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RE: CC safety

Ok, thanks guys - I kinda figured it was more difficult than simply scanning ... And, yes, we have warning sent each time we're charged on VISA. But, am not always looking at my laptop when at a store :) ... don't always have my phone at hand either - not every minute of the day. Guess I'll save my pennies and skip a 'scan safe' wallet too ... buy myself a Snickers instead. Happy camping y'all ... M44
monkey44 05/29/22 11:15am Technology Corner
CC safety

Just received a new VISA card equipped with the 'touch reader' technology. Says we only wave the card over the reader for payment. That seems a bit dangerous to me - if the reader can read the wave, why not a stranger standing behind us in a store, or anywhere, with a scanner in hand. We don't sign anything, we don't show the safety number on the back, nothing but a wave and a charge. Now I also see 'card wallets' that have a wave protector screen. So, now we get a 'wave card' and need an 'anti-wave wallet' to protect it. One more thing to buy and carry around. Pretty soon we'd need a cargo trailer just for identification and credit cards and check cards, etc. Anyone have a comment on the safety of 'wave cards'... seems pretty easy to scan the signal.
monkey44 05/29/22 08:09am Technology Corner
RE: Lowering / raising with manual jacks

Thanks monkey44. I have the connector but my drill may need to be upgraded. It quits once things get really heavy. Was more concerned about the lifting leg so thanks for the comment. I bought a heavy duty Makita - battery powered - it lifted my Fleetwood at 2500 lbs. easily. BTW: Lift the front two first, then the rear, in three or four inch increments each.
monkey44 05/24/22 12:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Lowering / raising with manual jacks

Get yourself a heavy duty battery-power drill and a connector ... when I had a camper without electric jacks, I'd raise it three or four inches at a time, no problem. Even with electric jacks my current camper sometimes raises one leg quicker than the others. I just stop and balance the jacks out individually, then continue.
monkey44 05/24/22 11:39am Truck Campers
RE: Tires? Balance or Alignment

Sumatomo Rubber Co. owns Falken and Goodyear ... originally a Japan based company, but now has several plants in USA, along with a USA headquarters ... These specific tires were manufactured in Ohio. Falken also manufactures in the former Cooper Tire plant in Tonawanda NY. It gets good reviews - but I agree, anyone can get a bad tire or a less trained tech. I'll see what happens Monday ... will either exchange (only once) or balance. I feel I should at least give the installer a chance to make it right. Otherwise, will call Mavis Tires (The parent company of the installers) in NY and hopefully get it resolved. It's almost minimal enough to ignore, but I worry about it getting worse as the the miles accumulate. This might be less of a problem than I think - well, just because we always think the worst - especially over a weekend without a chat ...
monkey44 05/21/22 04:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Tires? Balance or Alignment

Just to clarify - the tires are Falken CT60 A/S - great reviews - installed yesterday. All suspension is fine, inspected at my last service. It only began after the tires were installed, immediately. Prior to tire change, I drove it in a straight line, hand free. Ran true. Also drove same straight line, hand free after install. In both test drives, it drove straight and true at least a quarter mile. I'm thinking that eliminates alignment, but not positive as I'm not a mechanic. Steering wheel does not 'wiggle' in only vibrates slightly at that speed, but noticable. In fact, Genie did not even notice it when she drove it home - well drove faster than 25 mph too. But I only drove it later in the day, and noticed it because I was looking for anything unusual at varied speeds. It's very minor, but I'm afraid it might increase over time, and then be out of warranty. I will call Monday and have a chat - make appointment to have them take a look. I'm just asking you tire knowledgeable guys for a little insight before I have that chat ...
monkey44 05/21/22 10:05am Tech Issues
RE: Tires? Balance or Alignment

Well, new tires installed today ... I was coming down on balance, but want to ask here as many of guys know more than my 'little bit' about tires ... Will have installed balance again ... and see. If not, will have them put on a new set. Mfgr has a 30 day exchange if you don't like the tires - so will exercise that option if the installer can't settle the vibration. I'm more worried it will increase if I jsut let it go and skip the 25 mph issue, but no matter, it still means something is amiss with these tires. An aside: HA, our housing community has a 25 mph speed limit, so of course, we vibrate at 25 mph --- go figure.
monkey44 05/20/22 08:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Tires? Balance or Alignment

No vibration before new tires ... also, perfect straight line drive with no hands on wheel before new tires, no left or right pull. Not sure if new tires will effect alignment, but BMW tech says AWD should not need alignment if we install new tires.
monkey44 05/20/22 05:00pm Tech Issues
Tires? Balance or Alignment

Got new tires on TOAD ... Very slight steering wheel vibration at exactly 25 mph ... not slower or faster mph... Other speeds no vibration all the way to 70 mph. Would that be balance or alignment?? Or either. Thx M44 I can take it back to installer, which I will, but would like input first ...
monkey44 05/20/22 03:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Discoverer AT3 XLT

I second Falken tires - we have Falken on our SUV. Great reviews, great Consumer Report testing results as well.
monkey44 05/20/22 02:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Back before cellphones

We particularly enjoy camping where the electronics are not available and only the birds make noise. Or the wind sings in the trees... or a coyote greets the moon.
monkey44 05/18/22 08:05pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Is Facebook killing this site?

FB is not now nor ever will be a competitor for, as least in my mind. We open for information about camping, RV's, equipment, and just friends that enjoy this lifestye. FB we use for family/friends communications, sharing family photos-events, and we ignore the rest. Too much fake news or sales pages selling us something we don't want or need to take it seriously.
monkey44 05/17/22 08:55am Around the Campfire
RE: Interspecies Animal Friends

Pretty cool. We had a few odd friendships on our farm too. A goat and a rooster, a steer and our dog. No video in those days, just memories.
monkey44 05/13/22 12:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: No shortage of RVs

Can't speculate on that, but the other day when driving to the VA clinic on I-75 in Florida, I passed four auto-haulers filled with new trucks and new cars. And that was in a mile or two of highway as I drove it. The haulers were tailing one another, middle of the afternoon.
monkey44 05/12/22 05:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Vacation Home Buying Fizzling. RV's too?

When we bought our home five years ago, we picked one on the internet we liked a lot ... and called for a peek ... The agent that was selling it said, "You qualified for a house twice that expensive. I've got more to show you." "No you don't," Genie said. "We want this one." So we bought it same day and did some interior renovation ourselves. Good bones to work with, and fine outside. Now we have a small mortgage, cars and RV paid for. No kids no more :) Even grand kids are grown. And a few bucks to spend on RV'ing and vacations. It takes a little planning, some luck with investments, and the ability to say "NO" and mean it.
monkey44 05/12/22 05:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rhino ECO Spray On Roof: Does Anyone Have One???

Yeah, me too. Will need new roof soon, before we go camping again. Covered for now. Anyone has other options for roof, please speak up too. We have Lance truck camper.
monkey44 05/05/22 10:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Change Cell companies

That's really SOP for changing carriers. Giving them the PIN lets Verizon know that you authorized the change and T-Mobile isn't doing it on their own. Nothing nefarious going on here. No carrier can risk taking a hit to their image by doing something wrong when they transfer thousands of phone numbers daily. Yes, we know about security ... problem is, ROBOT can't. And Genie could not get to a person. We have no Verizon Corp Store near us, and a Verizon retailer can't do it either. We'll have to find one, and make a trip ... maybe a camping trip. :)
monkey44 04/29/22 03:18pm Technology Corner
Change Cell companies

I've had the Senior Plan on T-Mobile for awhile, but Genie has had Verizon. She's over that now and we want to add her to my Senior Plan - two lines, same fees - and cancel Verizon. The T-Mobile folks want her account number, plus a PIN that Verizon gives for keeping the same number. We tried to call and get it, but she can't get past the robot ... T-Mobile said she can also transfer that number if she has the Verizon App on her phone. Can anyone explain how to make this happen without the robot call. It seems no companies want to lose the customer, but will do nothing that allows the number change. She's had the same number for years and years, does not want to go 'new'... Any assistance? Advice? Thanks M44 ...
monkey44 04/29/22 10:27am Technology Corner
RE: Uninteresting people

We pay ZERO attention to the things celebrities believe are important in their private lives ... ZERO. Funny tho', the only time they're interesting is when they're pretending to be someone else.
monkey44 04/28/22 07:46pm Around the Campfire
RE: Camping Courtesies

Noise and bright light is one thing, we all have fun in different ways ... but at some point in the evening it should become muted. We all need sleep, and loudness keeping folks awake in a campground during the later hours is definitely inexcusable.
monkey44 04/24/22 09:01am RV Lifestyle
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