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RE: GMC/Silverado 2500 Gas

As a general statement, most times we can't find a truck equipped how we want or need it. Many dealer stock have way more 'stuff' than we would order. I've often order-built one in the past with pretty good luck, and timing. When we have ordered, whatever deals and discounts are in place when we ordered, or when we took possession applied, and we could choose. Never been unhappy with a build we ordered, and only once was a delivery late enough to lodge a complaint. Not sure how any of that applies today, but I expect production will settle in pretty soon and become more predictable.
monkey44 01/01/21 12:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stimulus Payment Questions

Yup, both of us pending today for the 4th. Happy New Year everyone.
monkey44 01/01/21 09:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Stimulus Payment Questions

Genie and I both collect SS via direct deposit. Last time, we both got stimulus $$ via direct deposit. We did nothing unusual, it just arrived one day, both of us separate, two equal deposits.
monkey44 12/31/20 07:27am Around the Campfire

Just got a notice - email - the clinic stopped the reservations, and now open at 9AM to 4PM until they run out ... no reservations, first come, first serve. Seniors and Medical Personnel priority - bring your ID. This is Lake County, Central Florida. Don't know about any other counties, but I'm betting the phone trick did not work well.
monkey44 12/30/20 03:29pm Around the Campfire

Good news/bad news: Brevard County health Dep't in FL announced that they are accepting folks aged 65+ for vaccination. One has to call and make an appointment for vaccination. Yay!! The bad news: - yesterday, the phone lines were absolutely jammed. I tried a dozen times to get through.... Today, the phone number is "temporarily unavailable". I'm going to guess they figure they've already filled all available slots? Sigh - I've managed to avoid getting Covid this long, I figure I can wait a while longer. We're in Lake County, same info. Problem will be in Central Florida, and Florida in general, we have a large senior population. One of our neighbors called, redialing six hours straight, busy - busy - busy, finally got an answer - No appoints left, we filled hours ago. We'll wait a bit longer, but would be nice to have a 'filled notice' on recording so folks would know and not spend a day wearing out the dialing or poking finger. But, of course WTG, WHTH ...
monkey44 12/30/20 10:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Employment VS Unemployment

And, one other thing. Insurance and overhead costs, generally based on gross not net, so every increase in hourly minimum wage increases the overhead paid out. FICA goes up, workman's comp goes up, liability insurance goes up, but most often production remains the same. So, product cost goes up, and competition for product sales pricing becomes more intense, and often forces less profit margin. It's not as simple as the direct cost of giving a low-wage employee a raise. If that employee does not increase production activities, then the employer eats more of that overhead increase.
monkey44 12/29/20 03:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Employment VS Unemployment

It seems that one of the common mantras these days is "We need a Basic Living Stipend!" or some other name for a guaranteed income payment. Let's think about that... If everyone is guaranteed an income (let's say $500 per week tax free for life), how will we ever have anybody working a minimum wage job? Can we afford to make the minimum wage high enough that after taxes it will pay more than the "guaranteed income"? If so many are living just fine on the BLS, who is going to be working to pay the taxes to support them? How long will it be before the BLS recipients begin to demand MORE? Think about it. Are we heading down that slippery slope now, with the seemingly never ending "stimulus payments? Once the BLS stipend (now labeled welfare) forces minimum wage jobs to satisfy the 'We can't live on that' crowd, then minimum wages jobs will not be minimum wage anymore. The working folks that pay for all this will, after taxes, earn less than the BLS and the new minimum wage folks. Think about that for a minute, or two.
monkey44 12/29/20 01:54pm Around the Campfire
RE: Employment VS Unemployment

Well, the main purpose of most low-paying jobs is to earn enough money to keep body and soul together. When the government tempts you away from the low-paying job you're currently employed on, with more money than you can make where you are, what do you do? Businesses get incentives from government to do certain things, farmers get paid to not grow crops, people get paid not to work. Nobody said it had to make sense: "We're from the government, we're here to help you". Agreed, altho some low-paying jobs give folks the opportunity to learn job skills and responsibility when entering the work force. Others supplement retirement and occupy time. That fits at both entry and exit employment levels. None of those low-pay jobs are for lifetime employment if one has any upwards motivation. Unfortunately true also, many folks make more on government support than working, so what do they choose? Many choose government support AND then work under the table, another burden on working taxpayers. This CV-19 issue has upset the economy in ways no one could predict, but has not changed much in the way of what workers choose in the long run. This crisis has also changed employment in some unique ways as well. Uptick in home delivery occupations and technology, especially the work-from-home. And, has reduced employment in many direct customer service jobs, restaurants, gyms, nightclubs, bars, entertainment, exhibitions, etc. A major transition in our culture is in the works, whether we like it or not, or agree with it or not. Hopefully, we'll come out of it and rebound, and develop a better society for it.
monkey44 12/29/20 10:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Complaints about Cost of Mhs vs Motels

Be willing to bet, if you cost RV and camping and cook meals, and include maintenance vs Hotels, out meals and costs, the numbers might not be much different. The choice might only involve comfort, your own bed, your own meals - AND the freedom to go where you want vs. motels and the fixed location and convenience of services. So some chose one, some chose the other, and it has nothing to do with overall comparative costs for either.
monkey44 12/23/20 07:39pm General RVing Issues

Ahhhhhhh nothing like first hand experience, vs promotional data. Great that HCW will share that. Hope you all have a great holiday, and a less stressful 2021.
monkey44 12/23/20 06:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Booster vs Laptop charger

Matter of fact, I believe Torklift makes a battery holder that attaches to the frame and holds a battery under the truck bed ... or, yes you're correct, plenty of space between camper and sidewall. Gotta look into that. We're planning another trip west in the spring if all works out. Thx M44 Happy camping guys, stay safe. Enjoy the holidays -- 2020 out the door, and welcome 2021 ... :)
monkey44 12/20/20 12:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Booster vs Laptop charger

Guess if we could invent charging power out of thin air, we'd be millionaires. :) :)That would be called a solar charging system ^^^^ True enough :) :)
monkey44 12/20/20 12:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Booster vs Laptop charger

Ok, I thought it was 'over-hyped' by a few reviews. Seems senseless to charge an expendable charge in a laptop with another expendable battery. Duh! But just checking. I do have the auxiliary 12v charger, but was looking for a better way to charge laptop and camera batteries without spending truck battery with no HU. Camping in a Truck Camper means only one auxiliary battery. Guess if we could invent charging power out of thin air, we'd be millionaires. :) :)
monkey44 12/20/20 11:49am Technology Corner
Booster vs Laptop charger

This booster says it will charge cell phones, etc. Says nothing about laptops. Just wondering if out boondocking a bit, will it charge a laptop as well. Not sure about phones, but laptops are 19v, and this is a 12v booster. Also not sure how that equates to the watts or whatever happens to a charging current... Thanks
monkey44 12/20/20 10:11am Technology Corner
RE: How to make millions and help society

Stop eating crackers or a sandwich while your surfing the net.
monkey44 12/19/20 11:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Score

That's the basics of it - companies we are not using credit with, check our score and use it to up the price. I'll use auto insurance, for example. If you pay in full - which we do - our rate gets a discount but if you pay monthly as some do, it takes a credit report and raises the rate if any 'crimp' appears in it. Many companies do that same thing, if you buy a truck and have good credit, the rate is lower. If you pay cash, you get a discount. So, even the '0' percent interest is built into any vehicle with payments. If you have no credit, or don't use the credit you have, that's a 'crimp', and raises you prices on some consumer products. Insurance, for example, required on every vehicle, so we are occasionally victims of our own prosperity.
monkey44 12/14/20 05:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: hiding spare key IN cab of 2020 F-350 - truck gets confused?

Take the battery out of the key fob, hide both in cab. Very simple to remove and replace battery.
monkey44 12/12/20 05:55pm Truck Campers
RE: When a sale is not a sale

I'll come on the other side of most of the opinions here. First, it is a regular occurrence (especially in todays COVID world) for a car dealer to bring a vehicle to a prospective buyers house for them to inspect and test drive it..... Wow. I've never heard of that. Color me surprised. True - although the dealer makes a deal first, subject to a buyer approving after test drive complete. You can still back out, but they generally want the deal ready-to-go, and the trade goes back with the driver if the deal completes. It's not a 'shopping tool' in that sense. Not sure if every dealer is the same, or how far the 'delivery - test drive' will travel.
monkey44 12/12/20 10:35am RV Lifestyle
RE: Credit Score

It's just sitting there on our bank statement. We have no credit worries, we have a small house payment, one truck and the camper paid off years ago, one run-around vehicle with a few payments left. That's it. SO, in fact, we could care less about an actual credit report. It just tweaked my brain a bit to see: If you don't carry a balance, you become less credit worthy. The weird culture we live in ... The problems with many middle-life families, as a culture, we have become our credit reports, and not individuals. That is TRULY sad. No more 'handshake and believe it' deals in our world.
monkey44 12/11/20 03:45pm Around the Campfire
Credit Score

Just checked my credit score, which I can do on my banking page. My score dropped 50 points this month because it says: YOU don't carry a balance on your credit cards. We pay all our CCs every month. SO, because we do NOT carry a balance, we are a poor credit risk when compared to people that carry a balance. The only reason most people carry a balance ? Well, I'd bet it's because they can't pay it ... and spend more than they make some months. This is not a crabby comment on people that carry a balance, this is a comment on people that CAN and DO pay the CC off every month become a poor credit risk. How bizarre is that, folks??
monkey44 12/11/20 01:03pm Around the Campfire
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