the advice - now, if we can only figure out the technology and make it work once it gets here. :) :) M44
monkey44 02/13/21 01:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Exxon lost $20.1Billion - the beginning of the end for oil?

Pollution controls for horses - a bag tied beneath the tail :)
monkey44 02/13/21 11:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Truck Seat Repair

If you don't want to patch it ... Take it to an auto upholstery shop and have seat repaired ... OR, as above post, buy seat covers. Remember, if you have heated seats, seat cover are not such a good idea according to MFGRs.
monkey44 02/13/21 10:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Drove UBER for a year to help granddaughter

Lots of us worked part-time, college part-time, with a few costs subsidized. Some GI Bill money (earned not free). Took several loans and paid back every dollar including interest. I worked hard, others worked hard. Now we're out earning what we paid for and worked for ... It's not time for us to pay someone's college fees with our earnings. Altho, I have no issues with some qualifying for grants and subsidy ... but freebies for regular students are not in my wheelhouse. Mike, you should receive applause for helping your grand-daughter, as we would help ours as well. But she's not ours - and in our minds, it's a family obligation.
monkey44 02/11/21 05:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Website ??

Gdetrailer - you are correct, middle search box. But I thought it also searched a website if you type it in ... looks like that's my mistake - when I make a link, or type it in header box, it's always worked properly. But I could not figure out why a search engine would not bring it up with just the address ... now I understand it a bit better. Altho, the middle box does bring it up as an address but not near the top ... it's down the page link list a ways. SO, I have learned a lesson today ... thanks again all for your assistance -- M44 Stay safe, and happy camping.
monkey44 02/10/21 09:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Website ??

That's what I can't grasp. IF I do a search, that's one thing. But if I write out a website address, it should only go direct to that website. I'm not using search terms, I'm using a web address in the search bar. Maybe searches don't work the way I think. Following up, if I paste a link in FB or other SM, the link works. All point to the personal website, for now. It will eventually have its own - but for now, its just pointing as we develop the website and the NPO. Thanks for all your help guys ... it makes me less bummed about the connection. Will probably work out eventually as we get organized and change it over. Probably months away still.
monkey44 02/10/21 01:24pm Technology Corner
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