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RE: 2023 Ford Super Duty

If that's the grill, then Im glad I bought mine in 2022. yuk
mosseater 06/30/22 05:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Goodbye China Bombs, Hello Made In The USA

On my third set of Maxxis 8008 with zero issues. I balance with balance beads.
mosseater 06/30/22 05:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2022 F-350 Demo Impressions

Could be the computer is stuck in marketing mode, LOL. I spend some time every day in town and putting up at my woodlot before driving 25 highway miles to work, then back. The typical mix is a good representation of combined driving. When I went to WV for turkey a couple weeks ago, I reset it on I81 for the first hour until I got into serious hills and it was right at 22. Until I got through MD and WV to Mount Storm, it was solidly on 17.6. It snoozes at 1750 rpm doing 75. It's quite an improvement over my '07 F 150 in my sig pic. I didn't expect that. Time to calculate Payback period. HA! Towing around home in the PA rolling hills at 65 it's around 9.5
mosseater 06/07/22 05:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2022 F-350 Demo Impressions

I have the 7.3 L gas in my 2022 F-250 with the 10 speed. This is an awesome performer! Super happy with it. I'm very impressed with how a 7500 lb vehicle can move like that. So far, 11K miles and very few complaints. A couple minor glitches from Ford, but the drivetrain is all I had hoped for. Pulls my 8000lb TT effortlessly. Now I don't decide whether I should try to pass, instead how fast I want to pass. An a superb set of brakes to boot. As a daily driver it averages 15 mpg, gets nearly 20 on the highway, and just sounds tough as heck when I punch it. So far, the best vehicle I've ever owned. Well worth the $2500 price tag for the engine upgrade.
mosseater 06/06/22 08:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seal around windows, doors, and lights

Dicor or equivalent only. Once you put silicone in place, nothing else is ever going to stick to it.
mosseater 05/26/22 05:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford Brake Controller recall

I punched my vin in for my new F-250 and nothing came back. I doubt its all of them. I'm checking with my dealer tomorrow.
mosseater 04/11/22 05:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: White crusty stuff.

Clean, reconnect, and coat liberally with Vaseline. Been doing it for decades.
mosseater 04/04/22 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oil changes with synthetic

Many years ago, when Hector was still a pup, and folks still believed in silly things like objectivity, Consumer Reports did a pretty thorough test with NY city taxi cabs and oil changes. Sythetic was still a niche market then, but after running taxis for 100K miles on almost all readily available oil brands, they tore them down to inspect and measure. The conclusion was, as long as the oil was changed at the then-standard 3000 miles, it didn't matter if it was mobile one or PepBoys reclaimed oil. Their conclusion was to make sure you changed it. Take that info for what you paid for it. That said, two things to keep in mind: Your truck may have an "extreme duty" PM schedule because you tow or haul (Ford dealer service manager told me even if you tow occasionally). Point two...I have zero doubt oil now is better than its ever been, so I have confidence that it's lubrication capabilities are up to the 5 or 10K mile task. But....that black stuff in oil, that makes it black? That's dirt. It aint food coloring. Contaminants are so named because they aren't supposed to be there. I have historically changed mine in my former sig pic F 150 because I ran the dog pee out of it when towing. It never went past 4000 miles without a change. For the cost of Motorcraft synthetic blend and a new filter, I'll eat the minimal cost difference to keep sleeping soundly at night with the new truck as well. When my odometer in my 7.3 gas engine in my new F-250 hits about 4000 miles, I'll be crawling under it again with my drain pan. Thats my 4 cents. Y'all can do as you wish. The cost of one oil change per year wouldn't make most of us even blink. I'd love to be in that club.
mosseater 03/18/22 08:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 31ish foot Bunkhouse model advice

We've had out Sunset Creek 298 BH for 13 years and it's been a very good trailer for us. Probably entry level but been very dependable and trouble free for the most part. They're owned by Winnie now so not sure if the floor plan is still in production or not. Does not have outside bath access but putting the slide out about a foot allows good access to the trailer for roadside comfort. We could have done worse. Dry weight is about 6700 lbs and has 10,000 GVWR. Aluminum frame and well insulated. Easily as good as most other junk on the market.
mosseater 01/20/22 08:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Price breaks on new Pickups?!

I had a rebate coupon that expired before I could make an order for my '22 F-250, but they sent another in the mail before I closed the deal and took delivery in August, so I got the $2500 rebate in the end anyhow. There were very few '21's on Fords lot anywhere because they shut down production early and became the worlds largest manufacturer of medical ventilators. My sales rep said '22s are coming on line now. I got mine early because it was placed as a lot order. Right place, right time, right sales rep. And a decent APR to boot. Pretty good deal and I love the truck so far. Last week was it's first salt bath of the winter so....*CRINGE*.
mosseater 01/14/22 08:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Gas 6.2 vs 7.3

We just wont talk about the gas cap issue. (seriously, Ford????) Gas Cap Issue? The gas cap (yes, it has one for all those supposing otherwise)is on a plastic lanyard just like my 150 was, but this lanyard is too snug and wraps around your hand as you unscrew the cap THREE TURNS! It takes two hands to get it off and put it one. One hand to turn the cap and one to maintain the lanyard from winding around your hand. Very annoying. I agree! Why do we need a cap at all if capless fill works in so many other applications. Its ridiculous.
mosseater 12/21/21 05:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Gas 6.2 vs 7.3

Im very impressed with my '22 supercrew long bed with the 7.3 so far. It's actually getting better mileage than my sig pic truck as a daily driver AND towing. I got nearly 17 mpg on flat highways and 14 ave combined driving. Towing I get around 9 with 8000 lbs whereas the 5.4 was hanging around 8. The brakes are also astounding. What really makes me giggle is when I roll into the throttle. A 7500 lb truck should not move with this much effortlessness. The bottom end on this low roaring beast is absolutely bullet proof. My only complaint is the somewhat electronic feel typical of todays wonder vehicles, and the 10 speed hunts for gears occasionally. Otherwise, I could not be happier at 5000 miles in. We just wont talk about the gas cap issue. (seriously, Ford????)
mosseater 12/17/21 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wastewater Tote & Fresh Water Containers - Do you use them?

We have a Barker 42 Gal tote for years. I don't use it much but very nice to have when the kids are along for longer State Park trips without full hookups. Otherwise, with just the wife and I, conserving water, we can do a 3 night stay with on board showers and usually not need it. I use the 6 gal green jugs for fresh water refills. Breaking camp is not an option in my book. It's a last resort.
mosseater 10/29/21 05:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tonneau Cover

I just recently bought a Bak Flip folding sectional cover for my new 2022 F-250 Supercrew 8' bed. I understand they cannot guarantee a water tight product, but this was just horrendous. I've seen screens keep water out better. And yet, the cheapest tri fold or one piece soft tonneaus seem to keep water out just fine. He!!, I can see daylight under the front of the soft tonneau cover on the bro-dozer. Live in Seattle, it's rained about 6" this month already, truck is not garaged and nothing gets wet. I too had a poor experience with a hard roll n lock type cover. Drains would get plugged then the leaks started. The drains aren't blocked. The very next day it rained pretty hard and literally filled the bed with water on a flat parking area so much it ran out the back of the bed. It even leaks in the center of the folding joints which are crimped onto the aluminum cross supports with a rubber gasket. Horrible performance. Looks nice, though! Lol.
mosseater 10/26/21 05:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tonneau Cover

I just recently bought a Bak Flip folding sectional cover for my new 2022 F-250 Supercrew 8' bed. I understand they cannot guarantee a water tight product, but this was just horrendous. I've seen screens keep water out better. Their tech service was horrible. There was missing hardware to boot, so I had to put it all back away until they sent it two weeks after the fact. I can't say all their products are bad, but the one they sent me WAS. Never again. I won't be happy until I get hard cap again, like I should have to start with. Prices are crazy right now, so this was an attempt at a stop-gap measure. Should have known better.
mosseater 10/25/21 05:43pm Tow Vehicles
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